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Y&R's Justin Hartley Weighs-In On Taking Over The Role Of Adam Newman & Working With Sally Kellerman!

Photo Credit: CW

Photo Credit: CW

Soon soap fans!  Circle November 5th when The Young and the Restless finally gets the character of Adam Newman back on the canvas, and you will see more than just “Hands Newman”, but the whole Newman in none other the very popular Justin Hartley!  Justin takes over the pivotal role last played by Michael Muhney.

In what some fans of the show feel is a daunting task to replace the talents of Muhney, Hartley weighed-on in on being a recast for a role that the last actor left an indelible mark on the part in a new feature with The Wrap.  But have no fear, Mr. Hartley is more than up for the challenge and will make the role his own: having played memorable roles on primetime’s Revenge, Mistresses and Smallville and soap turn on Passions, he’s ready to rock and roll.

Below are a few excerpts from the interview and a preview of the fact that Adam is somehow involved with Sally Kellerman’s wheelchair bound character … Constance Bingham!

Justin on stepping into a role played by another actor, in this case Michael Muhney: “Let’s give credit where credit’s due. A lot of this stuff that I’m going to be doing and a lot of the great story that I’m sort of inheriting only came about because the people ahead of me had done a great job with the character.  If he went in and stunk up the character, there’d be no reason to have the character — it wouldn’t even be there, it would be gone. I have a little bit of experience going in and playing a character — I played a character on “Smallville” that had been established for decades and decades before I took it. People are going to have their opinions, which I think is great — I welcome it, and I love it. As long as people are talking about it, you know? I am having a blast doing this. “

Justin on working with TV and film veteran Sally Kellerman in her new Y&R role as Constance Bingham: ” It’s totally different dynamics because of the generational gap, so it’s not the typical, ‘Here’s the guy, here’s the girl, they’re dating, and they get it a fight and then they make up. It’s a totally different thing. I’m sort of going behind her back and doing something that she’s unaware of, and she’s this sweet older lady and she’s playing this sort of frail, very lovely woman. She’s right in the wheelhouse of Adam’s shark jaws. So we’ll see what happens. I think he’s gonna be kind to her — I hope he is. I hope they end up working it out. I hope he doesn’t end up destroying this sweet older woman, but that’s not up to me.”

So are you ready to see Justin Hartley’s Adam?  What do you think the connection is with Adam and Constance (AKA Sally Kellerman)? What do you think of Justin’s comments of carrying on from where Michael Muhney left off as Adam?  Share your thoughts below!

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Love it. It will be good to see Adam back. I think Justin Hartley will do a great job.

Maybe Constance is his granny…did Hope have a mother…still think he shouldve been Billy, actor playing Joe as Adam and Burgess as Joe…i see improvement in Burgess…GH bring back Dillion played by David Tom…who shouldve never been let go by Y&R!!!

I think Constance will be a lady who found Adam and has seen him through his recovery. Maybe she has an agenda that includes a financial pay-off? I’m behind Justin as the new Adam. It all comes down to the “EB Effect.” If he can hold his own up against Eric Braden and the actor likes him, Justin will be a hit! If Eric doesnt like him and he has scenes with Victor and he comes off like a child, its a bust! That was the biggest problem with David Thom other than Billy Miller’s quick exit, David in scenes with Eric Braeden were so uncomfortable. Man-vs-Boy! I like David Thom, its just that he didnt age in a way that he could hold his own against the MUSTACHE! In the 90’s it was easier to accept David as Billy because him and Victoria were very young and David would act against Eric and it was youthful things like dating his daughter and such and not corporate issues. I hope David lands on another soap, he is talented.

Justin is a great actor…i liked him on Passions…he will do a fine job as Adam!!!

Good luck to him! I hope they give him decent writing. I’m going to guess the elderly lady is the one who rescued Adam after the car crash/explosion and hid him all these months?

I love Justin Hartley, he is sexy and a wonderful actor. He will be terrific as the new Adam Newman.

I am guessing Constance must be wealthy and Adam is using her money to for the reconstruction surgery as well as to spy on his family; the only problem I have with my theory is that Adam was a very successful businessman, he would have known how to hide some of his money in secret account.ts for emergencies so there would be no need to depend on other people for financial help.

I can’t wait to Justin as Adam I think he’s going to b great!!!! I’ve liked him since he was on Passions!!!! :):):):):)

Me too.

Yes, bring Adam back and put the Chelsea and Billy coupling out of its misery.


I’m glad Adam is back, and I hope Justin is up to the task of playing him…which I’m sure he is.
I rather like the Billy/Chelsea budding romance, so I think there’s going to be a really good triangle coming up. I don’t think it’s going to be automatic for Chelsea to go back to Adam.

Adam has been off air long enough to accept Justin. MM, the whole story was a bit confusing and the network really didnt get involved so as fans we must move on and accept the new Adam. BTW, Adam hasnt been seen in awhile so I dont think we have to see this whole metamorphosis of Adam having a new face, i.e, bandages. I think they just announce the new actor’s name and then we see Justin but the character will deal with his new appearance and the folks in Genoa City will not know its Adam for awhile?

Love justin!!!!!!!!!!

Today’s Y&R was great I loved it!

Nothing against Justin Hartley..
He is brave man to attempt to become Adam..
It will fail ..

(Now Billy is horrible, Billy Miller can not be replaced..
Same or worse will happen with Adam.. Adam belongs to MM ..
It will not be good, wait for it..

Su always brings a dark cloud

Like GT? Who has won a lot of people over.

I think JH will be fine. It will be like Jack when PB took over. He was preceded by a very popular actor but he made the role his own.

He will not fail. Nor would I wish that on any actor.

You are crazy, Give Justin a chance he will be great as the new adam. You need a reality check su0000, The new Billy Abbott is doing a terrific job.

Have to disagree about nuBilly. He’s just not jiving for me. Maybe it’s the writing. Billy seems to have had a personality transplant since Billy Miller left. They needed to take Billy off the canvas for a while. nuBilly is just not working. And it doesn’t help putting him with Chelsea. That is just a painful (as in not good) story. I fast forward through a lot of their scenes.

Billy Miller is great but watching him play Jason it occurred to me, Billy Miller is always Billy Miller… matter what.
Therefore, in a weird, parallel universe kind of way, I agree with you, SU000. No one can play Billy Miller except Billy Miller but someone CAN else play Billy Abbott.
David Tom was becoming Billy Miller and I thought it was a colossal mistake to let him go. I admit the third Billy has been an awkward fit but think of the pressure he has been under. If one can discard the memory of Billy Miller, then one can start to accept this new Billy Abbott. Jenkins seems to be relaxing and is starting to make Billy Abbott his own.

Never seen him on anything so I do not plan to give a thumbs up or down. The problem for me is we have a new Phyllis thrown into major story also a new Billy soon a new Adam as a longtime viewer I just can’t feel for what I know I should because it is all new faces. Let me be clear here it has nothing to do with the actors acting it is just not them to me. Does this make sense? I think Phyllis should have went to NY and stayed off the canvas and maybe Adam & Billy should have met their demise. We could have moved story with what we had on canvas and added new characters because I look at these three as new characters. 🙁

Yes, it makes sense–the constant sea swell of new faces is somewhat confusing. There was a time when I got all the blondes mixed up–Nu Abby, Summer and that blonde police officer. Yes, when there is an influx of new young blondes they do all start to look alike. Please, no one call me a racist for saying so. And every time the third Billy appeared on screen I had to remind myself who he was. It got to the point where these aforementioned characters needed to wear one of those”Hello! My name is blank.” name tags.
I think you’re right that perhaps Adam and Billy should have perished in that car accident. At least they could have disappeared for a longer spell than they did. Drucilla has been hanging from that cliff for what? Seven years?

Hey I agree and I want to accept these new people just a little over whelming! We have three major roles with new faces too much change and absolutely not knocking the new actors just a little much. I do think we are going to like Joe he is going to be a slippery devil!

I think Sally will play the person who hit Delia. Adam has found her, and will return to GC to reclaim his life. He will have to get her to confess, and she will be destroyed in the process.

That would be a great turn of events. Good thought, Sandra. Since TPTB are bringing Adam back, this would be the optimum way to reintroduce him.

Great idea.

Justin Hartley is talented and he lights up the screens whenever he is on any show (loved him on Mistresses and Revenge) and I wish him the best in Y&R .

MM had such a hold over this character, it will be difficult for Mr Hartley to replace him..All these recasting back to back to back over at Y&R IS NO BUENO…Replacing so many fan favorites in such a small amount of time, will hurt the rating and the show in the long run!

Good to know, Omar. This all sounds really promising. Yes, there have been too many replacements in a short amount of time.
However, Gina is doing a fabulous job. I actually enjoy her Phyllis more than I enjoyed Stafford’s.
(I say while running away).

I LOVE Gina..And she is doing a great job as Phyllis, and is making the character her own..More grounded and less over the top..Glad you mention that and no need to run, lol!!

Red rover, red rover, let Harry come over!!!! Omar is right, no need to run away! Even though I do not watch Y&R, I have no doubt you (both) speak the truth about GT because I have had it up to here with “Phyllina” and her monotonous shtick at GH….the more I see of her, the less I can tolerate…..her too-frequent familiarity is definitely breeding contempt, along with MS’s formulaic array of oft-repeated affectations.

So true, Omar….I am quite jealous that Y&R snagged JH….it would have been amazing to see him turn up in Port Charles instead of Genoa City….I just hope Justin’s new daytime role doesn’t preclude him from an encore appearance on “Revenge.” Ever since “Patrick’s” too early departure from that show, I’ve been fervently wishing for his return….as a matter of fact, I can “Hartley” wait for him to be reunited with Nolan and Victoria!!!!

Maybe Constance will fill the grande dame void left by Katherine.

Welcome to daytime, Justin. You’re going to make a great Adam Newman.

I welcome Justin to the role of Adam Newman. I think that people need to move forward and let Muhney be left alone as there obviously have been a lot of rumors about his behavior. He has moved on and left the character in a good place. Good luck to the new guy and may you embrace your cast and learn from them as well

Michael Muhney has moved on from Y&R. He’s gone back into feature films and is looking at Primetime/cable projects. He was too talented not to be on a larger platform. He made the character of Adam Newman a force on Y&R and will never be replaced. The role is now being recast, but after reading JH’s comments, he’ll change the character into what he wants, which means the old Adam Newman did die back in January. RIP Adam Newman.

I agree with everything you said. I think this guy will make it a new Adam Newman and I’m glad because I don’t believe anyone can take M.M place. I kind of wish they had killed Adam off and brought this guy in as a new person in town. I did see him on Passion and he is a good actor but not even close to the acting of M.M. My advice to him would be stay away from the mustache & H.H.K. and you’ll be fine.

I think JH is gonna be amazing! (well I hope so anyways, I miss MM) I still think Kelly ran over Delia, there was evidence pointing to her when it all happened, (her name was on the list of black SUV’s) maybe I am wrong, but I would not be suprised. Maybe Constance will be a relative, friend or maybe even a lover, who knows, adam once had Raf fall for him.

I was hoping they’d revisit the Delia storyline and make Kelly the culprit. I’m sorry, I don’t like nuKelly at all. Now that Phyllis is back, Kelly needs to go.

I think Cady is doing an outstanding job of playing a broken hearted Kelly.
Today she met Phyllis. It was like watching Bambi meet Godzilla.
Poor Kelly–she doesn’t stand a chance.

We have to move on if we continue to watch soaps, I think Justin will do a fine job, after all he is an actor. EB should just keep his mouth shut and do his lines, he could be next to go, and I wish they would recast him.. I am tired of Sharon always being a Newman, get her away form Nick, lets try Sharon and Adam again & see if they R hot like she & MM were or Joe Avery’s ex. maybe even Cane give him a thrill. I like Sharon and Billy when they were drinking before Billy’s wedding In the end we have no say…….watch or nor…I’ll be watching!!!!!!

Justin is a great actor.. that does mean he will be a great Adam..

TBTB waited a year, to bring Adam back.. there is reason for that..
They hope his millions of fans, the ones paid for plane to fly a banner over CBS and so much much much more, that after a years time they would be accepting to a new Adam, hoping all would have forgotten MM and moved on..
I do not see his fans doing that.. they were and are very adamant over it all..

And that is why I said Justin is brave..
He is a good actor, but will he be a good Adam– accepted as Adam.. ??
There are 4.5, 5 million Y&R fans out there, many love MM/Adam.. 😉

I’m guessing Constance Bingham found Adam, thought it was her long lost son and his face reconstructed to look like him and then later the real son will show up all crazy he’s been replaced and Justin Hartley will play both roles.

You know, like All My Children did with Tad Martin/ Nola Orsini/ Ted Orsini…

Hes just giving his predecesser his due. No one argues that MM wasnt a terrific ACTOR.. its the other stuff that tripped him up and sent him out the door.


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