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Y&R's Michael Muhney Previews Adam's Huge Emotional Story & Josh Griffith's Genoa City Swan Song!

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If you thought you have loved the performances of Michael Muhney (Adam Newman) as the black sheep of the Newman clan, just wait! You have only seen the tip of the iceberg! In the weeks to come, viewers will see the unraveling of a story of epic proportions that will put Adam front and center in some heart-stopping, heartbreaking, and controversial moments!

So let’s take a look at where we are at heading into Monday’s episode of The Young and the Restless: Adam and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) found out their son Connor needs a corneal transplant to see, but in order for it to be a success they must find a donor soon and the clock is ticking!  Little Delia (Sophie Pollono), the daughter of Billy (Billy Miller) and Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) was struck by a car in a hit and run.  She was taken by ambulance after a 911 call at the end of Friday’s episode with her father by her side.  Meanwhile, savvy fans saw that in the preview for Monday’s episode, there is a dent and a piece missing from the front of Adam’s car!  And over the last several days fans have been revved up and upset over what may be to come.

This past week, On-Air On-Soaps had the opportunity to catch up for few with the talented Mr. Muhney to get his own preview of what is to come for Adam in this heavily dramatic storyline!  Here’s what he shared …

Months ago, we teased Adam’s very intense and huge storyline to come, and now it is upon us.  As viewers saw last week on Y&R, Adam and Chelsea’s (Melissa Claire Egan) son, Connor needs an urgent corneal transplant in order for him to see, Billy (Billy Miller) and Chloe’s  (Elizabeth Hendrickson) daughter, Delia (Sophie Pollono) was just run down in an apparent hit and run accident, and Adam looks like he may have been the culprit who ran the little girl down! Quite the set-up for an actor to sink his teeth into!

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MICHAEL:  I take it as a hell of honor to play such a big story like this and be so central to it all, and work with the folks I get to work with.  I think this is an amazingly unorthodox way to show Adam’s humanity.  So it’s not a stereo-typical: “Oh, this is how we get to know Adam and his feelings, and what makes him tick.”  Instead you get to see him in duress caught between a rock and a hard place, and in the middle of a storm and a hurricane and that is when someone shows their real heart.   I think that is where you are going to see Adam’s real humanity that perhaps you never saw before.

What are your thoughts on the writing of this tale which seems to be at its core, an unthinkable tragedy that no parent would ever want to face, and the ramifications that will come out of it for so many beloved characters?

MICHAEL:  People might not know this, but this is Josh Griffith’s (Ex-head writer, Y&R) story.  What is playing … this is what he was given a year to kind of get to this point with.   And this was when Josh had knocked down all the things he wanted to knock down, and fixed what he wanted to fix, and build up what he wanted to build up, and then say, “Now I want to start telling some big stories.”  And this is his real big story and it’s a coup de grace, but it’s a beautiful farewell for him.  It’s a nice way for him to go out.  He gets to hang his hat on what I think he told which is; a really controversial, interesting, character-driven story.  Three months from now whatever is airing is no longer his.  I will miss Josh.  I am glad he got to tell this story and go out on a high note.


This story has already stirred controversy, and it hasn’t even fully played out on-air yet,  because it seems that the character of Delia will be sacrificed in order for this much larger umbrella story to play, and in particular for Adam!  What reaction do you hope this story will evoke from the audience?

MICHAEL:  I am really excited about this, because, as I said, it’s a real character driven piece.  As big as the plot is and the story is, it is very character-driven.  Oh my God, I am so excited about the stuff that I shot six weeks ago in advance of what is airing.  I can’t wait for people to see this.  I am really enthusiastic about how I think they will respond, and what they will say, and will it evoke real feelings and emotions from people on both sides of the coin?  It’s going to be an amazing discussion that will be out there that will go on for a long time, and I am honored to be a part of it.

When the whole baby Connor paternity reveal finally came to light to Adam, that he was indeed the biological father and Chelsea had lied to him, how do you think that played out  …  and how will Adam handle fatherhood moving forward? (The twosome came to an understanding to co-parent Connor, particularly in his time of need on last Thursday’s episode.)

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MICHAEL: Adam made a tacit agreement a long time ago to Chelsea.  That when she was pregnant, he would stay away from her and the baby, and just let them live their life.  I think deep down, he always knew this was his baby, but he sort of turned off that switch.  But when he finally knows about his son’s eye condition, he says to himself, “You were right all along.  You always knew that somewhere he was yours along!” So in that moment it was, “I will never let go now   He is my son there is no going back.  I am going to be a kind of father I always dreamed of having.  I never had a father.  He just wasn’t there.  Then instead, I never got a father growing up, I got an adversary.   I got an enemy instead of a father.”  So this is a chance for Adam to there from the beginning for his son and never leave his side, and do something so different, and show that Hope-side of his genetics.

So, are you looking forward to seeing Adam’s emotional storyline?  What do you think will happen?  Do you think Adam is the guilty party who ran down little Delia?  What are your thoughts knowing this was the final story created by former Y&R head writer, Josh Griffith?  Comment below!

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Im so tired of Soaps killing off little kids. Killing off Delia makes no sense. They could have gone a million different other ways. Y&R killed off Cassie years ago, & as much as they keep finding absurd reasons to bring her ghost back, I have wondered if they regret it. This move does not shock me, considering who is now in charge over there.

I want Sharon back with Adam period! Never was the feelings for Chelsea was real. Sharon and Adam were so sizzling!

Adam with Sharon…no way! She’s crazy!!! Let’s give Adam a break for once…I love it when he smiles & want to see more of that!

Why not kill off Phyllis and take her corneas? Is it too late to take Carmines, maybe they were banked. Delia is such a sweetheart, maybe she is getting a bigger job.

No way!! Not Adam and Sharon… NO WAY! they were poison to each other.. but Adam and Chelsea well she proved to him that there was life after Sharon!!

Sharon needs to be by herself the rest of her life.She told Nick he was her soul mate and they belong together,just like she told all the other husbands.If she loved Nick she would have never changed the paternity test,that’s stupidity,and turning Faith against Avery every chance she got.I don’t blame Chelsa for not telling Adam when she needed him he had to run to Sharon.The one thing that makes me mad is telling Dylan he was the father.She didn’t have to say it was him and ruin his life.Killing DeDe is disgusting.These writers need to get it tofether or let someone else take over.Bring Ed Scott back.

Adam drinks so much now! Adam has never been more unhappy ever since the con Chelsea flew in on her broom! Adam loved Sharon. A good writer would know that the history of Shadam! Chloe should of fell to the floor fainted something not hold her head like she can’t find her purse.People think I may be wrong for not loving Billy’s performance today and tomorrow. I love the character I really do. He’s one of my favs but I just must be a stubborn old fool . I expect like a Paul scene when he killed his own son. Oh I felt his pain! I expect t real drama convincing the audience. Sell it! Make me cry! Make me feel like there my family. Dang in the old days there family felt like our family. Holidays and all. Now I got no connection to the characters. They got to pull the audience in. Chloe forget about it she made me feel like she lost her brand new car not her only child. If that ratchet Chelsea takes that poor childs eyes she deserves to go straight to hell. Go buy a pair . Don’t take them from your friends dead child! This was as bad of a acting job as Chelseas bloodless baby delivery in a white wedding gown. Fake and unrealistic!

Sharon gets on my last nerve. She is literally insane. I really like Chelsea. I like her and Adam together. They have much more spark then Chelsea and Dylan. I hope Adam and Chelsea get back together. 🙂

They were sick together.

No Adam and Chelsea are good together, they need to get back together. I can’t stand Sharon. I feel bad for Adam, he didn’t see Deedee on the side of the road, this is a messed up situation for him. I hope it turns out ..that they all find out it was an accident. I also hope Adam brakes down with real emotion and sympothizes with them all. He is deep down a good guy. He deserves to have something work out in his life.

Are kidding me? Sharon is a NUT CASE. Adam deserves much, much, much better than that – I am so happy Adam is with Chelsea – such a great rapport.

Not hell no. No not sharon

I agree with elizabeth! SHADAM was HOTT together! (when she was sane, that is)!

Yep,Adam and Sharon

I can’t stand they still have Chelsea with Adams baby. Sharon is Adams true love! Positively distasteful grotesque depressing killing a child and ruining favorite characters and writing horrible storylines for the past two years. This was the last straw! Fire the Producer and the entire writing team. Pink slips need to be given out today!

I agree about Delia, what were they thinking, oh they weren’t. Tired of seeing innocent children being killed off. Leave the children alone, get rid of some of the boring stories, Sharon & Cassie, come on, you killed her, leave her dead.

I totally agree about the constant child killing and miscarriages for plot twists enough already, there had to be a better way to deal with Connor’s blindness, which what a coincidence he doesn’t have his father or grandma’s eye disease but was supposedly traumatized during birth…she barely cried during his birth I had my son at home just his father and I…..anyway the ghost are sickening too especially Cassie not really happy to see her back with such a nasty change in attitude…..

I thought Sharon was Adam were good together, at one time, but that relationship flew out the window long ago. When she chose to let everyone think she was dead, even Adam, I was done with her. The excused she used were just wrong. Adam was the one person she could have counted on. After that, it has just been one disaster after another with Sharon and Adam. She also knew what she was doing to his marriage, and did not care.

Oh give me a break! If anyone needs killing off it’s Sharon!! Why they chose little Delia I’ll never know but they did and we just have to see where this goes. It’s just a television show people.. not real life.. I know alot of you don’t have anything else to do and I’m probably the worst of all as I can hardly get from the bed to the bathroom and have been this way for 7 years now.. but at least I get it.. it’s a televison show! I love it though. But I go with the flow,. doesn’t mean I like everything they write, but I’ve watched this show since the first day it aired. It’s still the best show on daytime television. Period. Give it a break ladies and gents.. 🙂



Remember – Victor got Coleen’s heart!


Sharon doesn’t deserve to be with anyone….she is a psycho!!!! What kind of woman changes a paternity test because she thinks she can win Nick over and be with him forever? The little girl who played Delia,from what I understand got a job on the CBS series The Millers so that’s why they killed her off. Although I may not agree with the writers killing her off the actors who partook in this storyline are doing a fantastic job!!! I LOVE this show!!!

If Delia was going to leave the show or her contract was up or something, they could have put in boarding school like the rest of the Y&R kids and come back in 2 years all grown up or figure out what they were going to do with her character.
They did not have to kill her off and make once again Adam Mr. Bad Man who did it. Luv Adam I think he deserves to be happy with a family too for a long while anyways.


It is worse than you think. He made Sharon bipolar and the way she has been acting is NOT bipolar. I should know as I am bipolar and have been studying it since my diagnosis. Nothing that Sharon does is anything like bipolar. It has caused problems for my family as they think that I am misdiagnosed as I don’t act like Sharon or that I am faking it. Yes I know that there are many shades of bipolar disorder but nothing Sharon does matches any of it. I certainly don’t see dead people… Well, unless I go to a funeral.

Honestly Josh went out with a story not one comment I have seen all over social media likes. The writers need to fix this. Fans are outraged and hate they killed Delia. Adam has never been more unhappy and he is becoming a alcoholic. I rather Adam much better with Sharon. They should be married by now. Speaking of Sharon wasn’t there an interview you had with Jill and Josh promised to fix Sharon and make her and Adam happy? I had hopes but now I muss Maria Bell or not but someone new please because Sharon sees ghosts and so tired about Chelsea and her baby drama. Enough and so repulsed to see a kid in a holloween costume run over. Words can’t say how fans are pissed

Sophie is an incredible talent! I believe she will be so high in demand for other strong roles and headed to better and larger screen action. It was horrifying to imagine this vibrant character ending in such an abrupt manner, but I’m betting that little Sophie is going to show us a lot more to come. I used to love Sharon for years but the whacko part has never been legitimate for me. I like to see Michelle Stafford come back one last time and knock her out!!! It would be very heartwarming and sexy to see Adam (Michael Muhney) experience joy and anything happier for once. Loving the Dylan is Nicki’s son I hope he stays at Y&R. Proud the show is addressing PTSD issue which is very real. Get him a service dog from Battle Buddy. Pissed no, but always intrigued. Love my Y&R-

NO, NO Sharon….kill Sharon off man….everyone who likes Sharon is crazy themselves.

I dont know what to think about this story line. But I am sick of Adam getting accuse for everything even when the other actors are really the problem. Tired sick and tired of Victor and his obnoxious self. Not caring about no one but his self and distancing his own family even though he says he loves his family. What human being would always lash out at their children and disown them. He’s selfish and I believe he hit Delia at least I hope so cause I am tired of him. Never changes just get worse. Time for Adam to be happy and not always sad and trying to please an awesome person of a father named VICTOR NEWMAN. Yes, I am disappointed of Delia getting killed off the story and Billy leaving her in the car. Adam and Sharon did make a great couple at point and I believe he still has great feeling for her but dear old Dad told him to get rid of her or he would cut him (Adam) out of his life, What difference did it make, Victor cut Adam out of his life and disown him as a son. Blood thicker than Water??? HUMMMMM

STOP KILLING OFF ABBOTS to save Newmans! Show the audience how REAL PEOPLE are saved in this circumstances thru eye banks, donor cards etc. It’s ridiculous to kill a CORE FAMILY Child like this! Hell, The twins are never on, why not have one of them go??????

Totally agree Deborah. We barely see them, far less have any connection to them. This is just heartless. Pure BS

Adam needs to be cleared of the accident, it should be Nickys fault.ORRRRRRRR Sharon’s.Adam also needs to get back his company.
Billy needs to find out Victoria sold his brother out behind his back.Billy needs to divorce Victoria and take his son away from the newmans,then Billy,jack,Adam team up for ever no back stabing.Dylan I hope is not Nickys son.Maybe stych.Victoria,Victor,Nicky has done way more worse things that Adam so let Adam win and run the company on his own.

I agree!!! Why not kill off one of the twins….or Faith? Especially if Adam is the driver…there is plenty of storyline with that!!! Delia was such a great character and Sophie was such a great little actress!!! I hate to se a kid killed off but these horrible writers at y&r insist on killing Abbotts!!! Little Sophie did too good of a job for this….I mean come on compared to Faith. Seriously!!!! I think Billy better wake up in Delia’s hospital room this week and all those death scenes were a dream!!!!!!! Or I am done with this show…they don’t deserve the ratings!

I am not pleased with the killing off of Delia, I HATE the fact that they are killing off a child and using her as a sacrificial lamb just so Connor can see, On the other hand I look forward to seeing how it all plays out and to see some GREAT acting from Michael ( Adam ) and finally see some REAL emotion from him that I always knew was there deep down, I absolutely love Adam’s character and Michael’s acting NO ONE would ever play Adam Newman like him, and IMO when its all said and done I dont think Adam will be the culprit who ran Delia down, I know they like to make us think that Adam is always the bad guy but I dont think its going to be so in this case, its going to go on with ALL of us including Adam thinking that he is the one that indeed hit Delia but in the end it will be someone else but by then we will had already seen the emotional turmoil that Adam goes through in the process and let everyone see that he really does have a heart!!!

I really hope that Billy is having bad dream or Adam,just because I don’t want Delia to die,so sad even for a soap opera to keep killing off kids.So let this be nightmare for the up comng Halloween please.

I feel the same way….Adam is my fav…it’s going to be hard watching him deal with all this. But it does have everyone tailing about it

I am sick about Delia dying, Sharon is a head case, Adam and Chelsea are good together, Dylan is sweet but boring. I do feel Adam is crying out to be loved and I’m am tired of the Newman’s always turning against him.
Micheal does a wonderful job with this character! I do think we will be surprised when it plays out, I do hope it’s a dream as well.

I also hope this is a dream but I don’t think so. Yes, Michael aka Adam is doing a terrific job in playing his actor role. But my heart is sad for him cause no one character should have to deal with some of the good toe shoes on the show. Now they are going to turn the only friend he has on the show Jack against him by letting everyone believe he killed sweet Delia who is Jack’s niece.

Killing Delia was the last straw for me. The desperate attempts from falling ratings with these current stories have just left fans wondering why they still watch this show and how much Bill Bell’s creativity and morals are missed. Yeah that’s right Chelsea you just wait for those eyes. You snake! Im sure if you let Chelsea near Johnny she’d have no problem ripping the eyes right out of little Johnny’s still warm body. When did Chelsea ever give a shit about that child? NEVER! Guess delia will save Johnny and Connor. With Chelsea and her schemes nobody is safe. Well. we know that Victoria will have a girl now. We see how well this worked out with Nick and Sharon. Nick left Sharon alone to have Faith in a hospital. Faith never did replace Cassie and bring Nick and Sharon back together. Nick only messed Sharon’s head up more! Giving a Abbott’s organ is a waste. Colleens sweet heart couldn’t save Victor’s soul from the Devil. We need fresh stories not this sad crap. Killing one child to give another child the eyes is not what I signed up for entertainment. Its twisted.

wow!!! it has been a while since I’ve heard such hatred!!! I thought I was into y&r. . . . . but I don’t hate(love) the actors like this person. I don’t care for this storyline, but will continue to watch to see how they(writers) work this out.

Dear Shadam Fan,

Why so much vitriol?

a. Chelsea is a fictional character played by Melissa Claire Egan.

b. The character’s paternity lie isn’t any worse than Adam’s cross-dressing-fetus-burning-terrorist days.

c. Chelsea has said she’s sorry to Dylan and she feels remorse for hurting Avery and Nick.

d. Admittedly, Chelsea hasn’t gotten around to apologizing to Adam yet but I’m sure when she does, he’ll have her pinned against his body, begging her to admit she regrets hurting him.

I do admit, Chelsea’s a bit of an enigma. Her actions are far more weightier than her words. She claims to fear Adam taking Peanut or claims that he’s controlling, and yet, she goes ahead move into the penthouse. She’s been living there fore more than a week, I suspect and her living arrangements are curious. I do wonder what goes on behind close doors.

Anyhoo, can’t wait for this s/l to unfold….and again, I’m sorry that Delia died. I liked her!

This is a story – it is NOT real and while the character of Delia may be over, that little girl is alive and well and probably wanted to leave the show for a better role elsewhere. Writers in this case have two options; replace the character with another actor or kill off the character. What decision they make is based on what gives them the best storyline going forward.

Yes, it was difficult and heart-wrenching to watch and no episode has ever touched me as deeply as the ones the last two days and I have been watching Y&R for more than 40 years but what that tells me is that it must be an incredible storyline and superb acting for it to elicit such emotion from me. I mean really, who cares if Chelsea clutches her head, falls to the floor sobbing, or faints – people react differently to things and frankly, it was nice to see someone NOT collapse on the floor for once. She reacted as I would have.

Y&R has always been about awareness to real issues and while not entirely realistic, who cares – it is a story, same as if you picked up a novel and read that. TV is NOT real folks and while the death of Delia was difficult to watch, children are killed by hit-and-run drivers every day and every day, children need transplants. If the result is that one parent thinks twice about leaving a young child in a car alone or signs up for organ donation, then it is a storyline well served because THAT is real life.

This is an incredible storyline that will open up many possibilities and I look forward to seeing how the plot plays out – and I hope it brings out the softer side of the Adam character because u to now, we have only seen glimpses. As far as the storyline with Sharon goes, it is worn out and that character should be retired – burning down houses and faking paternity tests without consequences is not setting a good example for any younger viewers out there. I am glad the character of Nick pushed her away because I for one am not interested in another replay of the Sharon and Nick relationship that had no meat behind it.

Final comment – I don’t typically read these message boards and I was astounded to find such hatred towards writers and characters. It is ridiculous and sickening. This is no different than a plot in a book – do you send hate mail to the author because you don’t like how a character is portrayed? With all the misspellings etc in these posts, you obviously could not do any better.

If this is story line is one you thought would increase your fan base you are sadly mistaken. I could not believe the show could take this kind of turn, and because of this I will not be viewing your show for quite a while. I lost a child, as many other fans have I am sure, and no doubt it is as devastating for them to watch as for me. I realize it is ‘only a show’ and these are ‘only actors’; however, you are touching upon tragedy that is the worst of the worst. I have watched Y&R since day one, but sadly the plot only sickens me these days. Deaths are expected, but a child’s? I’m sorry, but no.

I am replying to Kai. You’re correct, the world is not always a happy place; however, have you lost a child? To watch this on a daytime soap is not what I expect. I record this show every day on my DVR and it is my getaway after working all day. I have watched it every day since the first show. BUT, I have lost a child and it is more devastating than anyone can imagine and to relive that heartache at the end of each day is not what I, nor many others choose to do. I truly hope your troubles in life are few and you are always able to believe what you said.


SORRY NO NO NO! I will not watch! I am a fan of the show for 28 years. I think killing delia or any child is awful and beyond depressing. This is not what a soap should show. I feel like Im watching Law and Order SVU or Criminal Minds ! SICK! Is there a way that the new writers can pleeeeeease for once fix the show. Sharon is my all time favorite and so ridiculous she is never aloud to be happy EVER! But Chelsea has all the men and all these kids in a two year time frame. Please fans been begging and pleading for Drucilla Victoria Rowell to return. The Rose story is another one not one person / fan likes. I think this may be the end at least for me. I been trying to hold on but I did have to say enough I erased todays show. I can’t see death of a child!

Dear KayKay,

When Victoria Rowell was written off the show, no one petitioned TPTB to rehire her. There weren’t endless posts denouncing the mistreatment and disrespect of this talented actress. Instead, fans were all too content with storylines involving Phick, Shick or Shadam.

When Drucilla’s storyline began to dwindle to dust as other storylines started to heat up, not one fan objected. However, when Sharon is perceived as being written “out of character”, suddenly I’m seeing fans come out of the woodwork to fight the good Dru fight. I don’t think so!

It reads like an agenda-driven post.

I mean seriously, where were all these embittered Victoria Rowell/Drucilla fans when I was on the CBS message boards? Where were all of these passionate Dru fans when Sharon, Nick and Phyllis gobbled up 89.9% of front burning s/ls? Where were any of you when we were writing MAB to increase Dru’s interaction with other characters? I’ll tell you where: you all were sitting in front of your televisions content with the s/l you were given.

I know people are upset about the Delia storyline and that’s understandable. I expect to read a lot of feedback concerning the controversial death of an Abbott; but what catches me off guard, often times, aren’t fans disappointment with said s/l but their willingness to use everything under the sun to push an agenda.

Anyway, loved Mr. Muhney’s interview. It was very, very interesting.

Did it ever occur to ayone that the actress (or actresses) who played Delia
was tired of being on the show; or perhaps her parents requested they be written out of the show!! Stop critisizing the writers, they have a job to do.
Let them do their job, and try to show some support for the amazing work that they do instead of threatning to stop watching this great show. If you want to stop watching it, then go for it, but stop your whining!! NOBODY was actually KILLED off! ITS A SHOW!!!!!!!

I have also erased shows on my DVR. It only causes heartache for me as I also lost a child. It stirs emotions I cannot deal with. 🙁

I did not like murdering a child I do not find this entertainment . I do not like Chelsea’s child gets Delias eyes. So inappropriate for a daytime soap. I do not like every day the show is about Chelsea her lies her babies the babies she gave away the babies she lied about who the father is. I am ready to stop watching and move on to another soap. I rather Sharon with Adam but I did not like the way Nick treated Sharon (Wednesday 10/09/2013). When she tried to kiss him, He acted so childish and very nasty. Who does he think he is? That was wrong, even if he didn’t want to kiss her he didn’t have to jump and push her away. He could have did it in a different way. Hadn’t Nick done enough to Sharon to last a life time! I mean really now. Nick has poor taste . He picked Phyllis then Avery. EEEEW Everyone talks about Adam but Adam never was as awful to Sharon as Nick was! Untill Chelsea came to town. Then Adam changed instantly to loving Sharon to a very unhappy character. Nick does not deserve Sharons love! Nick is a jerk so simple. He should hook up with that lying con artist Chelsea . Nick and Chelsea deserve each other Dylan is way to sweet for Chelsea

Adam was never awful to Sharon?? He had her believe Faith had died!! I’d much rather have a man I was about to kiss jump away, than someone tell me my child was dead!

Let me see….Sharon burned down the home of Nick’s parents and changed the paternity tests of his teenage daughter so he would believe she wasn’t his, married his father and was running Newman into the ground – and that’s just for starters. Sharon is not the sweet girl he was once married to – she has psychological problems and talks to dead people.

He and Avery were good together and they just broke up and those feelings don’t just go away overnight. When people are still suffering the loss, they don’t want other women in their personal space, especially an ex-wife. Nick has always treated Sharon with respect and I don’t know of any ex-husbands that give their ex-wife free reign in their home, even if they have children.

He reacted how anyone would under those circumstances – he was caught off-guard and the character needed to act that way so it would be crystal clear to viewers that he was NOT at all interested in Sharon. He cares about her only because she is the mother of his children; he clearly has NO interest in getting back with her and quite honestly, who would? She is no longer his HS sweetheart but rather a manipulative, deceitful, dishonest, and dysfunctional woman who against her doctor’s advice, won’t take her meds.

I erased the show from my dvr. Not until I hear this is all over with and not a word about killing a child in her halloween costume . I will ck in to comments and posts from everyone but I will not sit there and watch something depressing. They have shows like 48 hours crime shows and stuff about death and murder. This is not the time and place on a daytime show


Clarissa I am with you totally I just got back in and deleted the episode and removed it from my to do list. Can a true GH fan tell me how many people JFP killed off while she was there I know some of them but I am sure I am missing some. I look at it this way watching Y&R for me was beginning to be like a bad marriage time to sign the divorce papers.

I love Adam & Billy but I will not watch this story unfold. I will keep an eye on the spoilers and when it’s all over I then will record the series, for now I erased “record series”.


I don’t think anyone can change paternity test. I think she forged the letter to Nick, she just didn’t have access for that. I love Adam & I hope he isn’t the one that killed the child. He needs to go to police but once he does his goose is cooked.. If it’s Nicky that would be the second person she killed . I don’t know where they r going but I don’t think I like it cause Billy & Adam r best actors on show. But Billy wants to leave every year. Get tired of reading that. I love Chelsea to. Loved her on AMC & now on YR.

I erased the episodes too, and cancelled my DVR until further notice. I don’t want to wallow in all this depressing boo-hooing either, especially so soon after Mrs. C’s death. This show is simply depressing. Where are the romantic scenes and the super couples of old? There isn’t one on the show I care about anymore. They ruin everyone’s character and then wonder why viewers disconnect. There isn’t anyone left to root for. Writers need to go back and study what worked and why back in the days where viewers couldn’t miss an episode! I’ve watched since day one and this year has been THE WORST. Given some of the awful story lines over the years, that is saying something.

I am sick to death for killing a child. They want to raise awareness about Organ donation go air organ donations on 20/20 or dateline not on a entertaining soap for fun it’s wrong and sick. Also for Chelsea to except her friends dead childs eyes eeeeeeew sick
What ever happened to the funny stuff like Diane and Ashley and Nikki fights over sperm and Jill and Mrs C kind of fights and sleeping around. When did we start with little caskets and killing kids?

Y&R has been killing kids for the last 20 years for plot twists, rather it be a car crash or miscarriage…think about it. GC is a very small city yet all the characters has had one or more miscarriages, just think how many times Ashely has been pregnant yet only has one child…same for Victoria many pregnancies one child and add Phyllis to that list too. It’s just an easy way to change a story and keep the GC population down, until a long lost forgot about baby they gave away comes along…

Life is not all about sunshine and rainbows – life is about happiness and laughter but also about sadness, grief, loss, betrayal, and disappointment, which btw, gives much more fodder for story lines. Babies die everyday – be it by miscarriage, beatings, falling asleep with a baby, sickness, car accidents, etc. And many years ago, they had a story line about Nina’s baby being stolen and sold on the black market – is that OK but this isn’t?

Maybe you are lucky enough to have a life with no heartache but there are people whose lives do include things written into the plot of Y&R. Babies are born without sight. Small children are hit by cars and if you want to hide your head in the sand to the realities of life, than I agree, soaps are not for you; stick with comedies and sitcoms. And I would suggest you do some channel surfing during the day and watch some of the talk shows, most with subject matter you would not think acceptable for daytime viewing either.

I find it exceedingly commendable that Y&R wants to bring awareness to people in addition to providing entertainment. They feel a responsibility to do that – producers, writers, and the actors/actresses – it gives them a sense of giving back. TV shows shouldn’t just be about making money, nor should bringing awareness be limited to certain types of shows. There are too many ignorant and uninformed people out there and if this show educates even a few of them, I say Job Well Done.

This storyline is still a horrible way to justify keeping this character (Adam) alive. Y&R must think their Fans are idiots. We all are aware that a person with Leukimia (Cancer) cannot donate organs. Also, this will be the second Child that Adam has killed. Less we forget Victor and Ashley’s unborn child. Fire this Character now!!! As a 40+ year veteran of the show, I think I’m done…I wouldn’t be shocked if this soap goes down the tubes with the rest…What a shame!!! Shame on the Writers!!!

I totally agree with everything you said.

First off right the part about Delia donating her corneas to Connor hasn’t air yet– but if that happens, last week the doctor explained to Adam and Chelsea corneas are not connected to any blood vessels so donors for corneas don’t have to be a match like for an organ like the liver– so I assumed if that is true that will be the justification that will allow Delia to be Connor’s cornea donor, even if she had cancer.

Come on Mary. Its JUST A SHOW! Nobody is getting any corneas, and NOBODY WAS KILLED! When you see a horror you really think that a person in the movie REALLY gets a knife driven through their chest.
You need to focus on the actors who play BILLY, VICTORIA, CHLOE AND CHELSEA! They were phenominal to say the least; and when the scene was over…they probably kissed ( the actress who plays Delia) and said ” Good job sweetheart” because SHE ISN”T REALLY DEAD!!!

Why do they always kill off an Abbott? There are Newmans crawling all over the place. I am starting to hate this soap.


I’m with Clarissa, I’m not going to watch its to painful. If Delia dies, I won’t watch til the whole thing is over. So Michael can be all excited about work a lot people won’t see.

Focus on the amazing performances that the actors gave!!!

I love the story line. Sad that Delia had to die though. But I am hoping that Adam wasn’t the one to do it. I think Adam and Chelsea should get back together and raise their precious baby together. Nick and Sharon should be together they have always loved each other and been through hell and back.

No Sharon should be alone for what she is doing to Summer. That’s awful. This soap has become really cruel to children. Enough of that in real life.

Love Sharon and Adam so much better then anything he was with Chelsea. Heck I never bought the Chelsea relationship at all. Jelousy from comments saying Sharon should be alone! no sorry a women who is as beauatiful and sweet and young as Sharon should not be alone or wasting her time with nick! Adam used to be a fav of mine but not these days with this Chelsea and her womb and spawn stuff. Enough

Totally a Sharon and Adam fan. There was never more chemistry. That kept me so interested. I never liked Chelsea never will. Sharon and Adam are the core of the show and they will be back together. I been watching this show way to long .

Adam only ever smiled with Sharon. Now he drinks because he hates that Chelsea. She does not love him .

I as a male have been watching the show for many years. So to tell you what I think. Adam was put on YR. to be a jerk. He has played his roll very well. Now it is time to make a change. I’m looking forward to it. I am a fan most of all of all the ladies on the show. YR. has the most beautiful women on daytime.

And the story line about Delia. It’s sad. But it’s just a story. Not real life. I hope she gets really good rolls on other shows. Until next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Kenny,

Loved your reaction/post!

Yes, Y&R has some of the most beautiful women on the show and I (like you) am looking forward to watching how these storylines unfold.

Michael M. is an amazing actor! It would NOT be the same show without him!

Could everyone please just take a deep breath and step back from the ledge for a minute. Many of you are sounding like you’re becoming unhinged here, it’s not healthy. The actress who played Delia is alive and well and currently starring in the new CBS show The Millers. If you’ve stuck with any daytime soap for any length of time (I’m a Y&R lifer, 40 years) you know that the impact of any major storyline will never be fully understood until several years down the road, be patient. Yes it was hard to watch, yes I cried just like I’ve cried through other story lines too. I disagree with many of the decisions made on Y&R especially the reappearance of dead characters, it’s so ridiculous. Isn’t it just possible that a major part of why this is hitting everyone so hard is because of the brilliant performances of the actors involved? I cannot remember a time when there were so many incredibly talented actors on the show at the same time. I am so grateful they have chosen to work on Y&R, we are very lucky to have them. Bravo!!!

well put, Christina!

BRAVO CHRISTINA! Finally; someone with a sense of reallity! I am also a long time fan of Y&R and I just sit back and love every minute of every show!!

Excellent comment Christina. This is a soap opera. I was upset at first about Delia but then realized that she is a real life child and maybe her parents wanted her off the show or maybe she is moving on to bigger and better things. Reality vs. acting or storyline is not the same. Love the show. Would also love to see a twist that it was Nikki not Adam. I couldn’t imagine why they showed her driving that night but now, I think there will be more to it! Can’t wait!

You are 100% correct! As a mother who lost my child it brings back so many horrible memories. A child is to be loved and nourished. Even in the soaps. Shame on the Y & R and B & B for their use of children dying!

Judy, I’ve cried during this entire episode. I lost my daughter at age two! All of those emotions came back. I had to stop watching. It was truly touching. Now back to reality

I am with you, Phyllis would have been better! Of course then she would have had to come back “half blind”, which incidentally she always was to her faults anyway!

I agree with Judy.I can’t believe they killed off Delia especially after Jeannie Cooper (Katherine) just died. Enough is enough. People watch this show to escape from their own problems but to see something so heart wrenching makes me very disgusted. I agree that they are always killing off people & trying to bring them back, not only Cassie but also John. They need to think through their story lines better. With everything going on in the world this is just over the top. I really wonder if the actors think this is a good thing to do with children.

The actress that played Delia was phenomenal and she got a part on a primetime show so was leaving Y&R. She was so good that she would be hard to replace with someone viewers would connect with. So instead of sending her off to boarding school (which would not make sense anyway) and having her reappear again later as an older version, the writers used it as a starting point for another great plot with may twists and turns. In other words, the writers did what they were paid to do – write.

If people watch soaps to escape their own problems and expect something uplifting all the time, that is a ridiculous assumption. Yes, it is an escape (guilty pleasure) from your own life into the lives of an imaginary family but for me, it just reminds me how others have problems much worse than mine and it puts things into perspective.

I am not a fan of the departed having conversations with those still alive but I understand it – the writers needed a way for the character to express to viewers what they were feeling/thinking and this way worked better than having the character confide to another character, which would not work well with the plot.

As for if the actors think this is a good thing to do with children – I am sure they have no issue with it as they are actors and they are just doing their jobs and then they go home to their families, including the actress who played Delia.

The death of Delia was tasteful – they showed no body either injured or once she died – just superb acting by all involved. They did not show her getting beaten to death by a parent, raped and bludgeoned to death by a stranger or anything else that would have been more difficult for viewers to watch.

I agree on regretting killing someone off. More than Cassie and now Delia, how about John Abbott? I read fans were extremely upset with him being killed off. He too, is a ghost. just saying.

I enjoy seeing all sides of Adam. I enjoy the
Tough and melt at his gentle side. Victor is my favorite and it would only be right
That Adam is like dear old dad. I feel like what to come may bring me to tears at some point Adam is going to be found out and he did not know he hit the child. They are going to hate him but I believe Chelsea is going to stand by him. I like them together. I am loving billy and Adam. I just want to hug them …..great job guys

I just want to know what Delia/Sophie is doing now? Does she have another job?

The storyline made me so angry that I stopped watching!! I have watched for over 20 years but I just can’t take the ridiculous storylines anymore!!!They drag the storylines out FOREVER, and they are pounding the Adam character into the ground. Enough already!!! Y&R use to be “real like” until all the Caspers the Ghost started showing up. I guess they will bring Delia back as a ghost too, as well as Sheila, as well as Ricky, as well as Shiela’s kids, as well as Carmine’s twin brother!!! Loved the lil Delia character, she was amazing.

Boycott Josh Griffith where ever he goes!

Its just a storyline and a soap opera….its not all butterflies and roses, in the real work there are tragedies. im soooo loving this storyline but wished it wasnt Adam who was the one involved in the hit and run

What is the name of the song that sounds a little creepy that is played when Adam and or Billy are thinking about Delia?!?

A powerful story surrounding Adam could have been told without the writers brutally killing another important Abbott legacy character that carried so much long term potential. Further, this story feels inorganic, forced, and strictly driven by plot. Yes, the actors are delivering phenomenal performances, but seriously, we already saw this EXACT SAME STORYLINE when Jill Farren Phelps was over at GH and mowed Jake down.

You are so right!

I wish they would just get rid of Jill Pherren Phillips, she’s just dreadful–they don’t call her the grim reaper of soaps for nothing.

TOTALLY AGREE, and so the 358 members of my Y&R Facebook fan page! She is the kiss of death and has NO RESPECT FOR THE VIEWER or the INTEGRITY of this show! She will destroy this program! She started the day she came in, letting Abby go to GH, and bringing all her Hollywood Heights failures to the show who can’t act! SHE NEEDS TO GO…Bring Back MA BELL

Harry…HELL YEAH Jill Farren Phelps is DREADFUL!!!!! As a so-called Executive Producer (in general), she is nothing but TOXIC POISON!!!!! Back in the 1990’s, I remember when she VERY CRUELLY AND UNFAIRLY killed off BOTH GL’s Maureen and AW’s Frankie. I still have emotional HIVES just thinking about that. Bottom Line Here: Jill Farren Phelps needs to be BLACKLISTED from the soap opera community…PERMANENTLY!!!!!

Thank you, well said.

Alright, I just got done watching “The Walking Dead” and I’m feeling wired. Here are my thoughts:

I used to think Tracy Abbott was one of those legacy characters with long term potential. It never panned out. Ashley and Jack were the only Abbotts people seem to care about, and Tracy was there for shucks and giggles. Bill Bell and every other regime thereafter didn’t seem to latch on to this character’s potential and her effectiveness in the business world.

So when we go on about these long term characters and their potential for years to come, I think back to teenage Tracy and the hot pool boy (Brad) who she crushed on, and just shake my head. What’s the point of having them if they’re never seen at all. You know!

Anyway, I think if Josh Griffith had acted as head writer and executive producer of ‘Young & the Restless’ that he would’ve penned an entirely different story than the one that recently aired. I do remember how the stories coalesced in the beginning of the year, most notably stories involving Chelsea and Adam, and I do recall that there were a few (the rape charges by Melanie for example) that were abruptly ended, so I am not sure if Y&R latest twist had been a planned affair.

I think the story of Delia’s death is a rehash of one that had been done on ‘General Hospital’ and I think the person who actively campaigned for this idea to take fruition was Jill Farren Phelps but I digress.

I thought Michael Muhney’s interview was good. He did great and I’m sure whatever he has in store for us is going to be spectacular.

It is sad to find out Josh Griffith who we all thought was coming to the show last year to fix all that was wrong with the show. Sad he thought this was the right move! Killing Delia was the last straw for me. The desperate attempts with these current stories have just left fans wondering why they still watch this show and how much Bill Bell’s creativity and morals are missed. Yeah that’s right Chelsea you just wait for those eyes. You snake! Im sure if you let Chelsea near Johnny she’d have no problem ripping the eyes right out of little Johnny’s still warm body. When did Chelsea ever care about her child? NEVER! Guess delia will save Johnny and Connor. With Chelsea and her schemes nobody is safe. Well. we know that Victoria will have a girl now. We see how well this worked out with Nick and Sharon. Nick left Sharon alone to have Faith in a hospital. Faith never did replace Cassie and bring Nick and Sharon back together. Nick only messed Sharon’s head up more! Giving a Abbott’s organ is a waste. Colleens sweet heart couldn’t save Victor’s soul from the Devil. We need fresh stories not this sad crap. Killing one child to give another child the eyes is not what I signed up for entertainment. Its twisted.

I agree with you! That’s exactly how I feel about the writing and especially about killing off DELIA! She was a talented little actress! Loved that girl, I may be done with this show. They were wrong. Too much death in this show and the new writers stink!

Like I stated in my original comment, get another actress for Delia and acquire Connor a cornea in the bank. That would be exciting.

I agree with you

Jake was killed on GH by Phelps
Delia was killed on Y&R by Phelps

SSDD and I am not surprised.

Who hired this loser in the first place? Big mistake.

According to this article Josh Griffith wrote this script. But I agree with you about
Jill Faren Phelps, she is constantly killing off children and it needs to stop. The hit and run of Jake on General Hospital was atrocious. That should have never happened. Why when they have good writers can’t they keep them. This really tick me off.

What is it with that writter. Always wanting to kill off kids. Its sickening. Please Stop!!!

Read the other comments. These people must like unoriginality at no expense. JFP thinks that after she repeated the same story that was on GH it must be ok. Oh the people commenting have to be nuts.

except she didn’t write this story line. Get your facts straight!

Yes Adam is the one who hit DE DE. I believe her eyes will go to Adams son Connor. I believe that Adam will feel very guilty when he realizes he is responsible for DE DE’s death. Billy and Adam will have strongly worded conversation. Billy will wonder why Adam left her beside the road but in Adam’s favor he didn’t realize he had hit anything since he saw the dog go running down the road. Billy will blame himself because he left her in the car to wait for him and he trusted her to listen to him and not leave the car. I believe Billy should have taken DE DE with him instead of trusting her to stay in the car after all she is a child and kids that age don’t always do what their parents have told them to do since they are not fully aware of the dangerous situations they can get themselves into.

Yep, this is on Billy. Adam even stopped the car to get out and see if Dash the dog was okay.
On another note, no matter what they hand this actor, he turns it into gold. He says so much with just his expressions and the scenes between he and Peter Bergman (Jack) are things of beauty.

I think the “blame game” will definitely be part of the story, but is overall insignificant. I don’t really care which character is to blame. My outrage is about what the producers/writers decided to do – killing off a beloved legacy child character.

Adam is as much as fault if not more than Billy ! Come on..of course anyway it is above all an the blame game is irrelevant.

To Harry…Not to be nit-picky, but the proper grammar is “between HIM and Peter Bergman). Y&R writers are also guilty of making this grammar mistake and it drives me crazy:-) Simple trick: whatever you’d use on its own, is what you’d use with another object :o) Ok, going to go get a life now, don’t worry:-) Have a great day!

I’ll bet it was nikki, remember seeing her driving drowsy. adam is too easy to blame its always someone yo don’t suspect! lol!

I agree!

The damage is on Adams vehicle, how could it be Nikki?

yes why would they show both of them… I agree, I believe it was Nikki.. enough with making Adam the bad guy all the time.. Nikki is no saint either…

The piece of glass missing out of his headlight matches the one found by Chavez at the scene. Why they even showed Niki is beyond me…

I also think it was Nikki they were traveling on the same road at the same time,

I also think it was nikki

I am not a fan of the storyline but we must all remember it is a STORY, and it is why we watch soap operas…..the drama, hoping never to experience such traumatic events in our own lives. I LOVE Adam and I agree, he can’t always be the fall guy…..and I do think it might be Niki, but she has been through so much too…..I am definitely interested to find out where this storyline is going, especially looking forward to more of Adam.

I think Nikki did it! I’m so sick and tired of all of the Adam bashing. I am so tired of the Adam bashing it makes me sick. I am getting to the point I am despising the Newmans…… ALL of them EXCEPT for Adam. Victoria and Nick make me sick with their Newman “airs”. I just wish Stitch was the son Nikki had and not Dylan because he is QUITE successful on his own as was Adam before Victor clawed his soul out to the point I didn’t think he’d make it….. Starts doing well and the writers knock him down again. It’s time Victor, Nikki, Victoria and Nick get a taste of doing without for awhile.

And hey, writers, quit killing off the Abbotts to give their body parts to the Newmans. Worked great for Victor…. he still acts like he has no heart… or no soul!

This is a beyond horrible storyline. Friday’s show was unbearable. If Delia dies I will not watch anymore . Senseless!

I’m Done Too!

GROW UP LISA! Its just a show!

Get rid of JFP,,She damned near destroyed GH and Frons did AMC. Don’t let them do to CBS what they did to ABC soap fans.

I think this story sounds just like the Jake story on General Hospital. Hated that story and this one is off to a bad start too. Josh Griffith was a total failure as head writer. I am hoping Y&R gets better but it doesn’t look good based on this interview.

I hate the fact that Delia had to die for the potential drama. But since its already done and there is no going back at this point, I am definitely looking forward to the emotional scenes that will come from this story with all the actors involved–especially MM, MCE, BM and EH. I have not always been the greatest Adam fan, but over the last two years I have been interested in seeing how his character has been developing and the impact Chelsea has had on him. Hopefully, she is there to support him in his time of need, despite all the anger between them.

‘impact’ she had on him ? She is the one who kept a child from Adam being so ‘nice’ to her after that, is ridiculous.

She only lied to him after all kinds of stuff. He basically ignored her after their unborn child died, then continuously picked Newman over her. Remember their plans to leave town and start over again without interference from Newman? He pushed it off, pushed it off, finally said he wasn’t going. Then he started treating her badly (his Victor DNA coming out). Then she found out she was pregnant and knew it was his. Not that I’m putting all the blame on him and defending her, but I do think she had an impact on him earlier in their romance. I genuinely believe he loved her, he just wanted his fathers love/respect MORE. ‘Being nice’ to her as you put it, shows that he wants to do things differently than he has in the past or in how he has seen his fathers controlling/domineering, vindictive ways, work together with the mother of his child to raise said child together.

I do hate that they killed off Delia, especially after her almost dying a while back. She had ties to core families on this show, the Abbots, Katherine Chancellor and the Newmans (although not by blood in the later two).

What Adam did before the baby-switch is NOTHING compare to what Chelsea did to him..him being so ‘nice’ (like i said) to her now does not make any sense for a character like Adam. That is all.

I am no longer a Y&R viewer because of this horrible story. JFP has done the same one before anyway when she killed off Jake on GH. Whoever stands behind this woman is just making the situation worse. She is known for killing babies. All the EP (JFP) does whenever she is the producer, she pulls the same crap and really took it from the viewers after she did this the first time. I will never watch this show again until she is gone.

That is your choice, but its YOUR loss! Its JUST a show!

Do you have any idea that this story is the exact same one that she did when she was at Gh? It was not accepted very well. If you like this woman watch her unoriginal bs.

JFP didn’t even write the story so stop blaming her for the storyline. If you don’t want to watch Y&R don’t and since she has had nothing to do with the storylines up to now, you are complaining about the wrong person anyway. In the 40+ years I have watched this soap and others either now or some time ago, the stories repeat themselves – there are only so many things they can write about and did it ever occur to you that in all probability, writers are given the general storylines and told to develop them? Read the interview above and you will see that is what was said by someone who actually knows what goes on behind the scenes.

Overall…Adam is a good man and will over ride those who thwart him. I love his character. Though, we love his angst with his father, we also want him to rise above his father’s shit field. lol 😉

I just want to see Adam happy for once ~ not so much drama!

Amen Suzanne!

hip hip hooray

high 5

this has to happen soon

Adam is: current generation… NewMAN Mr. all that.

I am literally waiting for the day when Victor is dethroned

’nuff said…. so tired

I totally agree with you.

I didn’t follow the GH storyline where Luke committed a hit-and-run, so for me this story is fairly new territory. Oddly, I look forward to how the actors will portray their soap counterparts; Billy, the grieving father, will this drive him back to his gambling/drinking addictions. Chloe, the grieving mother who after pushing and willing her daughter to fight for life when ill awhile back, suddenly has to face that fate intervened with the life of her young daughter. Adam and Chelsea, parents who desperately need the corneas that DeDe can donate for their infant son, having to be put in the impossible situation to ask the grieving parents for their help, and even more, Adam’s slow discovery that he might be responsible for DeDe’s death. Kevin, finally having to suck it up and grow up to help his ex wife through the grieving process, and deal with the loss of a child that he loved as his own. I’ll definitely tune in to see how these character evolve. And of course, Traci will be back to help her brother Billy. She will be a help to her brother since she lost her daughter just a few years back, but will she be able to help Billy? Jill will need to put her best maternal instincts to work to help Billy, and will Ester even be of any help to her daughter Chloe in this tragedy? Can Victoria and BIlly’s marriage survive this loss? Sharon and Nick’s marriage didn’t make it a year after Cassie’s death. This story does umbrella out. However, Nikki does not need to be in the midst of this. Let’s just forget we ever saw that milli second where she was on a dark road driving and crying. She has enough story with Victor; her long lost son; and her MS.

Very well said!

Applause! Well stated Dan!

I like the dramatic storyline, and don’t know why people are getting all twisted up over a tragedy involving a child. Tragedies occur in real life, and sometimes they involve children. Why is it a bridge too far for some, that a soap would have a child die in a horrific vehicle/pedestrian accident? The only thing I’m anguishing over is the involvement of Adam. I lurve him, and don’t want to see yet one more heavy burden on his shoulders. This would be the mother of heavy burdens too.

Good interview, but I wish Michael had slipped and spoiled a bit more. Sigh…

The reason fans are getting “all twisted up” is because we have already experienced traumatic child deaths on this show. It seems like it’s happening every 3-4 years at this point. First, the beloved Cassie Newman. Next, Colleen Carlton – whose heart was donated to Victor Newman. And now, Cordelia Abbott – whose corneas will supposedly be donated to Connor Newman. Fans don’t tune into soaps to watch children die. Of course, it brings great drama, acting, and storyline. But to hit fans over the head with this every 3-4 years? Not only is it gut-wrenching, it’s repetitive, almost boring!

When I saw the scenes, I cried for Adam’s character, too. I hate to see him (or any character) take on this burden of guilt. But that’s not the point. The point is that the writers and producers chose to kill off a beloved legacy character for what?? Ratings? Good luck.

She left on her own to join the nighttime show The Millers. they didn’t write her off, she left on her own. grow up people.

Don’t forget Ricky..

I have been reading some comments and am shocked at what some people are saying, especially wanting to see Adam and Sharon together….hell no!!!! Adam is great where he is and I too feel for his character and what lies ahead.

I agree wit the killing of the children. They could have gotten a Donner from the unknown bank. Should have let De De alone.

did u leave out some words, u agree with killing?

Agree with killing the children? And I think you mean a donor. And unknown bank??? What’s an unknown bank?

Enough sadness in real life.
Would have been better getting a donor but what will happen is when Connor grows up Billy and Chloe will always feel like they are seeing Delia through Connor….dramatic but maybe that’s where writer wanted it for future story.

So an Abbott got killed by a Newman for another Newman. Just peachy! This is not a character driven story by any sense simply because none of the pieces make logical sense. If they were going to kill off a soap kid then Johnny would have made more sense. Having Chelsea’s other son, the son she gave up, being the donor would have been the real drama. They still would have had Billy VS Adam plus the added mix of Victoria knowing about the paternity and blackmailing Chelsea. All those points FIT! Instead they killed off an Abbott legacy character that could have had so much potential.

This story is a true heart breaker and tear jerky. I did not see the story on General Hospital so I am enjoying my two favorite actors front and center on screen, Michael Muhney whom is the best thing to ever happen to Y&R and Billy Miller. Both are phenomernal actors and I so hope they both win Emmys next year. Melisa Claire Egan is also one fantastic actress and she and Michael together are just so entertaining whether they are fighting, making love, or just in a scene together just standing there, never seen this much chemistry between two daytime actors before. So much entertainment. Little Dede will be missed, but it is my understanding she will be appearing on another show and she will always be remembered as a fantastic little actress on Y&R. The story thus far has been written beautifully, although tragic, and just pulls at our heart strings. Isn’t that what a soapy, good soap opera does? Yes. I always said Y&R had the best talent and the sexiest, pretty people on daytime. These last couple of weeks proves just that. I have been glued to my seat and cannot wait until the next episode. I read every spoiler I can get my hands on because I like to know what is going to happen. I like spoilers and I never miss an episode.
I love me some Adam Newman and I just hope he gets out of this mess and I hope his little Peanut does not loose his eyesight. I would like to see Adam with a woman who loves him unconditionally and stands by her man through the good, the bad, and the Ugly. Because that is what you get with Adam Newman. In addition to one tall, sexy, good looking man with lots and lots of money. If Chelsea is that woman, then the writers need to put them back together pronto. I am still hoping for that Norman Rockwell Christmas this year with Santa visiting Little Peanut Newman. He is the little scene robber. He is so cute just like his daddy.
I am a true Adam Newman fan. His character is just so entertaining and only Michael Muhney can bring that to the viewers. I wish he and Chelsea and the baby were on everyday, but I know they have to share time with all the other great talents of Y&R. I love this show and I hope it is still going strong for the next 40 years.
As for Adam, I am still hoping he just thinks he hit Delia but I am hoping for a miracle and he did not hit her. Just not sure what happened out there on that dark, dreary rode that night. I do know a tragic accident did happen and I cried like a baby. But I needed a good cry and I do know it is not real, but just a very good, well written reel story.
Thank you Josh Griffith for this story. Everyone will remember this one for years and years just like we remember Cassys death. Thank you Michael Muhney, Billy Miller, Amelia Heinle, T,. Hendrickson, Melissa Claire Egan, for all your hard work and talent. Thank you for sharing your talent with all the millions of Y&R fans. Thank you Michael Fairman for interviewing my favorite television star, Michael Muhney. I enjoy his interviews so much. He is open and honest about his part in the show and we fans appreciate it.

Beautiful and captured completely, bstanley. So nothing more to do here, but “co sign”

Both actors are lead actors, in the,same catagory, so they couldnt both win.

Excellent commentary. I agree with everything you said. Michael Muhney, Billy Miller, Amelia Heinle, T,. Hendrickson, Melissa Claire Egan are an amazing group of actors, who will bring this story to the screen with great sensitivity and finess. I am looking forward to watching it. I agree that the death of child is always heart wrenching to watch, but if well written and portrayed by a talented team of actors it is what a soap opera is all about….life in all its many facets.

Why does Y & R always kill off children, it was so sad about little Delia…what was the purpose of that……I love Adam and Chelsey together….Adam is a great actor…..give Adam a break, he just found his son and now he might not be able to be a father to him…..I hate the way Victor treats him, Adam just wants to please his father……I hate Victor’s character….he is so judgemental, he has done such terrible things but is the first to judge Adam and Billy……I love Y & R but please writers don’t be so predictable…..please change up the story line abit.

@bstanley I thought I was the only person who felt this way about Michael Muhney. Since he came to the show and how his character has evolved. I see him in a future with Chelsea and Connor although I feel they should probably change his name. He performances are flawless and he makes it look so easy. Same for Billy Miller…just heart wrenching to watch. A truly talented cast.

This is a morbid story line that has no place on daytime entertainment. I can’t imagine how the writers thought we would be ok with this. This kind of story reads like Steven King. Terrible.

Tired of Abbott children being nothing more than organ donors for the Newmans. Sick, sick writing. I’ve watched since the beginning but the beginning of the end for me came with Victor bedding Sharon. Delia’s death, all for the glory of Victor’s grandson, is the last straw for me. RIP Delia and Y&R.

I wish that the writers wouldn’t make Adam the hit and run driver! Will be very disappointed if they do.

I agree!

Happy that MM will have more screen time and a story that he loves, but I’m so happy that this is JGs last story. Maybe I will be able to watch my beloved soap again sooner than later. The story is just way to sad for me to watch after Jeanne Coopers death….Sorry Mr. Muhney!

This is a character-driven storyline? Brutally killing a beloved child character is an “interesting, character-driven story”?? I am just flabbergasted at this. This was Josh Griffith’s first big story that he wanted to tell? Wouldn’t letting Cordelia Katherine Valentine Abbott grow up lead to plenty of big stories that affect the Abbott, Chancellor, and via extension, Newman families? I just don’t understand this. I have every confidence in the actors, but the producers and writers have made a huge mistake, in my opinion.


What? Huh? who is he kidding I had to put my cowboy boots on to read all of this it was that deep in horse manure. JG wrote this story in what universe? This is all JFP dusting off and changing the names from a GH storyline that sucked. Go get back on Twitter and sing your praises enough already with the brown noseing to keep your job just once could somebody Man Up!!!!

I thought I saw a flash of Nikki driving. Could it be that she hit Delia and no one will ever know? The car Adam was looking at on Friday might be Nikki’s not his own! Billy will undoubtedly go to jail for leaving his daughter alone in the car but he’ll get out in no time. Vikki may never be able to forgive him for this one!

nope it is Adam’s car not Nikki ! Nikki has killed enough people for a lifetime ! (remember the last victim..Diane..just two years ago..) It is Adam’s turn, after Hightower, Delia..i like Adam but let’s called a spade A SPADE !

Thanks Michelle ~ I didn’t notice the Nikki car ~ good theory!

Nikki did it…….that’s what will find out months and months down the road!

You better watch today Suaxznne, its Adams car.

There is something hanging off Adam’s car which appears to be from Delia’s costume. I still don’t think he hit her because he would have felt something. Nikki did it but she doesn’t realize it yet. This will come out as she remembers that night.

What would Niki’s car be doing in Adam’s underground parking garage?? It showed Adam stopping, it showed Dash and right where he stopped is “supposedly” where Delia was kneeling down with him.

I’m sorry MM, but this storyline is pure garbage and here is why:

1)I’m not buying this is JG’s storyline. This storyline is identical to Jake’s hit and run on GH. The dialogue and scenes are completely the same. And who was the EP at GH? JFP This is JFP’s storyline. This is lazy writing in which the writer’s just copy and pasted the scripts from GH.

2)Why kill off another legacy character only so a Newman kid can see? This isn’t life threatening condition. A total waste.

3)The writers have already killed off one Abbott (Colleen) and donated her organs to a Newman and it did nothing. Viewers don’t want to see the same thing happen again.

4)The writing has not been that good. Friday’s flashforward’s were awful and boring.

Yes I’m extremely excited to see Adams emotions come to the surface around fatherhood and where his life is headed. He certainly never intended to run Delia down….but u never know maybe his was the second car to come by, and Nicky’s was the one to hit Delia!

The boards are lighting up with blame and disdain for the new lady writer on the show, I wish they would all read this.
My fear was that Adam is going to really take slack because his son needs cornea transplant, and at this point it “appears” that he killed Delia, accidentaly.
I can see everyone blaming him, but I am certainly not sure that he did it.

This storyline is good,but young and the restless needs to go back to its original music. The show also is in need of a good villain, every show needs an evil character. Bring back Patty,Sheila or Tricia or create a new crazy psycho. No one wants to watch a show that doesn’t have a villain. And the old music added to the dramatic mood of the show. If they fixed these two things the show would improve. Oh and get rid of new Abby,Tyler,Kyle,Fen and Noah. They are all terrible!

Completely disagree! The new Noah, Fen and Abby have been phenomenal! I agree about nu-Kyle and Tyler they both lack acting chops but JFP only cares about how they look shirtless. She is and always has been a hack job! I do not know what the powers that be are doing in allowing her to slaughter this show. She is a complete control freak! Please fire her!

Victor and Victoria ARE the evil characters. I am sick of their narcissism

I hate that they killed off Delia, but I’m going to continue watching the show to see how this all plays out.
I like the new Abby, and I like her storyline with Tyler. I do not like the new Kyle. And I’m not too fond of the Noah and Fen they have on there now. And I agree, they need a new villain on the show. To me, Victor and Victoria are not villians. They’re not evil enough. Victor’s character has gotten to be very predictable and boring. He might be a dirty, controlling, manipulative man, but he’s no villian, not like the crazy, psychotic ones like Patty, Sheila, and Tricia were.

I am so anxious to see what MM does with this storyline. I think we are going to see just how talented this actor is! He has breathed life back into Y&R ! Yes, this subject is touchy and if DeeDee dies it will be incredibly sad, but it is bound to bring out sides of Adam Newman we never knew existed. I personally am looking forward to the next few weeks with Michael Muhuney! LOVE HIM! He has mad talent!!

I’ll second that!

Me too!!!!

I love it when Adam calls Conner “Peanut” — so tender & genuine. And when the baby smiles at him it melts my heart.

Well if this was truly Josh’s idea and storyline then I am glad he is gone– to me killing a child to launch a larger story line is lazy and unimaginative writing– but if this was JFP’s idea and Josh had to write it and hated it and then quit because he couldn’t take it anymore– good for him.

My guess is that it was JFP’s idea and JG wrote it with her guidance and approval.

I’m excited to see how this plays out. I understand that a lot of people are upset about the death of a child, but unfortunately it happens. A 6th grader biking to school was killed by an SUV leaving the school last week. Soaps are supposed to be cathartic–we laugh, love and grieve with the characters. As long as the writers stay true to the characters, I will be watching.

This story is awful! JFP bearing her dark soul, in killing Delia, just like she did Jake on GH. Didn’t help her on GH. Won’t on YR. What is it about these interviews, & the interviewees inability to answer a direct question with a direct answer.

I always felt that Adam had a compassionate side. When Adam was beginning to show kindness towards his family, he was hurt when Victor returned home from his amnesia incident and he wasn’t notified. Instead, Adam learned of Victor’s return on the television. At least Abby said, we should notify Adam. Anyone would feel hurt when you see your Father and siblings on TV during a news conference and you’re sitting at home. After that Adam returned to his old ways. As for Delia if she has another job, then cast another actress. Adam and the Doctor could be instrumental in finding a cornea for Connor in the bank. Katherine died in real life, Carmine is dead, Phyllis is in a coma on a long vacation. Isn’t that enough bad news for a period of time? Sharon I regret to say needs to be on vacation for a while in the hospital. Sharon burned down Victor’s house, changed the DNA test and although allegedly accidentally pushed Phyllis down the stairs. I have watched this story for 40 years and hope that the story lines are well written and analyzed; not assuming that the viewers are ignorant.

Adam did not hit DD..
It was the driver side of his car that had a wee damage..
IF Adam had hit her she would have been on the other side of the road..
The one who hit her would have the passenger side damaged..

This story will bring us some hard drama!!!
You need a tragic drama to bring on hard emotional drama..

and for the JFP haters who foolishly were whining how she kills off kids and she kills people and all the in kind nonsense bullshit- (all soap writers do)
It is not her story!! It is Josh Griffith’s (Ex-head writer, Y&R).. !!!!!
you all should wash your mouths out with soap and bang yours head on the wall 10 times ahh haaaa!!

If Adam swerved to the left to avoid Dash he would have damage on the drivers ( his) side.

How is that Kool Aid this morning.

I guess you dont know Jill lol She is the one killing the show…Josh was not on Gh but odly enough they played the exact same story under Jill’s “vision” ….UGH!! And dont get me started on what she did to Aw!!!! I will stay polite in givibg her props for music arrgments on all the shows she was on but that is it. I pray she is fired after this story

I recommend you watch again. It was, indeed, the passenger side of his car that had damage. However, I firmly believe there was a quick second when it showed Nicki driving for a reason. I think eventually we will find out SHE was the one who hit Delia.

If you noticed, there was a shot of Nikki driving during the exact same time period, with an almost identical looking Range Rover type car. I think this is something pivotal in this story. I do not think it was Adam who hit Delia at all. It may have been Nikki. But it will take a very long time for it to play out, which will lead to another arc involving Nikki. Maybe another bout with drinking.

you fans should join a non profect orgenazasion

What does,a non profit organization have to do with soaps?

Still thinking about “The Walking Dead’ and that kid who collapsed and turned into a walker while every survivor in the cell block was sleeping. That was a “oh snap” moment but I digress.

I’m going to suck it up and put my big girl panties on. I suggest anyone who is reading do the same. If Michael Muhney said that Josh Griffith was responsible for penning Delia’s death and orchestrating a scenario eerily similar to one created on GH (a few years back), then I have no other choice but to accept it.

After all, why would an actor or an executive producer actively deflect this type of publicity away from their persons or the show. It wouldn’t make any sense. So if he said Mr. Griffith penned Delia’s death and Adam’s involvement, then I will take his word for it. Therefore, for those still upset, I need you all to cut out the temper tantrums, readjust your involvement in the show and watch purely for entertainment purposes; because I’m sure this isn’t the first time Y&R dealt with controversial issues and it will not be the last under this or future regimes.

Frankly, I do see long term potential for this storyline and unlike rivalry between Victor and Jack, the one that is about to begin between Adam and Billy will have actually, hard-hitting and unforgettable substance. Viewers will know why there is animosity between these two men and it will be believable.

In any case, again, Michael Muhney, great interview. You did wonderful, as always!

I actually meant…”why would anyone deflect this type of publicity from Josh Griffith, Y&R former head writer.

Josh penned the story, but never forget who was his boss, JFP.

Agreed……..Phelps was his boss. She told him what to write. Doesn’t this chick have an original bone in her body? I have to laugh. She is getting paid for the same crap she did on GH? Sony must be proud!!!!


While it is emotionally gut wrenching to see a child hurt or killed in any storyline, this is a true character driven story. Michael Muhney will do a superb job with this! Billy, Victoria, Chloe, Kevin they are all fantastic actors that will also add so much to this story……especially Billy and Chloe with the loss of a child. This is what a soap story is all about. In real life we have tragedy and celebrations and births and death. Y & R is just being realistic about life…..good and terribly bad. Keep up the great work that all of you wonderful actors do. You work hard at your craft and it shows. Thank you for what you give to us in your performances everyday! Happy fan!

Children have been let go/killed off in ”’all”’ soaps since day one ..
It also creates great stories for the actors and a door opens for change for whomever is connected/involved with the dead child..
It turns characters, and different lives are created from these stories..

Agnes Nixon killed Brooks young daughter off by being hit by a car..
The drama that came from it and changing of characters lives was stunning..
(there have been many .. and the after stories have been memorable ..

I agree totally.

I don’t watch soaps for reality, especially this kind. I, and most others watch soaps for escape from the depressing realities. We watch for love, family, triumph.

Agreed………and I don’t think there is one person who is happy right now on Y&R. Not one. Watching Y&R right now is depressing.

Yes! And truth be told, people tune in everyday to see Adam & his storylines. As much as I loved the little munchkin, people don’t tune in to see what Delia is up to.

There HAD to be a better way to bring out Adams story WITHOUT killing a child. It’s heart wrenching… We just lost Katherine…always reminded of Cassie. I don’t agree even tho I think all the actors are great. Coulda sent Delia away and brought back recast and grown. Sacrificing this beautiful little girl for the sake of a character reveal is senseless. This is my main soap, and I’m on the fence as to whether I continue or not.


How outrageous that they would try to push this off on JG. I knew Phelps would try to do damage control when she saw how pissed off everyone was/is. MM sure has turned out to be the biggest ass kisser of the bunch. SICKENING.

MM is just proud,of his role and the script. Nothing wrong with that And if u knew Michael at all, which u obviously dont, ud know he is the LAST person who would kiss,somebodys, ass for ANY REASON! Try again, u failed with that one.

Are you serious? Yes, we all are not happy about this happening to Delia and I wish it could have happened another way for Connor to get his corneas. BUT, this is a great storyline for Michael Muhney. This is an actor who deserves to have real gritty material, not just a storyline where he is slinking behind corners overhearing conversations. For an actor to be excited about the work he is doing & material he is receiving is called being an actor, not an ass kisser. SMH.

I am so saddened by little Delia’s death I was literally physically ill for days , I have little grandaughters that age and it was unthinkable for me! I said I was through watching but some of my FB friends talked me into staying around for awhile to see how it plays out if it’s done well I will keep watching otherwise no …. I have watched from the first day Y&R was shown so I have seen all the prior trauma , this was the worst and most heart wrenching I have ever seen on this show …..we shall see ?

Her death is,today, how have u /eensick for days? or are u talking about the idea?

The lady you addressed this comment to might have been in Canada where the episode where the character Delia died aired on Friday, October 11th — so she could have been upset about this story for days– long before the American audience found out and that’s why she posted the comment about being sick over this story line for days when it just happened on screen in the States

I like Adam. I like Billy and his relationship with Delia–they are so cute together and you can see the love. Also like Chloe with Delia. I think she will be very lost now, especially as she is single. I hate that they are killing Delia and it’s very hard to watch. I also don’t want people blaming Adam. I’ll keeping watching, but I hate stories like this.

HATE that they killed our lil Delia — her scenes with Billy were AWESOME! I am sure he feels like he lost his own child! (THIS on the heels of losing Jeanne Cooper is too much!) We ALL just went thru that loss–the actors, fans, and now to make us go thru the unnecessary, ridiculous loss of a CHILD that has DEEP ROOTS — Billy’s only daughter, Chloe’s only child, Ester’s only grandchild, Jill’s only graddaughter, and on and on is DISGUSTING-THANKS JOSH! The only thing that will make this interesting is if Adam confesses EARLY–otherwise it is the same oold storyline…an Abbott fixes a Newman (Cassie saves Victor, now Delia is sacrificed for eyes?) There were soooooooo many ways they could have fixed this child’s eyesight–if only they had ANYONE at Y&R who did research! OR if only ANYONE at Y&R cared about the integrity of the characters and preserving LONGTERM the core famiies! You KNOW JFP is ultimately to blame!

Deborah I know what you mean Colleen heart is in Victor newman and Delia Cornia( don’t know if I spell it right) will be in Conner Newman eyes we will see if Conner gets it or not remember Chloe and Billy can’t stand Adam but with Ashley coming back and Jill coming back and with the help of Tracy I belive they will do it not because they want to but because they will think it is the right thing to do. I bet this will change Chelsea and Chloe friendship

Cassie didnt save Victor, Colleen did with her heart.

I REFUSE to watch Y&r again until JFP is fired. She almost killed Gh ( thank you Frank and Ron for saving it) now she is killing Y&r! Go to h*** Jill!

I think NIKKI hit Delia. Remember it showed her driving that same road that night!

I don’t think Nikki or Adam hit her it will be a person we least expected. Thank about if Adam had hit her it would have been more glass broken the a piece of glass and remember Adam didn’t see Delia but when billy came out of the store and saw her right where Adam was now if Billy could see her from the street which means Adam should have saw her. My theory is Delia hid behind the tree so Adam could not see her but when Delia got up after Adam left here comes a car hit her and put her in the position she was in again my opinion

Doesn’t matter who hit the poor child it’s just disgraceful killing off a child just to fill a storyline!!! That’s what donor banks are for!!!!!!!!!!!

Vicky they just didn’t kill her for a donor which we don’t know if Delia will be a donor for Conner. Delia is going to a Prime Time show The Millers.

Great minds! I agree 100%

I watched GH and I think the complete redo of the Jake death story is kind of disappointing. I’m really not look forward to this s/l completely dominating the show. Already other s/ls have be completely dropped for the last 2weeks and it will only get worse. Where is Neil? Where is the newly unemployed Cane? How’s Jill quest going? Oh well….

So nice to see the knee jerk “i read it on the interwebs so it must be true” chorus out for the EP’s blood despite it being explained in simple language that the story is Griffith’s.

Also hilarious to see the disingenous soap opera suicide crowd having their annual “I’m not gonna watch anymore, just pitch a fit on every forum I can find” tantrum.

Do u really think Josh wrote on his own, Jill oversees all decisions .

This storyline was penned by Bob Guza for GH and originally aired on March 18 2011. MM is being a good Sony employee and going out to support JFP (who by the way was the EP on GH during 2011) to appease the livid fan base. So here is a question for MM, why was the reaction of Chloe hearing about Dee’s death the EXACTLY the SAME as Liz’s? Right down to seeing the character’s fall to the floor in grief through a glass window! Did the director’s need a year to block that scene? Or maybe they just needed to watch GH or to talk to JFP?

I feel the same way, I am writting on every thing I can write on I’m so MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This storyline makes me SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL NOT WATCH Y&R ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me either!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me know when they have Adam mow down Jill Farren phelps and Ill tune in again.

This is just s big turnoff and I took Y&R off my DVR. I think Ill start checking out Days Of Our Lives. Brutally killing a child is not “story” its distasteful and not necessary.

When I found out what was in store I deleted the week of episodes I had on DVR and deleted the show from my recording line up. Done watching while JP is there.
Sorry to see another soap ruined.

So let me get this straight…

Josh left because of creative differences with Phelps. But THIS is HIS Swan Song story. I don’t buy it.

Like Dylan “becoming” Nikki’s son, my bet is that Josh was TOLD to write both of those stories. And knowing how they impact both YR history and future, he wanted out.

I don’t have any hard feelings toward ANYONE or ANYTHING about YR except for the fact that this woman is still in charge and she needs to go.

The actors, crew and most of all, audience deserve to have so much better.

And why people think that these new writers will be any better is beyond me. We know that Phelps is dictating what they write.


Exactly! I’m not buying it either.

Maybe I missed something, but when was it revealed that Dylan was Nicki’s son? Couldn’t it have been Stitch, since everytime they cut to a new scene when talking about Nicki’s son, they cut to a scene with Stitch. LOL

I have a problem with Dylan being Nikki’s son and it is the numbers. For Dylan to be her son he has to be at least 10 months older than Victoria but he went to school with Avery who is Nick’s age. Nick is three years younger than Victoria.

First I will say I am looking forward to the emotional SL that is coming Billy Miller nailed it and for Adam I know he will nailed it as well. The hit and run I really don’t think Adam hit Delia the reason is this look at it again when Adam gets out of the car he don’t see Delia all he sees is Dash but now when Billy came out of the store and walks just right where Adam stop and sees Deila tell me how come Adam didn’t see her he had his lights right there. I am thinking that Deila was already hit by another car think again if Adam had hit her with the impact of his driving it should have been more broken glas not just a chip of a glass the way Adam was driving and how he stop my opinion he should have more glass missing from his tail light. I don’t think Nikki did it either but there was someone else on that dark road and we didn’t see again my opinion but who ever it was it will be someone we least expect. I agree they could have gotten another donor for Conner but they made a choice to kill Deila off and now she will be the one to give Conner his cornia (not sure if I spell it right) and now another Abbott will give another Newman there organ. This SL will change everyone involved and it looks like we are in for a shock that what will come of this. When Nikki tells her family about Dylan it will send her family in shock wave especially Victor he will be very upset and probably be bad mouthing him just like he do Billy and Jack until Nikki can’t take it anymore and I am sure they will be comimg to a split which is not be a surprise to me that they part ways once again. Now to the Actors thanks for a job well done in this SL with Delia they hitting on point with Billy leaving Delia in the car and on point about a driver hitting someone and leaving the scene of the crime. Thanks all of you for what you do keep up the good work Thumps Up To All Of You

wasnt the,tail light, it,was the,head light

He didn’t see her because the vehicle was between Adam and Delia…she was on the other side of the car. With the car gone, Billy was able to see her.

I must be missing something here, because I consider this to be anything but some great storyline. I have watched Y&R for years but I’m considering whether or not I’m willing to invest any more time in it. One thing that keeps long-time viewers coming back is a connection made with core families and legacy characters. You would think that the folks who write for these shows would realize that. When a show continues to chip away at a core family, what reason is there to continue to watch it? When a show continues to reduce a beloved family like the Abbots into nothing more than an organ bank for the Newmans, can someone please explain to my why I shouldn’t complain about that? We viewers should accept that and be excited about what’s to come? Hardly.

Well said!

well said

I agree with you but I am finished with soap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Agree, agree, agree!! John Abbott should have never been eliminated!


Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Tells ‘The Talk’ That Steffy “Needs Finn to Man Up” While On B&B, Finn Tells Steffy “I Think I Just Need Some More Time”

On Monday’s March 4th episode of CBS daytime’s The Talk, one of the featured guests was The Bold and the Beautiful’s three-time Daytime Emmy winner, Jacquline MacInnes Wood.

During her guest appearance, Wood spoke with The Talk co-hosts Amanda Kloots and Sheryl Underwood, who both have previously appeared on B&B. In fact, Kloots guest stint just aired last week.

When the conversation turned to recent storyline developments where Steffy stabbed Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) to her eventual death, and how Steffy’s husband Finn (Tanner Novlan) is coping with the situation, Jacqui shared her reaction, “I was in complete shock…but like Steffy, I mean, ding-dong the witch is dead.  This is what needed to happen. They’ve been going toe to toe for so long and I think that it’s cool to know that Steffy went up against one of the best villains.”


However, Woods weighed-in on Finn’s odd behavior grieving his birth mother, who tried to kill him and his wife. Jacqui stated, “Steffy needs Finn to man up, she needs her man to stand up for what is going on, because it’s absolutely crazy. Sheila terrorized their family for so long… and Steffy honestly doesn’t want to have to murder Finn too.”


Meanwhile, on Monday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, after being comforted by Hope (Annika Noelle) and talking out his feelings towards Sheila’s death (and how he currently feels about his wife, Steffy), he eventually heads back to the cliff house. It appears he is going to be there for his wife and their family, only he starts to get a case of the heebie jeebies when Steffy tries to kiss him. Finn further freaks out when he looks around and see the blood-stained carpet with his mother’s blood soaked into it.

Photo: JPI

Finn can’t handle being in the house with Steffy where his mom was killed and runs out, leaving Steffy panicked and shocked over all that has just happened to her.

Check out Wood’s appearance on The Talk below. 

Then let us know, should Finn man up and get a grip and come back home to Steffy, Hayes and Kelly? Or, should he go it alone and come to terms with his feelings with or without the comfort of Hope? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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‘Tracker’ Starring Justin Hartley Renewed for Second Season by CBS

Justin Hartley’s (ex-Adam, Y&R, ex-Kevin, This Is Us) new series Tracker, which has only aired four of its episodes, has already received a second season renewal for the 2024-2025 season from CBS.

The early renewal isn’t surprising given the drama series boffo numbers for its recent episodes. In addition, Tracker has become the most-watched new series since Young Sheldon in 2017-2018 and the most-watched new drama since 2014-2015 season of Empire.

Tracker, which debuted on February 11th following the Super Bowl, has now been seen by 30 million multi-platform viewers and is Paramount+’s #1 show in February. Since its post-Super Bowl debut, Tracker is averaging nearly 16 million multi-platform viewers. In more impressive numbers, Tracker has improved its regular Sunday, 9:00 PM time period by +83% year over year.

Photo: CBS

Amy Reisenbach, president of CBS Entertainment shared on the renewal, “Tracker kicked off our premiere week with a ratings bang and has kept the momentum going. We knew we had something special when we saw the very first cut of the series and the overwhelming audience response confirms it. We couldn’t be more grateful to Justin, the talented cast, the incredible writing and producing teams and our partners at 20th Television for such compelling episodes. And, of course, we’re also so thankful to the millions of viewers tuning in each week.”

The series stars Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw, a lone-wolf survivalist who roams the country as a reward seeker, using his expert tracking skills to help private citizens and law enforcement solve all manner of mysteries while contending with his own fractured family. The series is based on the bestselling novel The Never Game by Jeffery Deaver.

Photo: CBS

Hartley, Ken Olin, Elwood Reid and Ben Winters serve as executive producers. Tracker is off this coming Sunday likely due to the Oscars airing on ABC, but returns with an all-new episode on Sunday, March 17th. Check out a promo for the episode entitled “St. Louis” below. Be on the lookout for the sixth episode called “Lexington” when Hartley’s real-life wife, Sofia Pernas (ex-Marisa, Y&R) appears.

So, excited to hear Justin’s series is getting continued life with a second season? Comment below.

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General Hospital

Steve Burton Confirms ‘General Hospital’ Head Writer Switch Changed Jason’s Comeback Storyline

General Hospital viewers will see today, Monday, March 4th, the beginnings of the return storyline for Steve Burton and his character of Jason Morgan.

Just how did the recent head writing regime change at GH alter the plans for story for Jason’s comeback? As had been rumored, seems plenty. Back on January 22nd, it was revealed that Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor had been replaced by Patrick Mulcahey and Elizabeth Korte. At that time, Burton had already signed-on to return to the daytime drama for the first time since being let go towards the end of 2021.

Speaking with Soap Opera Digest, Steve confirmed that what we will see on-air is from the new head writers and that the direction of the story changed, “So apparently there was a whole different story planned and then the head writer switch happened and then they kind of rebooted (the story arc). I know Patrick (Mulcahey, one of the new head writers) a little bit, but I really know Elizabeth Korte (who was promoted to co-head writer).”

Photo: JPI

Burton added, “There’s no one in the building that loves that show, knows the history of the character, and is invested in it 100 percent than Elizabeth. There has never been a more deserved promotion, ever. Once I know that she was (one of the head writers), I was like, ‘Oh, this is gonna be good! I cannot wait.’ And it has been exactly that. Everything has been amazing.”‘

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In addition, during an Instagram live on Monday with his podcast and comedy show partner, GH star, Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), Burton also commented on the upcoming story arc which brings Jason back to Port Charles. Steve expressed, “The story is not going to disappoint. The scenes are super deep. Frank (Valentini, EP, GH)  and the new head writers took some time to really think this out.”

Burton, being a longtime veteran of the soaps, said Jason’s return is not just isolated to be about him. “Great story on daytime should involve a myriad of people across the board and where it effects everybody,” he shared. The popular fan favorite feels that this story delivers on all levels.

So, what do you think about the head writer change and how it prompted the plans for Jason’s return? Comment below.


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