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Y&R’s Mishael Morgan Delivers the ‘Power Performance of the Week’


To facilitate the exit of Daytime Emmy winner, Mishael Morgan (Amanda Sinclair), The Young and the Restless moved the story forward in a big way to finally have Devon (Bryton James) and Abby (Melissa Ordway) succumb to their feelings for each other and have sex.

However, they were caught in the act and its aftermath by Amanda along with Abby’s hubby, Chance (Conner Floyd).  That set the stage for highly emotional scenes for Morgan who’s Genoa City alter-ego got to read Devon the riot act.

No one does fiery rage combined with pain better than Morgan, and when she berates and lays into Devon for cheating on her with Abby, it brought up all of Amanda’s past insecurities, but also saw her standing firm on her decision – that it’s over between her and Devon.


In story, Amanda had been taking care of her gravely ill mother, Naya and getting closer to the family she never had earlier in her life.   When she returned to Genoa City to see Devon, she found him with Abby rolling around on the couch of his penthouse.   Alone with Devon, you can feel how his betrayal burned into her.


Later, Amanda is visited by Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) and the good friends commiserate over Amanda’s devastation of finding Devon with Abby, but also how they will miss each other, since Amanda has decided to head back to Virginia.

Even in her final goodbye to Devon, which left their relationship decimated, Morgan made you feel all of the inner pain and turmoil of a woman who knows she has to move on with her life without the man she loves, but will hold her head high in doing so.

Morgan recently revealed her status with the top-rated CBS daytime drama series.  She has gone on recurring status with the show and is stepping back from the show, with hopes she will be return sometime in the future.  But for now, Mishael is concentrating on new adventures and roles in her acting career.

As she exits, Michael Fairman TV names Mishael Morgan’s work, The Power Performance of the Week.

So, what did you think about the scenes where Amanda went off on Devon for hooking up with Abby? Will you miss Mishael on Y&R? Share your thoughts in the comment section. But first, check out some of this week’s moments from Mishael’s ‘Power Performance’ below.

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Devon is a fool, So self-righteous with everyone else, but doesn’t hold himself the same standards. Amanda deserves better. Mishael, you will be missed!

Oh my gosh what have they done to the chancellor set?? So sad

It’s a shame! It was one of the best sets.

Glad you mentioned this, K. I used to love Katherine’s house. Even though it was a rich person’s set, it always felt homey to me…a place I’d like to spend time in. Now it’s about as welcoming as Noah’s “Jetsons”-style club. I mean, how many styles can you mix into one room? Ugh!

Hoping it’s just temporary
Was it supposed to be like a saloon?! Lolll
Don’t understand why of all the soaps Y n R being the most watched has the lamest sets. The Newman ranch and that crummy park set especially!
We haven’t seen Sharon’s place ,Nick’s place , GCPD set…forget about Lauren and Michael’s place

Damien, glad you mentioned Nick’s place/set being off camera for months. I could swear I spotted some of Nick’s wall decor in Noah’s nauseating nightspot. Set sharing or a donation from Dad? Either way, I still miss the old Newman ranch. As cluttered as it was, it made you feel cozy during the holidays especially. This newer place is as welcoming as a mausoleum. The holidays only feel nice at the Abbotts. At least they’re not all at each other’s throats like the Newman clan. I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if Victoria starts blaming Adam for climate change!

Soaphound, Damien, et all
Yes, what on God’s Green Earth have they done to Mrs. C’s place? The Newman Ranch is contained into a smaller area and as you mentioned, Nick is homeless, and what has become of his son? Noah’s place looks like Brothels I’ve seen in movies, etc.and who wants to sit on those cushioned love seats that some drunken couple have been slobbering all over? Just adding my 2 cents. Have a very nice Thanksgiving to you all

The performances from all characters was phenomenal, but Abby really stood out for me. Her confusion & despair was palpable. As awful as her actions were, it was easy to feel some sympathy for her. Amanda reacted exactly as expected & right in line with her character’s traits. Devon’s reaction (not the acting, the writing) was too subdued. Even if we believe that he had feelings for Abby before they got together (and I do believe he did), I still think his character would have been more mortified than what he exhibited. He’s obsessed with right & wrong, so we’d expect him to be ashamed of his actions.
It’s always fun to surprise viewers & this definitely surprised me. I expected just a kiss & instead things moved much quicker.

Sympathy for Abby, why? No one did anything to her except Devon, which she seemed to enjoy. Poor little rich girl never deserved a stand-up guy like Chance. Actually, Devon is exactly what she needs. They can vie and compete for attention. How much fun is that?

Mishael did a great job. her lines to devon were spot on and about michelle stafford. she is the one and only phyllis the scenes where she let amanda know how she would miss her and had no real friends was a standout. the reason michelle has always worked as phyllis is because you feel her vulnerability eileen davidson had that on days as kristen while stacy h does not. a great villain always has a vulnerability and back to mishael great job you’ll be missed

Mishael in just two days breathes so much energy in the boring Devon and Abby drama. Her talent is immense! Hope Mishael pops in often to visit her sis Imani , Leigh Ann Rose when she hopefully returns to prey on Nate. Imani, Nate and Elena should carry on the Winters legacy simply because all three actors have presence while I find unfortunately Lily and Devon to be like Abby just ok on a good day, boring on most.
The ptb should treat Mishael like Eileen Davidson and do whatever it takes to support her schedule for pop ins until she’s ready for a story arc.

Mishael was phenomonal; probably her best scenes just as she’s leaving!!! How neither Devon nor Abby could expect Amanda or Chance to come back after walking in on that beats me. Devon was so self-righteous and hard done by when Elena cheated on him with Nate, no forgiveness there, but when it’s all about him it’s a different story so he thinks. Also liked the scenes between Mishael and Michelle Stafford – the shock on Phyllis’ face when Amanda told her was perfect – just as it should be.

I, respectfully, disagree about Mishael’s deliverance as being awesome—she’s a great actress, but I must give praise to Melissa (Abby)–she holds that honor for me—which makes me take back some of my not-so-appreciative words.
As much as I disagree with her lame excuse for cheating (in my opinion, there is no excuse for cheating), “Abby” poured her heart out to Chance. I felt her sincerity and pain. She was magnificently credible. —-did not expect it!! Kudos. I wonder—-would she have “fallen” if she had no feelings for Devon?

Chelsea’s and Connor’s reunion—OK, so I cried!!

Yes, Yes Celia. I felt so bad for Chelsea during those scenes. I think this story has been beautifully dealt with… not too much time bogged down in the hospital but concentrating on Chelsea’s recovery. Excellent performances all around. My ma normally has no patience for child actors bur declared that young Conner is “some little professional already.” I agree. And I’d like to see Sharon have an actual gal pal instead of just babysitting all the town hunks. BTW, Nick’s behavior has turned from appalling to unforgivable to me. The man should carry a personal fire extinguisher aimed at his, um, inappropriate desires.

It would be remiss of me not to applaud Melissa Claire Egan—best performance ( overall) on Y&R fro a long time.
I could kick myself for underestimating her talent. She has been so real throughout Chelsea’s ordeal. I have no words—-so very unlike me to be speechless. Kudos!!


THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Lauren Gives Deacon an Earful About Sugar

On Friday’s April 19th episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Lauren (Tracey E. Bregman) and Deacon (Sean Kanan) make a stunning realization, and viewers of the CBS soap opera can also give themselves a round of applause for figuring out the mystery surrounding (Kimberlin Brown) Sheila’s ‘death’, or at least a part of it.

At Il Giardino, Lauren and Deacon are getting into a heated exchange over Sheila. Going over the events that transpired with Lauren, Deacon tells her what he saw in the crematorium when the sheet lifted up revealing that the deceased person had ten toes, not nine as Sheila had.

Then, Deacon asks a freaked out Lauren, what she knows about Sugar? He reveals, “Sheila was texting with her before she went to Steffy’s.” Deacon begs Lauren to tell him. Lauren says the Sugar she knows couldn’t possibly be texting Sheila or anyone else for that matter because she’s in jail.

Photo: JPI

A reluctant Lauren finally tells Deacon what she knows about the sordid backstory of Sheila and Sugar. Lauren begins, “Sheila met her in prison. She was her warden.” She then goes into how they resurfaced in Genoa City and how Sheila was locked up in a mental ward. Confused and trying to follow along, Deacon looks shocked.  That’s when Lauren says he will be blown away by the rest of the story.

As they sit, Lauren explains that all that time she thought it was Sheila who was locked up, she learned that it wasn’t her in the mental institution. That is when we are treated to a flashback. It was there that Sheila admits to Lauren that when she and Sugar escaped the prison, they fled to South America, where Sugar sacrificed her face. Sugar thought she was going in for a facelift, but Sheila was able to buy off corrupt doctors to have Sugar’s face altered to look exactly like Sheila.


Deacon gulps, “What are you telling me, Lauren?” Lauren says, “That there’s someone out there who looks exactly like Sheila. Someone with ten toes.” Vindicated, Deacon shouts, “I was right. It wasn’t Sheila who got cremated. She’s alive! My, God! Sheila’s alive!”

So, the search will be for Sheila starting with next week’s episodes of B&B. Do you think somehow Sheila will wind up in the orbit of Lauren if she has been in hiding since Steffy ‘killed” her in self-defense?  Is Sheila kidnapped somewhere? Share your thoughts via the comment section, but first, look at the set-up of Deacon learning about Sheila and Sugar’s past from Lauren.

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Y&R’s Eileen Davidson Delivers the ‘Power Performance of the Week’

Taking on a DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) storyline on the soaps can be extraordinarily challenging for the performer who is tasked with making a clear distinction and delineation between the various alters of their character.

However, the other trick to playing this kind of story, is often having the various alters trying to hide the fact from those they know and love of what is truly going on with them, so as not to tip them off, as to what is happening to them as they battle for control of a person’s psyche.

The gold standard is One Life to Live icon Erika Slezak’s (ex-Viki) Emmy-winning and gut-wrenching and riveting DID storyline where we met Tori, Niki (although we met her earlier in the life of the show), Tommy, Princess, Jean and even her father, Victor.

Photo: JPI

Now in 2024, The Young and the Restless’ Eileen Davidson is playing out a new DID storyline for the first time as Ashley Abbott. We knew decades ago that Ashley had a breakdown and has suffered psychological issues, but this has taken it to a new level. And, let’s be real, if you are going to give someone currently on a soap a DID story, who better than Davidson, who is used to playing multiple characters at one time as she did on Days of our Lives. Although on DAYS, each of the characters were their own distinct person, while now on Y&R, Ashley’s alters are fighting for control of her being,

Last week, on the Thursday, April 12th episode of the CBS soap opera, Davidson truly got to shine, as in front of the Abbott family and through what was supposed to be an intervention (they hadn’t figure out what the hell was happening to her), Ashley was flipping from alter to alter. We know there is Ms. Abbott, and Ash thus far, but there is said to be one more alter a-coming.

Photo: JPI

In the key scenes, Davidson’s internal struggle was played pretty masterfully in a scene where she literally is in a tug of war with her alters and flings herself on the couch, while Jack (Peter Bergman), Diane (Susan Walters), Billy (Jason Thompson) and Traci (Beth Maitland) look on. Of course, there are the soap trope scenes of alters in handcuffs while the other is on the loose. And leave it to Billy to figure out Ashley is suffering from DID from his past experience.

Photo: JPI

While this all seemed to spring from Ashley’s messy relationship with Tucker (Trevor St. John) and a throw back to an old car accident where she lost her unborn baby, is there some other underlying issue in Ashley’s past that was even more traumatizing that will be revealed as another trigger for this massive personality split? We shall see.

Photo: JPI

In the meantime, Michael Fairman TV names Eileen Davidson’s work the Power Performance of the Week, and rest assured, come 2025, Davidson will find herself going for the third Daytime Emmy win as Lead Actress for this storyline.

So, let us know, what did you think of Eileen’s performance? Are you enjoying Ashley’s DID storyline? What do you think will happen to her next? Comment below.

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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: “Sugar Sugar! Oh, Honey Honey”

The Bold and the Beautiful revealed at the end of the Friday April 13th episode what many viewers had guessed, that it wasn’t Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) who died when Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) stabbed her, but it had to her doppelgänger, Sugar, or at least it seems that way.

Deacon (Sean Kanan) has been beside himself since seeing what was supposed to be Sheila’s body being cremated, but revealing the body had ten toes and not nine, and we all know Sheila had cut off her toe, so she only had nine.

While explaining his thoughts that she is alive to Finn (Tanner Novlan) and then trying later to explain to Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), Deacon is more convinced that something is wrong here. Meanwhile, Finn went to talk to Steffy about Deacon’s theory, which stuns her, as she believed she killed Sheila in self-defense.


At Il Giardino, Deacon looks at his phone then slams it down. He flashes back to the body going into the crematorium oven saying to himself, “Maybe I’m not going crazy. Maybe that wasn’t you. And if that wasn’t you, maybe you’re out there. Maybe you need my help.”

Deacon gets on Sheila’s laptop and tries to find something that might help him figure out where Sheila has gone. He looks at her text message communications and sees a section from an unknown number. He opens the messages, and Deacon reads that they’re from someone named “Sugar.”  That person said she was going to find Sheila. In the messages, Sheila made it clear she wanted no part of her. But it could be that Sheila met up with Sugar, or was forced too?


In a quick history lesson about the character of Sugar: she was originally played by Robin Mattson on B&B, and was a former prison warden who helped Sheila escape and then joined her in kidnapping Ridge Forrester to hold him for ransom. A twisted plot ensued, where flames engulfed the foundry they were at and Ridge was presumed dead. Meanwhile, Sheila and Sugar disappeared with Massimo and Sheila’s baby, Diana.

Photo: JPI

Fast forward to 2006, Sheila returned to Genoa City to go after Lauren Fenmore (Tracey E. Bregman) again and was arrested for attacking Scott Grainger (Peter Barton). In a shocker, when Lauren went to visit Sheila in the slammer, she learned that the woman behind bars was actually Sugar, who had been given plastic surgery and now looks exactly like Sheila.

Now the questions become, did Sheila know that Sugar was going to attack Steffy? Did they have a plan and it went awry, or was Sheila hoping she could get rid of both Sugar and Steffy, by having her daughter-in-law sent to prison for her “murder”? Or, is Sheila out there somewhere in trouble?

Share your theories via the comment section below, and if you knew all along that it would be revealed that Sugar is the person who actually died and not Sheila. But first, check out next week on B&B where Deacon gets a visit from Lauren.

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