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Adam Huss Fills-in as Nikolas Cassadine on General Hospital

Photo: IMDb

Look for Nikolas Cassadine to have a new look on tomorrow’s Wednesday, September 29th episode of General Hospital when Adam Huss temporarily replaces Marcus Coloma in the role for that episode.

Although no reason has been given for the short recast, Huss shared on his website: “I heard a little rumor that I’ll be on @generalhospitalabc this week, getting to play #nikolascassadine for a moment.”

Huss had previously shared on a post on his Instagram which has since been taken down: “Tune in Sept. 29th, Wednesday, on ABC for the juicy stuff!”  It appears Huss got to play opposite Maura West (Ava) and Kin Shriner (Scott) in scenes when he also added: “Got to work with some amazing folks and consummate professionals! Thank you to the best (casting director), Mark Teschner, and his amazing crew.”

Adam has previously appeared in daytime on Days of our Lives, The Bold and the Beautiful and Passions, and in primetime on Power, NCIS and Everwood, to name but a few.

So looking forward to seeing Adam as temp Nikolas tomorrow on GH? Comment below.

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Welcome Adam Huss! He looks the part. And, mighty sexy, too, if I may say so. It sounds like Huss enjoyed his brief fill-in for Marcus Coloma (who I LOVE as Nikolas Cassadine). I hope Marcus is okay and feeling healthy.
I wish Marcus Coloma would be featured more on-screen, thankfully, the show recast Spencer and when Genie Francis returns, hopefully, more story will develop for the Cassadine’s and Victor’s return, too.
I look forward to see what Adam Huss does with Nikolas during his brief stint. And, also look forward to Marcus Coloma’s return.

I have assessed and watched Wednesday’s episode, with Adam Huss briefing filling-in for Marcus Coloma, unfortunately, in my opinion, he was a dismal failure, Mr. Huss was wrongly cast (as a recast Nikolas), I won’t go into detail as I’m sure he is only on for the reminder of the week.

I totally look forward to Mr. Marcus Coloma’s return, I really like how he plays Nikolas and I believe he has terrific chemistry with Maura West/Ava. I would like GH to delve deeper with Nikolas (upon Genie Francis’s return), I like the chemistry they have as well, however, my hope is that there will be a bigger storyline for Nikolas once this silly stalker storyline is sorted out. I wish Helena (Constance Towers) was alive and well. I sure would love to see scenes with her, Nikolas, Spencer and Laura, too! What fun that would be. I can dream.

Anyways, I welcome Marcus back sooner rather than later.

I totally agree, Jeremy. I gave him a chance but I began to feel a bit embarrassed. I don’t know if it was camera placement or what, but it looked as if one of his eyes kept losing focus, as if he couldn’t control it. I never knew when he was addressing Ava or when it was Scotty. Marcus is so handsome and I love his version of Nikolas, especially with Ava. It’s hard to hold your own with Maura West, but he really complements her.

@Souphound, Marcus is very handsome. I agree with there, too.
I look forward to his return.

I’ve been rooting for Maura and Marcus forever, Soaphound. As Nikolas, he has that certain je ne sais quoi, magnetic quality which can discombobulate the most frigid of women. He’s Emily Bronte’s Heathcliff —mystery and “I want to get to know you” enfolds him—almost as an embrace. It’s not his good looks or lack thereof —not your typical gorgeous hunk—but–WOW!! He exudes sex appeal. The Italian-part in him is alive. Definitely not a Franco Gasparri type ( Italian actor back in my mother-in-law’s day), but enigmatic nonetheless.
He and and Maura are the perfect match to play these very sensual characters—-they ooze desire and passion.
I’m debating whether Nikolas fits any vestige attributed to the antihero or not. He would be perfect as the central character in a romance novel.

Yes, Celia, he gets my (also Italian) blood going, too. Those full lips, silky voice, lovely hair. I think he and Maura have real chemistry. Never felt it with Morgan or Ryan (thankfully). And when stupid Sonny threatened to have him roughed up (I guess good guy “Mike” is officially dead) on Friday, I was ready to fly through the T.V. Not sure about anti-hero, but I’d sure go with ‘naughty boy’. Seems like a lot more fun.

Sonny is a not-so-scary, little brat who needs a good beating himself—-he “ain’t” all that– not one bit. A true member of “cosa nostra” ( literally meaning, “our thing”), will throw a punch himself—-not always relying on Herculean bullies.
Anyway—-Right on about Marcus—gives me ‘da shivahs’—Italian genes and then some.
I’ve known my husband all my life—-and all my life I’ve heard from his family and friends—-“Oh, he looks just like Franco Gasparri”; which compelled me to finally look this guy up—the resemblance is scary!!!!!
I actually asked my husband’s grandfather if he knew the actor’s mother, back in Italy. LOL.
I realize that Nikolas does not look old enough to be Spenser’s father, but Julian didn’t look old enough to be Sam’s genitor either.
And, Alexis definitely looked older than he, as well.
Sonny should hang it up!! He’s so powerful everywhichway—one never knows if there are more babies on the horizon—

OMG CELIA, I just looked up Franco Gasparri. That is the most beautiful man I’ve seen since Josh Swickard joined GH. I could spend a week in that hair alone. If my husband looked even remotely like that, he’d never get to leave the house. Phew!

Thankfully, Marcus Coloma returned as Nikolas on Thursday’s episode! There was no point, in my opinion to recast Nikolas for one-day. Marcus could have returned and shot the scenes with Ava and Scotty at Kelly’s. Unless, their availability was not doable. The scene could have also been deleted, though it was a key scene between Ava and Nikolas, I just wish Marcus could have filmed that scene. I wonder why they recasted Marcus for one episode…

The temporary recast was likely due to Kin Shriner’s availability. As a recurring actor, his schedule is checked weeks ahead of shooting to ensure availability and blocked into the budget for that episode. If Kin was booked to shoot GH on a certain day (likely for more than 1 episode) and Marcus suddenly was unavailable, to move to another day would require paying Kin twice. Also, the stage crew determines which sets are needed weeks in advance. While Kelly’s wasn’t critical to the scene, it was already in the stage crew setup for a certain shooting day. The only permanent set is the hospital hub. All others are only put up on the shooting days needed (exception being the Metrocourt pool which was up all summer, but now dissembled).

Marcus’ scene at the end of Thursday’s episode would’ve been filmed on a different day when the Windermere living room/foyer set was up.

Marcus Coloma is apparently a member of the Church of Scientology, according to an online news article. Perhaps, the day he missed at GH, he may have been teaching another acting class at “the church”… to note, Scientologists, apparently don’t believe in vaccines.

Strange; Usually I like the temporary replacements better than the originals –
So– I’m still time-out on this one.
However- I have not been fond of the now Nikolas/Marcus Coloma, as Nikolas, nope.

I don’t think the current Nicholas was a good recast. He’s a good actor – just isn’t Nicholas to me.

Im with you. I don’t care for Marcus Coloma, which I thought was because he never smiles and really doesn’t have much of a personality, BUT this Adam Huss has it all. Im guessing he won’t be on too long, so it doesn’t make a difference whether we like him or not. By the way, I think he makes Ava look older.

Violet and Sonnylew–
Marcus as Nikolas Cassadine looks too
scrawny weak to be a Cassadine.
He’s schoolboyish..
heck, I could beat him up no problem.
In my opinion; he was a bad recast, for sure.
And he looks silly with Ava..

Totally agree…the temp ‘Nikolas’ looks more believable as Ava’s husband (& seemed to have more chemistry with her)…+ Marcus & the new Spencer look more like sibs than father & son…

As Thomas said below, M.C looks to young to be Spencer’s dad and the new resident witch Esme compounds that fact. This girl is the worst. I wonder besides the kids, who will be the first to figure out what a fraud and nutcase she is.

hi Violet 🙂
Esme is a true gold soap character.
The actress is very good!
I get a kick watching her, she is a
hardcore devious creature–
In the end, she will get her due, they always do.
She has a dark agenda, that makes for a good soap -love to hate the character shouting at the screen lol
AND– I would really like an older masculine manly Nikolas, for sure.
sheesh, he looks like the paperboy ahaa!! 🙂
Be safe–

I totally concur. He looks not only silly with Ava, but silly with his son. Spencer looks like he could step on his dad.

I remember him on B&B as Lance all those years ago. He was great! Would be a great addition to any daytime cast.

Lance who? Isn’t he awful young to have been on any show ” all those years ago”?

I don’t remember him getting a surname haha. I don’t remember many of the details but I remember he was caught up in Amber’s drama and worked at the cafe or something.

I didn’t watch B&B, but Lance died a gruesome death by bee stings (he was severely allergic) while Sheila just watched.

That sounds like our Sheila. Guess I wasn’t watching then, but now that she’s back and claims to have changed,she’s back to her old self of course.

Will Tyler Christopher ever return?

Seems unlikely, unfortunately, given his personal issues. Though at least he’s not a fugitive felon like the second Nicolas. (seriously, look it up!)

I hope Tyler gets his shit together and comes back some day. But I wouldn’t bet your soul that it happens anytime soon.

Oh, Satan—you’re so naughty—bad, bad boy!!
I usually don’t join the conversation at this time of day, but I got a “ding” on my iPad —so I read some comments.
You said to look Adam Huss up?—I am so gullible—so I looked him up.
The ages do not match. You know darn well the felon is someone else. LOL.
You send me on a goose chase just about supper time.
The felon’s name is Adam James Huss—-not Adam Huss the actor.
Say you’re sorry, Satan.

Not sorry…. because I wasn’t talking about Adam Huss.

I was referring to Nicolas 2.0. Stephen Martines a.k.a. Coltin Scott.

He was the first Nic recast back in the early 2000s, right about the time that Helena first revealed that secret basement laboratory with the high tech freezers & brought his daddy Stavros back to life.

My apologies, then—–My bad. I’ve only been watching since 2014—-You know I was joking, right? LOL.
My grandmother usually fills me in with past-storylines and characters, when I cannot recall certain events ( I started watching with her as a very young child). However, GH was not part of her watching “curriculum “. I don’t know enough about Helena or the Cassadines of days-gone-by.
Thanks for the info. Bye.

Well, I’m guessing you will probably hear some revised Cassadine history on GH soon, now that Victor says he’s Val the Bastard’s daddy, and apparently the one who let Whiny Heiny out of the freezer. I don’t have any plans to let Helena out of Hell, even for a visit, but I wouldn’t be all that shocked if they had to use some flashbacks to tell that story.

I am somewhat confused by Victor Cassadine. It seems as though the writers are “inventing” plots as they go along; without any strategic plan.—–Now Peter ( I so can’t wait until he departs for good) is responsible for Drew’s disappearance by order of Victor? —-To make matters even more ridiculous, Peter, turned Dr Frankenstein, pushes Drew’s buttons?
What am I missing?
Then there’s Anna—-TPTB are really pushing it!!!! Time to hang up her James Bond-studs.

Victor is the one who was keeping original Drew on ice (literally) at the Crighton Clark facility, when he convinced Robin Scorpio into thawing him out, along with Helena & Stavros. So that means Victor was either involved in the original “conditioning” that was done to Drew, after his brain was over-written with Jason’s memories, or at the very least, Victor was well aware of what Helena’s plans were. So the last time Drew disappeared in the faked plane crash, it was more about Heiny & Shiloh covering up their roles in Drew’s original abduction (which of course happened offscreen, but right about the same time that Heiny’s daddy shot Jason in the back and threw him into the Port Charles Harbor (while wearing a ridiculous Duke Lavery mask)

So it’s not really too much of a stretch that Victor might want to use Drew as a mind-controlled zombie assassin for WSB dark ops. We already saw them do this with Dante a few months back. Maybe Dante will be the one to recognize Drew’s programming, since he’s “been there & done that”?

Heiny just got lucky when he found the Tarot card which apparently triggers Drew’s programming. At least it wasn’t a clicking pen again. Hopefully Drew will turn on him soon and send Heiny back to Hell…. because then he can use his programming as a legal defense and not be charged for the murder.

Thanks, Satan—I get it now—very enlightening. I guess I started watching not long before Billy Miller came out of nowhere, as Drew.
You certainly have everything stored neatly in your mind —so filled with info. My memory is very selective—LOL.
Speaking of Helena —-I saw Constance as a much younger woman on BUZZR – I love old game shows—Beautiful woman!!

Celia, Friend, I hope all is well! I am interjecting here because (1) I also saw Constance on TV as a young woman — you’re so right; and (2) I will second your notion about Satan’s mind being such a fount of info. I am constantly blown away by his attention to detail about these storylines. Praise Satan! Yikes! Did I really say that?!?!

I hope not.

Way better doesn’t look like Ava is married to her son please please please consider keeping this young man

Agree 100%…+ I actually sensed chemistry & sparks between the 2!

I agree.

Looking forward to the regular actor who portrays Nicholas coming back. This temporary one doesn’t have the right look

Noooo!! Just when we were starting to get used to the new Nickolas, another switch! Please make this brief and then bring back the old Nick!!!

I thought he did a remarkable job capturing the essence of Marcus’ “Nikolas”.

Personally ,there is only one Nicholas, Tyler Christopher. Coloma is just ok. He doesn’t have that air of sophistication as Tyler had and yes he looks younger than Ava. That said I rather have him that this replacement. Nothing personal with the actor ,but not in this part

Marcus Coloma is a fantastic Nikolas!

Maybe so, but not with Ava, who looks like his older sister and Spencer’s older brother, very unbelievable group.

Marcus Coloma is apparently a member of the Church of Scientology, according to an online news article. Perhaps, the day he missed at GH, he may have been teaching another acting class at “the church”… to note, Scientologists, apparently don’t believe in vaccines.

Absolutely, Buster. Marcus is the IT guy. Tyler was too much of a bulky rube for my taste—just my opinion.
Liked him neither as Nikolas nor as Stefan ( DOOL). Marcus is a much more believable Nikolas—-and, contrary to popular belief, I don’t think Ava looks that much older than he—-not compared to Julian and Alexis—-or Sam as Julian’s daughter…..only eight years apart. It’s a soap—-
I do hope Spenser doesn’t leave. He has so much promise. He is an amazing actor—with good looks to boot.
Ava’s persona has changed. She seems to be a good influence for Nikolas. Urging him to reconcile with his son is a big plus—-she gets my vote.

I definitely miss Tyler Christopher, but since he’s gone I do think that GH casting has gotten Nikolas wrong. Marcus seems kind of young to play him, and there was one actor on GH years ago who I thought actually looked the part – more than he looked the part of AJ. IMO, Billy Warlock would’ve been great as Nik. Another actor who I would love to see on GH would be Frank Grillo. I completely envision Nik looking like Frank Grillo!

Tyler Christopher won’t be returning to GH, he messed up on GH and DAYS.
IMO, Marcus Coloma is definitely right for the role of Nikolas and looks the part, unfortunately, Billy Warlock doesn’t look Greek at all.

Didn’t like him on ATWT. Always saw him as that little runty guy. Never saw him on GH.

If Gerard Hopkins and Sean Kanan had not already played AJ, Warlock might have seemed to have a better physical stature for AJ. Warlock did look like he could by Stuart Damon’s son (and a familial look to Wally Kurth). He did not, however, come across as physically related to Leslie Charleson or Steve Burton.

Warlock’s smaller scale definitely stood out as there’s no way you could imagine Sonny hanging Kanan’s AJ on a meat hook.

Chad Duell (Michael) definitely looks he could be the offspring of Sean Kanan & Laura Wright.

OMG, I’ve loved him since GL.

Even if Tyler Christopher never comes back he will always be the only Nicholas for me. None of his replacements have ever lived up to his Prince Nik. Nothing against Billy Warlocks acting but he would never work as Nik, just like he never worked as AJ. And Marcus Coloma isn’t a good fit either. Looks too young and he doesn’t have the right demeanor. It was shocking almost to see the new Spencer all grown up. While not as hilariously precocious as the Nicholas/Spencer he replaced he has the air of a spoiled arrogant neglected rich boy and he actually looks like he could be Tyler Christopher’s child.

Scary, dishevel guy—-looks like he hadn’t seen a shower in weeks. No, thanks!!

Hi Celia…yeah, and after the shower, he should head to acting class. And an optometrist. The way his eyes kept shifting, I think he might need glasses.

I have never heard of Adam Huss. Does he always look this unkempt?—-or does his untidy appearance supposed to tell us something? He looked desperately scruffy–that is, the prospect of losing Ava is affecting his personal hygiene?

Marcus Coloma is apparently a member of the Church of Scientology, according to an online news article. Perhaps, the day he missed at GH, he may have been teaching another acting class at “the church”… to note, Scientologists, apparently don’t believe in vaccines.

His thetans probably played a prank on him and turned off his alarm clock so he missed a day of taping.

That Xenu… he’s a trickster!

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You probably needed the hankies during today’s Wednesday, June 19th episode of General Hospital, for it marked the return of fan favorite John J. York to his role as Mac Scorpio.

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Since Mac was out of town supposedly down in South America helping a ‘friend’, some things have changed, including Spinelli (Bradford Anderson). having moved in with Maxie and the kids, to which Mac does not disapprove.


In the meantime, Cody (Josh Kelly) is a man in conflict when he has second thoughts about not telling Mac he is his biological son.  When James shows up Maxie’s with Cody in tow, he lays his eyes upon the just-arrived-back-in-town Mac. The two share pleasant “hellos.” Later, back at the Quartermaine stables, Cody tells Tracy (Jane Elliot) the long and winding road story of not knowing who is father was for most of his life. Cody shares he finally found his father in Port Charles, but his father doesn’t know he has a son. Tracy thinks Cody now has a chance to re-set some things and should come clean.


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After the episode aired, and seeing the reaction from GH fans, John J. York took to his account on X. York expressed, “WOW!!! I’m just so humbled by your warm, kind and gracious words as Mac returned to PC! Your support has been monumental! I have a feeling, things are about to get interesting!”

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