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ATWT story wrap-ups: Tragic yet, heroic twist for LuRE & Carjack to re-wed!

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This morning Michael Logan of TV Guide Magazine has the exclusive details from As the World Turns executive producer Chris Goutman on how the final storylines and your  favorite Oakdale couples will wrap-up, after the shows 54-year run on September 17th.  According to TVG. ” Look for lots of love and happy endings including two big weddings, some major romantic reconciliations and a final episode — featuring pretty much the entire cast — that’s all about new beginnings.”

Since portions of the interview below contain some spoiler story content from TVG, if you do not want to know, we suggest not reading any further.  If you do please continue on…

Goutman revealed, “In the wedding department, Barbara and Henry will finally make it to the altar, and Carly and Jack will also wed.  I think it’s imperative we bring (Carly and Jack) those two together even though they have never been able to get it right. We’ve watched them go through so much, often to the point of viewer frustration. But odds be damned and differences be damned, these two belong together.”

But according to TVG , “Prepare for a tragic, yet heroic, twist to the Luke-Reid romance — one that’ll set the stage for a potential rapprochement for Luke and Noah.”   Chris Goutman added,  “Without giving too much away, I do think Luke and Noah will always have a deep and abiding relationship. Reid came along and challenged that love and his presence made Luke and Noah grow up.  Their relationship will endure.”   That said, Goutman also revealed if the show hadn’t been cancelled Luke and Reid could have been a couple for the ages!  “Their connection was immediate and they are dynamic together.  Soon after Reid’s arrival, we had a lot of diehard Luke and Noah fans suddenly rooting for Luke and Reid. It was the best of what soap opera can be.”

Now what of Holden and Lily? Goutman reveala: “We made the choice not to marry them at the end of the show but we will leave them in a place where we know they will always be intertwined. Holden and Lily are no longer the kids in the hayloft like they were in the ’80s. These characters must move beyond that and evolve. They must grow up if they are to be with each other for the rest of their lives.”

In regards to the difficulties in trying to tie-up all the loose end of  legacy soap, Goutman stated: “We’re trying to bring a 54-year-old show to a satisfactory and emotional wrap-up and to call it difficult would be the understatement of the century. The loss of this show is tremendous — not just to those of us who make it and for the fans who love it, but for the entire daytime drama industry. Right to the end we will put out the message that life goes on. Long after ATWT is off the air, we want our characters to still be living their lives in the imaginations of the viewers.”

Make sure to read the entire TVG item for a preview on how all the rest of your ATWT stories may wrap-up!

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“Their relationship will endure.”

That it will! NUKE FOREVER!

Personally, I have nothing against the Reid character. However, the whole LuRe s/l, I really could not buy as plausible given the circumstances that led to their relationship, which makes me still incomprehensible how fans have been so willing to support this after only a few short months. But, I digress. We know what’s gonna happen, it won’t be an ending many will be happy with, but it’s done.

With that said, Nuke is endgame and will be for years and years after the show is off the air. And for that, I will remember and continue to smile.

No offense but like the NUKE s/l was so much more believable. The whole colonel, ameera and brian fiasco was not even remotely believable and believing that two gay men in their early twenties didn’t have sex for two years. please. Fans supported because the chemistry between ESS and VH. I don’t belive for one second that if the had bad chemistry like Jake and Forbes that people would have switched over so quickly. Like i said hollow victory.

As Lee said below this is only a hollow victory made by the fact that Reid dies and also for me highly implausible, but hey what do I want logic? This is a soap.

Endgame is important but it must not feel false and under these circumstance it so is. I used to be a Nuke fan myself but they became such a toxic trainwreck of a relationship that they were more of a pain then joy to watch.

And there came in Reid Oliver. Sassy, sexy incredibly smart, self confident enough not to do this whole crappy ‘I’m pushing you away because you’re somthering me crap’. People (and Luke ) liked his honest attitude, the chemistry between him and Luke that is palpable and the fact the throug all of their differences and hang-ups they are good for each other. They help each other develop and grow, they don’t take each other’s crap (like Luke and Noah did) but they call each other on it. This is a basis for an adult relationship, not some wish washy angsty teenage romance that should have evolved into something better (not crappier) relationship-wise or dwindled at all.

And honestly what kind of a win is that even if in order to get your favourite couple together you have to defy reason & character consistency AND on top it all kill a guy off? A character that the producer himself (in a masochistic twist) claims would have made a power couple with Luke if they had more time??? Seriously? This is not a win. This is turning a character I love into an idiot. Once you’ve seen what a good relationship looks like you don’t go back to a toxic one. Moreover so when you’re grieving.

So in this case Luke being with Noah Invasion of the bodysnatchers-like out of character, which for me is not really a Nuke win at all.

It is not only important who you are with but how and why you’ve gotten with them and this just sreams rebound.

I think tptb has given Nuke so little because the Nuke has accepted the little crumbs they’ve given them along the way. You really, really think this ending is some kind of endgame victory for Nuke. If you have to kill off the competition to be together not now, but maybe in the future you’re simply accepting that it’s OK for Noah to be the default choice for Luke. Noah hasn’t been onscreen for 2 months, that’s how much the show believes in their ‘love.’

This just seems like the cowardly way out for Goutman. He admits that Luke & Reid are the dynamic couple but he didn’t have the guts to write an ending for them. Instead he caters to some vocal fanbase & threw his integrity out the window.

I also think it’s an insult to anyone in the gay community. Goutman can’t possibly give Katie a sad ending but thinks nothing about crapping all over the gay storyline. I think the time of tragic endings & killing off gay characters should be done–What, was having 3 gay characters alive too much for them to handle? Did they go over their quota of gays allowed?

And the next secret person you interview that says how much they love the ending, ask them how can you love an ending that the majority of people think is going to suck. I


It’s only NUKE forever because Reid dies. Is that really NUKE finally winning. To be honest if I were a NUKE fan I would get pissed because the only reason Luke is getting back together with Noah is only because Reid is dead. Noah essential becomes rebound. By CG words Reid/Luke would have become a couple for the ages. Seems like a hollow victory. Very disappointed in ATWT.


couldn’t agree more. CG- way to offend all of the fans btw.

Sure. By killing off a great character, by robbing Luke of a great evolutionary relationship in order to push him back into the kiddy-pool of angsty drama filled toxic romance. Yep, let’s have it forever.-_-“


So, apparently every heterosexual couple gets a happily ever after, but Luke and Reid get screwed. Thanks for nothing, ATWT.

And thank you, Michael, for letting us know. Now I know not to bother wasting my time on this garbage for the next six weeks.

Well I will watch cause I have great respect for Eric Sheffer Stevens and Van Hansis, but as for the ATWT they just dug they’re grave deeper with me.

Not looking forward to either of the weddings… I so wish neither couples were getting hitched.

I don’t see any dynamic to LuRe at all, unless they are fighting. Absolutely nothing romantic about the couple at all, IMO. Even the show hasn’t done anything about it.

At this point, I just can’t wait for ATWT to go off the air. The entire show is a huge train wreck, IMO and I’ll avoid any show that CG is involved with in the future.

I’ll agree with the trainwreck part & the avoidance of future CG shows but disagree about the dynamic of Luke & Reid. I see it, as well as many other fans. Maybe you haven’t been watching but they haven’t been fighting in any of their August scenes, and they’ve still got the great chemistry going. In fact, the only people I see that defend the Noah & Luke pairings are the fans of Jake or Nuke fans.

I’ve seen many comments from fans of the show but indifferent to who Luke chooses still take the time to remark upon the incredible chemistry of Luke & Reid. It’s there and it’s why I came back to watching the show. i briefly forgot that this show was still being run by the jerk who said he didn’t care what the fans wanted. I guess he proved it.

I’ve been watching. It’s been boring but I’ve been watching. How idiotic is it that a 22 year old has to babysit a 35 year old.

There is no romance in the storyline at all. No Hand holding, touching and or stroking each other and now Luke is talking about Noah as an excuse not to sleep with Reid. Yea, a couple for the ages, LOL.

Even during the kissing ban, Nuke at least gave the impression they were in love but not LuRE.

No point in arguing. You see what you want to see to support your point of view. I’m not a former nuke fan or a fanatic about any particular storyline, I just watched the soap and then stopped watching the soap when it became too crappy and really only came back to watching the soap because I found that Luke & Reid had an interesting love story –something rarely done well on this show. Obviously others see the romance of it the same as I do. I’ve loved the story they’re telling. And if you look, you’ll see that Chris was getting coached by Katie in the same manner as Luke was coaching Reid. Part of a relationship is helping each other.It doesn’t make anyone idiotic to do so.

As for the whole Noah is the reason Luke & Reid didn’t have sex issue, That’s a joke right. Because you’ve got to know that Luke & Reid didn’t have sex due to fear of offending the masses by showing gay sex on TV. Gay men on this show are virginal & have to act like puritan girls when it comes to sex. Maybe they’ll fix that before they come up with their crappy ending.

Thank you, Mr. Fairman. Saw the TV Guide article elsewhere and have zipped off a letter to CBS, as if it would mean anything to them.

Luke and Reid have really caught my fancy for romantic couple. Funny, I think they could have been a couple for the ages as well. A supercouple that erases the straight couple / gay couple line. I simply adore them and greatly appreciate the chemistry Mr. Sheffer Stevens and Mr. Hansis have. Mr. Hansis has a nice friendly chemistry with Mr. Silberman, but it lacks the feelings of lovers.

Why the ATWT writers felt the need to hack at this couple and destory the pairing irreparably is beyond me. They wrote Noah into a hole. There’s no time or ability to correct his character flaws.

What a sin that idiot Goutman practically substantiates the rumour that was swirling the Net shortly after filming completed. I just don’t get letting the rumour out so quickly and practically discussing it in an interview prior to the final episodes ending.

I’m upset. Very upset.



Nice of the show to give the straight couples happy endings, but to shatter the dreams of Luke, a man who loves deeply and hopefully, and has looked happier than he has looked the last few years with Noah. Perhaps, Van shouldn’t have played his part as being smitten and enthralled with Reid, but he did and I bought it big time.

Seriously, this outcome is ridiculous. If Chris Goutman knows that Reid and Luke are the more dynamic couple, why not give them the ending they deserve? Whether the show is ending or not should not make a difference.

It’s nice that the gay characters get the “tragic” ending while everyone else’s ending is described as “happy” and “blissful.” I don’t know what the writers were thinking with this ending. It is bound to make NO ONE happy.

And I just have to say that Luke is just as deserving of a happy ending as Katie. He has endured a lot of hardships and trauma himself. I don’t know why he will be the ONLY legacy character not getting a happy ending, but it’s a slap in the face to fans.

And Michael Fairman, I’ve really enjoyed your last two interviews with Van Hansis and ESS. I know you have mentioned interviewing ESS when the show is over, but I truly hope you interview Van Hansis as well, as he is the man who started this all. Without his Luke (which was originally supposed to be a three-month role but lasted almost five years because of Van’s talent and popularity), there would have been no Noah or Reid. I would love to read his thoughts on the show ending.

Luke & Noah the true love forever !
Van Hansis & Jake Silbermann are beautiful and perfect together.

Noah was always first choice of Luke and the love of his life.
The writers did not know who is developing the story the couple most beautiful ,romantic and innovative television.
What we`re seeing now is a bad joke and the worst story in all this time of ATWT.
Imagine, Luke teaching a man of 40 years (doctor) not to be nasty and rude to people.
This is what you fans think we should see Reid ?
We want to continue to see the love and chemistry between to wonderful men who charms us for over tree years and not this crap we`re seeing.

It’s truly human and fascinating to see how different people perceive Luke and Reid’s relationship. I see a good man taming a wild beast, someone who may have not had someone love him for him and not his special skills (ie playing chess as a child like a trained seal until he stood up to his parents).

I’m so happy I see the love story, because, to me, it’s fresh and and charming and equal. A joy to watch. Even though I despise that gay couples are treated differently on TV (regular cable) than straight couples, in this instance it helps to build a story instead of Luke and Reid hopping in bed together very quickly like many straight couples.

You root for your favourites and I’ll root for mine, mourning the losses in the end, which, I have a feeling, will be very meaningful to Luke for the remainder of his life. 🙂

In actuality, ESS is 38 and Van is 29. This is NOT a relationship between a “40” year old and a “22” year old; not even in this soap. ESS looks closer to 32 and Van looks around 26, though that is totally irrelevant in the world of soaps. Look at Henry and Barbara. You’re so enamoured with your NUKE fixation that you can’t see or feel the real chemistry between LuRe and the way the two of them “grew up”, evolved, and matured because of their relationship. CG pulled the rug out from the viewers with his “rationalized” ending that might have been good drama for the actors but was a stomach punch for those who became emotionally involved in this 9-month old storyline. CG’s explanation for LuRe’s ending coupled with his comment that they “could have been a couple for the ages” had the show not been cancelled is hypocritical poppycock. He basically gave his audience a single digit response when it came to ATWT’s ending. Using their own scenario as a template, I came up with a different and positive ending which I posted on other Michael Fairman sites regarding LuRe; and it received very favorable responses. Someone named Selma also came up with an excellent alternate ending replete with dialogue and all. NUKE was a moribund relationship, born during a teenage discovery period. LuRe was a fully adult and mature relationship that neither TPTB, unsophisticated American audiences, and apparently CG could not, in the end, digest. And so it goes!

“Prepare for a tragic, yet heroic, twist to the Luke-Reid romance” Reid dying isn’t tragic story-wise it’s just tragic writing and a HUGE cop out. Letting Luke make a choice probably involved too much thinking and less *whatever it is these writers were on* so they’re just screwing over both “sides” now by killing off Reid and giving Nuke a sort of half arsed ending that no-one really likes. Really it makes sense, instead of pissing off half of the fanbase you just piss them all off, right?

And the whole “Nuke fans were/are rooting for Ruke”-thing bugs me a lot. All CG and soap magazine editors mention is the pro-ruke side. They just forget about/ignore the fans that stayed loyal to Luke and NOAH and want to see them reunited and DO NOT like Luke with Reid.

that said.. is it September 17th yet?

Ok, this? Is purely ridiculous. And disgustingly cowardish. If that guy really thinks they’re so dynamic and all, why not make justice to this and give them a chance? Also, nice to see everybody else finding their “happy endings”.

How could you mess this up so badly?

Ad. ‘That said, Goutman also revealed if the show hadn’t been cancelled Luke and Reid could have been a couple for the ages! ”Their connection was immediate and they are dynamic together. Soon after Reid’s arrival, we had a lot of diehard Luke and Noah fans suddenly rooting for Luke and Reid. It was the best of what soap opera can be.”’

Tears in my eyes, it is too much painful for me to even imagine the end of Reid…..

“a tragic, yet heroic, twist to the Luke-Reid romance” … this just give me another reason to hate the writers and producer of ATWT. A tragedy involving Reid is such a cop out.

And to have Goutman say “if the show hadn’t been cancelled Luke and Reid could have been a couple for the ages! Their connection was immediate and they are dynamic together. Soon after Reid’s arrival, we had a lot of diehard Luke and Noah fans suddenly rooting for Luke and Reid. It was the best of what soap opera can be.” That really upsets me, since it now appears that they are killing Reid off.

The fact that so many of Nuke fans turned into LuRe fans just shows that LuRe is the better couple. Who in their right mind would stay with someone who was always pushing you away during the bad times and only wanting you back when everything was great? The come here/go away over the past three years of Luke and Noah has only made me dislike Noah. And now that the show is ending, if we had to have an ending that was not a LuRe ending, at least if Reid was alive, the LuRe fans, could content ourselves with believing that Luke and Reid would eventually find their way back to each other. To have that taken away from us is unforgivable.

Van Hansis and Eric Sheffer Stevens worked well together and their intimate scenes (the kisses/ the love and desire in their eyes when they look at each other/the romance) were the best I have seen on daytime in a very long time (ie Luke and Laura, and Bo and Hope). I think that the reason why Van and Jake Silberman did not have this great chemistry together is because they are too close as friends and not quite able to completely separate that from their love scenes and Luke and Noah.

good plan. and on top of that, lets have all the straight couples have happy endings. oh, and while we are at it, let’s alienate nuke fans as well by only having luke and noah be together at the end because reid dies. nice. thanks so much for putting lure fans through all this drawn out bullshit to only kill it in the end. no wonder this show got canceled.

I can’t believe that CG would go & give out the biggest, most closely guarded secret that they’ve been trying to keep under guard just so callously like he did.

Does he not care about the show? Does he not care about the fans & what they want? Does he not read the polls & listen to the callers & how many people want Luke to end up with Reid?

Luke & Noah were done years ago, they have no passion & no chemistry. I wouldn’t wish Noah on my worst enemy as a boyfriend. Constantly pushing away someone he claims to love when he doesn’t like what he does & only wants him when he does what Noah wants.

If this is how it’s gonna play out i’m glad the show’s done & i don’t have to watch an institution that’s been on the air for 54 years reduced to this subpar storytelling.

You brought on one of the most talented actors in years to boost the ratings & you did & people enthralled by ESS’s performance & got us interested in a soap that’s been stale for years under Jean P’s writing. He’s raised the bar with all of the scenes he’s been in & you can tell that the other actors who acted opposite him raised their acting ability also & enjoyed acting opposite him.

So THIS is how we are repaid for falling in love with LuRe AND with Reid Oliver??? THIS is what you are doing to your most loyal fans??? Eric and Van made us love LuRe beyond reason. We thought the writers would give us what we all wanted….a LuRe fairytale ending. Noah and Luke already had the friendship conversation at The Java and THAT was believable. To bring these bland boring characters back together in the end at the expense of Reid’s character is the most cruel twist of fate the writers could pull on us!!!! I am begging them to add and ending with Luke waking from a terrible nightmare to the sound of Reid’s voice on the phone to fix this terrible mistake they have made…at least to some degree for ALL the LuRE fans…which is the overwhelming majority of the viewers.

Please open up your eyes, people and see what a big man Dr. Reid Oliver is. Just don’t hurt us, please!

Love Reid forever and hate the writers forever~!

Ditto!! Screw you ATWT writers screw you!! you made us fall in love with LuRe and Reid, you created a HUGE fanbase with this pairing and now our reward is to killing off Reid and give an happy ending to Nuke damn WTF!!!!! i just want to cry, i’m pissed, we don’t deserve this!! Reid is the BEST character on ATWT so far and LuRe forever ♥♥♥ Van and Eric are the BEST

I also find it highly offensive that all of the straight couples on there even the most dysfunctional (lily/holden carjack) get a happily ever after but the ONE gay couple doesn’t. Its just ridiculous on JP and CG part. They really don’t give a crap about the fans.

So all the straight couples get their HEA, but the three gay characters will end the show either a) dead; b) mourning; or c) pining? Way to ruin a great storyline and leave NO ONE happy except those willing to accept a maybe-sorta possible reunion down the road. A reunion that would only happen because Luke’s great love was dead. Yeah, that’s endgame for ya. Seriously, could this show hate its viewers any more?

Ok, let’s kill the current boyfriend of Luke Snyder (for whom he happens to obviously fall deeper and deeper) just to push him by default into the arms of the man who treated him like sh*t so they can make each other miserable ever after. Smooth move.
It’s just so ridiculous, I don’t even comment the “if the show hadn’t been cancelled” part.
I’m sick and tired of tragic gay love stories.

Also, Katie’s boyfriend rescued thanks to the death of her best friend is actually considered as happy ending for her?

I struggle so hard to be civil. So hard. But I. Am. MAD.

er. couple things.

a) die-heard Nukies suddenly rooting for LuRe? No. No die-hard Nukies did. You’re NOT a “die-hard” fan if you suddenly switch over. So maybe you were in it just because they were a gay couple, I don’t know. But being a die-hard fan implies loyalty, and jumping ship for the hot new thing is just shallow, IMO, and not “fan”.

b) you all are misunderstanding the quote. Or, lack thereof. Chris himself just said what’s in the quotations. So that was Fairman’s addition, an assumption based of what Chris said. If the show was to change into Luke and Reid, why even bring Noah back in the first place? The fact that he’s been gone but they’re still bringing him back just to have even an implied reunion with Luke I think is very telling. I do, however, think killing Reid is a big time copout and he would’ve stayed on the show to always be, the say, Molly to Luke and Noah’s Holden and Lily. (the idea that people say that Lilden are actually more LuRe because Dusty was Lily’s first love is ridiculous. Considering her and Dusty weren’t nearly the groundbreaking couple Nuke was, and they didn’t go through nearly as much. The only similarity IS first love, if you can call it “love” on Dusty/Lily’s part.)

c) I’m still confused over the idea that people thing just because this storyline between Luke and Reid, so of course are getting the more hype (though still not as much as Luke and Noah had when they were to the point they are now) – that they are due for the “endgame.” It’s a soap. Of course Luke and Noah are bound to go through a lot, but that doesn’t mean they are less deserving, IMO, but more. I mean, look at Carjack! Jack’s pretty darn sanctimonious and has never ceased to belittle Carly, yet they ARE meant to be. In real life? I don’t think any of these couples would work, but a soap is programmed much differently. So I think because all they have been through, Luke and Noah, they are more deserving. What tribulations have Lure been through that can even match things like the Colonel and kidnapping, shooting, attempted rape, and so on? It’s the trials that make a couple stronger. Heck, Reid was gonna leave as soon as he saw Luke and Noah laughing together so wrongly assumed they were about to leave. Isn’t that leaving when things get tough, the same thing LuRe fans like to use as an excuse for why Noah’s no good for Luke?

Point being, I think the journey is a lot more complete with Luke and Noah. It’s not hollow or default, considering Luke wouldn’t even be with Reid if Noah never turned him down after seeing them kiss, if he had never gone blind due to a serious of unfortunate circumstances. So no matter what happens, Reid’s death and more, Reid is the second choice. End of.

Their story has been a fun one, despite the annoying lack of Noah to make for a real “triangle,” but just that. Nothing they have been through shows me a “deep” relationship that will “endure.” A relationship you can look back on fondly? Sure. But not one where the other half Reid (like Noah) remains a part of the family and will always be a huge part of Luke’s life, together romantically or not.

The bias in this article does sort of bother me, but hey, to each their own. Just happy my boys are endgame and neither dies. 🙂

Oh, my bad! I apologize, I realized that after I had posted. Anyway, thanks for reply and I’m sorry if I came off bad. But I do think we all are doing our own injecting, definitely. Like my comment on how I think bringing Noah back is reason enough to believe that Nuke are meant to be together. I definitely don’t have any factual proof to that, but just on what has been said.

Despite my own problems with the storyline regarding the lack of Noah and (again, in my opinion) lack of respect towards the Nuke couple and fanbase, I do find it incredible that they can even have a gay triangle on a soap right now, even if it is rather tame compared to any heterosexual couples. Definitely a step, although my heart will always belong to Nuke.

Cannot wait for the interview!

Michael will interview you my beloved Jake Silbermann ?
I so love Nuke (Luke & Noah).

Dear Michael,

Thank you for the clarification and for the insight into how you are reporting this story. I am (for now) choosing to stick my head in the sand and to ride it out. I feel like CG/ML ruined pretty much all the storylines for me with this interview, given the way the his responses are phrased – I’m not sure I can understand WTH his motivations for saying all this are.

However, as a LuRe optimist, I NEED to point this out: while he talks about how other couples WILL or WILL NOT be married, or how they MADE THE DECISION on the ending, LuRe is the only couple in your excerpt that is described wishy washy language.

Between the term “rapprochement” (which Google define search describes as ‘reconciliation: the reestablishing of cordial relations’ – hardly the passion we’ve seen with LuRe) and word “potential”, which makes it the ONLY qualified spoiler, I have to wonder if this is indeed a tease.

“Their relationship will endure”? What relationship? Nuke have been on the rocks for MONTHS (since way before Reid arrived in January .Why not say “Luke and Noah will end up together.” Or “Luke chooses Noah.” Or “Luke realizes his heart will always belong to Noah.” Especially given how rabid the two fanbases are – if CG wanted to spoil all the endings, why not just come out and say it?

Call me not quite (willing to be) convinced. Yet. And no, Nukies – don’t call me names and tell me I’m in denial. I will acknowledge denial – but I will also claim to be rational.


Michael- When will irt be posted? btw loved your interview with ES, it was one of the best that I’ve seen with him…

I am sorry but i am having a issue with you telling someone that can’t be a die hard fan of NUKE because they like LURE. A person could have definitely been a die hard fan of NUKE but became frustrated and bored with the stories that the writers were giving the couple. Good for you that you stayed but other people just didn’t want to continue to see such bad writing. You can’t tell a person that they have no loyalty because of that. I really don’t like when people get judged like that. Its about story arc. When a s/l gets stale people lose interest sorry but that’s what happened to Nuke. People lose interest in things all the time even if its something the they fervently enjoyed. I also disagree with you saying that LURE was the hot new thing CG stated in the interview that had that show not been canceled Reid and Luke would be a couple for the ages so no they were not the some little fling. Reid was brought on to be a long term love interest for Luke. But your right you have the endgame you want Reid dies and grief stricken Luke goes skulking back to Noah. congrats.

Yeah, sorry, comparing the logic to Palin is like the comment one Lurid made calling Nukies like Hitler. It’s a backless comment trying to corner one into not being able to debate back, and it holds no logic. Isn’t a fan, by defintion, one who loves whatever they’re a fan of? So while you may have been a fan, I think saying “diehard” cannot be applied to ship jumpers. It just can’t. I’m sorry if you find this insulting, but the fact is obviously that love of a pair was not strong enough to endure some new point. You like LuRe, awesome, but that definitely doesn’t mean you were a diehard fan. Fan, that’s one thing. Dieheard is another.

But about the stale thing, can I ask you something? What in the LuRe storyline has made you believe that they would be any different than Nuke? Most “ship jumpers” that I have talked to liked Nuke “in the beginning.” But okay, isn’t what we’re seeing between Luke and Reid the beginning? I’m afraid I won’t ever believe in the loyalty of these fans considering we’ll never see half the amount of time devoted to Luke and Reid as we had Luke and Noah. And to this point Luke is still talking about Noah, and in the end, even if implied- is reunited with him. That isn’t fanwank, that IS something quoted in the above article.

And CG actually did NOT say they would be the couple of ages. Things he did say are in quotation marks, and that is not. And if you read all of my above post, you would see I stated that THAT was the misinterpetation. Journalists will add their own voice to an article to make it more interesting, they will make their own comments based of what was said to make it seem like what one said, even if it isn’t direct. So although CG just said that they had an instant dynamic, never did he say they would be the ones to last.

I’m also confused on why people think this when after Noah’s long absence, they would bring him back JUST to put him and Luke back together. Why change the entire endgame pairing just because the show was cancelled? Not to mention why kill one half of the CURRENt pairing just to reunite the last? Honestly, and not that I blame the fans for doing so, I thin it’s just a way to deal with the loss of Reid and their OTP. Nothing wrong with it, it’s what fans do.

But to sum this up, how is ship jumping loyalty? Wouldn’t that be like me turning my back on a friend for someone else? Where’s my loyalty in that? It’s perfectly fine to switch your preferred pairing, it happens…but I think you lose your “diehard” status.

I’m sorry, but you said a lot of things that don’t make any sense. How is a relationship with Reid hollow? If you’ve been watching the show at all the past few months, it’s obvious that the love that Luke and Reid have has been painted as just that–love. I don’t disagree with your pairing, but it’s not really right to make it seem like the relationship between Luke and Reid is less. It’s just different. And if that relationship has forced both Luke and Noah to grow up, aren’t they the better for it? I don’t know anyone who would really want Luke and Noah to go back to the way they were before, because it was such a constantly dysfunctional relationship. Noah constantly had stupid reactions that negatively impacted their relationship, Luke couldn’t get over his own issues, Noah blamed Luke for his blindness, Luke was clingy… and now, while it is a shame Noah has been off screen for so long, he’s a functional, single gay man, and Luke is happily paired with someone who doesn’t put up with his bullshit. Even today, Luke has been trying to reshape Reid into a human being and Reid went around and did things his own way, which was not what Luke had wanted, but the lesson was that their relationship can’t be about changing each other. I’m sure that when Noah comes up between Luke and Reid tomorrow, Reid will have to realize the same thing.

Also, I resent that you think Nuke are more deserving of a happy ending than LuRe. Just because it existed longer doesn’t mean that it’s better. They’re two different pairings with equally weights. Implying that Reid is Luke’s second choice right is just not true, and how is their relationship hollow? I understand any anger you must be feeling from how Luke and Noah will be shafted with only a potential reunion in the end, but don’t discredit Luke’s other relationships as though they carry less weight. For everytime Holden has been with Molly, or Lily with Damian, they’ve learned things about themselves and each other that make them stronger. Luke with Reid is not any different–it’s made Luke a better person, and I’m sorry if you can’t understand that.

Hmmm, I apologize, but I don’t think I said that. If I did, I meant I find it shallow. I was saying I don’t think the NUKE ending is hollow, not that the relationship between Luke and Reid are.

I also disagree that it’s a love story, but I don’t think any amount of date we do can change either of our minds.

I also have to disagree with you sentiment that the relationship isn’t about change, because that’s all I’ve seen. Look, I’d appreciate if you’d be more respectful to my post, but I’ll try to respond even though we’re on completel opposing sides. I’m not trying to belittle Luke and Reid’s relationship, I just don’t see how it’s deep. At all. I think it’s a good relationship for the both of them to learn a little, to explore something else, but that’s it. My main problem is that Luke’s such a family guy, and Reid isn’t. Now the main argument I get in response is that Reid is changing for Luke, but doesn’t that contradict your point that it isn’t about that?

And Noah hasn’t put up with Luke’s BS either, which I find interesting people use as an argument in favor of Reid, but against Noah. Noah was the one to try and stop Luke from cheating in the election because he knew Luke was better than that. But Luke did anyway. I know people accuse Noah of breaking up with Luke at that point, but it was Luke who threw Noah out of Lily’s, not the other way around. Noah also tried to ration with Luke during that rather silly murder mystery, but still stood by his side. It’s funny how when people try to point Noah’s faults, it’s the blindness that takes the forefront, so I have a comparison………Luke’s being paralyzed. Did he not push Noah away as well? Luke and Noah have a very push and pull relationship, but I find that’s the ingredients to a very standard soap supercouple, a status they held the first year in their relationship by Entertainemnt Weekly. (a magazine mainstream, one I haven’t seen Luke and Reid in…which I’m sorry, can’t use the time as an excuse with, they had been together about the same amount of time at that point.)

It’s not just the time I think Luke and Noah deserve the endgame for, but what they’ve gone through and what the fans have. Would you say the hen who grew the wheat for her bread to give it to the cat who hadn’t helped at all? We’e poured everything into this couple and have been campaigning and fighting nonstop since they’ve began years ago. I apologize that you think otherwise, I do, but I think that in itself is worthy of some sort of reward. Heck, it’s the reason Reid can even be on at all, and kiss Luke and so on. Yet all we get is resentment for wanting our couple to be together after everything.

You tell me it’s unfair to resent Luke’s relationship with Reid, but I find I’m giving it more credit than you are to Noah, who’s been a big part of Luke’s life for such a long time, who Luke fully admits to loving and says will always be a part of his life.

And saying that, “(I) can’t understand that,” is rather rude, and not really making an argument to debate but pushing one view and saying it as fact. When really, this whole storyline is just full of opinions on what we see on our screen. Making Luke a better person? I don’t see that. He’s the same to me. Upset when he thouht Reid didn’t give up his job for him, clingy still, and trying to change Reid into what he thinks he should be….. Yeah. Still the same old Luke to me.

I gree with you Tanya.
Luke & Noah are more deserving to stay together.

a) I’m not going to get into yet another argument about what constitutes being a ‘fan’ and who deserves that label over another. It’s vaguely reminiscent of Sarah Palin and her definition of “real Americans”. It’s tired and it excludes a certain group of people just because they dared to *gasp* change their minds and like something else. That argument is so reductive and simplistic, imo.
b) What quote is being misinterpreted. What I find more telling is the fact that this is supposed to be a triangle yet Noah has been MIA for 7 weeks and about 2 or 3 weeks before that. I don’t know if the show initially planned on this being a triangle but I think Nuke and lure fans alike can agree that that is not how it is playing out on the screen. The occasional mention of his name to throw Nuke fans a bone is certainly doesn’t help in disproving this point. If I were a nuke fan I’d be spitting mad about this.
c) I can’t speak for others but my reason for wanting lure together has nothing to do with any hype or YouTube hits or ‘groundbreaking status’. No. My reason for wanting them together is because to me, they make more sense than nuke and that is my opinion. You can have yours. I don’t care that Nuke went through attempted rape and paralysis; it still doesn’t change the fact that their relationship was crappy and not nearly as believable to me as other relationships (Yes! Even in the cray cray soap world). I feel like tptb never really knew what to do with Nuke after Noah’s coming out story and the whole thing stagnated from then onwards with ridiculous plot lines of arranged marriages, murderous incestuous attempted rapist etc. And I know that in soaps, the more you suffer and treat each other like you wouldn’t even treat your mortal enemy, the more you belong together. But I call BS on that trope. And that is why Reid’s character was refreshing to me (but I guess you don’t want to hear about that 🙂 )
Do people really think that if Noah had taken Luke back after seeing him kiss Reid, everything would have been kittens and rainbows? Luke trying to get back with Noah was the act of a desperate man trying to hold on to his past in the face of uncertainty. Noah knew this, Reid knew this and, Luke knew this. This is why Noah turned Luke down by saying he wasn’t going to be Luke’s ‘Safe Choice’.
And what if Noah hadn’t been blinded? What if they got dealt some other tragic blow? Don’t you think he would have still reacted the same way i.e. by pushing Luke away? Life always deals us unfortunate circumstances, and it’s how we react to them and those that love us that make the difference.

I have written quite the response but I was feeling rather wordy so I hope you’ll forgive me.

At the end of the day though nuke AND lure fans that they were screwed by CG and JP because tbh, there are no winners here.

PS: I won’t even touch the bias accusation of MF explicitly stated in your statement. I doubt majority of Nuke fans have met a soap mag editor/writer/journalist/blogger that they have not accused of being biased. So that’s just par for the course these days.

I responded partially to you in an above comment. But the passive agressive nature of this post and avoidance of my point doesn’t quite make me want to respond. I will just say that a bias means the voice of the journalist’s preferred pairing overrules and stands out in a certain article. It is very hard to find any unbiased article nowadays unless you’re reading a scientific research paper, so I’ll leave it at that. (however, I do find it funny that people get upset when we call bias when they try to discredit actors such as Jon Hensley, Jake, one time Eric and even Van himself for saying they want a Nuke ending. It goes both ways.)

Well seeing as you didn’t respond to anything I said, I at least appreciate your response saying you don’t want to respond.

I mean that with absolutely no sarcasm or passive-aggressiveness (nor was I being passive-aggressive in my previous post, for the record).

What you’re suggesting about Luke and Reid is unforgivable. Giving gay characters a tragic ending went out with pulp fiction novels of the 50s. Why is that the straight characters get what they want while the gay characters must endure grief and uncertainty? I won’t be watching the rest of the episodes.

ATWT had such an oppurtunity to show a real gay couple, and they blew it. Noah had such angsty potential with psycho-dad, and they threw it away. Even Van doesn’t like that Luke has no direction in his life. He spends his time coaching Reid and meddling in everyone else’s life. Luke/Reid fans, make no mistake: the producers would have blown this, too, whether the show was cancelled or not.

We curse the writers, but Nuke fans have learned of scenes that were written much more realistically than what we ever got to see. So curse whoever was too damned chicken to show a real loving couple who happened to be gay.

Oh, well. There’s always fan fic.

ATWT had the GOLDEN COUPLE in NUKE…the surprise hit of the show…the pair viewers tuned into see…the pair CBS wanted to see featured more — individually and together. CG and the writers and P&G apparently couldn’t deal with NUKE’s winning combination and potential. CG talked about having “a lot of diehard Luke and Noah fans suddenly rooting for Luke and Reid.” I suggest CG check his stats again because “a lot (more) Nuke fans … never climbed aboard that wagon. It’s a shame…CG and company failed to HEAR them or other interested parties. . .a damn shame.

I stopped watching the show when Luke got involved with Noah. He was, sadly, unwatchable.

Uh, in what universe were they the golden couple? Certainly not this one!

(Believe me, a lot of Nuke fans jumped. Present and accounted for!)

I loved Luke and Noah at first, but the minute Reid appeared on the scene as a love interest, I jumped ship, too. The writers had already turned Noah into a whining, too-angsty character who couldn’t decide what he wanted. That was a disservice to the character and to the actor who played him. When I started to dread seeing Noah, then the whole relationship was over for me.

Just because some fans jumped doesn’t mean LuRe are more of a powerful couple. I think the fact that there’s still a strong support for Nuke fans shows even more. Let’s not forget that Nuke were just as popular, if not more, than LuRe is now at their peak of newness, as LuRe is. Time was what had fans jump, and so we will never get that time for Luke/Reid, I don’t think anything people say will convince me that they wouldn’t suffer the same fate.

Van heard them, sj. And he has said so in more than one interview.

Once the source of this so-called expose had given it to to TVGuide, it became public domain. So all of us fans will love it or hate it. But, what if this ends up being just a teaser to attract an audience.I’m highly suspicious. No matter what the end game is, we will never be happy fans. I’m just sorry that another soap is biting the dust. It could just be inevitable. Pleas let it stop there.I am invested in many characters on many soaps, not only because of the story, but because they are just fabulous actors. They draw you in. And where can they go …to soap heaven? Pleeease!…

Why should Reid end up with Luke? That doesn’t make sense. A nuke endgame is inevitable. LuRe has only been on for a few months, while Nuke 3 years. A REAL “supercouple” has to go through a lot of obstacles, like what Luke and Noah have gone through in the past such as kidnapping, rape, etc. Reid is such a completely new character, that’s why he has no flaws. If he were given more time, you’d eventually see that there is something wrong with him too. Already we can tell that he is in fact a jealous person; hates it when Luke talks about Noah, etc. Jealousy = controlling = abusive relationship.

Also, NO real “die hard Nuke fan” could possibly just abandon Noah when the new guy comes along. A real Nuke fan is LOYAL and smart.

Thank you.

“A real Nuke fan is LOYAL and smart.”

I never know what to make of comments like these. A real Nuke fan is smart? As opposed to the non-Nuke fans who are not smart? You do realize you are insulting the intelligence of real people you’ve never met for liking a different fictional character than you, right? Sheesh.

And I won’t even get into your other justifications for Nuke to stay together…because really what is the point?

We loyal fans never abandoned Noah.
We love Noah more and more forever.

What does loyalty have to do with it? Of course you love Noah more, you’re a Noah fan. Just because some Nuke fans became Reid fans doesn’t make them less.

Yes, this! I know fans hate having their loyalty questioned, but where is loyalty in jumping ship? It just isn’t. Also, thank you for the point that of course he has no flaws after a few months, because yes! I tend to think about Reid and new characters like a president’s honeymoon period. Basically meaning for the first half a year to a year after he’s in office, approval rating is high and people are more willing for leeway and faults or lack thereof because it is so new.

Like Reid and the LuRe couple. Nuke had a lot more fans than LuRe does now in the beginning, I mean heck, their first kiss had A MILLION views in the first weekend alone. But, as is the fate of a long lasting couple, fans did become bored and stopped watching. The loyal fans, diehard fans, stuck through. But it took YEARS. we will never even see a year with Lure, so I don’t see how they’d be any different. Another huge reason, along with the fact that we are seeing a L/N endgame, for my belief that LuRe wouldn’t replace Nuke. Not to mention that the “couple of ages” was a remark from the journalist, NOT CG himself.

Some of the reasons you stated on why NUKE should be endgame can be easily be explained. (Let me use my Palin logic to to answer. Which I assume you were using as an insult to me. That was nasty and rude.)

First the MILLIONS of hits that the first nuke kiss had nothing to do with fan support and more to do being the first gay kiss on US daytime. The same thing goes for the EW cover. They were only gay couple on daytime in the US so yeah they were getting attention. The only reason that LURE isn’t is because the mainstream media has the attention span of child. They see something shiny and new they publicize it and move on. And also by now other gay couples started showing up in daytime and more in night time dramas. Not much but enough that mainstream media no longer cares. Also I think your leaving out the fact that a lot of people left the ATWT due to the NUKE s/l bad being and a lot of people didn’t come back even with Reid coming into the mix. We don’t how many people left ATWT because of the NUKE s/l but a lot did leave and never came back. That makes for a smaller fan base. I have friends who watched only because NUKE was on there and when they left because of the boring s/l they just didn’t want to come back again. You can’t really use that to compare NUKE vs. LURE fan bases as way to prove how popular NUKE is.

Also to think you should have NUKE endgame because you and other fans of NUKE s/l should be rewarded for sticking around longer doesn’t really make sense. Their are LURE fans that campaigned just has hard in the months that LURE was on screen then NUKIES did for years. Longevity means nothing in case. If ATWT was still on air they would be campainging just as hard. To go my your logic shouldn’t they be rewarded or do you think because you have been at it for years that makes your more deserving?

And maybe you right maybe the LURE s/l could have become stale like the NUKE one did but we will never know that because the show is canceled. So thinking that LURE would not have replaced NUKE is not really not based on any evidence. Maybe that’s what you want believe but their is no evidence to that fact. We will never know how this s/l would have evolved and that’s the real sad fact.

I always find it interesting that Nukies are convinced that if ATWT hadn’t been cancelled that LuRe would’ve gone to hell and become stagnant like the Nuke relationship. I think the major reason Nuke faltered is because ATWT cares about Luke because he’s legacy but could care less about Noah. They never invested any time into his character and never cared to show his views on anything(They never even put Jake on contract, one half of their iconic couple!). Consequently, some fans came to care less about Noah and more about Luke in the relationship. So it was easy for many to jump ship and go to the LuRe side. As I see the story unfold, I get to see Luke’s side and also Reid’s side when it comes to the relationship.
I’m sorry if it annoys Noah fans that ATWT became more invested in exploring Reid more than they ever did with Noah, but that’s really no reason to trash the LuRe fandom with unnecessary name-calling.
I think of those that jumped out of the Nuke ship as those who got out of an abusive relationship. They put up with the crappy writing and the crappy storylines because they had no choice and had no other options that they could see. Some were courageous enough to walk away from ATWT all together. But some couldn’t(out of misplaced loyalty) until they saw that there was another option like LuRe that they could root for.
I feel like that’s what I went through. I put up with crappy stuff because there was no other viable option for my beloved Luke. But as soon as I saw Reid, I gravitated toward the character and it made me think that Luke had options now.
I’m sorry if any of this comes out as insulting. It’s really not meant to be. I’m just stating my view. I have the utmost respect for most people in both fandoms(just not the extremists). Nuke is iconic in what they did for daytime, but that doesn’t mean they get a happy ending handed to them. And it seems like they’re not, so in the end ATWT and CG just sucks because they can’t get the endgame story right for their “iconic couple”!!!

It’s inevitable? Why? Noah hasn’t been on screen for over two months, and when he was with Luke their relationship was very toxic. Why would any fan of Luke’s want him to go back to the way that Noah treated him. Both characters needed to grow up, and deal with their issues. It doesn’t seem like the writers have any intention of addressing all of the couples problems, or even writing a storyline for them, so why is their reunion inevitable? Based on the article, it sounds like they don’t even reunite at the end, but I’m sure that won’t be a problem for some.

what kind of producer would end the show in 51/2 weeks after all this show have been on air for 54 years and yet haven’t gave a good reason to cancel viewer included my self have watch ATWT everyday to understand what will happen the next day makes it interested.

IF Reid dies, Luke is left unhappy and Noah’s LA career plan is stifled, I would hope that the soap press would go after CG, JP, CBS and P&G for the backwards ending given to it’s gay characters.

It would seem that every hetero character has a happily ever after EXCEPT it’s core gay character and his two partners. It boggles the mind that tptb would think it was a great idea to rain tragedy on it’s gay characters as if we were back in a time when gay characters were all expected to die and suffer for their gayness.

It’s an insult to soaps LGBT fanbase and the fans of the characters but maybe I expected too much from those who’ve been directly responsible for killing off the genre.

As a long term Luke fan and a lesbian I feel devastated. Apparently the gay viewership means nothing to these people. I only regret getting suckered into this five years ago.

As a lesbian, I also feel devastated. I thought I’d gotten use to tragic endings for gays, but apparently not. Yet another one to add to the list. What a fucking joke.

As a lesbian, I also feel devastated by this. We get tragedy for the gay characters, but happiness for the straight ones. How could tptb possibly think that this could acceptable to the GLBT community, or fans of Van, Jake and Eric?

Luke & Noah is the true love and have to finish the show together and happy.
Nuke deserves happines because it went through many obstacles to be together.
For me Reid was alive and would return to Dallas.
Luke finally understand that Noah is her soulmate and the love of his life as he always said.
For me this would be the perfect ending.
Luke & Noah will always be the super couple of ATWT.

seriously, i dont buy you believe what your saying!

I am beyond disgusted by ATWT’s decision to kill off Reid Oliver and return Luke to the dysfunctional, asexual relationship with his “brother,” Noah. Reid brought LIFE to ATWT. In the midst of horrendous writing and acting that had gone stale, he brought an incredible electricity. WIth him as a scene partner, Van Hansis raised his game. Any message here–to kill off the most unapologetic gay character on daytime? They reunite Noah and Luke to placate a diminishing but vocal fan base by killing off their best creation, someone who has brought new viewers to a dying show. So every straight character deserves a happy ending–including Katy the show’s “sweetheart”–but not the gay legacy character and his brilliant lover? I will boycott any show in which Goutman and his writing team is involved, and P & G’s products. Non-homophobes, too, can exert pressure on this kind of crap.

We certainly can. I’m going to see where Goutman goes next, just so I can avoid him.

well he’s managed to be at the helm of two axed soaps…Another World and now ATWT….when they met their demise…Wonder who’s next?

Maybe the idiotic CG can work on OLTL, they already got rid of their gay couple so his job will be half-way done!

Thanks Michael for the news. Yes, many Nuke fans knew about this “rumour” already. I didn’t want to believe it at first, because it was just too ludicrous from jump street. Kill off a character that was given such screentime and devotion in contrast to the other characters (like Noah) have needed some devotion and story to make up for their neglect of them? Too idiotic. However, this is ATWT, history of running new characters into the ground at the expense of established characters. So, no… it’s par for the course.

I so wanted MORE Noah/Nuke in these last days. If TPTB actually thought that were the supercouple here, and the actor involved have said that Reid was just a bump in the road, why not give us a definite ending for Nuke? I love Nuke and never succumbed to the hype of Reid , hatred of Noah and I understood TPTB was trying to write an “arc” for Nuke (and I didn’t give up the ship because of how they were written) I still saw the love, wanting and chemistry behind the roadblocks, censorship, contrived breakups and lazy writing.

I hope the person you plan on interviewing is Jake Suilbermann. TPTB have ALWAYS nelgected his story/POV and the soap press has also in this “fake triangle”. If it’s him, thanks for that. I hope Jake can shine some light on how/why his character was treated like a pariah. Maybe he does or doesn’t know. I just want some HONEST questions and hopefully some honest answers regarding Noah Mayer.

Even though I knew this was coming, having it confirmed makes me sick. Why is the gay character the only one not to get a happy ending? Katie is more deserving than Luke? So, so insulting.

What an awful ending. No romance for the Noah fans, and pure misery for the Reid fans.

The worst thing is that I have to watch it all because Van and Eric have me hooked. Bah!

Definitely. I would really like to stop watching, but I know I can’t. Eric, especially, has hooked me completely. I’m just bitter that I started watching this show a few months specifically because everyone was raving about Reid, and then this death thing happens. It’s such a disgusting end to such a wonderful, unapologetic character.

However, I now think we’ll get either an i love you, or a sex scene before the death. Gotta got the fans fully invested in the Luke/Reid pairing for maximum impact.

So, everybody will get a happy ending, except the gay characters. How 1950’s of Goutman and Passanante. It wouldn’t have taken too much creativity or courage to put Luke into a happy and healthy relationship, or tell the story of a real same sex triangle. But, it’s not surprising that Goutman and company chickened out, or that they would take the melodramatic way out. They’ve always been in the business of trying to pander to both the bigots and viewers who have been loyal to the show, even though those in charge haven’t done anything to warrent that loyalty.

This is a joke. I used to be nuke fan but i stopped watching at z S/L then out of boredom i watched it again and boom here comes Mr. Hot Doctor himself i got hooked. Now they kill him off coz katie has to have a happy ending, Jeez even Lucinda herself gets back her man i mean what was so hard to give the lure fans atleast a happy ending. CG ruined everything and above all he tells the whole world even before the show ends whats up with that? feel very bad for those who are gay cos it seems its only that s/l which does not get a happy ending. Am just so disappointed with the show and also ESS for promising lure fans they gonna like the end. i think he should have just skipped that question and wait for us fans to judge for ourselves. gosh i can rant the whole day.

This isn’t specifically directed at you, tess, but I keep seeing comments about how ESS “promised LuRe fans they’d like the ending.” Now, I’ve read or listened to pretty much all of his interviews, and this one in particular seems to be referring to the blogtalk radio one. I distinctly remember him saying that he can’t speak for other people, but that HE personally liked it. People, please let’s not turn the actor into a lying, insensitive monster because he has different criteria for what he wanted out of the role. I have a feeling that there will be a great deal of scenes I will like, even if I don’t approve of the ultimate ending. Just remember, ESS (or VH or JS) are not to blame for the crappy choices the writers and producers make. Their job is simply to act and, when necessary, sell the product as best they can.

I don’t think eric sheffer stevens is lying or insensitive I just thought he’d said something about fans liking the ending and, that he was happy with it. When I read that Dr.Oliver really is supposed to die,I’m not happy and, I couldn’t understand an actor being happy to be killed off that’s all.

I can easily understand it. None of these characters are coming back, so why not go out with a meaty death scene, instead of just fading away or dealing with some of the other disgraceful endings several fan favorites have already been given. I don’t know of a single actor that wouldn’t want a story arc with lots of growth followed by an emotional deathbed scene (I hope we at least get that!). As fans, we don’t want Reid to die, but from an acting perspective, you can’t beat that kind of emotional impact on the audience. Or impact on Luke – this is the ultimate LuRe endgame, in a way, because I can’t ever see Luke forgetting someone who he loved and lost in this way.

Thank you for stating this. It really needed to be said…

well i never meant to say ESS lied or something but it was just too hard to take in the news at that moment. Now its all sank in and since there is nothing anyone can do about it i think we just have to enjoy the last great moment Lure has for us. I wish Eric and Van all the best.

Dear Mr. Fairman: By now you are aware of how devastating the CG article has been to Lure fans. We are trying to stay positive and are so mystified as to why someone would reveal so many details with a month of show to go. It was a real slap in the face to the viewers and shows how little the PTB at ATWT care about the fans.

We are hoping you can shed further clarification on some of the points discussed in the TV guide article when you have the opportunity to interview another actor from ATWT. I know you feel our pain and will try to help us get through the next few weeks. Many thanks.

can’t wait to see what happens with dusty and janet i love them together

Thanks Michael for the news. I am glad you put CG’s interview on your website. One wonders why CG did spoil it for the fans by giving away the end of the s/ls 6 weeks before the last epsiode will air. But then what comes around, goes around. On the other hand the producers of ATWT created Dr.Reid Oliver and they found Eric Sheffer Stevens to portray him. What a great choice!!!!! ESS is such a pleasure to watch. I enjoy and love every minute of Reid Oliver and will do so until the end. It is so much fun to see Van and Eric enjoying their scenes together. Therefore, I would have loved a happy end for LuRe. But I also understand why ESS likes the end of the LuRe storyline. Reid’s vocation is being a doctor. Although he is in love with Luke and begins to enjoy the emotional side of life the well being of his patients always comes first. So if Reid really dies and his death will save other people’s lives then this is kind of a happy ending for that character. And this tragic loss might help Luke to go and find his place in life.

Bravo to your take on the Reid character and his fitting end. I love LuRe, too, but Reid’s first love, nay, his “calling” is to save lives. And if this his tragic but heroic end is the result of him continuing to answer his calling then I’m quite happy as Reid fan, and I can’t wait to see what ESS does with the material.

Thank you Chris Goutman for proving Ellen Wheeler isnt the only person capable of DESTROYING a long running soap.

While I am thrilled that Carly and Jack get a happy ending I am very confused as to why Henry and Barbara get the same over Luke?

A love the Henry/Barbara romance but I think them getting hitched so quickly is ridiculous!

Thanks Goutman, you hack.

I’m so angry at the way that ATWT hack writers are ending a great love story and a great soap character… Reid Oliver….ESS and Van brought chemistry and dare I say heart to these characters…I like others can’t understand why LuRe can’t have the happy ending that the heterosexual characters on the show are allowed to have. I was a big supporter of the Luke/Noah relationship, but I even realized that thir relationship turned more into friendship if anything….This reminds me of the mmovies of the not so distant past where the gay character wern’t allowed to have happiness, only a future of being alone or disease! CG is an uncaring piece of crap!

This ending is the most devastating possible for ALL Luke fans…Whether you like Jake or not, NO ONE can deny the LuRe chemistry was “off the charts”. These guys connected in a way that is oh so rare and impossible to explain…Every scene they are in holds the viewers mesmerized. They scream “soulmates”. Luke and Noah ONLY appeal as friends and they had settled on that (last conversation at Java). THAT was believable. WE have waited..and waited…and waited for LuRe to be together. Now, THIS is what we have to look forwart t

I realize that this story’s ending was probably plotted out a yr. ago, before Eric was hired as Reid and the dynamics between Luke and Reid were realized. But, the chemistry between these actors and the way they have Lured practically ALL the viewers over to their side, should have dictated the end of the story be LuRe. Even Goutman admitted THIS was the couple of all ages. So, why do WE have to suffer (twice) because our soap is cancelled? Does THIS excuse him to write a death for Beloved Reid and a forced reunion between Luke and NO ah?? NOT FAIR…I hope I wake up and this is all a nightmare….

I agree with you completely, the writers especially CG have complete disregard for the fan of LuRe and to amke the idiotic statement that CG made about LuRe staying together had the show not been cancel because of their chemistry is a complete slap in the face…I don’t know what drugs CG ingested before he did the interview with TV Guide but he’s completely dillusional.

The love and chemistry has always existed and will exist between Luke & Noah.
The writers realized that ,only it did rigth ,because Reid should go back to Dallas and NUKE were they never should have left the arms of one another,because they always belonged.

Mr Goutman…round of bitter applause to give away the finale like it were pure crap!!! & last but not least, thank-you very much for the worse treatment in history of a soap-couple for LuRe (but in our hearts they’ve already won by far their game, they’ve been the real stars of the show & you didn’t appreciate that…Another reason more for the right cancellation!!)

Oh well, we’ve been royally screwed off, but like they say “what goes around comes around!” :-((


Why in the world would Chris Goutman do this to us. My daughter is the fourth generation in my family to watch ATWT. I watched Luke & Noah for a while, but the way Noah constantly treated Luke turned me away. Lo and behold that very day Jan. 19 , I tuned in and saw ESS having a phone conversation with Luke. I had never seen a soap charater come across on screen like that. I was hooked right then and there and have been faithfully watching ever sence. I have relatives who are gay and they all say that the relationship between Luke & Reid is definitely believable. For me personally, I have never been so into a gay storyline like I am with LuRe. Eric and Van have chemistry like I have never seen before. They are so good on screen together that I just think of them as a beatiful couple who happen to be gay. I really hate that the show had to end, but letting Reid die is a cop-out and as far as I’m concerned if you think the death of a major character like Reid gives the other side a win, that’s just ludicrous. That’s not a win at all. Sure Luke & Noah may have been the start of a teenage romance, but as far as them being together because they were first loves, I can’t see it. Hell, the man I married is not my first love but he is definitely my true love. Luke & Reid would have stood the test of time because it was more true to life. That’s my opinion. I truly hope that ESS has bigger and birghter things ahead in his future because I will be watching to see what happens. For me and many other fans he is the SPARK that got me to start watching ATWT again. Michael lastly I would like to say that your interview with Eric is the best one that I have seen to date. Bless You! (^_^)

i don’t understand why or where this the fans “deserve” for certain couples to be together when the show goes off comes from. Lure fans won’t like an ending where luke and reid aren’t going to end up being together. John Dixon isn’t going to end up being cheif of staff is he? I was loookig forward to watching the future of memorial with chris hughes and reid oliver being like a younger bob hughes and john dixon. Why do we have to lose the doctor as well as the show? Eric is happy with his character being killed off? I didn’t know actors liked having their characters killed off.
I just have to remind myself when I think about all the great stuff we could have to watch no one in the industry wanted a readymade audience of over 2 million people,(more with improved writing) NBC has only one soap left why couldn’t they take away one of the 4 hours of the Today show and then pick up ATWT.?

I think any resolution to the Luke/Noah/Reid love triangle was always going to be a tough call to make.

The final scenes were filmed in June, right? Which means that the decision on how to wrap it all up had to have been made (at the latest) sometime in April/May. The first kiss between Luke and Reid had only just aired at the end of April.

Having invested in the Luke/Noah story for three years, and NOT having a crystal ball that would allow them to see how popular the Luke/Reid pairing would eventually become, i can understand why the safer option of a Luke/Noah sort-of reunion was chosen.

I don’t understand the mentality that went in this type of ending. They managed to have other characters like Molly, simply choose to break up with Holden because she realized he didn’t love her enough. Why the tragic outcome for Reid? If the whole point was to have Luke & Noah grow up (which seems like a stupid waste for a great character like Reid), then have Luke really grow up and make decisions. Don’t have him going to the fall back guy because the other one is dead. And I’m no Noah fan, but if he was going to be the choice in the end, could you have him onscreen once in a while? Give somebody a reason to root for him, show him being sad over the break up or just plain show him. I don’t blame the Nuke fans for being upset over that. Sometimes I just feel like the show didn’t want to have 3 gay characters on at the same time. This is not a show known for diversity.

I’m still angry over the unnecessary killing of a great character like Reid especially if it’s so a douchebag like Chris can live. What a message–The gay man gives up his heart so the straight couple can get everything they want.

Why does Reid have to die? Why can’t Reid and Luke have happily ever after? Noah is so self-centred and has treated Luke like dirt for a long time. Reid is loving and honest and has never sought to change Luke. Initially Reid tried to push Luke away to try to save his own heart. I am so sad.

So… long (crappy) story short, nobody wins.
Reid dies, so obviously there’s no LuRe endgame.
Nuke gets… what is it….? A glimmer of hope for future reunion? I predict it will be rushed and sloppy and poorly written.
I’m not really a LuRe fan or a Nuke fan. I’m a Luke fan. I didn’t really care who Luke ended up with, as long as he would end up happy…and apparently that isn’t even going to happen. Did we, the Nuke, LuRe, Reid, Noah, and Luke fans do something to mortally offend the writers? Why do they hate us so goddamn much?
I guess I’m a LITTLE more of a Nuke fan, but I would be lying if I said I hadn’t enjoyed watching the LuRe storyline.
I LOVE Reid, and I think killing him off is a really stupid decision. Reid is a fascinating character, and, from what I’ve read, he brought back a lot of the audience that was getting bored with ATWT.
But the writers don’t care about any of that, so they’re gonna off him. That means Luke is just going to default to Noah? I don’t think anyone wants to see that. Noah was written into a hole over the past…year or so, and a month isn’t nearly enough time to fix all of the issues he has.
I think both pairings, VH & JS and VH & ESS, have a lot of chemistry, and I’m honestly really, really upset about the ending of this show.
Another thing…in what universe is it a good idea for the executive producer to spoil the end of a show a month before it goes off the air? I mean, I almost don’t want to watch the last month of ATWT now!
And I think it’s just great that pretty much all of the straight characters get their HEA’s, and the gay characters end up either hopeful that they could *possibly* happy in the future…or dead.
So, I don’t know the circumstances under which Reid dies, but my GUESS is… Reid is in some sort of accident, and, knowing he isn’t going to make it, donates his heart to Chris, who apparently needs a new one. So Reid kicks the bucket (*shakes head*) and Chris and Katie, (who is the show’s “sweetheart”…?!) dance off into the sunset and leave the Nuke and LuRe fans staring at our television screens in horror. *sigh*

I am really sad that ATWT will be discontinued after 9/17/10. It has always been my favorite show, and since I was a little girl, I watched it with my grandmother. Later after school, I worked for 3 different CBS affiliates. ATWT was the easiest daytime to sell.

I still remember the first show when it began. Nancy was in the kitchen when Chris came in, and she said, “Good Morning, Dear”.

Good luck CBS – the only show you have now daytime that I will watch is B&B.


The idea that Reid will die at the end is such a terrible idea. A lot of us love Reid and love to see Luke and reid end up together. If the writers kill Reid at the end they’ll leave us with such a bad taste in our mouth. Reid and Luke spiced up the story line, they are really hot, with great chemistry, with lots of talent. The thought of you killing Reid turns me off from watching the end of the show.

To C.G. and J.P. apparently you didn’t care about the fans. Both sides are getting royally screwed. If you didn’t want LuRe to be the couple in the end, why not send him back to Texas not kill him. My daughter could have come up with a better ending and she is in the 9th grade. This is just so wrong on all sides. Why didn’t you let Luke make his choice. Eric has been the best part of this show since Jan. 19 of this year. I wish him and the rest of the cast a brighter future. Eric you will always be remembered for your brilliant portrayal of the unforgettable Dr. Reid Oliver.

reid deserve happy ending with luke not this way at all reid should be saved luke deserve to be happy with reid and live happly ever after so please save reid so they can be together and get marryed at the end not this way at all

My fav actor is Noelle Beck. The ugly fans critized her terribly when she came on to replace Martha. I thought she and Damien had great chemistry. Hope she ends up somewhere that I can see here work regularly.

As The World Turns

2024 Golden Globes: Justin Hartley and Amanda Seyfried Among First Round of Presenters

The 2024 awards season truly gets underway this Sunday night ,January 7th on CBS with the presentation of the 81st annual Golden Globe Awards honoring the best in motion picture and television as deemed by the voters of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA).

The ceremony will be broadcast live and will air beginning at 8 p.m. EST/5 p.m. PST, from the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The ceremony will also be available on the CBS app and will stream on Paramount+. (Note, however, only Paramount+ subscribers who have Showtime can stream the event live; others can watch the show the next day.)

The first round of presenters was revealed on Wednesday and two soap opera alums are on the list including Justin Hartley (ex-This Is Us, The Young and the Restless, Revenge, Passions) and Amanda Seyfried (ex-Lucy, As the World Turns and ex-Joni Stafford, All My Children).

Photo: HFPA

Joining Justin and Amanda as presenters are: Angela Bassett, Will Ferrell, Michelle Yeoh,George Lopez, Julia Garner, Justin Hartley, Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams.  Previously, Jo Koy was named host for the telecast.

The Golden Globes are back on CBS for the first time since 1982. In addition, Dick Clark Productions is back after years away as the longtime Globes producers.

To review the nominees click here.

So, looking forward to the Golden Globes and seeing Justin and Amanda? Comment below.

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As The World Turns

Richard Roundtree, ‘Generations’, ‘ATWT” and ‘Shaft’ Star, Dead at 81

Motion picture and television leading man, Richard Roundtree, has passed away at the age of 81. The actor, best known for his role in the iconic film Shaft, and its sequels, died from complications from pancreatic cancer on October 24th in his home in Los Angeles.

In a statement, Roundtree’s manager, Patrick McMinn shared, “Richard’s work and career served as a turning point for African American leading men in film. The impact he had on the industry cannot be overstated.”

During his extensive credits and career, Roundtree made two stops to two daytime soap operas. In 1990 till 1991, Roundtree played Dr. Daniel Ruebens on the defunct NBC soap opera Generations. He later appeared on As the World Turns from 2002-2003, taking on the role of Oliver Travers, the father to T. Marshall Travers played by Lamman Rucker.

Photo: NBC

Roundtree’s leading lady on Generations, Jonelle Allen took to her Facebook upon learning the news of the death of her former castmate and friend, expressing: “My Leading Man on Generations. I Am Very Sad. My Condolences To Your Family. Dearest Richard Roundtree.”

In a subsequent post, Allen shared a photo of their Generations’ characters, Daniel and Doreen about to lip-lock. Jonelle stated, “In the scene with him I kept thinking: ‘Shaft is about to kiss ME!!!’ Thank You.”

On Generations, Roundtree’s character of Daniel Reubens was a brilliant doctor, who was accused of killing someone by causing an explosion at a lab in 1974. He and his daughter, Maya, then went “underground” for the next 15 years. Maya was played by Viveca A. Fox.

Photo: AP

Fox, honored her former on-screen soap father with an Instagram post upon learning of his death. Vivica wrote: “GM Dawlings! My heart is sad this morning as late last night I learned that LEGEND Actor @officialrichardroundtree had passed. I had the blessing of working with Richard on alot of 1st in my acting career! He played my Dad on the soap opera #Generation‘s TV show #90210BeverlyHills Mr Roundtree thank u for your AMAZING GIFTS! U will truly be missed as u were the 1st African American Action Star #SHAFT I’ll never forget the time u stood for ME when a director was being a jerk to me! I’ll miss your smile, jokes, laughs & hugs! REST EASY KING! U DID WELL. #Classic #LEGEND #LeadingMan #Actor #SuperStar #Respect #RestInPeace”

Richard was also known for his roles in Roots and the Brad Pitt thriller Se7en. On television, Roundtree appeared on: Murder, She Wrote, A Different World, Beauty and the Beast, 21 Jump Street, MacGyver, Beverly Hill 90210, L.A. Law, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Alias, Desperate Housewives, Heroes, Grey’s Anatomy, Chicago Fire, and Private Practice and many more.

Share your condolences on the passing of Richard Roundtree via the comment section below.


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A post shared by Vivica A Fox (@msvfox)

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As The World Turns

Soap Alum John Wesley Shipp Shares Health Update

John Wesley Shipp, best known to daytime fans for his roles on As the World Turns, Guiding Light, One Life to Live et al, and primetime fans for his role in The Flash, shared a heartfelt health update via his Instagram.

While Shipp did not go into specifics, he did say he underwent surgery earlier in September for an urgent medical issue.

In his post, accompanying by his photo, John expressed: “Hello out there! Friends and contacts have written recently, like, “where are you? are you ok?” Well, here’s the deal: I had surgery early this month for a health issue that had to be dealt with immediately. All went well, but I’ve had to postpone a theatre production and personal appearances as the recoup will take some weeks. I do read and appreciate what you share with me, that you entrust me with your thoughts and feelings. You are ever on my mind and in my heart, and I look forward to getting active and out there again as soon as possible. Until then, remember to play nice, be kind, and stay engaged! Our futures depend on it.”

Photo: JPI

John’s soap resume is quite impressive having portrayed: Dr. Kelly Nelson/Victor Laszlo on Guiding Light, Doug Cummings on As the World Turns, Martin Ellis on Santa Barbara, Carter Jones on All My Children and Eddie Ford on One Life to Live. Shipp won two Daytime Emmys along the way.

More recently, John has appeared in primetime’s, Arrow, The Flash, Stargirl and countless other TV appearances.

Share your well-wishes for a speedy recovering to John via the comment section below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Eileen Davidson as Ashley

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