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Finola Hughes Returns to General Hospital!



Fantastic news GH fans! Daytime Emmy winner and fan favorite, Finola Hughes (Anna Devane) reported back to work on Monday at the long-running ABC daytime drama series!

That means that very soon Anna Devane will be back on-screen and on the canvas in Port Charles. According to ABC Soaps In Depth, look for Hughes to first be seen on the upcoming September 28th episode!  As fans know, Hughes took a longer than expected summer leave from the series, but when Anna gets back in action, will she still be trying to get revenge on Julian (William deVry)? Will she help bring down hospital killer, Paul Horsnby (Richard Burgi)?

In the romance department, we know that Anna and Andre (Anthony Montgomery) looked for a moment that they might be heading towards somerhing more than friendship. but what will happen when Anna gets to know Dr. Joe Rivera (Jeffrey Vincent Parise)… the dead ringer for the man that haunts her, the late Carlos?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below on the news of Finola’s imminent on-screen return and who you think will be the man in Anna’s life?

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I’m just glad Anna is going to be back on our screens soon.

Here hoping for some Robert Scorpio & Anna Devane duo action, how about those two extraordinaire characters teaming up as spies and doing something spectacular together?

Second the emotion!

Agree. Wish they would give Tristan Rogers a contract & put those two back together again.

great!! looking forward to seeing Anna, again..
She is very pretty lady..
((gawd I hope she didn’t have work done. I’ll notice in a heartbeat))

Rumor is she had her nails painted…i hope it doesnt upset her fans-lol

That is hilarious, Jimmy. Her finger nails; or her toe nails?

Lol too funny

Gee, Jimmy; I’d like the name of Finola’s mani-pedicurist. LOL.

Oh, no, su…please!! Do you notice how they ( those who had work done) all look like their faces have been ironed?
Coincidentally, Renee Zellweger is on THE LATE SHOW, with Jimmy Fallon. She looks sooo different.
I don’t think Finola needs anything done, anyway.

Finola had all nails done…hands and feet…they were painted yellow with little happy faces-lol

Finola is a beauty.

CeeCee…Saw Rene…still has a great body…but she seemed kinda whacked out…LOL…if her shorts were any shorter…She seemed to be in flaunting mode. Notice how she kept standing up…continued her cheerleader routine after Jimmy seemed done…then kept her shoes off and struck a pose? She was, how shall I put this…ANNOYING! Good actress though…

Yep…its Anna and Joe but im not sure about the chemistry…too bad the writers destroyed both Julian and Paul…mixed feelings tieing Hayden to Liz…Sabrina back at the hospital-i guess there will be a Sabrina, Joe and Anna love triangle…not sure about Andre..could be interesting with him and Anna but Anna had the best chemistry with Robert…jail scenes have been a joke…hospital is back more front and center but there is no suspense in the serial killer scenes…if Paul is truly the killer hope it has something to do with daughter Susan but not really knowing her and killing off day players makes this story not so good!!!

Jimh…I still want to see Anna and Robert together again. But I don’t know how that will happen since he’s still at Y&R. The only advantage to the Robert/Colin duo is that you get a double dose of Tristan everyday.

They are slowly bringing Joe into play again, just in time for for Julian’s trial. Sonny finally got a glimpse of him the other day. Be interesting to see how Anna will react when she sees Joe. Hopefully the summer off did Anna some good.

I still question that Paul is the hospital killer, and the one who pushed Elizabeth down the stairs…even with the cufflink. First motive? And It’s hard for me to believe that no one recognized those shoes as being his. They really stand out. Seems to me that everything is too pat and falling into place re: Paul.

Can’t say I like the story they are building around Ava and Morgan. She’s done some really bad things in the past, but to change Morgan’s pills is really awful And to think I was starting to maybe give Ava another look because I liked her scenes with Nik/Nicholas.

Anna and Robert should had been GHs leading couple…

No chances for Ava–and Paul has been unmasked as the killer already!

Hi Rose – I hope they can right the wrong on this ship

what is this? just another plot point to better serve , lord Sonny ? to bring angst to his family for story ?

it would seem J and S ought to know… the general consensus .. less is more of Carly and Sonny


oh well… it would seem that Ava was clearly heading out of their orbit… what with shared custody with Avery… let bygones be

Ava needs Nicholas for this very reason… plus they had something immediate and palpable… YIKES

the ship with Ava and Morgan has sailed… AVA !? really ? even Kiki is going to move on with Dillon

PS: Dr. Joe meets Ana… ? why not… their was so much steamed stymied and shy away from obvious jail cell tensions… w/ Carlos… Dr. Joe isn’t missing a beat… which if the show goes this route… why not ?!?! JVP as Dr. Joe is so affable endearing and neverending interest.

If Paul is the killer… and Sabrina is the next kill…. i’m going to be dissapointed

Rose…gave you been watching consistantly? There’s no room for doubt, even before today, that Paul’s the killer. Unfortunate…but true.

I feel the same way about Ava, they were getting somewhere with her in a relationship I never would’ve thought of with Nicholas, a kindred spirit that evened her out and touched her heart, then they give her this cheap, twisted story like she’s some out of control, overprotective mom instead of strong mob Queen? I also hate the fact that the killer looks like Paul, because the actor is amazing in all his scenes, and I would be more satisfied if the killer at least worked IN the hospital.

I actually think Paul is going to try to kill Sabrina. As I said a few days ago, Sabrina will help Curtis ‘de-mask’ our friendly, neighborhood DA. I got the impression that Paul gives her the creeps….she suspects something…..just doesn’t know what, yet.

Hopefully Sabrina will tell Curtis this on her deathbed…then Tracy and Joe can fight for custody of the baby…

Ah, Celia, you may be on to something. Sabrina must be back for a reason and we can’t depend on Nurse Amy to suss out the killer. And Jordan The Great is probably only hours away from arresting Jason for the murders. Oh, Anna, take back your job!

I must retract……is it possible for Jordan to have put her Commish hat on? Have I spoken too soon? She seems to be putting the scattered pieces to the puzzle together. Who will finally nab the killer?
Perhaps Jordan and Nathan will prove themselves as incomparable cops. Ha!!

@Jimh(leave it to beaver).
Awwww, Jimmmy-yy!! I love Sabrina. So happy to see her.
You have a point for a good storyline, though. A custody battle.LOL.

ok, just for you i will let Sabrina live!!!

Well, I could not wait to watch GH, today, poor Sabrina. I am so upset about that!!
Oh, please enough of this idiocy now. Get Paul!!
He is responsible for the address mix-up, for sure. And, Scotty is a clown. Too bad, since I like him.
So, Paul laced Alexis’s water with something? How-Thomas -Neill -Cream-of-him!!!!!
Whatever Paul put in that discarded cup ( duh!! The cup will be tested and so on, and so forth), makes Alexis go haywire….all over the place. Poor Alexis, her account will be so erratic…..or, on second thought? Perhaps Paul gave her something that affects her memory. This case will be thrown out of court….just as I stated earlier, Julian will go free. Rrrattzzz!!
What now? Will he accost Alexis trying to get her back? Will he try to make nice with Sam and Lucas? Will he grow more hair on his head?
Alexis should take her younger daughters and go on a long vacation.

I think Curtis should be Andre or Felix rough trade on the DL..Carlivati would have made this happen..oh well

Lol at rough trade, at least Curtis that would give him and Felix a story instead of being denmothers to everyone.

That’s it in a nutshell–“NOT SO GOOD.”

Thank God! Have so missed this woman!

The man in Anna’s life should be Duke. They were never given a real chance. Just 2 years of crumbs.

So true. So far none of the duds they’ve attempted to pair her with since Duke has worked. Finola Hughes is in a league all her own and it takes a special actor, character to play in her league. Ian Buchanan is very much missed.

Yeah, such a mistake to kill Duke! Should have “redeemed” him!

Agreed, and the worst part is they had the nerve to kill Duke and then bring his son on the show? What a slap in the face to Duke/Anna fans.

i’m glad shie’s coming back soon, but seriously none of the guys on the show now are good for her, ande is a bore, carlos twin now that would be in very bad taste, quit repulsive honestly. Anna needs someone like Robert, if not Robert himself, she needs a wsb type guy. someone who is mysterious, lives life on the edge, a little dangerous, but still a good guy, hence a wsb type guy.

I agree, aria. No one suits Anna on the show, right now. I was thinking Jeff Webber? Is he married already? So many actors, to play the part, have been suggested. But, who would make us ‘catch our breath’ when paired with her?
In my opinion, the sexiest is Victor Alfieri….so hot!! But, he’s too young. The best for the role is Walt Willey.

Oh my gosh Walt Willey would make an excellent Jeff Webber.

@Jimh(leave it to beaver).
Lol, Jimmy. I called it!!!!! I just had a feeling Paul would get Sabrina. Will he kill her?
Applause not necessary!! LOL.

oh my gosh darned it

“…but what will happen when Anna gets to know Dr. Joe Rivera (Jeffrey Vincent Parise)… the dead ringer … ”

giddy time

Rumors are Sabrina will die this week, Paul will kill Sabrina.

Stop teasing me!

Timmmmmmm-yyyyy. Hush!!!!! LOL.

Isn’t this news the absolute “cat’s meow,” Timmmbo???? I had to pinch myself to be sure I wasn’t just dreaming when I read the spoilers and that we weren’t being set up for a huge letdown with Sabs living to see another day! All I know is that it’s about time for this useless character to go bye-bye! Please, please, PLEASE let it be thus!!!!!

Hey Paul, get your paws (er, needle) off/out of MONICA! Sabrina, save her, please!

Really, David? LOL. And, here I thought I made that up in jest.

Yes yes wonderful news, my sweet Finola is back. I love that pic of Finola, she has a nice smile. Beautiful lady and terrific actress. I adore this lady. Welcome back Anna Devane..

Oh, Claudio, you are so right! This woman exudes beauty, class, talent, and a sense of rich history that the show really needs right now. I know we must bring on new characters, but why so many in such a short time? I love Anna’s friendship with Griffin and hope to see more of that. As far as romance, I always thought she and Franco (with a decent haircut) would be Explosive! Barring that, what about Curtis? Why waste him on that twit Valerie?!

Yes, show is in dire needs of a sense of history!

You bet, Claudio.
You and Soaphound describe Finola/Anna to the letter. I have been a fan since her role as Alex on AMC.

Anna should be involved in Wsb Stories. I’m sick of her running around the pcpd playing cops and robbers whilst trying t take down mobsters and dealing with rather pedestrian criminal activity. The wealth of her history is based in wsb/dvx. Give her and adenture plot, intrigue us.

Paul would have been a good choice for Anna if the IDIOTS in charge hadn’t decided to make him a serial killer. How short-sighted of them!

How about Ric? Get him back on my screen more!

Or Ned? Put him on contract now that he’s been demoted at DOOL.

I was really beginning to like Paul! Once they seemed to have reinvented him back to a good guy (though when I thought about it he did use Ava sexually and kill Sloan in cold blood)… But LOL BECAUSE I forgot about those events I could have seen him with Anna or Alexis.

Would love to see Ned back full time and back with Alexis. Love Rick but there’s no way Anna would date him.

Someone mentioned John Schneider the other day to play Jeff Weber. Now HE is a stunning guy! They should bring him as Jeff…or as a WSB dude…for Anna.

Hi, Rebecca.
Yeah, that was funny….but, with iPhones, iPads etc. nothing is surprising. That’s ok. No worries.
I did watch Monday….only because my sister was here, and she loves the show.
Yes, the security guard over-did his duty. I think he used muscle to give himself a sense of power/authority. Then, again, one never knows what may have unfurled.
By the same token, I felt no pity for Lochte. He had one purpose; win or lose; to represent his country. Honestly, Rebecca? I take that personally. I am a proud, steadfast patriot. What this idiot did was reprehensible. He’s no child….should have known the consequences. ….know what I mean?
I, do, however think that he did the right thing by continuing to be visible instead of sulking and hiding. Sometimes it’s the only way.
As far as Renee….you may be right. Her nervousness could be due to shyness. I suppose there’s a difference being in front of a camera shooting a movie; from being live on a show. There’s no: CUT!!!! Perhaps she was self-conscious.
Time permitting, I’ll watch a few of her movies. LOL. Later.

Hi Rebecca…Oh, I have been watching consistently. Re: my not sure Paul was the hospital serial killer, I think it was partly wishful thinking. I have liked him as an actor, even on other shows, and was hoping that they could find a reason to keep him on GH. Not s sure if he has to go to prison…or worse.

Hi Cee…I agree in terms of why the security guy may have done what he did…but on the other hand the other security guy took a “peaceful” approach and just grabbed the other protester and walked him off. As for Lochte…there are far worse crimes than his. I’m not defending him per se and in fact I might find him quite arrogant/full of himself to boot if I ever met him. But I’m just thinking at the time of the incident he and his friends were probably riding high…LOL…I don’t mean literally but maybe they were…I think they were pumped with adrenaline and excitement, got rowdy, got caught. It looks like they were held at gunpoint by the security and supposedly they were asked for money on the spot if I got that right…his story wasn’t an outright lie but an exaggerated one. I don’t think he or his friends meant to cause an international incident! I think they weren’t thinking…and it spiraled. Brazil took offense that an American was criticizing their country…America had to apologize. This isn’t as I said to defend Lochte..he and his friends should have known better, acted more responsibly and the whole thing should never have happened. But these athletes train all their lives. Their sport, the competition, their reputation, representing their country…it’s all so important that I can’t believe he would do anything to jeopardize any of it if he was actually using his brain…nor do I think he did anything with malice, rather with stupidity and immaturity. Make sense? He is paying the price. Suspended, humiliated, tainted. Meantime killers and rapists are walking free on a technicality….

I think you’ll like Rene’s movies, from Jerry Maguire to Bridgette Jones Diary. Start with the first one…the current one is whet she’s promoting now.

Hi Rose. Hope you didn’t think I was being sarcastic or condescending. I really didn’t know if you were catching every episode; thought you had said you weren’t but maybe I was mistaken. But I know what you mean! I really like Paul (took me a while to warm up to him) and was getting very comfortable with him becoming more prominent on the show. WAs looking forward to him interacting with the Q’s, his relationship with Dillon, a possible relationship with Anna or if Alexis is REAlLY single again could see them together too. He and Ava make great enemies…fun to watch their cat and mouse game. Sigh. But no. He’s guilty. I’m not one of the fans who want characters to pay for their crimes…because if I like the character that’s, to use a cliche, cutting off my nose to spite my face…LOL…which is the STUPIDEST expression….but, if they pay they either die or go to jail. And then they’re off the show. So, I WANT Julian to go free because I like the character and the same for Paul. I’m stuck though on Sonny paying for killing AJ. More along the lines of Michael’s complete rejection of him and continued loyalty to AJ and the Q’s…and Ava taking back Avery. For a long while at least…don’t want to lose Sonny either. Just wanna see him twist! 😉

I’m glad Anna will be back on my GH screen soon as for the man dept. I was hoping Paul could of change his ways to be closer to Anna, but that might not happen she most likely work with the PCPD to bring down the hospital killer as for Andre he is still duable to match up with Anna he might have am edge to him if he let loose but who knows Jordon will be too jealous and she might want to hurt Andre for really liking Anna if she finds out he confess to Anna about his feelings Jordon will flip on him and he feel sorry for Jordon. I always love Anna/Robert together but I know that won’t happen!! Just glad she is coming back!!

She needs to bring Paul down–and take over her rightful position–Commish!

Yes, so right but if she brings Paul down who knows she might be the new top notch DA, she be over the commish for sure I can see her take over the top DA role

Welcome back beautiful Finola! I guess Julian is going to skip jail? I hate when the writers write a character into a corner and come up with a lame ass excuse to free these crooks. Sonny and Ava got these breaks, as well. I dont know what Julian’s freedom does to Alexis and Anna? I suppose Julian will play hero when something happens to Danny or he runs to Alexis’s side after she is DUI and kills someone? But anyway, Anna, I like that Robert will be around to assist Anna in taking down Paul. After that, Robert will be gone so Anna will need a lover. I still think her and Grif? Kind of odd but no blood relation. Grif may not even be Duke’s son? Who knows. Good to see a grade A actress back on GH with Jane Elliot!

That’s why I am so lukewarm (PUN intended!) about GH–their “lame excuse to free crooks.” Just grates! 🙁
Yes, Robert should assist Anna in taking down Paul.

Very enlightening post, Timmmy. You pegged these characters so correctly.
I don’t know if you had read my post way back, when I did say that Duke is probably not Griffin’s father. Good storyline right there!!
And, yes, I am enjoy Tracy, myself. She looks like she lost some weight….

I agree about Tracy, CeeCee. I said on some other post she looks great…younger…less tired. Either she had some really good work done or maybe it is something as simple as losing weight as you said which I thought as well. But ever since she recovered from her strange exotic brain bug she looks fantastic!

Hi, Rebecca,
I love Tracy’s temperament. She tells it like it is. Love that about anybody.
I don’t think she had anything done to her face, though. I can spot ‘them’ a mile away….I am surrounded by them, LOL. not in my family, thank God.
Jane Elliot is aging gracefully and she’s beautiful!!!
She looks very happy.

CeeCee…did you watch DWTS? Have u been watching AGT?

Hey, Rebecca,
I am not very ‘enamored’ of DWTS. I only catch a few shows here and there, depending who the dancers are. The last time I watched was when Candice Cameron was on….because of FULL HOUSE. LOL. I make a point of not watching, especially, when Max Chmerkovskiy is on. I cannot tolerate arrogance. The guy thinks he is a gift to the female population. I like his brother much better. So humble…love that about a guy. Ironically, the brothers are close to Candice ( whom I love) because her husband is Russian….they have that in common.
The same goes for AGT. As I said to Shay, I try watching whatever I record that interests me. I usually watch AGT, avidly, the first eps when all contestants try out.
I looove FLIP OR FLOP, and such!!!!
As far as Renee with Fallon? She has never been one of my favorite actresses. She’s strange!! LOL.
i don’t know if you recall, not too long ago, Renee transformed so much to elicit so many negative comments. The tabloids had a field day. I do not know if she is a good actress or not. I do not watch her movies.
I do believe she made her debut in JERRY MAGUIRE. I was ten. But, I never watched the movie, as an adult, because I can’t stand Tom Cruise either….so, there you go!! LOL. Later.

Good Morning CeeCee…
I had a love affair with DWTS since it first jitterbugged its way across my TV screen. The dancers, spectacular choreography, the music…just the epitome of joy and entertainment. Couldn’t get enough! Then…the CONFLICT. LOL. They put it against The Voice which I also love. I’d watch for an hour, then switch channels…I’d watch one, then catch the other OnDemand. Alak, sigh…I sorta drifted away from DWTS…not because the show went downhill, but my schedule wouldn’t allow…or I thought I’d eventually catch up but then the winners were announced…should be our biggest problems in life, right?

This is funny…not. Okay, maybe a little. I wrote like three more paragraphs but scrolled up to read for auto spell bloopers..hit send…and it only sent the part I scrolled up to! Completely wiped out the other paragraphs! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Summation. Asked if u watched DWTS because of the Ryan Lochte thing. Thought you did (watch the show regularly). Anyway, I watched last week when the protesters rushed the stage. Actually felt bad for Ryan, but also felt the security guard went way too violent on the protester. Still love the show. Whenever I catch it it’s just as creative, incredibly choreographed… love the competition combined with the comraderie. Excellent entertainment show and I can’t revel enough in the dancing. Max? He was my fave when the show first started. Loved him with his long hair…and he is talented. I didn’t mind his attitude; he never got nasty, just kinda full of himself. LOL. I’ve dealt with those kind of guys in my dancing days…love throwing their arrogance back at them. Then it just becomes a game and the ones I’ve “put in their place” usually laughed, (good-naturedly) at themselves, with me. But agree, arrogance in general is obnoxious.

AGT had the most amazing array of talent I’ve ever seen on any televised show! Some of the acts were visually stunning, one all-guy dance act from Argentina was hot and exciting and “off the chain”, LOL, to quote the gorgeous Mel B. There was a contortionist which I don’t normally like watching…but this girl combined an almost ballet-like/steady flow of beautiful movement combined with acrobatics…amazing! And a juggler! Except no ordinary juggler. Dressed in a skin tight flesh-colored unitard…complete with bald head and dramatic makeup he looked like a male sculpture of perfection as he juggled against visually captivating backdrops with dynamic precision…beautiful, graceful, unique, artsy, indie…he was incredible. And Simon Cowell was a plus. So fun…not nearly as brash.

Renee Z. Is a fantastic actress! I’ve liked every film she was in. She’s been nominated for many awards and won, I believe, an Academy Awatd and Golden Globe. She was married to country singer Kenny Chesney for about a day; they got their marriage annulled. I watched her on James Cordon last night. She was as fidgety…pulling at her skirt, tapping her hands or legs…but she comes off very nice. I wasn’t annoyed by her as I was on Fallon because I think, after seeing her again, that she’s very humble and unfortunately insecure or self-conscious. Maybe it’s because she feels judged by the work she had done on her face? She was adorable so I think people wondered why she’d mess with surgery. I still think she’s beautiful…but looks very tired, which is the opposite of what plastic surgery tries to achieve. Still, she’s honoring her commitments and promoting her new film…with a friendly attitude. I like her!

So happy she is coming back soon. Her absence has been most glaring; a huge gap in the canvass.

I hope she has good story when she returns. In the romance department, I hope she’s not paired with Andre. He’s too boring.

Yes, do NOT pair her with Andre!

I agree with Aria about Anna needing a good guy. I am happy with her return to GH.


Well, if Griffin is Duke’s son? Gee, I think that would not sit well with many, paula.
Besides, I doubt Anna would break from conformity that easily.

But anyway, I would rather see Grif with Liz. Anna could hook up with Valentin? That could be explosive! OR, cut the cast and bring in a new, sexy police commissioner that Anna falls for. THAT way Anna falls in love and we get rid of JorDUMB!

Yeees! Valentin……,in the guise of a lover. Explosive is good, Timmmy. So much so, that Valentin will become putty in her hands….her slave. Anna’s reasons would be to fish out so many secrets. Then NAB him. What if Helena has Duke ( prisoner) and Valentin discloses this fact? Hmmmm. I still like Walt Willey, though.
But, if age is not an issue….then Victor Alfieri. Now, that would be HOT!!!! He should be cast as Valentin, in my opinion.
Speaking of getting rid of someone….I vote for Morgan. Thanks to Ava ( which is so inconceivable for her to replace pills…dumb move by the writers) Morgan is hyper again. Do not like seeing how he is turning into a freak.
Again, straighten him out, or ship this character to College….far, far away; since he’s suddenly so gung-ho on education.

Anna does not have a clean record. She has saddled up with Duke and Luke [Sounds like a tween show on the Disney Channel!} so it wouldnt be out of the question for her to hook up with Valentin. I like how you think, yes Helena could have Duke locked away and Anna could find him in the midst of her tryst with Val. We know in our hearts Helena is a live. I dont think we see Duke again until Frank Valentini is gone. He made the decision to ax him and bringing him back would be an admission of being wrong! Something he doesnt seem to ever be guilty of?

Hey, Timmmy,
Ahaha!!!!! Duke and Luke. Sounds like a 60’s musical duo. Maybe they are JAN and DEAN in disguise ( LITTLE OLD LADY FROM PASADENA).
I have heard how Anna ‘likes’ the bad boys before. Hmmmm. It’s Valentin then…!!
I’m surprised she never hookd up with Sonny or Julian….or did she?
Anyway, speaking of Julian……he had a razor in his hand….shaving… jail…..Was anyone in the cell with him? Is that even allowed?
Well, now…our Ms Lizzie. She plays the little she-devil very well. I love the scenes between her and Hayden. They are so completely different but yet, so alike—-oxymoronish, but true. A long life together on GH for these characters. Right now, they make the show and I enjoy every minute of it.

Happy that Finola is coming back. If they are not bringing Duke back from the dead, then put Anna & Robert back together.
I don’t want to see her with Joe; no point in that long-term.
Tristan and Finola still have chemistry, and lots of history.
Given the current storyline for Colin on Y&R, they could easily write Tristan off Y&R in a month or so.
I know Tristan is not on contract with either soap, but GH should scoop him up while they can. It would help their ratings.
And how about more interaction with Mac and Felicia? We see them a few times a year!

Totally agree. I was an early eighties to late eighties fan of the show. Stopped, and picked back up for the 50th anniversary show. Have been watching very sporadically as of late. To mant characters to keep track of. But I would watch more if they took some of the “vets” out of hiding. They really do need to gut some the cast.

Thank the Divine she is back! She is the lifeblood of this show for me. Although I like a few others, I don’t really care for most of the main players on this show.

Duke. I will always want her with Duke and why else bring his son on (and is he her son too?!) and not bring him back. RC did him wrong and us fans when he killed him off so hastily. Those last scenes on the dock were amazing as they tried to escape. They were the only SuperCouple left on the show. We need at least one to set the bar higher for these young actors. Besides, if they are going to build an entire storyline around him for a year and mention his name mega times, he is important enough to bring back and write story for especially since he was used so little by RC and FV last time around. There is gobs to write about the guy.

“SOO Excited Finola, “YEAH”!!!!!! Is Tyler coming Too!!!??!!!

Tyler is out. FV lowballed him to make more room for his OLTL pets.

“SOO EXCITED FINOLA IS COMING BACK”!!!”What about Luke and Nicholad?”!!!<

Awesome news…….. Her majesty returns. Can we pull out the stops with her and Griffin? He could be her son she allegedly miscarried. Bad girl Olivia Jerome could have taken the fetus.

General Hospital

Bryan Craig Wishes General Hospital’s Maurice Benard ‘Happy Father’s Day’; Is He Trolling Us … or is This the Ultimate Return Tease?

Sunday is Father’s Day, and it’s the time when many soap stars and celebrities take to social media to give love and shout outs to their dads.

In an another post that got General Hospital fans to take notice, two-time Daytime Emmy-winner Bryan Craig (ex-Morgan Corinthos) dropped a blast from the past photo of himself alongside Maurice Benard (Sonny). Accompanying the photo, Bryan wrote: ‘Happy Father’s Day” Maurice Benard.

The post on X comes on the heels of a previous response by Craig to a post on Frank Valentini’s (executive producer, General Hospital) comment to On the Red Carpet, where he revealed that this summer, “A former cast member is coming back. And I think that the audience will go crazy for HIM.” In response, Craig teased, “Who could it be…”

Photo: ABC

Now on Sunday responses to Craig’s post were met with varied responses from GH fans from “Stop playing with us” to “Now you’re just trolling us, lol. We really need you back right now.”  Still others took it as a potential confirmation that Craig is the mystery man on his way back to General Hospital stating, “I hope you’re going to back to GH!” to “Can’t wait!”

Craig last appeared on GH from 2013-2016 and made a brief return in 2018. Since departing GH, Bryan has appeared in numerous TV and film projects including: Freeform’s Good Trouble and ABC’s Grand Hotel.

So, is Bryan Craig yanking GH viewers chain, or is he slyly teasing us, because he knows he is the one returning to the ABC soap opera? Weigh-in on your theories below.

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A week ago, at the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards, many of your favorite soap opera stars took to the red carpet prior to the telecast on CBS and streaming on Paramount + and posed for pictures for the paparazzi and several spoke to the media before going inside and taking in the ceremonies and rooting on their castmates and shows.

While on the red carpet, Michael Fairman TV interviewed those who stopped performers who stopped by and those we could catch on the action-packed bustling arrivals. All of the video interviews are now posted and complete on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel.

Look for conversations with Days of our Lives, Tamara Braun (Ava), Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) with Rob Scott Wilson (Alex) and Paul Telfer (Xander), Dan Feuerriegel (EJ), Greg Rikaart (Leo), and Eric Martsolf (Brady) with wife Lisa and their twin sons, Chase and Mason.

Photo: JPI

Stopping by to chat from General Hospital were Maura West (Ava) and Finola Hughes (Anna), and from The Bold and the Beautiful, Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) and his daughter, McKenna, Annika Noelle (Hope), Kimberlin Brown (Sheila) and John McCook (Eric) and his wife, Laurette.

Photo: JPI

From The Young and the Restless, Peter Bergman (Jack), Courtney Hope (Sally), Christian LeBlanc and Tracey Bregman (Michael and Lauren), Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea), Michael Mealor (Kyle), Melissa Ordway (Abby), Kate Linder (Esther) and Bryton James (Devon), and making their first appearance on a Daytime Emmy red carpet were Neighbours stars: Stefan Dennis, Annie Jones and Georgie Stone.

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Below is the complete playlist of 2024 Daytime Emmy Red Carpet interviews. Make sure to check them out. Then let us know who you loved seeing and hearing from the most via the comment section below.


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General Hospital

GH’s Evan Hofer Talks Life for Dex After Sonny’s Beatdown, Giovanni Mazza, and If Josslyn is Love Endgame

General Hospital’s Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) has been at the epicenter of Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) paranoia, which led to the beatdown of Sonny’s former right hand man.

Now, Dex is licking his wounds, and trying to move on with his life after joining the PCPD; following attempting to move away from working for the mob and under Sonny’s thumb. Problem is, Dex has a soft spot for Sonny. Meanwhile, looks like there still may be a future for Dex and Josslyn (Eden McCoy) as the two are trying to mend their once-fractured relationship.

Michael Fairman TV caught up with Evan Hofer at the 51st annual Daytime Creative Arts and Lifestyle Emmys (in which Hofer was a presenter during the ceremonies), to discuss the current life and times of his Port Charles alter-ego.

Photo: DHoferIG

Evan has now gotten to see and feel first-hand what is like working in soaps and television, when you have to wear prosthetics on your face after Sonny accosted Dex at Brook Lynn and Chase’s wedding reception.

Hofer recalled the experience. “Our makeup team is incredible. Priscilla, my makeup artist is just so talented. She layered silicone every day so she could control the swelling, so that way, she would have control over how it looked as it progressed and, you know, decreased, increased,” Hofer revealed. “She was incredible and very, very detailed.”

Paying a nod to actors who have to take on TV or movie roles where they have to wear complete facial prosthetics, Evan shared, “I do not envy people who wear full face prosthetics. I think my longest tape day was probably seven hours in it. I got a little claustrophobic. It does cause you to have a lack of of depth perception, which is a rough one.”

Photo: ABC

Hofer weighed-in on if he thinks Dex will ever turn in Sonny and press charges against him for his character’s recent beatdown. “I hope he doesn’t. It’s hard though, because he loves him (Sonny) and that’s the problem,” stated Evan. “That’s what we do with people we love. It’s almost an abusive parent relationship, isn’t it? I have this theory that Dex almost feels like he deserves these things.”

Now might be the time for the GH writers to explore more of Dex’s backstory which could include a backstory of abuse. “I really would love them to. I think it’d be incredible,” hoped Evan. However, he added, “I’m just grateful for whatever I get to do every day and excited for whatever story we get to tell.  Something like The Departed – undercover with the mob- would be cool (for a storyline), and then everybody’s wondering which side I’m on the whole time.”

Photo: ABC

Is there hope for Dex and Josslyn fans that they will still may be each other’s love endgame? Hofer teased, “I think they start spending a little more time together, but who knows what’ll happen. You never know on a soap opera. Maybe Dex’s evil twin will show up and steal Josslyn away.”

Photo: ABC

A few months back, Evan shared some major scenes with the one and only Finola Hughes (Anna). In story, Dex admits he was going to kill Cyrus on Sonny’s orders. Hofer shared it was a big moment for him since his time being on GH. “What an honor to get to do those scenes with Finola. I had only worked with her once before and that was when Dex broke her out of prison and he got shot the first time,” recalls Hofer. “She’s all about working the scenes ahead of time, which I am, too. We got to get a lot of reps in and when we get up there on stage, she’s incredibly affecting. I’ll kind of have an idea of maybe of how the scene will go, and then I’ll just look in her eyes and suddenly I am just so in a different space that she’s pulled me into. In those scenes, having Dex feel like someone cares about him was really beautiful.”

Photo: ABC

Recently, Giovanni Mazza premiered as Gio. In Hofer’s first on-screen scenes with Mazza, the two talk about Gio’s dad having been in the military and Dex’s experience in the Army and serving in Afghanistan.

This raised some GH viewers eyebrows to what if the two characters could somehow be related? Perhaps, brothers? Evan responded to those inquiring minds, “Oh, I don’t know. We look pretty alike. There is the military connection. I think it’ll be interesting. Those first scenes we had together were incredible. I was so excited to work with Geo. He couldn’t be any nicer really. He’s an incredible person. He’s so easy to be around. We hang out outside of work all the time, already.”

Photo: JPI

Does Evan think there will come a day where Jason (Steve Burton), Dex and Sonny will all be working together on the same side, and thus, Sonny will have both his former henchman at his disposal?  While Hofer doesn’t know what’s coming down the pike, he expressed, “It’s been incredible to have Steve around. He’s a really wonderful man. I’d only met him on Zoom previously to him coming back.  I hope we get to work together more. We got one batch of scenes together and I hope we get to do more soon.”

Photo: ABC

As to what GH viewers should be on the lookout for in the weeks ahead, Evan teased, “We’ll see what Joss and Dex get into, and we’ll see what happens within the police department.”

So, are you rooting for Dex and Joss? Do you want Dex back working for Sonny, or hope he stays with the PCPD? Would you want to see more of Dex’s backstory explored? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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