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Gina Tognoni Confirms Exit From Y&R Expressing Gratitude To ‘The Viewers For Their Love And Support’

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On Saturday, Y&R and the soap community have been abuzz with a report that Gina Tognoni was let go in her role as Phyllis Summers and being replaced by her predecessor Michelle Stafford.  The talented Tognoni immediately addressed the news and put out her own statement on her departure via her social media accounts.

Gina expressed: “Five years ago, I was blessed to embrace the incredible character of Phyllis Summers Abbott. I am beyond grateful for the creative experience that The Young and the Restless has given to me as well as the amazing relationships I made with the cast, crew/staff, producers, and writers. I love my Genoa City family, which made it easy to give 110% every day. My long commutes always went smoothly because I loved where I worked and the people I worked with!”

She continued and finished with: “My thanks to Sony Pictures Television and CBS and a special thank you to the Y&R viewers, for their love and support. I wish Y&R continued success and everything it richly deserves.”

Tognoni has quite the soap resume from her beginnings as Kelly Cramer on One Life to Live, to her two-time Daytime Emmy-winning role as Dinah Marler on Guiding Light, to her Emmy-winning role as Phyllis on The Young and the Restless.  It’s only a matter of time before we see where she might land next.

What did you think about the sentiments shared by Gina in her heartfelt post on her exit from the top-rated daytime drama series? Comment below.

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Stafford coming back no let it go for gosh sakes let it go

My condolences to you and other Y&R fans, Kay……But as a GH viewer, I am utterly ecstatic!!!!!

Shay it is absolutely nothing personal towards Stafford I always felt Gina was too young . I just think maybe we could have rested the character for a few months the writing had been so horrible for the character. I am also shocked because how many years has FV tried to make the character of Nina work on GH? Time will tell but I was never a fan of JG writing either

I am not ecstatic at all. Yet another reason to stop watching Young and Restless!

Mary I agree with you, Gina got let go, this is a travesty, a slap in the face. Gina was terrific and I will miss her. I am done with Y&R.

Ditto, I agree. I’ve come to really like Gina as Phyliss and will miss her. Why DTPB always have to change things. Leave everything as is

Me too

Well, I can relate to your displeasure, Mary. I have many friends who are Y&R fans, and they feel the same way as do you…they loved Gina in the role of Phyllis and the last thing they ever wanted was to have MS back in Genoa City. Having said that, I do feel for Tognoni…she seemed to have really made that character her own and it’s a real kick in the pants to lose it after all of her fine work in order to accomodate the original portrayer who initially left of her own accord. However, that fact cannot temper my own happiness that GH is finally rid of her as Nina…

OLE! Wonder how she will relate to the Rosales clan. Probably grind Mia under her big foot.

Well, she’s their problem now, Violet, and I’m pleased as punch! OLE!….Indeed!

Mia has been let go from Y&R.

Sorry I should have said Noemi Gonzalez who plays Mia has been let go. Too bad I like all the Rosales characters. It was nice to have new people on board. Now two of them have been let go.

I never liked her character. But Arturo-another topic!! Bring him back!

So agree

I agree, absolutely love Gina as Phyllis and will really miss her. Nothing against Michelle Stanford I just think Gina was a better fit as Phyliss. Hope to see her soon on another show. Maybe time for her to go to prime time where more people can enjoy her acting.

I like Gina also, from way back on GL, but lately she’s been a little too much for me, as Phyllis, in your face so much. If someone spoke to me like she does, I think I’d haul off and slap her. She definitely needs a reality check. Major meltdown in process.

As always, a class act

I think she should revive the role of Kelly Cramer and show up in Port Charles.

Whoa!!! I love that idea, Joe!!!

Now this I like! I think Gina is ten times a better actress than the over-the-top Stafford.

Harry, I’m with you (again!). 🙂

Harry amen my friend, I agree with you. Michelle screams, screeches like a cat lol. Gina is a classy lady and a wonderful actress. Y&R I hope your ratings drop for firing Gina and bad Carma is coming to Y&R.

Yeah but every line from Gina was a threat. It was so hard to watch her.

Oh Boy! I thought it was me! Dhe does get on my nerves! Like Nails on a chalk board

I am totally with you on this one. Gina made Phyllis her own and we loved her for it. Someone please offer Michelle more money so she’ll leave. Josh Griffith made a big mistake. He needs to start listening to the fans & less to the vet’s on the show. We lost a real lady. I can’t even stomach the other one, never could.

Me too

Joe…O-M-G…I think that is an EXCELLENT idea!!!!! YEAH!!!!!

What a great idea! I loved her as Kelly.

Class act, Ms. Tognoni! You made a seemingly impossible recast effortless and were accepted by the audience and Academy. Brava!

I do not like the machinations of show business — I mean, to be fired?!?!? — but know we will see you on screen or stage soon. I cannot wait to see where. Now Y&R powers that be, if this is where we are going, make the most of it. Not convinced Phyllis is one of the series’s problems; there are real issues to address. But I believe.

This is a very difficult piece of breaking news.

We will miss you Gina, you made Phyllis your own and it was fabulous. I wish you all the best and hope you come back to Y & R one day.

Gina! We will see you soon! Cant wait yo see where! You played a strange part / very well

She is a class act. I would love to see Ron C at “DOOL” go after her and introduce a new storyline revolving around her. “DOOL” is starting to jump the shark with some of the storylines and needs to reel in the campiness. Gina would bring a great, new dynamic to the show. How about a recast for Billie Reed?

Best of luck, Gina.

Sorry you are being treated this way. Good luck.

Good luck to Tognoni. A hearty welcome home to Stafford!

She wasn’t as good in the role of phyliss as Michelle stafford was

She was better–and she managed to be better without chewing up all the scenery.

I agree with you Harry.

That’s right Harry. She helped Hilary and was her best friend. We saw and loved a softer side of Phyllis.

I disagree. Gina was absolutely perfect in the role of Phyllis and does not deserve to be treated this badly

agree 100%

Just to be clear, I 100% agree with Mary. Gina was absolutely perfect in the role and watching today’s episode confirmed it.

I agree with Mary too. I think Mary was confused when she said she disagreed with us. We were in unison with the belief that Gina is the stronger of the two actors and who made this role her own. I’m going to miss her.

Katie I’m with you on this and quite frankly shocked by the love for Gina in this role. I can respect her as an actor but perhaps the Michelle Stanford haters haven’t seen her tremendously authentic scenes. She is beyond incredible and so believable you forgot you’re watching a soap! It’s the viewers loss if they stop watching. I’m thrilled to have her back and disappointed they didn’t bring back Michael Muhney as Adam. Nobody can compete.

Sad news, I saw very little of Stafford as Phyllis so Tognoni was Phyllis for me. Her Phyllis will be sorely missed by this viewer. Stafford is a whole other story.

Boy, it’s one thing to be fired from Jabot, but Y&R, too! I only started to watch Y&R when Gina assumed the Phyllis role. So I never saw Michelle play her. But like all soap recasts there are those who like them and those who don’t, and wish the “original” was back. I for one then liked Gina, and thought she added many multi dimensions to the character of Phyllis. But I will say I won’t be too sorry to hopefully see the character of Nina leave GH, at least for a while.

I just never got her

will whomever is on screen – PLEASE smile… undo your tightly pursed lips AND crack

dag! tightly wound, shall we

AGAIN – when she won her emmy… I was like who is this woman? she’s laughing, she’s smiling, she’s RADIANT !!!!

she never showed up on screen…. AND I will stand for what I’ve posted. she wasn’t going to work… like Michelle Stafford does.. when you have to continually trade off as lover of two brothers ????? which i’m sick of ! as Peter Bergman truly deserves his own woman. so it certainly seems like retread with RED. oh well… sigh

Peter Bergman deserves his own show.. if he’s to be “Just Jack”

as was shared :

what’s wrong with :

Beth Chamberlain, ex GL
Elizabeth Keifer, ex GL
Robin Christopher, ex GH

for all the years of angst of watching Michelle STafford as Nina ; her suffering tortured motherless soul. got my attention… so much so it was tiring. I cheered for Nina to be Phyllis’esque… just to give us some backbone so we could let loose. where is Phyllis? Nina came in to her own in the latter year.. I will remember the PASSION ADULT PASSION ADULT LOVEMAKING ADULT CONVERSATION ADULT TRYST THE FLIRTATIOUS TANGO W/Valentin… PLUS the heart tugging scenes with Charlotte. loved that Nina was always at ease and made Nathan carry his own scenes and weight.. which he most certainly did.

ie: Gina . this firing is not even as catastrophic as the hiring of a NEW Adam. that BOMB has already dropped and is not even detonated yet… till we see the character on screen.. will we be excited to see .. this Adam may not work… AND this new head writer and executive producer SHOULD HAVE FOUGHT for Michael Muhney.

executive decisions are being “fired”
what will the NEW writing team dish

can’t be much if they continue to focus on tired old Victor nuMAN (puhlease)

Gina is being a class act. I never could stand Phylis, but with Gina playing her she was somewhat more tolerable. I am not a fan of scenery muncher Stafford.
This is good news for GH but bad news for Y&R. Nina never caught on, and Stafford’s slithery, catty ways never worked as she attempted (and ultimately failed) to make Nina work.
This explains why Nina has been morphing into Phyllis as of late.
I am really not a fan of this actress’s work.

Harry it is politics she was a big supporter of MY now regime change she is gone I like Gina but I always felt she was too young for the role ! Send Phyllis off to NY not coming back to the show wash rinse repeat ! Gina will land on her feet she has a happy marriage a successful business she will be fine

@Harry…It’s a true wonder that GH has any scenery left to chew after haing endured nearly five tedious years of Nina! (Not to mention a few other notable munchers who shall remain nameless…) For those of us who never warmed to this character (to put it mildly….) it’s been a really long haul waiting (and waiting) for MS to finally return to Genoa City! Say hallelujah! I just hope Nina is finally put to rest in the process…she never melded into Port Charles’ society despite the mighty force-feeding efforts to ingratiate her to all and sundry. Her appearance never should have been more than a short-term plot device which promptly ended with an unceremonious trip down the stairs!!!!

I wish Britt would come back for good…she was better than Nina any day!!!!

Oh, yes, Jimh! Britt is simply the best…especially in tandem with Dr. O.!!! Things simply haven’t been the same in Port Charles since the most-entertaining mutter-tochter team from Holle was parted. Bring them both back in their full glory…STAT!

Shay there are starving actors out there and you have the likes of Stafford and West chewing up the sets. I am just happy Frank didn’t give into Stafford’s demands because a salary increase might mean letting go of another legacy character. Stafford was already receiving a hefty salary.

@Harry…I think GH has made many costly errors over these last few years by favoring talent from rival/defunct soaps over its own legacy players in the mistaken belief that such gambles would result in increased viewship by attracting new fans to Port Charles. Unfortunately, in doing so, the showrunners have managed to alienate much of the core group of loyal GH-ers who have seen their own familiar show literally disappear before their very eyes. (Thus, now placing the soap at the bottom of the ratings heap.) I rarely tune in these days unless there is a return appearance by one of my beloved characters from the GH glory days. Beyond that, most episodes are unrecognizable, banal drivel that bear no semblance to the adventurous, addictive daytime drama that I once considered “must-see tv.” In other words, thanks, but no thanks!

I don’t want Gina to go!!!! She is definitely the BEST Phyllis! Why would they let her go??? I’m extremely upset!

Nina is a stray character.
She is not connected to any of the mainstays..
Being she is a throwaway character she will be killed off–
No need to recast the character Nina she is of no value.

In your opinion only

Willow is her daughter so unfortunately Nina recast will happen…

hi Jimh, how you be?
naww that Willow is not going to stay on long, she is a weak character.
Nina has not had a story worthy of Michaele..
she has been underused, the Nina character, the past year, has been zilch.

Both Willow and Nina were/are going nowhere meaningful in GH and I doubt that Nina will be recast.

Yes, Suoo, the bark of a Willow tree is fragile. If only they had named this character, Redwood.

Agree, a peripheral character–no need for a recast.

very classy

Such class. A true professional. And beautiful lady.

I am stunned!! I don’t know where they are going with this, but Gina Tognoni is a class act and made Phyllis her own. She brought many layers to the character and I will truly miss her. It will be interesting to see the direction they take the character with Michelle Stafford, but they have acknowledge the character has changed over the past five years and she can’t go back to just being a vamp. I feel so twisted about this, because I love both actresses.

Gina your talents are off the charts! Talk to bill bell and head over to b n b ! You should play a descendant of Stephanies and be the boss over there!!

Great idea! Are ya listening Brad Bell?

Sorry. Brad bell.

I did not see this coming! I am so sorry to see her go Gina is such a talented actress. I wish her nothing but the best on her new pathway with much love, good health, happiness and success

Those at Y&R and CBS that made this decision to let go of Gina Tognoni to only have Michelle Stafford back is pure stupid. Stafford dump Y&R to go to rival GH. CBS should be flooded with demands that GINA keep her job. She’s one damn great actress and has the trophy to prove it by her peers. Gina makes Y&R !!!! That is why I watch the show. One of the best daytime actresses or our time.

Shame to CBS and those behind the scenes to treat and do her in this way. Stafford is not all that sorry folks she’s not. Her demands per reports not meet at GH sent her out so what you take someone’s else’s job away you had first, really?


You don’t treat someone who’s given 5 years of the best work on daytime like this day in and out.

MAKE THIS RIGHT CBS AND Y&R MAKES THIS RIGHT!!! are your going to lose many many viewers.

I will flood CBS with letters. Letters expressing my GRATITUDE!

Incredibly gracious and classy, given the appalling way she’s being treated. I hope there is something good around the corner for her; she certainly deserves it after being put through this. (Note to Y&R: You don’t treat Emmy-winning actresses like this. No, not even when the very popular original performer in the role wants to come back. While it’s true that not every single viewer accepted Tognoni as Phyllis, I think most did, and some ended up preferring her; can you really be so sure that Stafford will be embraced in the role again, even though she originated it and played it for years and was a fan favorite? Five years is a long time, and things change. You could easily end up in a lose-lose situation if you’ve miscalculated here.)

Good post!

Its hard to weep for Gina as she is just so beautiful and talented. As difficult as this seems now the glass is still half full. She is the perfect age for a career move. I can easily see her in the movies, in Prime Time or on a cable show. When one door closes, another opens.

Definitely prime time… Gina is that good!!!

no way to treat a lady

what a darn shame, so dirty

Apparently, soaps is a “hard-knock life.”

Why are some fans appalled by the way Gina was treated by CBS? From what I read, CBS couldnt come to terms with Gina and ABC couldnt come to terms with Michelle. Y&R is changing their guard and part of these changes was obviously attractive to Michelle. Gina may be the odd man out but its no ones fault.

This is the second time that Michelle Stafford has come back to Y&R, disposing of the more than competent actress(es) assuming the role of Phyllis. Let’s face it, the role of Phyllis is Michelle’s, it always has been and always will be. Nine Emmy nominations, two wins. Gina Tognini is a great actress, but she was never Phyllis. When Phyllis came out of the coma, the writers and Tognini came up with a softer and kinder creature that never once possessed the fire and passion of Stafford’s Phyllis. It was good acting, but I wondered what happened (and missed) the slightly psycho, tightly wound, self-centered love to hate Phyllis. What was even worse, was watching Stafford as Nina on General Hospital. She never quite clicked. Tognini’s Phyllis had zero chemistry with Nick, Cricket, Sharon, Michael Baldwin, and most importantly Jack Abbott. Just the opposite with Stafford’s original version. I think more than likely there is an agreement with Y&R, when Michelle Stafford wants to take a break, she does. She had every intention of coming back to Y&R, just like the first time she took a break.

Phyllis Summers Romalatti Abbott Newman is an iconic character on daytime, and Michelle Stafford is the only actress capable of truly bringing her to life.

Ahh ha!
I get a kick out of their goodbye statements…
They all sound much the same- as if there is standard reply to being let go-

Praise to everyone and everything, 0ooh lawdy that is so not cool.
No doubt she Gina is pizzedoff, she is human after all but doesn’t dare to say exactly how she really feels, lots of phony speak when fired/let go..

Gina is a soap star.. soap actors go from one soap to another, that is what they do, it’s their profession jumping from soap to another soap is protocol lol..
She will be fine..
most likely her next stop will be Days..

It will be strange to see Michelle back as Phillis on Y&R, for sure.

My jaw dropped reading this the other day. Wow. Gina will be fine – maybe this is a springboard onto bigger and better. Never stay too long at the fair…I agree she was a too yooung, however, rock n rolled Phillis. I did not watch often – know her work as Gina like Michelle is lightning! Now, CBS/Y&R…needs to come to the party as rehire Victoria Rowell…and bring Dru home to shake it up with Michelle/Phillis.We all deserve a second chance…

These show’s will not be around much many more years. Make us laugh, make us cry, make us care. Write for your core viewership…they are retiring and home, again. Call me,CBS. I’ll plan/write an 6-12 month umbrella story…even intern for three months. Have the time. Just let me off for any modeling gigs. Michael, did you need an intern? I’m on sabbatical.

The FANTASTIC FOUR have my attention.
Was going to intern/apprentice overseas – maybe I should stay home and cruise to LA…for a show….mmmm?

Sorry, but have had enough of the high and mighty Ms. Rowell. Hopefully, when Phyllis dropped Drew off that cliff, she stayed gone,

Completely comprehend your point. I’m able to separate actors (and their actions) from characters and vise versa. My philosophy in life is that we all deserve a second chance…grow, do it differently, and learn from our past. There are no three opportunities in my book, friends, family, or otherwise. Three strikes and you are out. Demonstrate and show me with actions and not words. I’ll meditate on Victoria Rowell…be nice to see her bring back Drew on the Y&R screen. Positive thoughts and energy. The Gina/Michelle switch is getting press and the industry talking. And it’s just business. Sometimes when we embrace the unexpected or planned, it’s amazing. And sometimes we need to take the fork in the road. Change is not always a bad thing or to be afraid of. We need all four shows to succeed and thrive. Gooooo Team!!! Nothing like a daytime drama.

Thanks for putting so much time and thought into your comment, but with all your preaching, I still don’t care for Drew or Ms.Rowell.

Just sharing and speaking out-loud. This forum is about reaction and discussion. I honestly speak, communicate, and operate in this fashion…some get it and understand, others do not.we can agree to disagree. That’s healthy.


Today’s show was a little painful to watch. Gina was doing her scenes as Phyllis, but it was as if she was speaking for herself, and the way she’s been treated.
Personally, I have never liked Phyllis, and was so glad when M.S left. Gina continued to make me dislike the character, because she did such a good job. So it’s back to the FF again, when possible. Hope Gina comes over to GH. She’d make a good Nina, but she may be a little young to play Willow’s mother, also being shorter than M.S who towers over everyone.

Very classy statement considering the way she was treated.

I haven’t always warmed to Gina as Phyllis, but I do think it is rotten how she was treated and think she should stay in the role. What happens if Billy Miller becomes available? Will Jason be fired? Or others?

It’s wrong how they treated her. I wish her the best.

Please everybody leave GT alone including myself she was hired for a job I never saw a actress yet that copied the previous actors work do I think she was too young yes I do! I think they should have rested the character but she is getting a lot of unwanted abuse ! Maybe we all might want to take a sweeet pill! Best of luck to her

My goodness she was commuting every week leaving her husband in NJ that’s tough good luck to you sweetie!

Hope the new writer doesn’t wear out his or her welcome. Tognoni drove me crazy. I wrote and questioned whether it was the writer’s or the actress that so upset me. However, Paul is back,(I think we all love Paul.) Please keep him and give him a role with substance.

Years ago I enjoyed Stafford but only watch one Soap. I don’t, however, like being too yanked around.

I was curious how Phyliss was going to handle the set back. Now it won’t be Phyliss that bore the brunt of things but a new/old face. I still recall Stafford with Kevin dragging a rug out of somewhere. How familiar.

Don’t repeat the too many changes so quickly the last writer did. It seemed rather positive about how things were moving forward until this; now I will just wait and see!

Best wishes to Gina; she is exceptional.

I need to apologize. It is late where I live, and my comment that Tognoni drove me crazy is so unkind and incorrect: it was Phyllis who drove me crazy! Forgive me.

Best to all!

I agree. My mom and I watch y & r everyday day. If we miss a show we are devastated. We love Gina. She is a fantastic actor and we are not happy with her departure at all. Stanford doesn’t compare to Gina.

I think she was good as Phyllis and good actress too,But it always crossed my mind from time to time that the character of Phyllis is a lot older than Gina actually is.She is young and she looks young and for her to be the same Phyllis who was married to that Daniel Romalotti character,just doesn’t fit well.I think they should have hired her on there but as a different character…..Gina You did a rockin job as Phyllis!

Absolutely going to miss Gina, she brought class to the character. Not looking forward to the over-doing of Michelle’s histrionics and arm waving form of acting..
I will miss you Gina, your departure is the show’s loss.

Actually I don’t like the Phyllis Summers character whether it’s Michelle Stafford or Gina Tognoni. I always wished that Phyllis would have stayed in a coma forever.

Oh gosh Penny, me too. Never have liked her character, from the moment she hit GC. Guess it wouldn’t make any difference who played the part. We thought Jill was bad, back in the day, but Phyllis has her beat by a mile!

I’ve followed her since Guiding Light, and know she will thrive in her next endeaver. I wish her well. I’m a big fan.

the worst thing that Y & R could have done. You should not have let Gina go. She was wonderful in that role and will be missed by a lot of us. a lot of people will stop watching. Who on earth did this?

Maybe a brand new soap with Gina as a main character is in order.

At first I want a fan -but as the time went on-I think you did a fantastic job of replacing Michelle. I forgot she was ever there. I was shocked when she came back! Your spicy, sparkling, sexy portrayal of Phyllis will be missed. Best wishes to you!!!

gina should never been replaced bt Michelle!!!!!!!!

Very sad to see Gina leave y&r

I hope Gina finds something she truly loves. I wish her all the best in her future. She is a brilliant actress.

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Krofft’s wife, the former Playboy playmate Christa Speck passed away in 2013. He lived in Los Angeles and is survived by his brothers Sid and Harry; his daughters Deanna Krofft-Pope, Kristina Krofft and Kendra Krofft; five grandchildren; and one great-grandchild.

Share your condolences for Marty Krofft via the comment section. But,  first check out our interview with him along with is brother Sid, before they received their Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award at the 45th annual ceremonies below.

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