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James Nigbor OUT As General Hospital's Little Jake, Recast Forthcoming!



Looks like little Jake Spencer has been recast on General Hospital! According to the James Nigbor twitter account, run by the young actor’s parents, James has finished his run as Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Jason’s (Billy Miller) son.

Today in a tweet with images of James as Jake through the years, it read:  “This is for my son James. You will always be our Liason baby. Thank you to all the fans for loving my boy.”

When a fan followed up with a tweet saying: “Thank you for sharing him with us. I hope we see more of him on GH,”, the Nigbor account added, “I’m sorry but he has been recasted. Thanks for all your love and support.”

When another fan responded,  “Jake’s been recast?”  The answer back was, “Yes but we feel truly blessed to have been apart of GH and for him to have had this opportunity.”

Within the Nigbor tweet exchange, it was mentioned that “the 29th” was James last GH episode.  

So, what do you think about the news that James Nigbor is no longer playing little Jake? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Good move, although sad for him.

I thought he really grew as an actor since Sam’s accident, and especially in his scenes with Roger Howarth. I will be sad to see him recast just as he was finding his voice as a young actor. Frankly I worry about all young actors. To have to work in such a high-pressured and at times cruel
industry at such a young age seems somehow to rob them of their childhood.

I agree… I posted… that …when he was absent from the show… for those 4-5 years… when even at that young age.. did he know his character had died

he had to have been enjoying his OWN childhood… and he just never surfaced or reinvented…

so darned cute! my heart still aches for Liz… and it was a “real” treat to see little Jake… with Roger Howarth’ Franco… bonding

I was looking forward to this storyline… with Liz moving on… you could see the magic “surfacing” with Franco, Liz, Jake… and her other sons

sorry to see him being replaced… I agree with most posts.. he was coming around and finding his way, again

Little Jake is thee BEST !

Kids NEED to know life isnt all peaches and cream! Look at all these teenagers that are on a successful show and scratch their heads when their show is cancelled! Learn early to set yourself up later in life that somethings dont last forever!

I was warming up to the young actor. It has been fun to see the strides he made in the role over his time on the show. Unless it is to age the character I see no reason to make a change at this time.

Horrible decision to recast. James is phenomenal as Little Jake. Hope they are Not SORAS him. All the current kids, Jake, Spencer, Cameron Aiden & Emma should age naturally.

James is a terrific young actor and I was really glad TPTB brought him back as Jake. I REALLY WANT TO KNOW THE REASONING BEHIND THIS!

I thought he did a super job at playing the creepy-spooky-super messed up child! I think he acted exactly the way a child under Helena’s control for 4 years would have acted.

This just seems like another bone-headed move the new writers are making.

Totally agree with you– I think -well he did seem creepy weird but once he got to that hospital that I will not name after he was hit by a car- he no longer had that creepy look and his hair was different, too. So is this the new writers making a change or what??

I totally agree! This kid knocked it out of the park! They should have left Joeclyn and all the other kids alone let them grow up like Robin did! There is no need to soras and fill up the screen with teen drama! There is plenty of time for that let’s focus on the people we have! What a shame!

I agree Jenni. The aged Joss for no good reason!

Exactly I said the same thing GH is going to regret letting James go, he was just awarded Universal Studios star award you go James !!!

Wth what is that all about? James has been doing a fab job as jake (scary) !! They are probably going to make him older!!

awww,, I like James Nigbor..
He’s like a kid from a horror movie!
James is unique, he’s got the eerie going on!

We knew he was your kind of kid…lol

Ahhha haaa! you got me, Jimh 🙂

So, does this mean Jake will now be a teen?

There is no ‘teen love’ on GH. If ‘they’ were to SORAS Jake, he could be Jocelyn’s boyfriend. It’s time we see that girl in circulation, on a regular basis… a scholastic environment.

Did they age Jocelyn…i missed some eps. but Emma is still little Emma when she visits Anna…oh, well a lot of GH rarely makes any sense these days…lol

Yes, Jimmy, Jocelyn/Josslyn is now a teen. I just wonder why ‘they’ have decided to age Jake.
I’d like to think a fresh storyline with some of these youngsters would be welcomed.

A teen story is ok if done right with good actors but they didnt do well with TJ and Molly…

I agree, Jimmy. Haley Pulos has a bright career ahead of her….so versatile. In my opinion, her counterpart, Tequan Richmond, is a bleak actor for me. No charisma.
I could say the same for the avalanche of young newbies at Days.

They could write decent stuff for the children….i see them do it on Britains Coronation Street…and they never soras them…they are allowed to grow up realistically and act like real children…Simon has been acting out…his mother is dead and his father moved away…he lives with his stepmother whom he has physically abused when angered…Simon is 12…he still a troubled kid and his family is trying to help him…he currently left to visit his father…when he returned he is still a 12 year old…i love the realism of this show but it too can have its unbelievable soapish moment…like the dead body buried underneath a bedroom floor and no smell from the decaying corpse after all these months…unless he isnt dead and somehow escaped down the sewage tunnel…lol

Yes, Jimmy. Ideally, children should be able to grow up on screen, as many have.
As I said, there must be something of utter importance going down …..something involving Jake, which a child James Nigbor’s age cannot handle or perceive.
It’s hard to shake the feeling that Helena is, indeed, involved somehow.

I doubt that GH is going to “age” Jake. I’m sure it’s to replace the former Jake with a BETTER actor. Come on; the kid playing that role was pretty awful!! There’s no reason to age Jake; they’ll have to age all the kids if they do that. Isn’t it funny how the kids age, but the parents never do? (heavy sigh)…I wish it was like that in real life. lol

What’s up? I couldn’t bear when they brought back a dead child. This kid was good in the part. Just like Jason “Stone Cold”.

Glad they are getting a new actor! Didn’t like the boys acting even before he was “killed” way back!

Ice cold!

James is a terrific actor, big mistake GH…They recast the role, what a joke.

I agree, Johnny. James is such a good little actor. To do this so soon after his return makes no sense; unless there is a vital storyline waiting for an older Jake. Enter Helena, anyone?

I hope there is a method to this madness, CeeCee, and it’s spelled H-E-L-E-N-A!! James really captured the essence of this little trainwreck of a Cassadine-reared kiddie…..he looked so eerie, and yet, charmingly cherubic, at the same time. (Like a child star from a ’50’s sitcom or Disney movie……..) Plus, he was super with RoHo…after all this time, Franco had finally found himself a like-minded playmate, and now he’s gone! Bah…..

I am shocked and saddened to hear this. For one thing, the twins have done such a good job playing a disturbed child. Secondly … why would they age him up right in the middle of his big storyline? And third … if this means we’re also going to lose Spencer and Emma … then TIIC at GH are letting a group of very talented and beloved soap kids go. We’ve heard spoilers recently that Emma is coming back to visit Anna. If it’s not Brooklyn … then who cares?

We did hear that it”s Brooklyn. It was established when she left that she’d be making sporadic visits.

What is wrong with GH? They just can’t go recast a role that had so much hype! This is the second biggest mistake they did, next to recasting the role of Jason with Billy Miller. I tell you, this role should have been given to Michael Muhney! He can totally pull off stone cold and he looks a little bit like Steve Burton! I tell you, I will never forgive GH for the biggest mistakes in history in soap history. Well that and ousting Michael Muhney, now that’s something that will never be forgotten any time soon.

In case they forgotten, Nigbor played the character when Luke was leaving, and now they are throwing him out again. This is Drew Garrett being replaced with Chad Duell all over again. I still miss Garrett and hope he is having success outside of General Hospital.

The present Jake is a great actor. If they want to “age” him, then they will have to age Spencer, Emma etc; It’s v. difficult to get good child actors . I hope they know what they are doing. Ridiculous!

I am holding out hope MM is hied as Valentin Cassadine!

I wouldnt worry much about little Jake. He is a kid. I think he picked up the pace and was good with Franco but lets wait and see what GH does before we jump off a bridge!

Drew Garret was a better Michael.

So true, that is what made Jake’s return so poignant .. he was played by the same actor! James has done a terrrific job as Jake, this gives me one less reason to tune in.

The little actor was a fish out of water when it came to acting. He was not a child actor per se, just a cute kid.

You got it, Lou. He was a cute kid with no talent.

this is terrible he has played Jake from please keep him on

I liked how he creeped me out…stupid GH!!!

Me, too. That was his appeal. All the other kids on GH, except Spencer (where’s he been?!?), are boring.

I believe the actor who plays Spenser is off doing another project at the moment.

Spencer is on a Disney show called Stuck in the Middle. He knew better than to wait around for scripts from the new regime at GH.

I’m one of the few people who really does not enjoy the little kids on the show. For one, I think they are portrayed as either sickly sweet and perfect (Emma) or obnoxiously advanced (Spencer). Jake was the exception. He seemed like a real kid. A kid with problems, grant you, but still a kid. Cameron is portrayed as a real kid too. Emma and Spencer are portrayed as mini-adults. I never enjoyed watching them very much. It’s nothing against the actors — they are good actors who are clearly giving the writers and directors what they want from their performances. It’s more how their characters have been conceived that rubs me the wrong way.

He creeped me out too; with her poor performances.


This is sad news. I like James as Jake and always have.

Thank the Lord! Sorry but the kid is flatter than paint. He needed to go.

Ah, another honest person. WTG, Joe!

I’m so sorry for James. I think he was improving as an actor, especially once he didn’t have to play “Stone Cold” anymore. His scenes with Franco were charming.

What does this mean for Becky Herbst? If Jake is recast, then his story is ongoing, so presumably Liz’s story is ongoing. Does that mean that Becky signed a contract, or that GH is recasting her, too? Any news on casting calls at GH?

Sorry for the kid, but he was so robotic.
Hard today watch, always looking anywhere but the camera.

Agree 100%

~ Within the Nigbor tweet exchange, it was mentioned that “the 29th” was James last GH episode. ~

She corrected that on Twitter saying the 3rd (March) was his last air date.

I am very sad that he’s leaving. I enjoy him as Jake. I think he’s a fine actor, but I’m not one to judge that. I just hope that this decision wasn’t made because of all the vileness I’ve seen grown adults say about the child and character. I wish him a ton of success.

It’s not a matter of “judging;.” you shouldn’t feel badly about that. James is indeed a cute kid, but he’s a horrible actor (and most people don’t want to say so, because he IS a child, but anyone who has seen his constantly poor attempts at a performance, KNOW this is true). Maybe he just wants to be a kid for now, and an actor later on in life. That’s okay. He never looked like he wanted to even be there; always dead-pan, expressionless, monotone, awkward. He possessed NO natural talent at all.

Wish him luck, god bless him, but may it was for the best, Disney is better, for theses kids, especially playing a creepy kid, but I still think Jake belongs to Lucky

Well if the tradition of GH raiding Y&R cast and vice versa continues, the only one on Y&R they could steal is the guy who plays Ben’s son Max— who’s creepy too.

All kidding aside if they recast with an older child actor it might solely to be able to have the kid on camera for longer periods of time– there are all kind of rules governing child actors, so the decision to recast might be that reason especially if the role is going to be expanded requiring more air time, and it looks like it is heading in that direction — an older child might be able to handle the increased work load better–and they can keep him on set longer saving time, which saves money.

Makes perfect sense, Mary…didn’t even think of that !!

Everything you stated in reference to SARS, in fact, is very true, but sadly, I believe the role was recast because the kid who had it was a terrible actor and the fans finally got to the producers. There was a TON of (not very nice) online comments about young James (in reference to his lack of talent), continuously, since the first day he returned to GH. First, I thought, “Give the kid a chance.” Then I thought, “Okay, he’s been kidnapped that’s why he acts so drifty.” But then, I noticed his blank, non-talented performances went on and on and on. GH was right to get rid of him; he’s awful! Maybe later on in life he can try again; he’s only 9 and he’s got plenty of time.

Why this actor get so much Publicity
its on Facebook..its on SOS

Just get Jasam a Baby girl..

I’m especially, SAD

disheartened…that this has happened…

WHAT ON EARTH, is going on, with Rebecca Herbst ????

I truly thought he was finally coming along… especially with Roger Howarth and it was still on… with Rebecca Herbst


aside from being a cutie patootie…

shucks… my little Jake… will be missed

that is terrible he was a great actor and will be missed

No, he was certainly NOT a great actor; not even close.

he was a great actor for a young boy and made great creepy faces . he was a cute little guy and I still will miss him

Not surprised they are always changing some body, they probably want another Spencer type. We’ll all live.

You need a young Camryn Grimes or a Johnathan Jacjson or a Kimberly Mccoulligh you have thrown this kid into major story got to have some chops

Sorry Lordy misspelling of names

However you feel about the actor, the whole thing just smells.

Yet, another ASSNINE move by abc. Those losers that are in charge cannot be more moronic. James was doing such a fantastic job and was getting his acting chops going and then abc comes in a WACKS him off at the knees. I was so Happy when they brought him (the actor) back from the so called dead.

What is frikken wrong with abc? First the dumbest move ever in history getting rid of All My Children & then One Life to Live. Dropping OLTL from their daytime lineup when it was their highest rated Soap was done by a moron Brian Frons. I will BOYCOTT abc and I will only watch GH and that is ALL. I want to thank abc because now I watch NBC & CBS shows. 🙂 FARK them!

Hey Joe,
By watching GH you broke your boycott of ABC .. LOL
You might as well watch all get primetime soaps that ABC offers, some really good ones you’re missing, your boycott is now nil.. 😉

I agree – ABC has done some REAL boners, but getting rid of this non-talented kid was NOT one of them. He was a TERRIBLE actor! As far as we’re concerned, this is something ABC finally got right!

I think the will SORAS him and that’s where recast comes in and had to do it at some point and that will allow the show to have more storylines for jake in the future.

i think they are going to age Jake into a teenager. the show doesn’t really have a younger set

Damn shame, James was a little cutie and I thought he played the role of Jake very well. Exactly the way you would expect a kid that was supposedly under the control of Helena Cassadine for all of those years to act. They must have something different in mind for the role. I don’t know. Some of the casting decisions Frank Valentini makes really puzzle me. We can’t get Tristan Rogers back on contract, but we need a new Jake, when the current one was doing just fine.

He is a wonderful actor. Are the parents pulling him out of the show? We will miss him.

I just want to say that I wish that General Hospital would come up with better story lines than mob stories. Maybe have a little happiness once in a while. I think I may start watching The Young and the Restless since it has alot of the old GH characters.

Anne, over at Y&R, Steve Burton is FINALLY starting to shine and Kelly Sullivan who was Connie/Kate on GH is doing a fine job to. Dont forget Jason Thompson who replaced Billy Miller’s character on Y&R. I have not heard ONE complaint over the recast. Y&R is pretty good right now and you will probably enjoy the change from the mob!

I think this is sad news. He was just beginning to settle in and now someone else will be brought in to jar the fans once again. I think that’s a bad decision. They should have let the kid grow more.

And if the rumors about aging him are true they’ll be making another big mistake. Fans aren’t stupid. They remember what year certain characters were born and who should be older than who. All the kids on the show, with the exception of Rocco, Maxi’es little girl, Avery, Leo, and Sabrina’s kid were born before I started watching, so I don’t know; but I can tell when things get out of whack with the SOARs. (Hello, Jocelyn!) Doesn’t work well.

I like this young actor and think he was doing a great job. He is 100 times better than the guy that plays Theo on Days.

Rebecca Herbst and General Hospital might have worked out a new deal for her to stay with the show. They are going to SORAS both Cameron and Jake to teenagers and this will be a Liz’s new storyline in dealing with her now 13-14 year old kids. One of them will be paired with Joss and be a nice respectful kid while the other one will be a real hell raiser that constantly gets into trouble.

I intimated as much, Jay. I guess we had the same idea?

I ssssoooooo hope this; RH and GH work out a new deal !

this would have been “my” last straw… and would have shucked GH

Jake was the bees knees and king of cute

the bonding moments were coming along… I’m so glad at least the posts as a whole are saying as such

I hope GH still continues on with the attraction with Franco…. Liz … “He’s Yours”

I loved the last Joss… now she could be a hell raiser…

did any one catch that movie about Dolly Parton… “coat of many colors”

LOL… I was so surprised to see our little Josselyn in the movie… she was great!

the one who totally knocked my off my chair… was Faith… Sharon daughter from Y&R… AMAZING !

on Y&R.. I thought.. Faith was the odd one…not on “coat of many colors” you could have knocked me over with a feather… the way she acted her little heart out… convincingly so… and I LOVE HER… she can act

fans are right tho… with Spence gone… Emma gone…

wow… this Is going to smart nevertheless… NO JAKE… argh! my heart… w/Liz’

That was so nice of his parents to reach out to the fans. It was also cool GH used the original Jake when he came back on the show. At first James struggled a bit but he has gotten better and him and Billy Miller were finding a groove as father and son. Either FV didnt feel the same or they are aging the boy? Either way, good luck James and I know you will show up on something new because you have a bright future buddy.

she later corrected that last air date because he was on 3/3

GOOD!!!! That kid is a horrible actor. It made no sense to cast him in such an important role and he couldn’t act. There are WAY TOO MANY good child actors out there, so I have no idea why they settled on him. Maybe he’s related to someone at ABC?

Think about it — the kid that portrays Spencer is an EXCELLENT actor. Emma was pretty good, too. I loved little Jocelyn when she was obsessed with “Children of the Corn.” She played her role with such gusto, and you could totally tell that she was Carly’s daughter! It was just a poor choice in casting by choosing this kid to play Jake.

Oh well. Hopefully, they’ll get a much better actor this time around. This kid needs to do some community theater and enroll in some acting classes.

Keep James and recast Morgan!


That is a very good decision… he is a very cute boy and certainly a good resemblance to his dad…. but he needs some acting lessons if he is to continue on…. from what I read, he had not done any acting since he was a baby at GH so throwing him into a role like this was not ever fair to the kid….

” I”VE …. GOT … IT ”

DAYS of OUR Lives needs to hire him as Parker…. !!!!! they just aged Parker.. and he’s not bringing it….

Parker is Chloe son…

he’d be great with Nicole as well

come to think of IT… with all the SORAS they did on DAYS… they don’t have kids… either

Abs, Gabs, and Theresa have babies

Well, if they age Jake, they have to age Danny, Cam, Aiden, Leo, Avery, Rocco ,Spencer, Emma..otherwise there is no way any story will be believable.So they will all have to be let go too. And with these young kids aged – especially if they go to teens, they have to then age Molly, Kristina, TJ, Michael, Morgan and Kiki.cause you can’t have kids born years after them almost the same age as them. Why isn’t GH thinking before acting? James ( Jake) was the child taken by Helena – he is the one who came home – who better to tell what happened to him during those years than the child who played the part?

The little boy does a good job. Some say he acts weird. Duh. He’s supposed to be mentally disturbed after living with Helena. Now will they SORAS all the kids. Horrible. Will they all be fired? Makes no sense.

He is excellent for the part of Lil Jake. He even has the look of his character and it will be a mistake to recast him, but good luck!!

I am glad they recast the role. The child they were using seemed purely evil and I felt no empathy for him.

Can’t believe he was replaced with a younger peppy child. And they still say via Franco he reminds me at that age type line.
Can’t even see it

I think this is SO sad! You played the part perfectly. Best of luck James!

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Since Mac was out of town supposedly down in South America helping a ‘friend’, some things have changed, including Spinelli (Bradford Anderson). having moved in with Maxie and the kids, to which Mac does not disapprove.


In the meantime, Cody (Josh Kelly) is a man in conflict when he has second thoughts about not telling Mac he is his biological son.  When James shows up Maxie’s with Cody in tow, he lays his eyes upon the just-arrived-back-in-town Mac. The two share pleasant “hellos.” Later, back at the Quartermaine stables, Cody tells Tracy (Jane Elliot) the long and winding road story of not knowing who is father was for most of his life. Cody shares he finally found his father in Port Charles, but his father doesn’t know he has a son. Tracy thinks Cody now has a chance to re-set some things and should come clean.


Meanwhile, Felicia keeps getting calls from Maxie while she is work at General Hospital and does not pick up. So, Felicia is unaware that her husband is back. Eventually, Felicia arrives at Maxie’s and is in for a big surprise when Mac appears and the two hug and share a kiss.

After the episode aired, and seeing the reaction from GH fans, John J. York took to his account on X. York expressed, “WOW!!! I’m just so humbled by your warm, kind and gracious words as Mac returned to PC! Your support has been monumental! I have a feeling, things are about to get interesting!”

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Michael Fairman TV caught with Jophielle on the red carpet at the recent 51st annual Daytime Creative Arts and Lifestyle Emmy Award ceremonies, where she was a nominee for Best Original Song for the song she co-wrote, “Shine.” The track was first heard back on a December 2023 episode of the ABC daytime drama series and is currently available on Spotify and other music streaming platforms.

Photo: ABC

When talking about the departure of Gregory Harrison, and Violet’s reaction to her grandpa’s passing, Love shared, “Well, I was very tired from the taping of the three-day wedding, so I already had the tears in me. I knew that I was always going to see him (Gregory Harrison) in real life, but I was also very, very sad he was leaving the show. He was such a delight to work with.”

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Ali, who back on June 9th took to X to stand up to the racist remarks sent her way, has been facing the same situation since joining the soap opera back in 2022 as a recast in the role of Trina Robinson.

Throughout her time on the ABC soap opera, Tabyana had been one-half of the popular young love story of “Sprina” along with Nicholas Chavez (ex-Spencer).

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Now General Hospital is standing up and alongside Ali, with its statement which read: “General Hospital does not tolerate hatred or bigotry of any kind. Racism has no place in Port Charles. GH is for everyone.”  Since its posting, the ability to comment has been turned off on the GH Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

While the statement does not specifically name Ali, according to Soap Opera Digest, ABC has been communicating with Ali and her representatives about how best to navigate the situation. Once the statement was issued, Ali took to X and said, “I appreciate you so much ABC/GH.”

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Back on June 9th, Ali opened up about the “hate” directed at her and then added, “To anyone that hates me, that’s absolutely fine. I don’t know you and you don’t me, but regardless I’m sending you peace, safety and prosperity.”

Several of Ali’s GH co-stars have posted the statement on their Instagram accounts including: Kirsten Storms (Maxie), Jacqueline Grace Lopez (Blaze) and Kate Mansi (Kristina).

What do you think of General Hospital’s statement that racism has no place in Port Charles? Are you glad they stood up for Tabyana, and moving forward for any form of racism related to the show and its cast? Comment below.

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