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Jason Thompson Chats On Patrick and Sabrina, A Robin "What If" & General Hospital's 50th!



While the big returns keep coming on General Hospital, as part of their 50th anniversary celebration, the one story that has massive emotional heart behind it is the budding romance of single widowed dad, Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) and the fumbling, loveable student nurse, Sabrina Santiago (Teresa Castillo).

As the Nurses’ Ball draws closer there are a couple of big questions … will the dashing doctor admit he just might be head over heels for the girl with so much love in her heart to give to both Patrick and his daughter Emma (Brooklyn Rae Silzer)?  But then there is always that big soap opera spoiler!  Could the very much alive fan favorite Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake (Kimberly McCullough) somehow, against all odds, be making her way back to Port Charles to be with the man she loves and their little girl?

On-Air On-Soaps caught up with Jason Thompson ask him his thoughts on where Patrick stands with Sabrina, what if there is a Robin sighting, and what is it like being one of the leading actors on a legacy show such as General Hospital, as we countdown to the anniversary episode and the Nurses’ Ball.  Here is what Jason had to say about it all!

How do you like working with Teresa Castillo?  She has been doing an incredible job! Do you think it’s going to be hard for people to accept you with anyone else on-screen romantically other than Kimberly McCullough, because people love Patrick and Robin so much?


JASON:  Yeah, and I don’t know if that will ever kind of go away.  But, Teresa has been great.  If you know her, she is nothing like that character, so it’s been a challenge for her. It has been really fun to watch her work.  The last month, Sabrina has kind of been coming out of her shell a little bit.  It has been really wonderful to see more of who she is.  Patrick and Sabrina are getting more comfortable with each other too.  We had those scenes in the church that were really fun and touching, and now that the Nurses’ Ball is upon us … we will see what happens.

So, do you think Patrick might be just smitten with Sabrina when she finally gets glammed up for the Nurses’ Ball?  I think Patrick loves her already, but he can’t quite admit it to himself.

JASON:  I think he does love her, and I think he just might be smitten.  She is very familiar to him, and in a way that Robin was in that she is a really good person.  That’s hard to find in Port Charles. (Laughs)  As Patrick can attest, he has found some crazy ones along the way! (Laughs)


Now many fans are hoping that somehow, someway Robin will make it to the Nurses’ Ball and will finally be reunited with Patrick and their daughter, Emma.  I know you won’t spill, but what do you think of that set-up; just as Sabrina and Patrick get closer?  (Laughs)

JASON:  Maybe, I don’t know! (Laughs) But this has all been fun.

This is the 50 year celebration of one of the most iconic soaps of them all, General Hospital …  and you are a part of it!  What does that mean for you as an actor, and to play a beloved character on a show such as this?

JASON:  We were shooting the actual 50 year episode, and our executive producer Frank Valentini comes up to me and goes, “This is it.  This is the episode.”  And I was like, “Holy cow!”  I looked at my script for the day, and I don’t know how it’s going to edit together, but Patrick is taking some interns on tour of the hospital and he is showing them around and telling them the history of Dr. Hardy.   It kind of got to me.  I was thinking, “Oh my God. I am part of this!”  It is amazing to be a part of something like this, and to feel that the Patrick Drake character has become part of this show after so long.  For me personally, it doesn’t matter what happens to me in my career, this is a very special moment.


The on-screen relationship between Patrick and his little girl, Emma is so adorable to watch.  You and Brooklyn have made viewers care so much about the well-being of this father/daughter duo!  How is it working with this future Younger Actress Daytime Emmy winner?

JASON:  It’s been an amazing relationship that we have, and it’s very fun to play scenes with Brooklyn, because she is real and great.  I feel I am probably at my best when I am doing scenes with her.  For whatever reason, I feel I am at home with her, and I don’t have to be doing anything.  We just sit there and say our lines.  It’s nice and comfortable. There is no other “stuff” going on.  Brooklyn has been such a welcome addition to playing the character of Emma.   She started on the show when she was almost four, and now she is just over six.  She is becoming a little actress, and she takes direction amazingly well. You can give her pink pages!  Frank Valentini will say to her, “When you say this … go to the door, turn around, and say this and then walk out.”  And Brooklyn will go, “OK.”   I don’t think that she has ever dropped a line!  Actually, wait.  A few days ago she actually dropped a line, and we were having fun with her with it going, “Oh, it finally happened!” (Laughs) But seriously, that was the first time she ever messed up a line in two years!

So GH fans, are you rooting for Patrick and Sabrina to come together for the Nurses’ Ball?  Do you think Robin will show up for the 50th anniversary of General Hospital?   What do you think of the performances of Jason Thompson, Teresa Castillo and Brooklyn Rae Silzer?  Let us know your thoughts?

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Totally adorable! Looking forward to the the reveal of Sabrina and Patrick’s response!

I couldn’t agree more about being excited over Patrick and Sabrina. Her character development over the past couple months has been interesting and entertaining to watch. And she seems great for Patrick and Emma! I have watched the show for over a decade and while I loved Robin, it’s time to move on from the Patrick and robin story line! Kimberly has made it clear that she doesn’t wish to return to the show! And Patrick and Emma deserve both to have a sweet female presence I’m their life!

I didn’t like Sabrina at first but I’ve come to really like Sabrina & Patrick together and I don’t want a short stint of Robin returning to mess this relationship up. Not sure what they’re going to do with that since we know Robin is alive. My thing has always been that if Kimberly McCullough can’t commit to a long-term deal, then Jason Thompson & Patrick deserve a storyline of their own!

JT could have had plenty of stories and that is no way Kimberly’s fault. Don’t buy that Kimberly is not available because when she was they didn’t use her. Use her recurring. FV sent Matt of and if he wanted to write for Patrick he could have used his brother. He could have had Patrick be taken in by Britt who knows Robin is alive and I know she does. He could have had Patrick had a real addiciton story not get over addiction in a 2 week period. I am no writer and I could think of this This so called love story forced over 3 months is an insult to me as a viewer and insult to a legacy Kimberly.

Good for you this story is horrible and imo has caused many people to leave GH. I think that an actor with such talent deserves more than a this type of horrible writing. To be honest the character Patrick has LEFT THE BUILDING VERY VERY SAD INDEED.

we do not want patrick and sabrina- bring Robin home!!

That is where I am Bring Robin home.

I feel like I’ve been hit over the head with a baseball bat with this relationship, leaving no room for surprise. It’s a throwback to old fashioned romance novels, that were great when I was 12, but no longer appeal as a grown woman. I’ll take a pass.

I love the Drake family and their relationships! Sabrina will be beautiful and I love the character, but I’m for true love and LASTING relationships so hopefully Robin will come back before they get to the point of no return. However, knowing Kim Mc is not available full time-I’m thinking she’ll be trying to help Robert Scorpio recover from his coma before she returns to PC!

Brooklyn is one of those adorable child actors u hope they never age her character. I have mixed feelings about Pat&Sab…i like how he seemed to help draw her out of her shell and i do feel he is smitten by her brains and inner beauty (plus she is also on the outside) but i feel its just harmless infatuation out of his loneliness for Robin and i doubt itll go much farther than that. There arent too many more suprises left for the nurses ball and somehow i feel they are saving the best suprise for last…the return of Robin. What better way to have her return other than the nurses ball knowing her history with hivaids? Im sure they can work things out to keep KM part of the GH landscape.

Actually they should have never showed Robin as being alive…her suprise and shocking return would have had a more dramatic affect on the current storyline. I know a lot of fans will not accept Patrick with anybody else but Robin so i already know what there comments will be so there will be no suprise there. I see Sabrina more like a big sister type to Emma more than anything else.

It is interesting to me that the fans and even soap writers see the writing on the wall but Cartini continue to hit us over the head with the giant Love Sabrina Stick.

If they have to pair Patrick with anyone b4 Robin does return or not, a better match wouldve been Elizabeth…i see chemistry there. Sabrina and Spinnelli have better chemistry than Patrick and Sabrina but now i like Ellie with him even more then i like Spin with Maxi.

Jim I agree it would have been much better with Liz because that is what Robin wanted and just think of all the drama once Robin returned. Sabrina just does nothing for me. They missed it on this one.

I disagree! Sabrina is a wonderful person and if/when Robin comes back she will bow out with dignity. She also has an amazing inner strength that we’ve only seen glimpses of (When she tells off Todd, when she stands up for Emma when Britch is mean to her, when she stands up for herself with the cheating scandal) I think these qualities will only increase over time and I LOVE the Patrick/Sabrina storyline in all honesty it’s the only reason I’ve continued to watch the last few months. The vampire thing was ridiculous, I hate AJ and I feel like Michael is being kind of a tool when it comes to making his life choices. And the whole Maxie/Spin/Dante/Lulu baby thing is just pissing me off.

Sabrina has done nothing wrong and her love for the Drake’s comes from her deep understanding of what it’s like to loose the central woman in your life. (we now know she lost her mother and her father was never there for her as a child)

I understand that the Patrick/Robin relationship is strong I love them together too but no one knows shes alive and we know that Patrick and Robin will end up together in the end if the writer’s and that actress ever figure out there differences.

I also agree that Patrick deserves his own storyline. So does Sabrina and while I hope their relationship continues I hope that they both get there own separate story lines. And no matter what Sabrina and Patrick are now forever friends!

Think it is one big ‘ole bunch of bait-n-switch. Robin isn’t returning. Carlivati knows it. You know it. Jason Thompson knows it. The show needs to get KMc back just long enough to wrap this story line once and for all. This bait-n-switch nonsense has lost it’s lustre. That way Jason’s Patrick can move on with Teresa’s teenage prom queen.

I will agree with you after i see the nurses ball but for now i feel that is the right time for her reurn.

I totally agree with you SuZ! Having Robin captive by Faison and now Jerry Jacks is already old news..honestly, I couldn’t care less if she stays captive for good. I would rather see Patrick/Jason have the chance to move on than have these short little story arcs when KMC is directing/producing/whatever. She simply doesn’t want to be there long-term so they should stop with the Robin dangling ..

Ces, You might not care if Robin is held for good but I care. I don’t want Robin dead or captive so Patrick moves on. They could have given Scrubs a HEA and if JT was staying which no one knows what goes on with the actors he could come back as someone different.

Robin should not be held for her husband to move on. Robin doesn’t deserve it. Robin is the legacy and deserved better and should have just left with her child.

As for Kimberly she and FV worked it out and I am thrilled she isn’t off GH. Robin doesn’t have to be long term since no characters are on all the time. She could be recurring

Kimberly has been free and other actors who play in her story haven’t so blame RC and FV for that. Tony got sick, FH directed and IB had a play and then the LIver with the PP garbage stalled even more along with SBu leaving abruptly.

Please enough with blaming Kimberly since JT wouldn’t have story or material if she didn’t “DIE”.

Sorry Suz but Kimberly’s story has yet to play. It is an umbrella story and if it wasn’t for that Patrick wouldn’t have any story. Not interested in the prom king and queens story but if RC wanted Patrick could have gotten plenty of story without this teen prom scene. Matt was let go when they could have had story as brothers. Britt could have used Patrick and he feel for it then Robin returns.

End game is Scrubs so that is all I am interested in and a decent story not using ROBIN or her child to prop the prom queen.

Robin and Kimberly deserve better.

It is so wonderful that Patrick and Sabrina will unite at the Ball in honor of his WIFE. I am sick of them dangling Robin in our faces every two months while every person in the village has to prop the goodness and purity of St. Sabrina. Patrick and Sabrina have not even been on date and she was still calling him Dr. Drake like three weeks ago. This story is ridiculous.

It is a disgrace that it happens with Robin alive and then at the ball is a bigger diesgrace and slap in the face to Robin a GH vet or a newbie nurse. Well I guess RC and FV don’t care about viewers since most over 95% want Robin back and with Patrick and Emma even over this forced pairing.

slap in the face to Robin, really? Kimberly McCullough has stated she doesn’t want to be on the show full-time which is pretty much while she left .. the show must go on.

It would have made more sense had Elizabeth fallen for Patrick and he for her. KM didnt want to do the show full time so they shouldve left her dead or done a recast instead of leaving us false hope. I want Robin to return at the right moment…at the nurses ball but if not i wont be disapointed. The show must go on.

Cathy, You have realized something GH fans have yet to realize, RC & FV do not care about what the fans want! And they will continue to dangle Robin in the faces of GH fans to keep them watching waiting for a return they knew from the start was not going to happen!

Where do you get 95%? Are you getting this from the people who are constantly complaining and whining about Robin not coming back? I happen to love the potential between Patrick and Sabrina and think they are great together. Kimberly McCullough CHOSE to leave the show. Granted, they really should have killed her character off last winter instead of keeping the viewers in limbo.

I agree; that the show must go on.

it’s from one end of the spectrum to ??? far left field… however you word it..

it doesn’t ring true.

OK… Robin may not be coming back…. Home… and that will always pull at the heartstrings….

but.. from the best LOVE story in ages… eons… in this day and age… which, was played out… and, I can’t fault KM for “leaving”… sigh… it’s such a BIG limbo.. that..

to give… JT… Patrick… a prince charming… after the fact.. that he was in SOOOOOO much pain, – AND – hurt… that to place him in a cinderella story… was a mistake. Period.

had they delved further ,HE WAS a happily married man/father. MANS’ story… of loss… HUGE LOSS… they should have continued on further with this… and perhaps… he’d have met someone who was also… in recovery.. or what have you…

i’ve always loved the thought of him and SAM … after her loss of Jason… and now Daniel….

it doesn’t bode well for fans… that it’s become walt disney if you will… it was pre-meditated… obvious…. cliche… give him a story… she doesn’t seem like she’s acting natural… it would seem like her first scene.. was… she has a crush on him… it was what? a crush at first sight… and the stage was set…

all her acting… up to this point… was with elizabeth, Brit, and Felix.

when its all said and done… i’d have been more accepting… had they just ventured longer in to the loss and pain… and heck ANGER… of one man’s journey… the LOVE these two shared… Patrick and Robin… will forever be in question.

it was the incorrect road for Patrick to have been given.

OMG. I think I just lost my breakfast! Patrick loves her? Are you kidding me Jason? Have Patrick and Sabrina ever even shared a cup of coffee, let alone been on a date together? Or I don’t know, kissed each other? Nope. And the fact that you’re comparing the character to Robin is just laughable. Robin is irreplaceable and one of a kind. My biggest issue with the character of Sabrina has NOTHING to do with the way she looks. She acts like a child! And a makeover is not going to help that IMO. Jason, I’ve always been a fan and tried to see things from your perspective, but I think you’ve lost me with this one. Sorry dude.


I can’t even stomach this as well. I’m going to be sick…. hurl!

I’ve said so much… and if the writings’ on the wall…. I can’t get over this… just yet.

the writers really shouldn’t have dangled Robin is or isn’t alive/ imprisoned…

when you mess with LOVE. and that includes that beautiful Emma…

Oye! you well up.. .and can’t believe it.


i’ts lke Dr. Patrick has been championing Sabrina… she aced her nurses exam…. she fended of Britt…. now she’s going to be responsible for ….”what” bringing a loving tribute of Robin at he NB? i don’t know… it’s just too much… “obvious” …
and yeah…. Patrick “knows” Sabrina and Emma are “bonded”.


i don’t want to be sorry about this one LOVE story.

I agree! It makes me sick and if they think we will accept them as a couple Just because Jason is for it, they are wrong!!!! She is more for Michael not Patrick.

If this Sabrina Character is one of RC’s pets you guys are screwed cause she will be shoved in the faces of the fans and because Jason/Patrick has such a following of course that is who they are going to hook her up with because they can Force this Love Story on the fans By dangling Robin in the mix knowing the fans will keep watching waiting for Robin to come home and reclaim her family!

The nurse character has no chemistry with the actor and the fact that it is being said she is like ROBIN makes me wonder who is the actor playing Patrick.Sometimes to be very honest people don’t know when it’s time to leave you can’t make gold out of dust.In my mind scrubs are gone. This MS. PERFECT CHILDLIKE BEING IS BEYOND OVER THE TOP STUPIDITY..I GIVE GREAT CREDIT TO KIM , AND ANYONE ELSE WHO WAS SMART ENOUGH TO HAVE LEFT THIS SHOW .IT IS UNWATCHABLE. I REGRET SAYING THIS BUT IF THE TRUTH BE SPOKEN I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT PATRICK THIS CHARACTER IS NOT WHO WAS SO WATCHABLE NOT HIS FAULT WRITERS. ALSO FOR THE WOMAN WHO PLAYS THE NURSE NO DIS RESPECT BUT YOU MAYBE DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS.

Wrong, sorry girl. Sabrina is young and shy and still coming into her own but she can be strong and will just get stronger as she continues on the show. If you’ve missed that your not paying attention

Couldnt reply to you under my comments about Sabrina…you got me wrong…where i say she seems more like the sister type to emma than anything else meant thats how i felt she is written. I like Sabrina and the actress, and i agree with everything you say about her. And as for the vampire story, it for me was a harmless nod to ghs spinoff Port Charles…my only beef about it is it never really explained how Lucy and Alison thought Caleb was a vampire or why no one noticed Johns resembalance to this Stephan Clay, who was suppose to be a once well known famous rocker, when John first arrived in Port Charles.

To jimh.
I feel ya it took me like an hour to figure out how to reply to this one and I’m not sure I did it right lol!

But I may have been too defensive about Sabrina im just so sick of people trashing the poor girl because I love her and she’s done nothing wrong!

As for the vampires…still too much for me this is GH not Twilight.

Why am I hearing that Patrick and Robin leave together??

That would work for me over this nonsense since I can never see Patrick with anyone else not after all they have been through. Sad that the head writer is tryng to make this nurse Robin. Never ever happen.

No, can’t buy it. She is immature and they have nothing in common. I do not see love from him and I just see a teenage crush from her – they have not even dated. Sorry, can’t root for it nor have I enjoyed the storyline at all.

First, let me say that I do applaud GH making it to it’s 50th year as I have been a longtime fan of the show and of Kimberly McCullough (I was there on the first day she appeared on screen). As for Patrick and Sabrina, to me there is no couple and I don’t think it’s very fair to try and build this relationship off of Robin’s presence or non-presence the way they have. All of the headwriter’s teasing of will she or won’t she return and not even allowing Patrick or Emma to utter a word or remember Robin is not fair at all to her audience who just want her back (while having to constantly keep seeing these little in and out scenes of Robin being tortured while everything she stood for and fought to have is just being handed over to a newbie character) – it is not right and it is time to bring this to an end. Maybe if the show had shown Patrick and/or Emma actually grieving for more than a tiny little minute, it might have been easier for me to accept the new person in their lives, but they didn’t and I can’t accept it. Just bring Robin home!

Waiting for Robin to come back and be reunited with her husband and daughter. Don’t like the possible pairing between Patrick and Sabrina. I don’t see anything there other then friendship and feel the storyline is forced.

I am really enjoying Sabrina with Patrick. Can’t wait until she glams up and then see his response. I might be in the minority here, but I like Sabrina with Patrick and I don’t want to see Robin come back. I like Robin but I love Sabrina!

I like Robin to be back with her husband Patrick and her daughter Emma. Sabrina
is sweet in all but not w/Patrick & Emma.

I am enjoying this story. I have mad respesct for the character of Robin Scorpio-Drake. But she is not on the show anymore.

You either role with the changes or you switch the channel. That easy. I’m rollin with it until otherwise! 🙂

Patrick and Sabrina have no chemistry, I don’t see it. When did Patrick fall in love with Sabrina. GH has become all tell and no show when it comes to romance. I have seen no growing feelings beyond friendship on Patrick’s end, and then boom he loves her! Hell, I didn’t see Sabrina fall in love with Patrick, she has a crush. I am so not interested in any of this. Nice that Robin is off being tortured and missing her family, while her husband gets a cutesy high school romance. Maybe he will carry Sabrina’s charts for her; meet her in the cafeteria and share a milkshake. I can’t believe this is what has become of the once dynamic and sexy Patrick Drake.

What I also don’t enjoy about this story is that Patrick can’t come to any conclusions on his own or get his own POV.

It’s like all of Port Charles and a soon to be DVD that Patrick will watch of Robin will bully Patrick into believing he should give Sabrina a chance instead of just Patrick knowing on his own this is right.

Jason Thompson is totally adorable and a damn fine actor! I know Sabrina is a good person, but I can’t get past the feeling that she is too immature for Patrick. Yes, it would be perfect for Robin to appear at The Nurses’ Ball, but if she doesn’t, I feel that Patrick needs someone more grown up, perhaps a new character.

So excited!! Thanks for sharing the conversation!

Seriously. I am supposed to believe Patrick loves Sabrina, someone who he has never had any romantic moments with, never kissed passionately, never fought with passionately, and never overcame any dramatic obstacles with in any way? Seiously? I adore Jason Thompson as a man and actor, but this story is not doing anything positive for his character. There is a connection between him and Kimberly that makes him and his character sparkle and it is not there at all in this so-called story. If GH wanted fans to forget about Scrubs and Kimberly, then they made a monsterous mistake in not only showing Robin alive, but continuing to show het. If Robin is nit reunited with her family at the NB, it will be a huge failure! SCRUBS FAN ALWAYS.

Of course… I would like Robin/KM to come back and be with Patrick and Emma!!! Always!!! If she/KM isn’t going to come back… I am getting more into Patrick, Sabrina and Emma being together. If Robin is coming back for the Nurses Ball and for the 50th and she doesn’t stay… it is going to be difficult. They could have her come back and have her on less and referred to more and they could work out working a few days a month and make it work for KM’s schedule. I would almost rather they really kill her off if she isn’t coming back… and I hate to say that!

I was really hoping Robert and Robin would be back around the Nurses Ball.

I will never get into Sabrina since they took everything Robin including her daughter , husband and friends and gave it on a silver platter to the perfect nurse. No thanks been there with Leyla, Lisa and Britt and now again Robin gets shafted with another nurse.

I love Patrick and Emma together, not so sure about Sabrina, she is sweet, but just does not seem to be Patrick type. I see them as maybe having a kiss, but that is it and being good friends. But his heart is always with Robin.. i would love to see her appear at the ball in her honor, but I do not think that it will happen…right now.

It is a no brainer that Robin should appear at the NB but I doubt it with RC baiting us all the time. Many many are going to be disappointed. Robin is the only one for Patrick and this story makes Patrick look so foolish.

I agree with you!

I would prefer Robin to return and for her and Patrick to have adventures together with Emma. BUT, I know this is a soap!

Both Teresa and Brooklyn are wonderful.

Kimberly and Brooklyn were terrific and they didn’t need to be forced or propped with slanted writng. It was natural.

While my heart will always be a Robin&Patrick fan…if we can’t get a reunion @the Nurses Ball would love for this story to move on.. Not fair to the actors nor the fans it has been dragging on enough!
Totally agree Jason n Brooklyn have the best chemistry since Jason n Kimberly!
Btw good interview Michael as always!

this was the one human interest story… that held me to: GH.

Patrick and Robin….

Jason and Sam are splitsville.
Carly and Johnny are splitsville.
Kate and i’ll even add Sonny…. are w/Connie! that’s so old.
Spinelli and Maxie…. I do like him with Ellie as well.
Elizabeth with who?
Tracy would have been so good w/Joe Scully… Luke is fodder for comedic…

will the new lulu gell with Dante… they were oodles of romance and cared about.

help me out here….. have i missed any one…

Diane is split.
Alexis is really? in love with… Shawn?

i’ve already posted.. i don’t really feel… the love thing.. w/carly and todd….

i can accept all the above… my heart was fixated on Patrick and Robin…

this twosome… w/their daughter… human emotions were all their… and done up so right… that it’s unfathomable… that this may be what it is.

I think Spinelli should go with Maxie. She is having his baby & he wants to have
children someday. That is what he said on GH yesterday when talking to Ellie.
Spinelli asked Ellie if she would like to have a baby someday and her response
was NO! Spinelli looked disappointed when Ellie said that so, I think Spinelli
should be back with Maxie…. I like Ellie but I like Spinelli better with Maxie.

while, i wait for KM…

it’s now… Felicia/Mac/Frisco….. C’mon Big Mac… the writers need to give Mac some story… to show he’s not just the good guy… and remind us what he’s capable of.

Anna and ? is Duke going to re-ignite.

watched the scene… and it was LOVELY.. Felicia and Anna… bonding… over the past and passed loves…. Frisco and Duke… the Pictures.

I applaud Kirsten Storms-

“I Love Mac”… she’s telling Frisco. They’re Happy. ie: Mac and Felicia.

Kudos to Maxie standing up to her long-lost “Father”.


i love patrick and little emma, and i love sabrina,but not with patrick, i actually love them more as friend, but i hope Robin comes home soon.

I hope Robin comes back also! Patrick belongs with Robin !

I like both caharacters and I like the relationship between the two of them plus Emma. So it would be great if they got together, asfar as I’m concerned. However, knowing that Robin is alive and struggeling to get home to her family, I think this whole story is going to be a heart-breaker however it plays out. Until such a time as Kimberly wants to come back full time, I’m glad to see the characters of Patrick and Sabrina together.

More like whe RC and FV use Kimberly since she is always blamed when she has been available and others weren’t. Then I didn’t forget all the GH stories on hold for the OLTL pets and PP. Will never forget that Emma couldn’t remember her mother on the day of the first anniversary of her death but she remembered to make a picture for RC nurse. That is over the top heacvy handed writing and not how soaps are written unless you are trying to make people forget Robin and hand her life to another.

I do not think a 6 year old would remember the exact date. now is she had a scene with her Dad and they talked about it. Instead of Dad with Sabrina.

I can’t really express how much I hate and dispise this story, and how I can’t even fathom the fact that Patrick was in love once in his life, and that was Robin. Robin was the one that taught him to be a better person and everything that he did was to be with Robin. Robin was the one that gave him a daughter and hope for a future that he didn’t think he would ever have. Not because of him being sick but the small fact that he was afraid of commitment, he was afraid to be a father to his daughter. But when Robin showed him what it was like he never wanted to leave his life and loved every minute of it. I can’t accept that he’s suddenly in love with someone else because that’s not his character. I dont’ care about this new character one bit.

I’m very sadden to hear about this, and how it will go down because you know what Patrick Drake would never ever fall in love with someone else, Robin was his wife and is his wife, and he loves her so much that when he lost he coudln’t breathe. I’m sorry but this isn’t the real Patrick Drake.

oh please…people falll inl love…lose love, go thru the grieving stage…and if they’re lucky fall in love again. that’s life…and art is supposed to imitate life.


ITA Mallory! When did this happen since I have been watching and all I see is others forcing him to move on when it is obvious Patrick is not ready nor in love. The fact that he felt nothing and was with Britt and now after 2 months is in love tells me all I need to know. This is a plot point and RC made Britt so evil to Emma and then used Robin and her family to get this nurse accepted tells me there is no substance to the couple. When Patrick see Robin again, he will walk right out on anyone else. Talk about a overpropped, forced and trying to make her Robin2 doesn’t work. I expect RC to make her Robin’s sister next. Sorry JT but no way ever is she anything like Robin no matter what RC has your drinking, like the kool aide

Mallory and Cathy I agree when did we see Patrick fall in love with Sabrina. All I have seen is the writer using certain characters to prop her ever second of the day. I am so sick and tired of seeing this forced storyline between two characters that have no chemistry. What I see is a mature man and a silly girl whose sees Patrick as her knight an shinning armour. Who smiles at her ackward silliness, and felt sorry for her when Britt went after her. I have not seen Sabrina and Patrick talk about what Patrick and Emma lost in losing Robin. As I have said in another post she targeted Patrick the moment she appeared on GH…What have made me more upset is using little Emma. Most children don’t accept someone in a parents life this quick. One thing we all can notice is the writer never now have Little Emma mention her mother name or the things they did together. I realize someone will say if you don’t like what you are seeing turn the channel. After the Nurse’s Ball and when/if Patrick tell Sabrina he loves her then it will be the end of my looking at GH until Robin comes back. I realize people fall in and out of love as have been mentioned, but true love never dies. You don’t throw that word “LOVE”
around because you like someone, because their are different kinds of love.
In this case i can’t even see love at all. But as I said the writers will push this character because they created her. We all are witness to that.

I hope you win an Emmy for best actor. You are absolutely amazing and I hope you stay on GH. Best actor ever.

I know he will…. you could see it in him… his demeanor… his body language… his voice… his naturally giving us… and of himself.

when you lose that other 50%. that helps you along… carries you… depends on you… all the composites that are elemental of commitment…

we’re not clueless…

heck… who hasn’t acted on… even when we weren’t feeling it… and lost. ie: with Brit and one hope’s with Sabrina… when you’re so lost and caught up in that huge missing…. that you can’t communicate that it’s not what you think… ie; sorry Sabrina. he’s still hurting and in pain…

if we were minimally shown… the audience… of Patrick’s self-doubt… “questioning” should he or shouldn’t he… move on…. ok… he’s still wearing his wedding ring…

last we really saw… rang true…. he was telling Anna.. or himself… he feels in his gut… that Robin’s still alive… we’re to believe that it was drug induced?

Nancy… this is all food for thought.

i’m reaching for my expression… the writers failed. one minute he’s in such pain.. over a huge part of him gone… to infatuation… delusional… pairing…

I actually cannot wait for Sabrina to finally come out of the “ugly Betty” costume; she’s a beautiful actress and it makes sense to me that Patrick would be in love with her. Having loved Robin the character of Patrick learned that true love comes from the heart…and as said in this interview he loves her for the same reasons he loved Robin…she’s a quality human being. She’s honest, compassionate, kind to his daughter, incredibly intelligent, humble…they didn’t have to go on a date or have sex or even kiss. This is the kind of buildup that for me would be a ledown if suddenly Robin showed up. I would feel like they built up this entire bond between them…only to have it come to nothing.

Now that her student nurse status has changed to nurse and hopefully when her infatuation is returned, she’ll shed her “in awe” insecure self and blossom. Hmph. I like Sabrina!

Hey, if for no other reason it’d be great to throw their new romance in Brit’s face.

What build up? They have never even been on a date? Sharing a glass of chocolate milk? This is typical Carliavati insta-love at it’s best and to make it worse, they have propped this character to high heaven, even throwing in the evil Britch at the same time so it plays immediately against her goodness. She has no layers.

ITA Babs! What does he know about her nothing other than she has the same life he did in a few scenes from the Anniversary of Robin’s death to which he couldn’t speak of Robin because he had to prop the nurse, RC newest pet after Kate/Connie which I never accepted either.That is not writing when you TELL the audience who you want them to like. I don;t care anymore and I just want Robin to get Emma. She deserves her child like every other mother on GH. This nurse needs a mother and is NO mother for Emma.

They seem more like brother and sister to me. I do not think he was ever into Britt she just pushed her self on him. I do not think he really is interested in anyone. He barel y even cares about his patients anymore. Love the character with Robin, bring her back to make him whole again.

Great post Babs! RC’s Instalove HA that is what OLTL fans used to call it too LMAO!!!!

there’s no build up.

there’s no anticipation…. w/ Patrick and Sabrina.

what are they going to show us? Making love? i’d cry for what was… his life was altered… no stimuli left.

he’s going through the motions… if the writers are smart… they’re steering in to another avenue for JT… to act…. Patrick’s machinations can go anywhere… just not in love…. after a huge part/actor… ie: KM.

it’s just common sense…

So, let’s see. Patrick and Sabrina have never dated. Patrick and Sabrina have never shared a CUP OF COFFEE. And Patrick and Sabrina’s only true close moment in that chapel as it was ALL ABOUT SAINT SABRINA came on the back of Robin even there since it was the anniversary of Robin’s death that day.

THIS is a romance in the making. No. JT can sell as hard as he can, it’s his job. But I don’t buy this and won’t EVER buy this. Sabrina is too young. They have different life experiences or lack thereof, and it makes Patrick look like one of those guys in leisure suits trolling high schools.

The coup de grace, having these feelings bloom at the very ball that is supposedly honoring his “dead” wife is insulting and rather disgusting.

I’m sure this was not the intended result of this article, but I hope RC/FV have fun with this Harlequinesque dreck with their pet and Cardboard Cutout of the guy who was Patrick.

I won’t be watching, which is just as well. The weather is nice here now.

This has to be one of the silliest things I have ever read come out of JT’s mouth. Patrick is in love with Sabrina, the teenage nurse? Since when? Patrick throwing around the L word is disgusting.

I am sick to death of them teasing Robin’s return. Tristan Rogers SAID she isn’t coming back. Stop with the nonsense.

I hope Robin come back one day for Emma but doesn’t look twice at her faithless husband who is into little girls.

And Jason, if you read this, Sabrina is in no way like Robin. The fact that you think so makes me sad I was ever your fan.

I like them together… just wish it hadn’t taken soooo long to get her to be more self confident and the whole cinderella makeover was obviously coming… but it’s taken so long to get that point.

I just figured Patrick and Sabrina would get together, add to the family and a couple years later, Robin would come back to town, with or with out her memories… that would be a classic soap mess!

Yet we all know Kimberly has a new career in directing which is going well. I love that for her! She just got her DGA card. Why would Kimberly put her career on hold and take a step backwards to return to GH for any kind of story? This show just needs to clean up the character’s imprisonment, let Robin go offscreen forever, and let Kimberly move fully on to her new career. I thank her for the many GH memories she has provided. I do not thank GH for teasing returns that likely won’t happen until the show ends or Jason elects to leave GH. It’s getting really stupid now.

I want to see Robin get her daughter. She deserves it and wanted her from day one. Don’t want the idiot nurse near Emma. Patrick already hurt Robin with women, let him hurt this twit but Emma goes to HER mother Robin.

Of course he would get together. She was miss Perfect from day one and Emma liked her. RTC even told us you will love her. Sad for him some of us didn’t fall for it. Robin and Patrick only and Emma has a mother. Robin doesn’t lose everything to keep Patrick on the show.

I love that in the end Robin was kept alive, it was much kinder than to have her dead..
..gone is better than dead..
It is obvious that Robin/Kimberly McCullough) has moved on and out of GH.
I’m sure FV/RC would love to have her back, but she has little interest..

Patrick needs to be involved with someone, Sabrina will keep Patrick on our screens.
If he doesn’t get into some type of a love connection he will fade to black and be little used. He needs stories and without being involved with a love interest, he will be wallpaper lol ..

Robin doesn’t die for anyone and that includes Partrick and his childish Disney Princess. Robin is GH legacy and should have gotten her HEA with her husband and child.Robin also shouldn’t die for Patrick to move on.

heck… i’d have rather seen Patrick… w/Britt…. one failed romance after another… his attempt.. and amazing story… with Patrick… “moving” along… pointlessly… aimlessly… abandon… heartlessly…. guilessly… you name it.. he’s missing. period.

what love story… would this have made.

to seeing… Sabrina… after her coupe… what? do everything right? perfect?

I am and always be a Scrubs fan. But I think Patrick needs to move on. Hey Sabrina may not be the ideal girl as Ephiney says with the tube top lying around but. She does care about Emma and Patrick and that’s wat Robin said in her DVD he watched. He needs to find someone to love him and be the best mom 2 Emma. I really want to see where Sabrina and Patrick go. Oh I love Brooklyn plz Frank and Ron keep this little girl on the show she reminds me of a little Kim all those years ago and I only started to watching GH in 1990. South Africa doesn’t air anymore. I thank God for all the youtube folks and abc. Great interview Thanks Michael

No thanks says THIS Scrubs fan!

Robin is alive and suffering and I don’t care about the nurse. Nurse is a non entity. Emma is Robin’s daughter and she belongs with her mother not some wannabee mothe. RC is the worst and worse than Guza which I rdidn’t think possible. He is using Robin and her life and handing it over to anothe dumb nurse.. I am a Scrub fan and Patrick could have gotten story without moving on. He could have been with Britt and thinkning she was fine and then he finds out when Robin returns that Britt was in on it. which I know already Britt is in on it.

I like the idea of Sabrina and Milo, or maybe even Nikolas, she reminds me a bit like Emily.

Thanks as always for the interview, Michael. I have to say how disappointed I am with this interview. I adore Jason Thompson and would love to keep seeing him on screen, but not in this story.

I would have totally supported a moving on story for Patrick with a real woman and not a character that is written like a tween. Why are the writers trying to pair a widowed father of a young daughter pushing 40 with a young girl whose character is written like she is in high school?? So NOT what I wanted for Patrick. In addition, the writers keep showing Robin being tortured and in captivity. Why would any viewers root for Patrick to move on while that is being shown on screen?

Patrick is basically not allowed in scenes that don’t include either Sabrina or Britt (when was the last time had a real scene with Anna?) The writers continue to hit viewers over the head with a sledgehammer regarding how wonderful and perfect Sabrina is (Cmon a perfect score on the nursing exam? Stop it.) The entire town keeps telling Patrick he should go for it with Sabrina when they don’t even know each other. Take this quiz. Name 10 things that Sabrina knows about Patrick and his life. Name 10 things Patrick knows about Sabrina and her life. You can’t because they haven’t even shared a cup of coffee on screen up to this point!

This story isn’t even about Patrick. It is totally focused on Sabrina. Patrick has been mainly wallpaper since September, including an entire episode where Patrick was on the phone in the background with NO LINES!! Jason Thompson is just being wasted!! The guy is super-talented. They need to write him a real story!!

I would have loved a real story for Patrick. A story where he hits rock bottom and pulls himself out of the ashes. Support from family and friends. He meets a woman that challenges him and understands him. Maybe someone that has been in the same place he was emotionally. He slowly begins to move on and bond with this new woman, maybe a woman who also holds a secret. Then show Robin when you are actually ready to tell the story instead of pulling the bait and switch every couple of months for an entire year.

I have waited for years to watch the Nurse’s Ball again. After this interview, I am not sure I even want to tune in.

Sorry for the long post. I just hate the story so much and how it has not only marginalized and weakened Patrick but how it has wasted the talents of someone as great as Jason Thompson in a story that looks more like Saved by the Bell than a daytime drama.

I totally agree! There should be better stories for Patrick. I like Elizabeth & Patric together b/c as you said, Sabrina is way too young! Elizabeth & Patrick make a much better pair! They have so much more in common & have a history of being friends. I also don’t like the scenes with Robin being tortured & as long as they keep showing Robin alive, it will never be right for Patrick to move on. This Patrick/Sabrina storyline is unrealistic & I think it’s awful the writers had Emma say she wants Sabrina to be her new mommy. Kids don’t say that after their parent dies. This puppy love Sabrina has just doesn’t make a good story. I hope the writers are listening & hear our complaints. It’s time for a new Patrick storyline that does not include Sabrina & Brit, maybe scenes with Patrick spending time with Elizabeth instead.

I think they r all doing a great job,now since Sabrina(Theresa) came out of the closet per say ,I do hope something happen’s for her & Patrick(Jason) & for Emma(Brooklyn) she will so love to have her daddy to have some body to come home to!!!!!

Her mommy is alive and her daddy should be involved in story to find Robin not trying to replace her.

Sorry but please don’t insult my intelligence. Patrick in love with Sabrina is completely laughable. This is so ridiculous. I’m sorry but Patrick Drake doesn’t throw those words around, he’s not that way. He’s never been that way. And this is an insult to me and to all the Scrubs fans that have been through thick and thin with this couple and that have seen Patrick Drake at his worst and at his best. THAT WOULD BE ROBIN!!!

Did Sabrina help him through his father’s transplant, did she help him through an HIV scare back when was so certain that he could have contracted the virus. Did she help him through his fear of commitment and fear of being a father? She didn’t, no because she wasn’t even out of high school yet. That person that helped him was ROBIN!!. Seriously, a True Scrubs fan would be very very pissed about this, and these people that are forcing him to move on when he’s clearly not ready too, and he’s clearly not denying feelings for Sabrina, He’s just in a fog because he doesn’t ahve the one person taht he can talk to. Where is his family, where is Anna, why can’t he have scenes with Anna, you know his wife’s mother, the grandmother of his daughter. Why can’t he have normal scenes with Robin’s family, why isn’t Frisco introduced to him, why can’t he have stories told about Robin and he can still feel his wife.

Jason Thompson has major talent and this story is sucking the life out him. But that’s jsut coming from a selfish wittle fan of Patrick and Robin, that just wants her couple back together.

A year ago when Kmc decided to leave I never envisioned Patrick’s mourning of Robin happening off screen. I never envisioned Patrick’s drug addiction lasting only a week, and then his subsequent recovery happening off screen. I adore Jason Thompson and I adore the character of Patrick Drake, but I do not think the writers do. If the writers valued his talent Jason would have had his time to shine as he played Patrick struggling through Robin’s death. Only when they brought on Sabrina did Patrick appear on screen, but again, it was not about Patrick, but about propping a new character.

In theory I understand a “moving on” story for Patrick. But, what I don’t understand is the writers not taking the time to understand who Patrick Drake is as a character to introduce a new woman to fit him, instead of bringing on a new character and turning Patrick into a shell of a man I don’t recognize. I don’t understand where/when Patrick and Sabrina were to have fallen in love because I never saw it on screen. I don’t watch soaps to be told what is happening or how I should be feeling. I watch a soap to be entertained and to go along for the ride. I fear the writers are looking more at plot points to get to the “moment” instead of focusing on the journey and making me understand why I should care.

I can’t support Patrick with Sabrina because I think they are completely mis-matched (a woman being nice to your child is not reason enough to be with them or have feelings for them). I can’t support Patrick with Sabrina because this is THE most JUVENILE story I have ever watched on General Hospital and it’s silly childishness is just not for me.

Love your point of view…

especially… the first paragraph.

it doesn’t matter… in time… that it may have been a year…

but… one week… he’s mourning… one week he’s addicted… one week he’s in recovery… and one week he’s in love… and he’s posturing.. and waiting for Sabrina to ???? declare her love?

Sabrina’s crush, stammering… infantile gesturing… run and hide cause she doesn’t have the WOMAN… to match?

once she’s ???? queened belle of the ball… she’ll ??? be all that?

sorry… but.. Robin had to fight for so much… and that was to get her to where she was….

Patrick reciprocated… because he was in love… he knew it… she knew it… they understood each other.

Sabrina is not a teen or a tween…she’s probably in her mid to late 20s…possibly early 302. They made her look and act younger. if you google the actress you will see how beautiul she is…and seems age appropriate. Kimberly (Robin) looks just as young if not younger.

The reactions here are a bit over the top. It’s a soap…Kimberly is not on the show anymore! What buildup? You’d have to be blind to not see the chemistry between them; even when Patrick was with Brit he always cast a look at Sabrina. Valentine’s Day they were about to kiss when they got interrupted. There is an obvious emotional connection… a trust… and it’s also been building up by showing the connection and love between Sabrina and Emma.

THAT buildup! They’re bonding…all three of them. IF/When Kimberly (Robin) comes back, I’m sure that would make for great drama between the three.

early 30s…

Have to say that Patrick and Sabrina have bonded about as much as superglue and acetone, chemically incapable of bonding, for me. As mentioned above, I think this teasing of Robin returning needs to stop and soon. It does an injustice to all the characters involved in terms of story telling and that is on the writers, not the actors. I do think Robin and Patrick should share custody of Emma. And there was a lot more interesting and mature story line options if Patrick would have fallen for Britt rather than the arrested adolescent nurse.

There is no chemistry that is the problem. It is like Patrick is going through the motions and Sabrina is acting like she has never liked a guy before. Maybe it is acting choices but an example is when she found Patrick in the shower with Britt you would of thought they were married and he was cheating on her the way she reacted. It is weird almost stalkerish behavior.

I don’t care if she is really in her 20s or 30s. Her character acts like a high school girl with a crush on the teacher. There is no chemistry and as someone else pointed out, she still calls him Dr. Drake, not Patrick. This prom queen at the nurses ball thing the writers are doing is awful. To expect Patrick to fall for her just because she can look pretty at a party does not sit well with me. That is not love! Just because Emma loves Sabrina does not mean Patrick should love Sabrina. If that is the case then why is Elizabeth & Patrick not together? Emma loves Elizabeth. At least then Patrick would be with a mature woman. Get over the child like crush & move on.

I would rather see Micheal with Sabrina if Starr doesnt return.

Robin or no Robin I do not want Sabrina and Patrick together .I am not a fan of her I fast forward when ever she is on. How could he love her he should miss his wife.I hope Robin does come back.

He should have had story going to find her and everyone thinking he is on drugs again.

I just think this story is very odd. I get they’re telling a whole fairytale type story for Sabrina but I feel like Patrick is terribly miscast as her Prince in it. Because Patrick had his own story, his own background and experience and none of that seems to matter or fit into Sabrina’s story so the writers just put it aside.

Except one thing. I thought Patrick’s reaction to Sabrina’s way TMI confession was spot on. He didn’t see it coming and he wasn’t on that wavelength with her at all. But had she not said anything, would Patrick suddenly be having this extreme reaction to it? When did it happen? They haven’t dated or shared significant time together that didn’t involve Emma issues, work issues, or Britt’s victimizing of Sabrina. Yes, they had that nice moment in the chapel which solidified them as friends but that’s a long way from what we’re being told is going to happen in a very short amount of time and a very one-sided build up.

It’s the same with Emma. She went from missing her mother one minute to being overly attached to Sabrina out of nowhere.

It all feels really rushed and forced to me, fairytale or not.

As for the Robin teasing, it’s very disappointing that TPTB continue to bait fans this way with almost nothing to show for it. I know they’re busy with many other stories but I do hope they can work it out with Kim McC to give the character of Robin and her fans a resolution to Robin’s horrible fate so far.

But, that’s just it-the audience ISN’T being baited. I’m sorry if people can’t accept the fact that Kim doesn’t want to be there-I believe she’s taking advantage of the situation, to be honest-but it’s just the way it is…

Are you kidding me we aren’t being baited. RC FV and the mags saying will Robin return. Please Kimberly is not taking advantage and Robin is tied to the whole umbrella story in the end. The Scorpio family and Robin ties to it like the Spencer family and Lulu ties to it. Dante and Patrick got story because of who they married.

People have accepted Kimberly directing and were told she would be back here and there for story. Put the blame where it belongs on FV and RC for stalling story for OLTL pets and PP garbage. Then Tony getting ill and stalling story and others. Kimberly left her directing job a day early to get back to GH. So DO NOT blame Kimberly.She missed GH and was willing to do both as long as they work with her.

We were told in the mags and by FV and RC Scrubs are endgame and the supercouple. I will wait for my ending but refuse to watch this nosense in between.

Blame RC using Robin and her life for his newbie nurse. People are not buying using Robin and her child for propped nurse.Patrick’s story is stupid because RC didn’t care enough to give him a decent story.

I can blame Kimberly anytime I darn well please-in fact, I’ll just come out and say it-THIS IS ALL HER FAULT. Yes, Frank and Ron have worked with her schedule, but she also darn well knew that the 50th and/or The Ball was a distinct possibility. It’s obvious that she’s taking advantage of the situation-she’s got Cartini over a barrel, and she knows it; just simply because people like you can’t accept the fact that she chose to leave in the first place. And because of this, Cartini can’t force her to return, because she could just as easily stay gone if her hand is forced. To an extent, I’m not happy about the results of the situation either, but unlike you-I understand the real-life factors involved. It’s about time that Scrubs fans quit being selfish, get their heads out of the clouds (or other places) and accept reality

What do you mean stalling story for OLTL pets & PP garbage? This for comments on 10:43pm at3/21…(cathy) This is the second time I have read this comment.

My name is Nicole I am in love with Jason Thomson.
I have been crushing on him for along time.
He is most caring person in whole world.
I don’t think Sabrina is the right women for him

Robin shouldn’t have to die for anyone let alone for Patrick to move on. Robin is the GH character who many of us grew up with. Nor do I want Robin hurt after kdinapping and losing so much in her daughters life and hers. Nor do I want Robin coming back to her daughter and husband with another. Done that in past with Lisa. Scrubs had Lisa, Leyla, Britt and now this nurse. This student nurse is not Robin or comes anywhere close to the kindness, goodness and beauty of Robin. No one compares to the talent of Kimberly. Kimberly is natural and makes it look so easy. She is giving in scenes and pulls the best out of her scene partner. Sorry JT but you are totally wrong and this character is nothing like Robin and it is insulting that they are using Robin, the NB and Emma as bait to get people to like the nurse.I thought FV said he wanted Robin to remain on GH and that is why he kept her alive. Well use her and work with her schedule as you said you would. Make Kiimberly recurring and she wouldn’t need to be used all the time. FV could have taped many more scenes when Kimberly worked. Patrick could have story and I am no writer. How about Patrick being played by Britt and then realize like we all will soon that Britt knows Robin is alive.They certanly don’t need to turn Robin’s life over to another. Patrick should be involved with Robin’s family looking for her not this garbage. SCRUBS is the ONLY PAIRING that works. Blame it on Kimberly and JT’s chemistry. And please Kimberly is not the problem. T real problem is the favoritism RC has with newbies, the stalling and investing too much time focusing on the OLTL people and PP. Along with delays and stalls due to Tony Geary and others connected to story. Kimberly has been available and they choose to focus on other things and think we all but into Kimberly not being available.

Cathy I have agreed with almost everything you have said on here EXCEPT the whole dealing with PP! RC & FV have nothing to do with PP and ABC and what is going on! And it would not even be going on IF ABC had abided my the dam agreement!
RC is a shitty writer always has and always will be! Some of you GH fans are just now realizing it! You’s can complain and beg all you want to, they could care less about what the fans want! You can believe a OLTL fan who watched him do the same crap for DECADES or not that is your prerogative……

Would like to add a NO to Patrick with student Nurse.

YES to Patrick growing a brain and finding his wife. Patrick would have felt Robin alive unlike this POD Patrick. Give me Metro Court Patrick never giving up on Robin.

AND sadly I lost hope with seeing Robin alive with this regime. This head writer is more interested in his Student nurse than Robin a GH legacy. So not excited in NB anymore since Robin doesn’t show up. Just more bait and it is old now. Many want to see Robin back with Patrick and Emma. Not this nonsense.

Its both sides fault…KM should be tweeting if she really wants to do the show full time or not to appease her fans, and those behind the scenes shouldve never teased us that Robin was alive whether they intend to bring her back or not. Partial time wouldnt do…JT wouldnt have much storyline with Robin if they done that so they shouldve have killed her off completely, or do a recast if KM cant commit. I do hope she does return full time and its at the nurses ball. Maybe all parties invovled are keeping hushed about it as not to spoil the suprise. I think if Patrick had to move on it would be with Robins choice…Elizabeth. Dont worry about Sabrina…Patrick hasnt said yes to her just yet…maybe because she might turn out to be his half sister?

Patrick could have gotten story without destroying Robin and Patrick’s love story. Not every story has to be about a new woman. Patrick was a player and could be addicted to drugs and almost losing emma and sleeping around with pickups. Why not Patrick being used by Britt with her knowing Robin was alive and when Kimberly was ready or JT leaving then it comes out. I resent Robin, her child and the NB as a way to make a new student nurse likable. I felt she is overpropped and forced on me and I don’t accept that. Kimberly was available and FV knew and was willing to work with her . So work with Kimberly, Mr Valentini and stop blaming her for story stalled when it was you.

Bring kimberly mccullough back and give her what ever she wants, direct ,act,ect; just bring her back. Bring Robin home to her family before it is too late.

No need to bring her back – There is a need to give Patrick back his sexy swag, his Drake-ness he has from Noah and his brilliant neurosurgeon persona all of which vanished w/ Sabrina because she could never handle THAT man

Sorry for the three posts, I lost two and didn’t think they went through.

Another nutty, over-the-top thread. People, this is a soap opera. Jason Thompson isn’t cheating on Kimberly McCullough. Kimberly is not being sabotaged by the new GH regime. In point of fact the regime has done everything to accomodate her. But at this point — having spent most of her life on GH — she wants to move on. If she comes back? Fantastic. If not, I have fond memories of Robin. But if she is gone– LET HER GO! Stop taking this SO personally.

The Sabrina character is a breath of fresh air: kind, honest, loving, dedicated. No, she is not Robin. If a Robin-clone had been cast you all would have gone even nuttier about this than you have. Patrick thinks Robin is dead. His character will either move on with life, or be off the canvas. Would you really rather have the actor fired so that you can have YOUR fairy tale ending: Patrick, Robin, and Emma leave the show together, because KM won’t stay. If so, that is not only sad. It is disturbing.

Um, I have not seen one post saying anything about JT cheating KMc . People are ticked because Robin is shown in captivity and screaming to get home to her family while Patrick is stuck in some weird tween Cinderella story. This story has been all about Sabrina not Patrick. Her slobbering over Patrick, wanting to do this ball for Patrick, whining to Elizabeth about Patrick, fighting the evil Britch over Patrick. If KMc is so busy they never should have convinced her to keep Robin alive, especially for this rank story. End it. Free Robin and let the Perils of Perfect Sabrina stand on their own.

And, from the comments here, not everyone feels like St. Sabrina is a breath of fresh air..but an over propped pet sucking the air from the show.

Oh, babs. I want to marry this post.

Indeed, if Sabrina is all that, there would be absoluetly no need to make Britt a shallow evil straw woman to Sabrina’s perfect angel wings of love and goodness. She isn’t a character. She’s a cartoon void of nothingness.

The character who has the history of the three (Britt, Sabrina, Patrick) has been turned into a colorless lump so he can play perfect prince to Sabrina’s Cinderella – while the so-called prince’s not-so-dead wife is tortured and desperate to get home.

I don’t see it happening anytime soon, but I’d frankly love for Robin to return, get her family back, and crush Sabrina’s perfect world into dust. Maybe she’d grow up a bit, suffering a real loss. And Patrick could get a bit of life and his edge back, too.

Sabrina cannot stand on her own and that is why they are using Robin and her child as a prop for Sabrina. Sabrina has no substance or depth as a character. I want Robin back with her husband and child. Robin was kidnapped and deserves her HEA. In the meantime Patrick can have an adult story and I mentioned many and I am not a writer. But for some reaslon RC is only interested in using Patrick as a prince for his Ugly Betty garbage. How insensitive of RC not having emma mention her mother Robins on the anniversary of her death but Emma gets to mention Ugly Betty all the time.

well thought out.

had they just thought it out (the writers)… to flesh out the coupe and gold they have in JT… Patrick didn’t have to be bombed with another “woman”.

they stalled on giving us more Patrick.

excuse me if LOVE is that eternal quest that beats…. that fairy tale… is optimistic… and we all know… that JT and KM would have given us layers upon layers… had they both remained… and the writers.. they remained true to what human nature enlivens.

Great but that Sabrina character is bringing down MY Patrick- I want to see the brilliant take no prisoners guy back – Match the Sabrina w/someone else I have waited, WAITED years for Patrick to be free and wow . . . I am so disappointed

Has anyone heard anything about Michael Easton, Roger Howarth and Kristen Alderson? Any idea if and when they’ll be back to GH?

Sure hope they don’t return..They did nothing for ratings and took airtime from the GH actors.
No looking forward to NB either… This baiting to keep the Robin fans tuning in needed to end. KMc left to direct (I hope she does great) but it is not fair that tiic keep putting her out there teasing she is returning. When she is avail they rarely use her. So them saying is is not avail is BULL, they just want to shove the new favorite down our throats. Patrick being in love with the teen nurse is a Joke. These writers need to get to know the characters JMHO

I love RH & ME on GH. And I love many of the other characters, too. I understand that in order to keep a show interesting, a diverse cast of characters is necessary.I’m also thrilled to have so many past characters back. Any screentime is better than what they had before RC & FV in terms of Anna, Duke et al.

What if Sabrina turns out to be Patricks sister? Would you accept that? It sounds a little ew knowing she had a crush on him but they at least never kissed? Stop calling her FVs AND RCs ‘pet’ it makes her sound like a dog or something and shes far from it. Out of all the plus things happening on the show you take one little thing you dont like and make it sound like the whole friggen show is bad. The only mistake with Robin is that she should have been left dead or recast! KM doesnt want to do show full time unless she changes her mind and its more her decision either way. Both sides here are equal to blame so get over it or dont watch if you still think its that bad. I want to win a million dollar lottery but because i havent yet doesnt mean im going to stop playing the game. i wont give up hope just yet!

She is favored due to screentime and they are changing an established character just for her so yeah it is like a pet

I no longer care how established who is…every damn character started out the same way as newbies. Sure there are other ways they could have dealt with Patrick but fans need to put Robin to rest at least temporarily until if and when they can work things out better with KM and if they cant just recast. The actress sould tweet( here me Rockin Robin, tweet, tweet!) us fans to let us know…coming back or not full time. Lets move on…the Robin seems to have flown her nest but she could always return. I dont like certain characters on some shows, and a few plotlines but im not going to get an ulcer over it…

I love the character of Patrick but not sense he has been in the Sabrina/Britt stuff; he no longer has the sexy swag, like watching a man like Patrick reduced to silly Teen Nick, Degrassi type stuff. It is insulting for those of us who really fell for Patrick and was looking forward to his life without Robin-YES without Robin! Instead of the widowed, brilliant neurosurgeon who is dating , trying to date and (as in sexing up in the shower w/Britt or the string of whomever) and even Carly or Sam – being the flirt he is- I have him in a Teen Nick , ABC Family type thing and that is not Patrick. So Nope get him away from Sabrina PLEASE! and I have not even touched the shallow of the swanning out stuff – it is just insulting. I want PATRICK DRAKE back not this wimpy guy

This story is much like the other stories on GH. No build and instant relationship. I love great storytelling and we aren’t getting that on GH right now. We are getting to see the return of wonderful characters we know and love, but good story telling is missing. We go from point A to point M without any nod to what lies between. I am surprised that critics are unwilling to acknowledge this flaw. The show would get skewered if it was a play. Are we all so desperate to keep our soap on the air that we are unwilling to state “The Emperor has No Clothes”?

They are dressing up the Emperor up with one little piece of clothing at a time but in a good way…the are building up the suspense to the nurses ball where more promise of suprise awaits us, and many of us fans are waiting to see what happens there. Meanwhile im enjoying Luke and Laura about to search for the missing Lulu, the surrogate story which i cant wait to see how that turns out A.J.s fight with Tracy over ELQ with my hope Alan turns up alive as the missing ELQ shareholder, and as 4 the missing romance the show is lacking at the moment it could reappear at the nurses ball with Robin. Maybe im just dreaming but ABC is run by Disney and ‘When you wish upon a star’ your dreams could come true!!!

Great post! That is exactly it. My problem with this story has everything to do with the marginalization of Patrick and having him stuck in this teen Cinderella story. Sabrina herself is a caricature. Having her carrying story and being the centerpiece of the Nurse’s Ball is just wrong. This should be Patrick’s but instead he is standing around looking stupid. Jason Thompson deserves so much more than this. He has zero chemistry with the actress playing Sabrina and then there is also the ick factor of a nearly 40 year old man with a young child being paired with a character whose personality is written like 15 years old. Swanning her out for the Nurse’s Ball won’t change the personality. They need to move Sabrina over to the Michael group and bring an actual mature woman into Patrick’s story. Right now what they are doing is not working AT ALL.

Elizabeth is whom he should have been paired with. By the way Laura was 19 when she went with Luke who was about 15 years older. just saying…im not disagreeing with you…id rather have Sabrina turn out to be Patricks half sister.

Sabrina is not mature enough for Patrick.. She is an Alice in Wonderland (childlike). She
is sweet in all but not with Patrick and Emma. My opinion they should just stay good
friends and nothing more. Patrick & Emma belong with Robin. I remember first seeing Robin for the first time all those years ago on GH…. She has a lot of history with GH.. She grew up on GH before our eyes! Patrick & Robin & Emma forever! Husband and Wife + a child belong together!


Lifetime’s ‘Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas’ Brings Epic Food Fight and “Slapfest Coup de Grâce”

Get ready for the feuding soap opera divas, when five actresses known for their signature primetime and daytime roles are brought together in Lifetime’s new holiday film, Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas.

Saturday night, December 2nd on Lifetime (8pm ET/7PM CT) marks the highly-anticipated holiday movie premiere featuring: Donna Mills (ex-Knots Landing), Nicolette Sheridan (ex-Knots Landing), Morgan Fairchild (ex-Falcon Crest et al), Linda Gray (ex-Dallas) and Loni Anderson (ex-WKRP in Cincinnati).

Here’s what we do know! In story, five alums from the long-running soap, The Great Lakes reunite for a live Christmas finale. Uh-oh!  Now take a look at the backstory of the colorful cast of characters (pay special attention to the clever twists on the actresses names!)

Photo: Lifetime

LAUREN EWING (Linda Gray) “Everyone thinks I’m so damn good all the time,” confesses the junk food-loving Lauren of her second act as a lifestyle guru. “I don’t know how Gwenyth Paltrow does it!”

DANA CUNNINGHAM (Donna Mills) Now a sitcom mom, she’s yet to make amends to ex-bestie Juliette after abruptly leaving the soap back in the day. Not that she hasn’t tried: “When I thought the world was going to end in Y2K,” Dana says, “I reached out to her, and she never called me back.”

LILY MARLOWE (Loni Anderson) After replacing Dana on ‘Great Lakes’, Lily never again found a role to win her acclaim. “What do I have to show for (my career)? An arc on  For the People – Shonda Rhimes’ only flop!”

JULIETTE MATHESON (Nicollette Sheridan) “She left me for L.A.,” the party girl turned fashion mogul recalls of Dana’s betrayal. Will their feud derail the entire event?

MARGEAUX ROBERTS (Morgan Fairchild) “Fasten your face-lifts, ladies, it’s gonna be a bumpy weekend!” The sassy grande dame of ‘Great Lakes’ sees the Juliette-Dana beef as the perfect escape from her own domestic drama.

Photo: Lifetime

Now, making this all the more hysterical is the director of The Great Lakes reunion special, which makes the five women live under the same roof, is its former child star Alex, who has gotten his ex-girlfriend, Nell to direct the finale. Meanwhile, in the subplot. the ‘Ladies of the ’80s’ come up with a plan to get Alex and Nell back together.

As with any good soap opera, there is a major food fight. Linda Gray shared with USA Today ,”The food fight was one take. And it was fabulous.” And of course, their is a bitch-fest slap-fest. Morgan Fairchild revealed, “Oh honey, we all got ours in. Mine was a simple, ‘How dare you?’ with a slap. But I was hoping for a punch.”

Photo: Lauren Dukoff/Lifetime

The movie’s EP, Larry Thompson, who is a Hollywood manager and has Donna Mills as a client, said that the entire scene peaks with the”slapfest coup de grâce.” What is that exactly? That is when Donna Mills pushes Nicollette Sheridan into a pool in a nod to Dynasty’s Lily bond battle between Dynasty’s Alexis (Joan Collins) and Krystle (Linda Evans).

In case you missed it previously, check out the trailer for Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas below, also starring Patrika Darbo, Alec Mapa, Mills real-life daughter, Chloe Mills, and Christopher Atkins with theme song by Tiffany.

Now let us know, will you be tuning in to the movie for a premise that should delight many a longtime soap fan? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Ava Receives a Haunting Letter About Austin’s Murder

On Thursday’s November 30th episode of General Hospital, Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) is on the case of who shot Austin (Roger Howarth) and pays a visit to Ava Jerome (Maura West) at Wyndemere.

Dante asks Ava when was the last time she saw Dr. Austin Gatlin-Holt. She asks why and what is going on with Austin? Dante tells her he’s dead, and assumes she must already know, especially given her non-reaction to the news.

Ava tells Dante she was last with Austin two days ago at her gallery. When he questions her if security footage can back that up, that would then give her an alibi. However, Ava explains she left out the back, and that the surveillance camera has not been working. Since the murder happened in Pautauk, Dante tells Ava they will want to question her.


She responds that a lot of people in town knew Austin from Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and on. However, Dante points out that Ava was the only one that was kidnapped by Mason (Nathanyael Grey). Ava says she will have her lawyer ready.

As Dante exits, Ava looks through her unopened mail. She finds a letter addressed to her and it says inside on note paper, “You’re welcome.” But that’s not all, inside the letter is a polaroid of Austin’s dead body.


Also in story, Molly (Kristen Vaganos) has a meltdown when she has to start the finding a surrogate process all over again, and is found crying on a park bench by her sister, Kristina (Kate Mansi). Will this be the conversation where Molly will take up Kristina on her initial offer to carry the child for her and TJ (Tahj Bellow)?


In another key moment, James thinks Cody (Josh Kelly) would make a great big brother, which then gets Felicia (Kristina Wagner) flashing back to when Cody told Mac that it turns out Mac is not his bio-dad. Felicia senses something is not right. Is she finally on to the fact that Cody lied to Mac? Stay tuned.


So, who do you think sent the letter to Ava about killing Austin? Is it Nikolas? Cyrus? Mason? Could it be Ava herself, who doesn’t remember she did the deed, or could it be someone else? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital Pays Tribute to Tyler Christopher at End of Episode, ABC Exec Nathan Varni Shares: “You’ll Always Be In Our Hearts”

If you caught the end of the Monday, November 27th Thanksgiving episode of General Hospital, the ABC daytime drama ended the show with a special dedication to Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas Cassadine), who passed away on October 31st at the age of 50.

With a very touching title card, and a photo of Tyler from his younger days as the dark prince of the Cassadine clan, it read, “In Loving Memory of Tyler Christopher.”

On Tuesday, November 28th, ABC Current Series executive, Nathan Varni, who oversees Grey’s Anatomy, The Conners, Station 19 and General Hospital for the network, shared on X some additional thoughts on Tyler’s contributions to the GH family.

Photo: JPI

Varni expressed: “This lovely tribute card was shown at the end of yesterday’s episode of GH In loving memory of Tyler Christopher. Thanks for bringing Nikolas Cassadine to life on our screens, you’ll always be in our hearts. RIP.”

Tyler played the role of GH’s Nikolas from 1996–1999, 2003–2011, and lastly from 2013–2016. He also took on the role of Connor Bishop from 2004–2005. The late actor took home the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 2016 for his work as Nikolas.

Share your thoughts on GH honoring Tyler at the end of their Thanksgiving episode via the comment section below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Kim Coles as Whitley

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