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Hollywood Heights

More Hollywood Heights Stars To Y&R! Hunter Haley King Is the Recast Summer Newman!

Photo Credit: Deidra Fahey

Photo Credit: Deidra Fahey

Looks like Lindsay Bushman’s tweet the other day, where she knew that another Hollywood Heights startlet was on their way to The Young and the Restless to take over her role as the SORAS’d Summer Newman, is confirmed!

Soap Opera Digest is reporting that indeed Hollywood Heights star, Hunter Haley King is taking over the role of Nick and Phyllis’s daughter, Summer!  King has been playing Adrianna on the Nick at Nite telenovela series from Jill Farren Phelps and Josh Griffith, who now helm Y&R!

Hunter’s new co-star, Max Ehrich (Fen) tweeted his enthusiasm for his new co-star stating, “Hey Hunter Haley King! Great working with you yesterday. Looking forward to a long journey! :)”

As fans know, Lindsay Bushman’s tweet tipping everyone off that an HH cast member was taking over the role of Summer said, “Ahhh! #YR is being invaded by #HollywoodHeights and has replaced yet another actress on YR. Guess who?! Me. Haha well onward and upward.”

So soapers, what do you think about Hunter Haley King taking on the role of Summer Newman?  Or cast members from Hollywood Heights hitting the daytime screen on Y&R? Let us know!

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Glad it wasn’t Brittney Underwood. If she is free, would love to see her on GH as Langston… Starr Manning’s best friend.

This Summer looks nicer

I have to wait to see how she going to do
first but I am looking forward to see what she can do hope she get in to a lot of trouble with her parents and male they worry a about her & to see what Nick & Phyllis would do if summer got hurt.

How do I type a raspberry? That’s what I think of this, but we all knew that JFP was going to make Y&R her new Hollywood Heights. The smart thing would have been to DeSORAS Summer back to where she was. Clearly there is another agenda here at work. 🙁

I Hope Jill Farren Phelps and Josh Griffith will go the telenovela series way with Y&R, like Hollywood Height..
The Y&R flows like tar, very slow ..

Then the stories will move forward fast and not drag on like the Paul murder drama that is awful boring and lifeless with the same go nowhere story day after after day for months, it has become pitiful and if writen in telenovela style it would have eneded long ago ..
I’m happy Y&R will be having changes!


kenny, not according to Josh Griffith’s interview with TV Guide.

Sony may not be a peach of a company, but they are not this devil that most people make them out to be. They should have reigned in Maria before it came to this, but it is a huge company and they had their focus elsewhere.

su000, I have no problem with a telenova style soap. That is what it has come to around the world. I also believe the stories have gone too slow. I am just about for anything as long as it does NOT become Hollywood Heights, but stays Y&R. They can fasten the pace, but they can’t have it over-run by a bunch of teens and 20-somethings so that the show is totally unrecognizable. I hope they realize that.

That’s great ,she is a good actress looking forward to seeing the trouble she will bring to Y&R. Good luckHunter . It would be great to see other actors on that show on the daytime soaps.

The train wreck that justs keeps on giving! This girl is 18 in real life so how old is Noah now and if I was Joshua Morrow I would be scared it would not surprise me at all if a recast is on the horizon. JM is only 38 and he looks young this is beyond stupid I know they do it all the time but JM has a very young appearance.

The reason JM looks so young is Nick Newman was a SORASed character as well. I remember Nikki sent Nicholas to boarding school in Switizland when he was about eight years old. A year or so later he returned 16 years old. They chose an actor who had a young looking face, but JM still looked way too old for the role and we all complain at the time about that. So I find it funny we are now saying he looks too young. The problem aren’t the actors but writers who SORAS characters in the first place, it messes up timelines and character history. I

I believe the character of Nick was born in 1987 I know they do it all the time and I know why but you have this set of boring young people already. I was hoping we would get back on track but I see we are not. After catching a few episodes this week I do not see how they think bringing in young people is going to clean this up.

Correction the character of Nick Newman was born in December 1988 aged 16 in 1994. So their should be at least 16 years between he and his brother Adam I see where you are coming from the cycle never stops.

Ohyllis looks so old next to Nick now. He belongs with Sharon!!! When are they getting rid of Chelsea and Kyle they are horrific

I do not know about Kyle but the story is Chelsea is staying. This whole mess will take forever to clean up. Once again Victor comes back and gets his revenge and everybody else loses. Yawn!

This just goes to show that the Network’s mandate was to get new, young viewers. What you are going to get are stories that focus on the younger (aka cheaper to hire) characters with the core/legacy characters playing a supporting role. It’s the only way this show is going to survive AND actually gain audience.

I am so tired of of Victor and Nikki so pathetic. 30 years watching them for me is way to long. ENOUGH

I’m not tired of Victor and Nikki and I am sure there are millions who are not either.

What I am tired of is the back-and-forth dance they do. Just put them together and find a story for them like Lauren and Michael or Katherine and Murphy. Unfortunately, happiness equals boring so they always have to have angst until they reunite them for all of 5 minutes and then they hate each other again.

She seems physically right for the role, like a combination of Phyllis and a younger Nikki. And if she’s a better actress than LB, I’ll be content. Now they either have to recast Fen or send him away to boarding school.

Love it. Hunter Haley King is the perfect Summer. She’s way more talented then Lindsay Bushman. Love the makeover The Young And The Restless is getting. This is long overdue. I think Hollywood Heights has better actors than The Young And The Restless does. Can’t wait to see the new version of the soap swoon.

She should have been de-SORAS’d. Too old too soon.

I wholeheartedly agree, but nobody cares what we think, huh? 🙂

Haley King is far more talented than Lindsay Bushman. And she’s been in the business since she was a kid.

They can’t just go desoras Summer now that would be even stupider.

I don’t think it would be more stupid to DeSORAS. It would make sense and they could make it work. It is not like the SORASed Summer has had some frontburner storyline.

I still contest that they could give the kids (before they SORAS) them some real story. Like Cassie’s story. Robin on GH. Star on OLTL/GH. Why do they have to age them all the time? Look at Mad Men on AMC. They did it with Don Draper and Betty’s daughter. The problem is the writers just do not think. They do not know how to write for a child or tween. It’s a shame.

This Summer looks better. I loved Vail Bloom the first Heather and I don’t like Chelsea at all hope she is gone soon. Sharon is my favorite and Drucilla

I agree if Summer has to be SORAS this actress looks more the part than the previous one. I too loved the first Heather. As for Chelsea, personally I am hoping she is conning Adam, takes him for all his millions and leaves town. Adam will realize nice guys do finish last, go back to his old self, which was far more interesting to watch than this nice Adam. And I’m still waiting for Dru to return from the dead. I like the friendship she had with Sharon, and Sharon could use a real friend about now.

I think she’s talented.

A sorased Summer is ridiculous on many levels. First of all, it makes Nick illogically old. Next, it screws majorly with the shows timeline. Maybe it wouldn’t be so jarring if they hadn’t just had a tribute to Cassie this past spring and made a point of showing her grave and her dates of birth and death. She died in 2005…that was made clear. We all know Nick turned to Phyllis AFTER Cassie died. Aging Summer by 10 years also ages Cassie by 10 years, so if Cassie had lived, that would make her in her early 30’s, which would make Nick around 50 years old. SORAS works when its done right, when the kids are born to characters who are a little older, but this show has completely screwed up the ages of many characters.

She was a handful in her character on HH. I anticipate she will do the same here. She has a good following from HH so Y&R should be able to reclaim their poll numbers with the younger crowd. Good luck.

Better hope so because they are losing many of the “old faithfuls” who have helped ratings over the years I’ve seen enough!

I think she’s cute. And Happy Birthday to her!

Does that mean HH ia cancelled?

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Brittany Underwood's New Music Video "Flow" Directed By Y&R's Robert Adamson – Watch It!


Often times when current or former soap stars release music videos they are often underwhelming, however yesterday The Young and the Restless Robert Adamson (Noah) released and directed this exceptional music video featuring One Life to Live and Hollywood Heights favorite, Brittany Underwood (Ex-Langston, One Life)!

The song in which Underwood sings is titled, “Flow” and if you look carefully two General Hospital favorites make appearances too!  Kristen Alderson (Starr), who Underwood shared many scenes with on One Life, plus Chad Duell (Michael Corinthos)!

When the music video to “Flow” went viral yesterday, Underwood tweeted, “Thanks for everything Rob, you’re amazing!”And that was followed by, “Wow woke up to so much love for #flow , means so much to me. Y’all keep me going and inspire me everyday so thank YOU! Love you guys! Xo”

Meanwhile Adamson tweeted,  “@britt_underwood You did amazing and you look beautiful. Thank you.”

Now watch the music video after the jump and let us know what you think of it and the catchy tune performed by Underwood! (more…)

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