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THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: What Did You Think of Victoria and Ashland’s Wedding? (PHOTOS)

Friday’s episode of The Young and the Restless brought with it the vows and the “I do’s” of Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) to Ashland Locke (Richard Burgi), and the couple are now officially married.  However, pangs of guilt, emotion, and ‘how to solve a problem like Ashland’ also filled the ceremony.

Leslie Brooks (Janice Lynde) played the piano, Tess (Cait Fairbanks) sang a song, and Victoria came down the aisle with her father, Victor (Eric Braden).  It was actually the moments between Eric Braeden and Amelia Heinle that were the emotional high points as you could see the love between the characters, and the actors.


Photo: JPI

With the nuptials in Tuscany, which brought Hunter King and Michael Mealor’s characters of Summer and Kyle back into the mix, along with Janice Lynde, Victoria was said to never look more beautiful and she chose, after all of Sally’s (Courtney Hope) machinations, to actually wear the dress Sally designed, which was a smash!

The drama came from what was Gaines (Jamison Jones) going to do and what ammo did he have to bust up the nuptials in his revenge against Ashland.  Nick (Joshua Morrow) comes upon him in a upstairs terrace room, and instead of helping him stop the wedding, he actually locks him in the room.

Photo: JPI

Nick then has a decision to make …. does he stop the wedding, which he knows his sister would never forgiven him for (he was already uninvited to the nuptials), or bust open the situation?  It is none other than Adam (Mark Grossman) that tells Nick to look at Victoria before he makes his move saying, “She’s happy. Do you really want to be the guy who wipes that look off her face on what should be the best day of her life?” Just then, Ashland and Victoria become husband and wife, They kiss as everyone in attendance applauds.

Throughout the wedding, another highlight was every time the camera would pan to Billy.  His face said it all as it was exceedingly and increasingly hard for him to watch Victoria marry another man, let alone Ashland. Jason Thompson played those moments to perfection. After the wedding, Billy goes up to the newlyweds and wishes them well.  During the ceremony, he received a text from Gaines, but did not read it.  When he later opens it, there is a video attachment.

Photo: JPI

Meanwhile, back in the upstairs room, Gaines is confronted by Nick, Adam, and Victor, who Adam alerted to the situation; instead of calling security, which Nick asked him to do.  A stern Victor tells Gaines that he’s still a threat to Victoria and her company, and he won’t allow that to happen.

When we go back to Billy, who is now with Lily (Christel Khalil), he looks shocked by what he just saw in the video message from Gaines.  He shows it to Lily saying: “He (Gaines) just sent us a video of himself detailing all of Ashland’s crimes including the evidence.” Lily knows this is huge news! Billy tells her that if they don’t publish within the hour, Gaines is going to send it around to other press outlets.  When Lily asks, “What should we do?”  The camera pans to Billy looking at Victoria and Ashland, where Victoria is smooching with her new hubby.  Billy looks very concerned and very torn. Will he be the person to break the backstory of Ashland and his crimes including the forged will and his conniving for Camilla Rhodes’ fortune… or will he not do anything with the intel to save his enduring relationship with Victoria?  We fade to black.  Tune-in Monday.

So, what did you think of the wedding of Ashland & Victoria? Share your thoughts in the comment section, but first, check out some of the moments and looks from the wedding in front of the camera and behind the scenes in our photo gallery below.

Photos: JPI and CBS

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Honestly? In my 50-plus years of soap viewing, day and nighttime, this is the biggest letdown I’ve ever experienced, save for Billy Miller’s exit from GH. All that sturm and drang..for what? Nick was humiliated, while Sally and Ashland are on Cloud 9? And that insane priest! Central Casting must be on strike; even Sally couldn’t connect with that weirdo cleric. The vows?
Even Hallmark Cards was probably embarrassed. The only bright spot was the return of Noah in the beautiful form of talented, charismatic Rory Gibson. He’s a keeper. And I see sparks rekindling between he and Tessa. Sorry, guys, but I feel disappointed and manipulated. Bad moves. And bad vibes from me.

Wow – amazing how people see things differently.

I do agree about the new Noah, love him already. I also wondered about he and Tessa.

Totally agree with all you say. This soap has gone down hill with terrible storylines. I also miss Billy Miller.

You said it, Soaphound—I will add one more thing…..The wedding dress—…
What was that? Certainly didn’t deserve all the OOHS, AAHS and adoration.
I’ve always had a flair for style by steering away from the “norm”—I like doing my own thing, but that dress was way too alien… even for moi.

OMG I LOVED LOVED LOVED the wedding. What a beautiful ceremony and beautiful setting. I was SO relieved that no big drama happened to stop the ceremony. I love Victoria & Ashland as a couple – they are magic together.

Although I do not like Sally, nor her methods, I was sort of glad Victoria chose to wear her design.

Nikki looked beautiful.

So right, JenW. I think Nikki looked better than Victoria, though she was also lovely. Billy’s tuxedo was really wacky and that priest should invest in some conditioner and a hair brush. Great reentry for the Noah character, don’t you think?

Leslie came back to play the wedding march? Huh? It’s Super Soap Week on the U.K. soaps this coming week. That means over the top expensive stunts with non stop drama. Emmerdale literally grew two side by side cornfield mazes for nutty Meena’s revenge on Victoria and she will accidentally kill someone else. And Coronation Street created an underground tunnel network full of rushing water for Abi’s revenge on Corey. All I know is they’d better not kill Aadi since Dev has to choose between his son or daughter before their car explodes. An accident that allows Harvey the gangster to escape a prison van to go terrorize Toyah and Leeanne. I CAN’T WAIT!!! What happened on Y&R?

Thanks for the Coronation Street spoilers for Canadian viewers – NOT

Soap spoilers American and British are all over the internet with dedicated sites for such. If you’re a true soap fan they’re unmissable. So miss me with that. It’s not my fault Canada doesn’t do their own soaps and you guys are behind on everyone else’s. You shouldn’t have read my full comment. Soz/Sorry.

We’re not behind at all.

Oh davelestev1, I’m so confused about that wedding music. Tessa was clearly lip-syncing and the song was inconsequential. What’s wrong with Pachelbel’s Canon in D? It’s better nuptial music than whatever Leslie was playing.

Big Applause for the Wedding= Great, Well Done____________

Richard Burgi/Ashland had a recurring role —
I recently heard he now has a 3-year contract
with Y&R.
But– dunno- he still isn’t in the opening roll-up.__________

As for Jason Thomas– his portrayal of Billy is astounding..Bravo!
Billy Miller could have never given us the current Billy. Thomas’s acting abilities are awesome!!!______________

I hope Victor runs hot once again.
I miss his devious power plays.
I never get enough of Victor._________________

The only story that holds interest is the Ashland story.. It’s mainly the reason I tune in._________________

And why in H do the writers keep holding onto
Chance – it’s been ridiculously stupid.
If he’s alive bring him home or let him be dead._________

I’m more than tired of the empty baby story and sick and tired of the Mariah downer act–
I could care less for any outcome of that story..____________

Amanda and Devon are a horribly lackluster couple BLAH and FF.. No sense to it other than filling air time.
Also- The whole family of Amanda’s story is meaningless and has no drama, no nothing.__
It needs to be flushed. It’s zeroed out.______________

Without the addition of Ashland Y&R would be in the trash can… How it remains #1 is totally baffling, it’s not that good,
no it isn’t._____________
Y&R best hold onto its lifeline Ashland- or condolences.

Su000, I agree with EVERYTHING you said. The world is great!

I love Richard Burgi and hoped that he would stay. I like him as Victor’s son-in-law. I’m glad they are buddies although you know it wont last!

Jason Thompson has made Billy Miller forgettable!

“Kill” Chance off until they find a suitable replacement.

Mariah is best when she is snarky.

ANYONE attached to Devon in a story is a career killer!

Later, my friend.

Well, su000, I completely disagree about Jason Thompson’s version of Billy Abbott. Billy Miller remains my favorite daytime actor. But I’m with you on Richard Burgi, a wonderful journeyman actor who gives Ashland a lot of different shades. I miss Victor in action mode rather than just issuing meaningless threats. Amanda & Devon? Fast Forward. And her family members simply cannot act; their scenes with Mishael Morgan are laughable. She wipes the floor with them. And the Chance/Abby/baby Dom fiasco is INTOLERABLE save for Camryn Grimes’ brilliant work as the conflicted Mariah. But now that the wedding is over, what? We need new stories, not so many retreads.

How can you invest in a character that his story is told off screen ? We need to shelve the character of Billy we need to shelve the character of Phyllis they are telling stories from six years ago it’s horrible simply horrible nobody has advanced it’s like this soap is in ground hog day the same repeat over and over and over!! What was Jason Thompson wearing??? Personally Adam brings nothing to the show his history has been rewritten how many times ??

The wedding, costumes, and my goodness, those sets were to die for. It was nice to see Summer and Kyle however brief.

It was a nice wedding. It did have it’s drama moments but I wasn’t in the mood for any big reveals. I don’t know what’s in store for Ashland and for how long. I’m not sure how sick he really is…no one goes to any doctors with him to confirm his condition. Most marriages on soap aren’t meant to last anyway. Ask Carly and Jason. And if he really passes, and after Victoria goes through a period of mourning, she still wins by assuming control of the whole company. It wouldn’t surprise me if Victor thinks the same way and that’s why he made a show of going along with the relationship and has been protecting her in the background. And a corner of me wonders if Victoria doesn’t think the same. She is after all her father’s daughter and always wants his approval. She may have understood why Ashland did what he did but I sensed she really didn’t like it or totally trust him.

I liked it.

Reading it makes it sound even boring-er.

The wedding was well done. ALL the “Drama” leading up to it was filler. It was useless. I loved Leslie and Tessa’s performances. I NEVER liked any of Tessa’s coffeehouse performances in the past but the two numbers she did at the wedding were done well. I’m glad the ceremony was finished and the marriage is official. They are a good couple. And quite honestly, its nice to see a seasoned character such as Victoria be with someone totally different. This show plays the same love games with Billy, Jack, Victor, Nick, Adam, Phyliss, Sharon, Chelsea, and Nicki. These characters need new blood in their lives! Adams gets Sally now. I am not a fan of hers BUT its someone different. I would have loved if Jack would have hooked up with Lola’s mother when she was on the show. They would have made a good couple. The new Noah is handsome and can act. I thought the other guy was good to. The problem AGAIN is it doesnt appear that they know what to do with this character. I thought they should have made the recast a bit older. But, lets give it some time and see what happens.

All style …
Nooo substance
Highlight: Ashland and Victoria are my favorite new couple and imo saving this duldrum show. Was very pleasant to see a soap provide a glitzy wedding

Negatives: Jack and Phyliss 4.0 already has mysound asleep, Jack looked uncomfortable minus Kyle! Sorry why was he present at the wedding?! Phyliss served no purpose eithr, Victoria and Victor hate her.
How many times did Elena have to remind Nate about the best man speech ?! It was sooo tired it was funny! Victorias a nerd with no friends, didnt her and Sharon get close years ago when Sharon counselled her?! , Would ve been nice if Sharon came with Faith and she could ve mixed it up with Nick and Adam, maybe even taking Nicks side about Ashland! Maybe Faith could ve had some sweet scenes with a recast Moses who could ve tagged along with Nate. I wish somehow Imani was invited, maybe besides Sharon, maybe Victoria can be friendly with her since they both grew up in fancy country clubs. Lastly, I cant believe Dru s daughter wouldnt walk out on Billy after he continues to harass his ex!? Especially after that explosion when Vic yelled at Billy to let her live her life. Lily not walking out hurt or fed up was weak of her

I loved the wedding and most of what led up to it. Loved seeing little Harrison although they didn’t deem it important enough to show Victoria’s kids. Let’s see a roll of eyes now, but I kept wishing that Gaines guy had turned out good, I kind of liked him. Sorry Soaphound but I also liked the silly, little Italian priest, he made me laugh. I have loved Ash and Victoria together from the beginning and hope they truly love each other and as far as Victor goes, I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Nicki is Nicki, but she’d be a lot better looking if she’d just drop her chin down a few inches. Makes her appear so snooty.I think Nick is feeling put out because of all the attention given to Adam but Victoria forgiving Ash and not Nick was uncalled for, also the hug for Sally. I guess they will start warming up to her now. Billy was pretty pathetic and so was his Tux which went well with the priest’s robe. I love Billy Miller and don’t know if I could have watched him be the jerk that Billy has turned in to. Liked him better the way he was before Lily and after the jerk she married I thought her taste in men might change. I think when and if Nick and Phyllis break up, he will go back to Chelsea and of course old Smiling Jack will be waiting with open arms for Phyllis,poor guy!!

Iam so sick of Sharon and her continuing lust for Adam makes me sick. God forbid her husband or anyone else should have anything but good to say about this man. She even gives way to eavesdropping on Billy In the park to hear what anyone has to say about or against him. If I was Ray, I’d just tell her adious and let her go be with him instead of being the fool he is by staying with her.

Beautiful the dress was stunning thanks Sally lol

Some time ago I stopped watching the program for a while because Victor became so “evil.” Please don’t let that happen. I don’t like the idea of Jack and Phillis hitching up again. Also I hope your writer’s play the Asland and Victoria thing a bit more carefully. He could go either direction as could the new Noah — his (Noah’s) expressions easily allow both directions.

Timing may be really awfully with this thought, but I would consider Jill coming back for Jack. Regardless of the past and the present it could work!

Tani Sterling,
You make some good points but they will never use an older woman for Jack. They seem to always pair him up with the much younger woman. to show off his youthful vitality.
I think Noah will be staying around , hoping for a relationship with Tessa. whom he’s had an ongoing interest in, though he knows she’s gay.

You may be correct Violet. For me, the younger women just cheapen Jack. It doesn’t have to be an intimate relationship; think Jack and Jill had that before when Jill was married to Jack’s father.

Can’t believe that Ash might collapse before they even get on the plane to Peru. I was hoping all the rumours of his eminent death are not true. She’s the best man Vickie has ever had in her life. Sorry that Lily is stuck on and with that worthless Billy.


The Bold and the Beautiful Celebrates 12 Daytime Emmy Nominations (Photos)

When the nominations were announced for the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards, CBS daytime’s The Bold and the Beautiful was sitting pretty, not only did they tie for the most nods with 12 along with its sister soap, The Young and the Restless, but they landed an impressive 7 nominations in the acting categories.

In a first for B&B, three leading men from the show are all competing in the same category: Thorsten Kaye (Ridge), John McCook (Eric) and Scott Clifton (Liam). Each of these actors have won in this category previously with Clifton winning two other gold statuettes during his run as Liam in the now defunct Younger category and in the Supporting Actor category.

B&B also landed two of its leading ladies in the Leading Actress category, original series star, Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) and Annika Noelle (Hope). In addition, Jennifer Gareis (Donna) received her first nomination in the Supporting Actress category, while Ashley Jones’ visit as Bridget Forrester nabbed her a nod in the Guest Performer category.

Photo: HutchinsPhoto

Celebrating their accomplishments with an on set gathering, B&B’s executive producer and head writer presided over the festivities, acknowledging all the nominated performers and technical teams from the show including: Outstanding Directing Team along with Outstanding Writing Team which includes series cast member, Lawrence Saint-Victor, who not only plays Carter Walton, but is part of the scribe team.

Here’s a look at some of the snaps from B&B’s celebration below:

Photo: HutchinsPhoto

Scott Clifton gets some acknowledgements from his boss, Brad Bell.

Photo: HutchinsPhoto

Cynthia Popp and the rest of the nominated directing team from B&B.

Photo: HutchinsPhoto

The nominated Logan sisters: Jennifer Gareis and Katherine Kelly Lang.

Photo: HutchinsPhoto

Two of the members of the B&B nominated writing team, Lawrence Saint-Victor with Brad Bell.

Photo: HutchinsPhoto

Lead Actress nominees for this year’s Daytime Emmys from The Bold and the Beautiful; the on-screen mother/daughter duo of Katherine Kelly Lang and Annika Noelle.

Photo: HutchinsPhoto

Thorsten Kaye had just a few words to share on his Emmy nomination. He won in the Lead Actor category in 2023, making him the defending champ.

Photo: HutchinsPhoto

It was hard to cut the cake, because it was decorated with all the names of B&B’s Emmy nominees. Congratulations to them all.

The 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards will air live on CBS and stream on Paramount+ on Friday night, June 7th (8 pm ET/delayed on the West Coast).

So, what did you think of some of the images from B&B’s on set Daytime Emmy nomination celebration? What do you think about the series landing 12 nominations and 7 in the performer categories? Will you be rooting for B&B come Emmy night? Weigh-in below.

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The Bold and the Beautiful 37th Anniversary Party (PHOTOS)

Last night on Friday, March 22nd, The Bold and the Beautiful celebrated their 37th anniversary in the very movie-like atmosphere of Fanny’s Los Angeles.

The get-together brought with it many of the cast, creatives, and members of their families plus special guests to mark a job well-done. B&B premiered 37 years ago today on March 23, 1987 on CBS.

Those taking in the party at Fanny’s, located in the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, definitely received the tinseltown treatment complete with ‘Marilyn Monroe’ making her way into many a pic!

Photo: JPI

Attending were: Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) and husband Elan Ruspoli, Kimberlin Brown (ex-Sheila), Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke), Don Diamont (Bill), Alley Mills (ex-Pam), Thorsten Kaye (Ridge), Brad Bell (EP and head writer), Eva Basler (VP Communications and Talent Relations for Bell-Phillip TV Prods), Romy Park (Poppy), Lisa Yamada (Luna), Annika Noelle (Hope), and Ashleigh Brewer (ex-Ivy).

In addition other B&B favorites also were in attendance including: Sean Kanan (Deacon), Jennifer Gareis (Donna), Ed Scott (producer), Matthew Atkinson (Thomas) and wife Brytnee Ratledge, Naomi Matsuda (Li), Heather Tom (Katie), Ashley Jones (Bridget), Casey Kasprzyk (supervising producer), Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter), Maeve Quinlan (ex-Megan), Dick Christie (Charlie), Delon de Metz (Zende), Dan Martin (Lt. Baker), Henry Joseph Samiri (Douglas), Sophia Paras (Kelly), Clint Howard (mystery man).

Check out some of the snaps from the B&B 37th anniversary bash below.

Annika Noelle with the B&B kids!

Photo: JPI

Brad Bell flanked by Kimberlin Brown and Katherine Kelly Lang.

Photo: JPI

Now mom of four, and a three-time Daytime Emmy winner, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood.

Photo: JPI

Don Diamont, Thorsten Kaye, Henry Joseph Samiri, Katherine Kelly Lang, John McCook, Alley Mills, Heather Tom and ‘Marilyn Monroe’ strike a pose.

Photo: JPI

How wonderful to see Eva Basler pictured here with B&B boss, Brad Bell.

Photo: JPI

Lovebirds Matthew Atkinson and Brytnee Ratledge enjoying the festivities.

Photo: JPI

Naomi Matsuda, Lisa Yamada, Don Diamont, and Romy Park celebrating with their fellow co-stars.

Photo: JPI

B&B’s Ridge, Brooke and Eric: Thorsten Kaye, Katherine Kelly Lang and John McCook, remain stalwarts of the soap opera now in its 37th year.

So, what did you think of some of the moments captured in the photos from B&B’s 37th anniversary party? Comment below.

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The Bold and the Beautiful 2023 Cast Photo Unveiled

Just in time for the holidays, The Bold and the Beautiful has revealed their 2023 cast photo.  While viewers of the CBS daytime drama series have been seeing new solo and duo shots of cast members in various poses surface on the internet over the last two months, this is the first time the full cast was seen collectively.

Pictured from front row to back are: Tanner Novlan (Finn), Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy), Annika Noelle (Hope), Scott Clifton (Liam) and Lisa Yamada (Luna).

The second row features in staggered positions: Sean Kanan (Deacon), Kimberlin Brown (Sheila). Matthew Atkinson (Thomas), Krista Allen (ex-Taylor), Thorsten Kaye (Ridge), Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke), John McCook (Eric), Jennifer Gareis (Donna), Joshua Hoffman (RJ) and Delon de Metz (Zende).

Photo: JPI

The third row features: Naomi Matsuda (Li), Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter), Heather Tom (Katie) and Don Diamont (Bill).  The photo shoots with the cast were taken back on October 4th of this year.

Photo: JPI

As previously reported, Krista Allen, who is in the photo, is no longer with the show. Allen reported to Deadline that the third year of her contract was not picked-up. She also said, “The craziest thing is right before I got dropped, I did the cast photo shoot, and then the next week they called and said, ‘we’re not going to keep your third year and thank you very much, you were wonderful and thank you, goodbye.” An insider told the outlet that Allen was offered to recur in the role, but turned it down.

Photo: JPI

This weekend, two stars featured in the cast pic, Thorsten Kaye and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, took top acting honors at the 50th annual Daytime Emmy Awards for their performances as Lead Actor and Actress, respectively.  In addition, Krista Allen attended the ceremonies, and she was a nominee in the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her work as Taylor Hayes in 2022.

So, what are your thoughts on B&B’s 2023 cast photo? Does everyone look dazzling, as per usual? Comment below.

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