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The Young and the Restless: Who Did Stitch "Murder"?

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Finally, well sorta, the cat is out of the bag for what has been this  deep dark secret that Ben AKA Stitch (Sean Carrigan) has been hiding since he arrived in Genoa City!

On Friday’s airshow of The Young and the Restless, after a run-in with her brother, a flummoxed and upset Kelly (Cady McClain) reveals to Jack  Peter Bergman) that Stitch is a murderer and that is the secret that they have been hiding!

Now on this week’s upcoming episodes it looks like Stitch will have a lot of explaining to do, especially to Victoria (Amelia Heinle)!  But, will the entire truth come out?  And what is the truth?   Who exactly did Stitch murder?

Watch this week’s CBS Daytime promo for Y&R after the jump and then weigh-in!   Do you think Stitch murdered a family member?  A patient?  A child?  Someone in the war? An ex-lover or wife?  What would be so terrible that he has been sulking around trying to protect this secret for months and months?  Let us know!

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I think he may have accidentally killed Kelly’s son, Sam, in the same way that Deliah was killed.

i think u have a point there.

Yeah, good deduction, Michael.

No, they already stated when Ben reached out to her when her son died, after not seeing each other for years, Kelly was so mad that find out he was living a happy life after what he did that she decided to tell his wife Jenna what he did— in the past, so it whatever it is, happened before Kelly son died and was the reason they hadn’t spoken prior to Sam’s death.

My head is spinning.. Every comment made makes sense….what to do? Lol.
Bottom line….was this an accidental killing? Stitch does not appear to be a cold-blooded killer.

Maybe Jenna was having an affair and he killer her lover.

I think he killed his dad. I think his dad abused him and he killed him and Kelly was close to her dad so she was mad at him for all those years.

I don’t like Stitch or his story

Well, I like Stitch, but not his story.
If Video killed the radio star than JFP killed the soap star.

“Accidentally” killing someone isn’t the same as murdering someone. An accident is just that, murdering someone is a whole different ball game.

I think that Ben covered for his mother that was either being abused or cheated on by his father. So I think the mother actualy did it, you see how Kelly reacted when Jack broght up her mother.

He said that the fire started accidently and he couldn’t get him out. That’s not murder, that’s an accident.
Now if he knocked his dad out, and deliberately set fire to the place and walked away, that’s murder.

From what I’ve seen so far it looks like he killed the real Ben Rayburn.

That’s what I figure, as well. That the two of them were teens in school together, or something like that, and, knowing boys, they were out riding in cars or something like that, and Stitch somehow ended up killing the real Ben Rayburn (probably in a car accident).

What I don’t understand was Kelly telling Jack that Stitch has already “served his time.” Unless he was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter as a teen and served house arrest or found not guilty of a felonious crime (which murder is), I don’t see how he could have gone to medical school for almost 8 years, joined and served in the military for a minimum of 2-4 years and only be in his 30s.

I mean, getting the wife and son during either medical school or the military is easy enough, but if I remember right, you can’t join the service if you serve time (unless it’s in time of war, like during the Civil War, when they let prisoners fight for the Southern army).

If Stitch seriously paid time for murder, then there’s no way he could have served in the military, even with a phony name. The background check would have been pretty intense. Fingerprints alone would catch him up, right?

I think he murdered his father. If you recall kelly talked about losing her father while she was away at college. Maybe a fight with dad resulted in the death. He obviously did some time before the army. So the re ben rayburn died while he was in prison & when he got out he assumed his idenity. Joined army. And started a new life

Y&R will probably come up with a “self defense” story regarding Stitch and that since no one but he and the deceased truly knows what happened, he’s still suspect. However, the guy served his time and is a veteran, doctor. Why did Kelly have to bring it up then. I don’t understand that part. Also, Y&R has taken the fact that Sharon screwed up Summers paternity test way too long. And Sharon has slept with everyone in the city; including their sons & grandsons. I’m really find her boring. Why don’t they just show her humping a poll a few times and spare us.

Ben said he went to juvenile detention, not prison.

That is what I think too…and then assumed the real Ben Rayburn’s name…but why? I was thinking drunk driving accident (I may have read that in the newspaper obituary that Chelsea was reading about the deceased high school Ben Rayburn).

Unless Kelly isn’t saying everything. If Kelly meant that he served his time maybe she means losing the chance to be there for Max?

I dont care what he did as long as he keeps taking his shirt off!!!!! :O)

He killed Ashley Abbott. For years, AA has really been Kristen DiMera or one of her doppelgangers!

Love it!

I also think Stitch killed the real Ben Rayburn & he has assumed the identy of the real Ben Rayburn. I think Kelly saw Stitch murder the real Ben Rayburn & that Stitch has been blackmailing her that if she comes forward to the police that Stitch will kill her to.

i think you’re right Grace – but unfortunately, if you are, this is basically a recycled plot – didn’t Brad take the identity of a high school friend who was killed so he could escape the Nazis? i might be fuzzy on the specifics, but i think that was the dumb plot – that also involved Victoria on those stolen art objects.

Just when everyone thought they knew Brad, it was revealed that Brad Carlton was really George Kaplan with a mother, Rebecca, who he had hid for years!

A prisoner in a concentration camp in World War II, Brad’s mother was forced to catalogue stolen art for the Nazi Commandant and his men. After escaping the camps, Rebecca went on to testify against the Commandant who was later executed. Wanting to undue some of the wrongs of the camps, she set out on a mission and managed to put some of the art back into the hands of its rightful owners!

On an otherwise normal day, as a teenager, George (Brad) and his mother Rebecca returned home to find his father, sister and aunt murdered on their living room floor. Knowing the people from her past were after her, Rebecca and George changed their names and fled Cleveland, Ohio for good. George took the name of a friend who died in a car accident, Brad Carlton, and joined the Navy Seals.

In 2006, after being in hiding for years, a background check ran on George (Brad) made the killers from his past acutely aware that he and Rebecca were alive. The killers tracked down Brad and demanded that Rebecca tell them where the Grudgeon Reliquary was. Brad then brought Rebecca out of hiding and shipped her and his two daughters to a safe house in Hawaii.

After Sharon Newman was kidnapped in place of Brad’s wife, Victoria, Brad and his friends worked diligently to locate the Grudgeon, but were unsuccessful.

Brad found himself face to face with the two kidnappers, one being the son of the Commandant who had held Rebecca, Oscar Volkmann. In the end, and in an attempt to save Sharon, Brad killed both men (one with his thighs) and returned to Genoa City for good, vowing, along with his friends, to never tell a soul.

As kooky as the Reliquary story was, I really liked it. I much preferred those days of Y&R compared to its current state.

I can’t help but wonder if JFP is going to re-do the Steve storyline from GH, where he killed a bad guy (patient) to save a good guy (patient), so it was actually somewhat noble. Can’t remember the exact scenario. It also makes sense, as others have said, that it was the real Ben whom he killed.

Stitch is HOT

I like lookin at Stitch too!!! Glad they kept his character.

I don’t like looking at him……he’s too smug and sure of himself all of the time.

Here here!

I wish Stitch would know his lines better, I am tired of him always looking at the telepromoter.

I think Kelly said Ben had paid the price. Done his time. So could the secrecy be because if he is an ex con would he be allowed to practice medicine. Maybe Ben Rayburn is an identity he stole when released from prison. Whoever he murdered it must be pretty bad for his wife Jenna to go so far away taking their son Max with her.

All I know is they better make it good and tie up some loose loose ends.

Ben Rayburn’s photo was in the school yearbook, so maybe he was a school classmate/friend and he killed him because of envy or something and then stole his identity………………but maybe, he was a good friend and after Stitch was released from prison he decided to do something good in his friend’s name because his friend’s life had been cut short, and he figured he had already disgraced his own name.. Either way, that’s what I don’t like about the storyline…..he’s living a lie in someone else’ name.

Whoever he killed had to be someone important to Kelly for her to be as upset about it as she was, and since they already established this happened before Sam died, I am going to guess he murdered another sibling, or one of their parents.

Maybe he killed the real Ben Rayburn who was Kelly’s high school sweetheart. Maybe Stitch found Kelly and Ben 1.0 getting it on, or maybe Ben was getting rough with Kelly, and so Stitch took action. Maybe Kelly liked it rough or really was in to Ben 1.0 and blamed Stitch for offing her boyfriend — who might have been a real jerk to her. Come to think of it, Kelly has been on Summer’s side during this business with Austin who the Abbots and Nick do not like. Maybe Kelly faced a similar situation.

I think Stitch may have accidently killed Kelly’s son and that is why she is saying he is a murderer.
He may have also had a dishonorable discharge for murder and took the identity of Ben Rayburn in order to start a new life without shame.

I had thought that as well until the show where Kelly explained that she hadn’t spoken to her brother for years and then he reached out to her when her son died and when she realized he was married and had a child after what “he did” in her grief and her anger she blew up his marriage by revealing his secret. So whatever he did happened way before Kelly’s son died, before he was married and before he was in the army and before he wanted to be a doctor. Also, who he killed had nothing to do with his service or his being a doctor because Kelly told Jack her brother flat out murdered someone, not in self defense or by accident

The answer is obvious he along with JFP and all the other newbies killed Y&R! 🙁

LOL– that is priceless

Hahahahaha so true.

k/kay…my dear, your comment made me LMAO!!!!! Guess what? I’m still laughing…LOL!!!!! GOOD ONE!!!!!!


Well, Stitch hasn’t killed it as badly as Dullun….

@wolfmistress Oh no one can compare to Dylan/SB anyone who reads my posts on Y&R since JFP brought him on, knows my disdain for the character & highly overrated actor. He was however brought on as a friend of you guessed it Dylan! It would not surprise me at all to read that Murphy comes back with a letter for Nikki. In that letter it will read if she ever finds her long lost son he should run Chancellor!! Gag me with a spoon and remember if that happens you read it here first.

People are actually for the build up hype..

Stitch/Ben is not a murderer ..
He is the ‘golden boy’ a contract player and the writers would never make the new star a ”murderer” ..

You’re going to be let down when what actually happened come out after being built up for 6 months over this dumb secret..

You are being trolled by the writers/Y&R .. ahaaa..

Yeah, when it’s revealed it will be a total let down. Whoever it is probably isn’t even dead.

If we were put through 6 months of this boring stuff and there was no ”’murder”’
I’m going to very very upset..

If this was about Steve Burton’s character, “Dullun,” then I’d say you’re right about it being a big hype, but the thing is, folks have really taken to Sean Carrigan more than they ever have to Burton, so I’m thinking there’s actually going to be a real story there (of sorts, I know; there’s never a “real” story on Y&R, at least, not since Bill Bell left the show).

I’d take a Stitch storyline over Dullun anyday, though. Talk about being crammed down our throats…ugh!! And the man can’t act his way out of a wet paper bag (Burton, not Carrigan … Carrigan can be scary-good, if you’ve ever seen his other works)!!

wolfmistress…AW, HELL YEAH…AGREED!!!!! To me, Sean Carrigan’s character of Stitch is so emotionally conflicted. I mean…to me, Stitch seems so emotionally torn (or whatever)…wanting to be the good guy one minute, then wanting to be the bad guy the next. Now…that is BELIEVABLE STORYTELLING!!!!! As for that Steve Burton and his idiot character Dylan…well…never mind. LOL!!!!!


Su000 thinks every atrocious detail of GH is grand storytelling while every detail of Y&R is just deplorable writing. The black and white thinking is astounding.
Ron could stunt cast Barney the Purple Dinosaur to mediate between the tiny tot triangle and Sue would sing from the rafters that GH is the Citizen Kane of soaps.


He had to have done it before the service because Dylan knows him as Ben. Maybe it was a car accident while drinking.

In tomorrow’s episode in the US (I am in Canada a day ahead in episodes) Kevin brings Chelsea a high school yearbook and they find that his first name was always Ben, but he changed his last name only

I think he did a mercy killing of one of his and Kellie’s parents. Probably had a trial and found not guilty?

It happened during Ben and Kelly’s high school years and was probably someone close to Kelly, maybe a boyfriend of hers. That’s my best guess, but , then again, my kids have been swearing for years, that I write these shows , and want to know what I’ve been doing with the money!! LOL!

I think it is their father since Kelly has mentioned more than once that he died while she was in college.

I agree, I think it was there father and maybe he was terminally ill and in severe pain.

Oh, who cares?!?!? I’ll gladly watch that SEXY AS HELL Stitch over that DULL-AS-DIRT Dylan any day!!!!! Yep.

transplants are the in thing now in soaps..
I will say;
Ben killed a brain dead person, turned off the machine, to get the organs to save a dying person)s)
Now ,we will not be mad at Ben because he did it to save lives..
and- i will bet the barn on it or something as that..
you heard it here first, folks..

Oh go watch GH–I hear Spencer and Cameron are going to start competing lemonade stands.

He may have murdered one or both parents (as a teenager). The parents and other possible family members have never been mentioned.

I wish he would murder the incredibly boring Dylan!


Kaleesi…girlfriend…HELL TO THE YEAH…AGREED!!!!! And, while he’s at it, Stitch can also O-F-F the following: Cane, Devon, Hilary, Lily, nuAbby, nuNoah, Summer and Tyler. Oh well…LOL!!!!!

Stitch going on a mass murder rampage followed by his suicide would really help Y&R at this point.

He probably murdered his career by accepting a job on this show. Worst acting on television.

Whoever he murdered I just hope it’s revealed soon it’s just dragging out way too long and it’s too much already. I can’t handle Kelly’s acting anymore he should have murdered her.

Spot on.

The character Kelly was on either As the World turns or the other CBS soap as the rich sister. She had the exact same mannerisms

I think he killed his sisters boyfriend.

Was thinking the same thing……..but now leaning more to what some others have written……….that perhaps it was their father.
But I’m also still unconvinced that Adam killed Delia.

I agree, I think it was Nikki

Maybe he accidentally killed someone during a school football game by tackling them too hard. He also could of been drinking and driving. He changed his last name because he was feeling guilty for cutting his victims life too short and wanted immortalize them in some way. From the conversations between Kelly and him, I think this happened when he was still in high school. If he actually murdered someone, he wouldn’t be able to change his name would he? I am not sure what the laws are in the USA. My theory…hope I am right because I don’t think he would have intentionally commit murder.

Kelly was pretty clear with Jack that whoever her brother killed he did on purpose that it wasn’t an accident or done in self defense— but that is her side of the story, perhaps when all the details come out we will learn he had a good reason for killing whoever he killed. As for the name change perhaps if you changing your name legally maybe they wouldn’t allow it, but it is obvious he stole Ben Rayburn’s identity illegally– perhaps for the very reason you stated he couldn’t change his name legally to escape his past.

The mother has never been mentioned, but their father has, by Kelly. She has said in the past that she was very close to her father and he died when she was in college. I think he killed their father (explaining the hatred between the two for so long) and he assumed Rayburn’s identity AFTER he served his term in prison. Foreshadowing has indicated this, but they could have totally rewritten the original “plan” in order to make it more plot driven. They do this all the time. If it is not “settled” and at least made apparent to the viewers what really happened I am about ready to dump this show. This has gone on and been drawn out far too long…….almost to the point that the viewers are beginning to not even care. Get on with it!!!

So agree….

A family member. Dad ?

I really think Stitch killed someone in high school. The actual “Ben Rayburn” is somehow tied in, but I don’t think that’s who he murdered. He took Ben Rayburn’s name to honor the guy. I don’t see him as a bad guy, but they could have saved that character.

I think Ben killed husband #shrugs#

WTF! Who is writing this crap?? – Time to replace Y&R management and go backwards to before – at least it was watchable!! Storylines are tough to do on soaps and the right casting of characters is really hard – Jill Farren Phelps has failed deplorably at both, and is losing more and more longtime viewers.

Bottom line should cause Jill Farren Phelps to be REPLACED ASAP !!

I think Stitch killed his (and Kelly’s) father. Just a feeling I have. I originally thought her son…but then we got more info and we know this “murder” happened years before Sam died. I hope they make it worth the wait though with JFP…it might be a gigantic letdown.

My two cents on other things…BRING BACK MICHAEL MUHNEY….and BILLY “SEXY” MILLER! WTF ARE THEY THINKING WITH THIS CURRENT BILLY!!!! And Michael Muhney IS Adam…no one can replace him. I agree that the charachter of Dylan is boring….but I would like to swim in those gorgeous blue eyes…and he has some body too! Anyway…..LOL! Just my two cents!

I think Ben killed Kelly’s boyfriend who might have been taking advantage of her. (Or maybe Kelly really did it and doesn’t remember).

I think when Ben was in high school, he either killed his father (maybe some abuse going on) or he killed someone close to Kelly. And he did his time for it, but since he was young, he would still have time to join the military and become a doctor. However, I didn’t think you could be in the military if you had something like that on your record. And maybe that’s why he took his friend’s identity. But if it’s something so bad that would make his ex-wife move to a different continent, it has to be more than murder. I mean, lots of kids have parents who were convicted of murder and they don’t leave the country because of it. Also, one time Kelly mentioned what he did was so sick in one of her conversations with Ben. Would murder be something so sick? Or even if he accidently killed his friend by drunk driving or something, would that be considered sick? I think when the truth comes out, we are going to be let down by the hype of all this.

Oh, and btw, I like the new Billy much better than the previous one. He looks like he could actually be Victoria’s or Chelsea’s husband and he has great chemistry with Chelsea.

I think stitch killed their father

It’s going to be a mercy killing (i.e., euthanasia) of Kelly’s and Ben’s father. He was very ill and begged Dr. Ben for help in dying with dignity.

Enough of Stitch…just kill him off already!!!! I’ve watched the show since it first started and it has gotten totally boring and the writing is terrible. There is really no story line for the Winters family and the idea of Neil marrying someone who is not really in love with him but rather with Devon, give me a break!!! Bring back Dru…Since Jeanne Cooper died there is really no reason for Jill or Colin to be on show (another stupid story line) The best part was always Kay/Jill sparring. Bring Adam back, Billy Miller and the same Phyllis (Michelle Stafford). All the sleazy things that Victor has done seems to be ok since he has the money to buy people off…for once I would really like to see him suffer and loose everything…as for Nikki getting really tired of watching her, always critical of everyone, considering all the things she has done, first off being a stripper….I like Sharon and the fact that they have shown that she has a mental illness, bi-polar, I believe, and this is something in society that should be brought much more to the forefront. Of course Victor and Nikki don’t see it that way and are out to destroy her instead of trying to learn more about mental illness so as to understand why Sharon has done things in her past and is really trying to deal with it , after all it was Victor who set her on the path of destruction.

I think stitch took the blame of killing his father to protect his mother. he was young would get a lighter sentence. His mother would get life! Just my opinion. Adam is innocent. the woman from the store killed Delia.

I also think the same about him protecting his mother. I also always believed Adam is innocent. What woman from what store are you talking about? (Really sorry Michael M will not be returning as Adam, he really made the part)

What I don’t understand is WHY they are taking so long to get the story out? The Ben & Kelly story has taken what seems like 6 months to get this far, I was thinking that Ben was the reason why Kelly’s son, Sam is dead. They still haven’t said how he died. They (the writer’s) seem to forget that there are some long time fans of the show, who have watched people come and go, and they never bring them back into the story. ex. Jack has a son which he had with a woman he fell in love with while he was in Viet Nam, the son left shortly after his mother died, there have been many crisis’ where most kids would return home to their family to help out, but not these kids. It is like they (writer’s) write them out the story line and they disappear like they were dead? What gives? What I am wondering is are they going to take another 4 – 6 months to tell the rest of their stories? It would be nice if they had a way to “get caught up” with some of these stories? I only ask about it because they take so fricken long to tell the story that you tend to miss out on things or they just over look all of it! Just a thought and/or suggestion for these “writer’s”.

As we have found out now, Stitch was convicted of killing his father after having a fight in a “wood shed” so is this where the father would take Stitch to beat the crap out of him…. Stitch said he wasn’t going to take it anymore and they fought and the father was knocked down and Stitch said he left then became aware that a fire had started in the shed, “how” he didn’t know…… Stitch has also said that his father physically abused his mother too….. Then Kelly stated that she hasn’t seen her mother since then because the mother said “we have to stand behind Stitch” or something like that. And Stitch keeps saying that “there is more to the story”. What I believe is that Stitch’s mother started the fire while the father was laying there and Stitch took the blame for it to protect her. This is what I think. AND I think Billy is a two timer , tries to get Victoria back while wanting and sleeping periodically, with Chelsea.

He is killing us with his bad acting!

the mother really killed the father and Ben took the blame


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On Tuesday, CBS officially gave The Young and the Restless a four-year renewal which will take the daytime drama series onward through its 55th anniversary season in 2027-2028.

Y&R has remained the top-rated soap opera for 36 consecutive years and CBS’ longest-running series in its storied history.

Sharing his reaction to the great news was Y&R’s iconic star, Eric Braeden (Victor Newman).  Standing outside of CBS Television City where The Young and the Restless is taped, Eric addressed the renewal in a video, and how the show could not have done this without the power of the fans all around the world.

Photo: JPI

Eric began, “We were renewed for four years. I’ve been coming to this studio for 44 years now, and now we have another four years added to it. How wonderful is that? And that’s thanks to you, to all of you, who are loyal fans all over the world.”

In addition, Braeden acknowledged how truly special the four-year pick-up is, when in this day and age, any series could get canceled at any time. “Love you all and we never take any of this for granted, trust me,” he shared. “Alright, you’d be cool. I’m very happy to hear about the four year renewal. I really am. Because in today’s world you can’t take anything for granted. And in the changing world of media, seemingly nothing is prominent. But we are here another four years. Alright, be cool everyone. I love it. And thank you. Thank you for your loyalty.”

Braeden began playing the role of ruthless business man, Victor Newman back in 1980. Throughout the years, he has shared that he initially didn’t want the role, but how it led him on an incredible journey playing this one-of-kind character on television.

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After its premiere at the festival, on the next night, Jason, Brytni and Jacob will visit You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel for a livestream conversation about the making of the film, working with each other, and a discussion on their numerous soap opera roles and much more.

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According to a report by TV Line, during B&B’s last renewal pick-up for two years, CBS included an option for an additional year. So, when B&B’s current renewal expires this May, (just like Y&R’s was set to do) it included an additional option year.

A CBS source told the outlet, that the option will be exercised, extending B&B through the 2024-25 TV season. There most likely would be no official announcement for B&B continuing on for another year, since its not part of a newly-negotiated extension.

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So, glad to know B&B will have CBS pick-up their option for at least another year? Comment below.

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