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TODAY: As the World Turns Online Reunion # 2 With More Oakdale Favorites

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Following on the heels of last week’s popular As the World Turns online reunion livestream number one, former ATWT and GL show publicist, Alan Locher is back on his You Tube page The Locher Room for a second installment with more cast members from the beloved soap.

The livestream is slated to begin today on Friday, April 10th at 2PMEST/11AMPST.

According to CBS Soaps in Depth, the original list of participants scheduled to appear are: Ellen Dolan (Margo), Colleen Zenk (Barbara), Terri Conn (Katie), and Trent Dawson (Henry).  However, things can obviously change during this COVID-19 pandemic, plus other surprise guests may be added!

Make sure to watch it live, by clicking on this link here.

If you miss it, don’t worry there will be a replay following the livestream as well.

So excited to see today’s guest hang out and catch-up on old times in Oakdale and more? Comment below.

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nice..wish they could do this for all the soaps…i have had online conversations with three stars from the Edge Of Night…it was great!!!


It was slow to start, but once they got back from tech issues, and started up their fun banter, this turned into a great hour of memories and stories and reconnection. Thanks again for the heads up, and it seems that these mini reunions are going to continue while we all are in quarantine mode. Be safe everyone!

Paul H
Paul H

Another enjoyable hour. Colleen Zenk really keeps up many cast members. So neat that many of them still enjoy the props from ATWT, like a chandelier, paperweights, Henry’s shirts. And Maura West uses the china from the Snyder farm as her everyday dishes. Colleen was about to provide an update on Eileen Fulton but then Austin came in and we didn’t get to hear it. I was wondering if Eileen is still doing her cabaret shows. I wish I could have seen Colleen Zink do Hello Dolly in Illinois. Hopefully we can have part 2 with Colleen and others.

All My Children

ABC and PEOPLE’s ‘The Story of Soaps’: What Was Your Review Of It?

Tuesday’s night airing of ABC and PEOPLE’s two-hour special The Story of Soaps featured many notable daytime and primetime soap stars, past and present, clips from backstage to classic memorable moments, and some participants who were providing commentary on the erosion of the daytime soaps in our culture.  Still others, maintained and realized that everything today is serialized from the news we watch, to some of Netflix’s most binge-watchable series, and of course, the birth of reality-programming.

Throughout the airing of the special, The Story of Soaps was trending on Twitter and social media either at the #2, #3 or #4 spots for the entire duration of the broadcast presentation, and the cancelled and beloved All My Children was also at one point trending.

However, known soap writers, journalists, ardent fans, and actors of the genre, were all on Twitter last night live-tweeting their thoughts as the special went down, and there was definitely mixed reactions and reviews, when all was said and done.

What the special did not shy away from, but tackled, was Luke’s rape of Laura at the campus disco on General Hospital. and how that moment now, as Genie Francis (Laura), so eloquently put, would be considered as ‘date rape’ in our culture.  The series even included a pivotal moment where Laura addresses Luke (Tony Geary) about the rape years later, after helping Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) through her rape ordeal.

John Stamos (Ex-Blackie Parrish, GH) got a bevy of “Right On’s!” for his comment that the soaps do not get the credit that they deserve and clearly came through as one of the soaps greatest supporters, as did former The Doctors and Knots Landing star, Alec Baldwin.

However, throughout the two-hours, Andy Cohen’s commentary was thread throughout; mostly citing soap’s demise and the creation of reality-programming and his “Real Housewives” franchise, that the special touted as the new soap operas.  It continued on the narrative that people preferred to see real-life drama then made-up drama on a fictional soap.  And while, that has been a trend in American culture for decades, the commentary came off as often out of place in a celebration of the soaps; and bringing in a lot of negativity to the special that soap fans were tired of hearing.

Tony Geary Opens Up About His Iconic Role as GH's Luke Spencer on Nancy Lee Grahn's 'Soaps In Quarantine'

In a lighting rod moment, Cohen stated: “I know Susan Lucci doesn’t agree with me, but I think that the Housewives have replaced soap operas because truth is stranger than fiction. Soaps became kind of unnecessary because you could do it with real people, and they’re writing the drama themselves.”

The special did also address the cancellations of All My Children and One Life to Live, (which many were not sure they were going to do – given this special was airing on ABC), where One Life’s leading lady and six-time Daytime Emmy winner, Erika Slezak (Ex-Viki) said what we all wanted to sa ywhen the ax fell on the towns of Llanview and Pine Valley, “People were horrified”.

Clearly, OJ Simpson and his murder trial and reality-programming were also given a chunk of time to show where the once mighty landscape of daytime soaps which once had 13 shows on the air, dwindled town to 4.  But, it would have been nice to see more time spent on how in this day and age, the people in this current landscape of the genre work so hard to get episodes done at an unbelievable pace, and how in that climate the performers still deliver gut-wrenching performances.

Photo: ABC

Former Loving, OLTL and Breaking Bad star, Bryan Cranston, did point out how the once powerful soaps, just don’t have the dollars they used to, and need to, to help with production costs and their taping schedule.

Viewers were reminded of soaps’ socially relevant storylines including hankie-inducing moments from: Robin (Kimberly McCullough) and Stone’s (Michael Sutton) HIV/AIDS storyline on General Hospital, to Billy Douglas being a gay teen coming out on One Life to Live, played by a young Ryan Phillippe.

DAYTIME CARES Live Event Set Featuring Soap Favorites In Virtual Variety Show

There also did not seem time spent on the contributions of William J. Bell; one of the most prominent writers of the soap genre of all-time.

For many commenting on social media last night, there seemed to be a feeling of some glaring omissions of participants who could speak on this genre, who have been in the trenches as soap producers, soap writers, pundits, actors, and more, who were not included in the special.

So, what was your review of The Story of Soaps? How would you grade it? Do you feel it accurately reflected the history of the genre?  Were you happily surprised,  or when it came to the end where you over it, or somewhere in between? Sound off in the comment section below.  Below are some tweets from notables who have worked as an actor, a writer, and a journalist in the soaps.  

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As The World Turns

Don Hastings and Kathryn Hays Together Again For Upcoming ATWT Virtual Chat

Got to love Oakdale’s enduring favorites Bob and Kim Hughes! And now, although As the World Turns has been off our screens for back on September 17th, 2010, the love for the soap is still as strong today to its ardent fans.

So with that said, on You Tube’s The Locher Room, former soap publicist and host Alan Locher is bringing together Don Hastings (Bob) and Kathryn Hays (Kim) for a very special virtual chat on Friday May 15th beginning at 2. p. m. EST/11 a, m.  PST.

Make sure to log on here to view the conversation.

Make sure to let us know in the comment section below your favorite Bob and Kim moments over the years!

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As The World Turns

Mark Collier Added To ATWT Reunion Line-Up For Friday

Everyone needs a little Mike Kasnoff in their lives, right?  Well, news today from The Locher Room has that for the scheduled As the World Turns virtual chat tomorrow, Mark Collier will be joining the funfest.

Now look for the updated line-up to include former As the World Turns cast members: Jennifer Ferrin (Jennifer Munson Donovan), Jennifer Landon (Gwen Munson), Colleen Zenk (Barbara Ryan) and Collier.

They will join former ATWT and GL show publicist, Alan Locher as he hosts the reunion on his You Tube Channel beginning on Friday May 8th starting at 2 p.m EST/11 a.m.PST.  You can watch the livestream here.

Collier played the role of Oakdale’s Mark Kasnoff from 2002-2007, and then returned for a time in 2009.   The role has originally been played by Shawn Christian from 1994-1997

Will you be watching this ATWT reunion? Remember Mark as Oakdale’s Mike? Comment beloe.

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