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Downton Abbey Movie Project Moving Forward; Projected For Production In 2018


It looks like all of those earlier reports months ago about a production being put together for Downton Abbey: The Movie, may finally becoming to fruition. Numerous items detail that motion picture project is moving forward with production slated for sometime next year.

Michael Edelstein, president at NBCUniversal International Studios, told the AP: “We are working on getting the script right and then we’ve got to figure out how to get the (cast) together. Because as you know, people go on and do other things. But we’re hopeful to make a movie sometime next year.”

Currently, the cast and writer Julian Fellowes have been on hand at the Downton Abbey exhibition which debuted in Singapore. However, some notable members of the company seemed surprised by the news including Laura Carmichael (Edith): “Well, tell my agent, because we’re still waiting to know. We’re hoping that will happen soon.”

Variety reports that an NBCUniversal spokesman confirmed the studio hopes to put the movie into production in 2018.

The Downton Abbey exhibition however, is set to travel to the United States and Australia with dates to be announced.

So, do you think Downton Abbey: The Movie will come to fruition? Would you be interested in seeing it? Comment below!

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My husband and I would love seeing Downton Abbey return❤️
We so miss it .we miss all the cast

Wow, very interesting. Would like to know dates and locations of the exhibition.

Yea!!! But only if Julian Fellows and many of the original cast are involved. I’ve been watching re-runs, and (spoiler alert, but I can’t imagine fans of Downton haven’t see the ending). They just finished the last episode where everything ends up pretty good for everyone. This is one “semi-fake reality” I can handle because of the way they handle their issues and each other…ultimately with respect and class. Be interesting how they all negotiate the new brave world that is unfolding before them.

What great news! Downtown has so much life in it! I would like them to take us through WWII , post war England in the 50s. And into the 60s . We can see the children and grandchildren get older!

@Patricio….Whilst I can never get enough “Downton,” I’m not so sure that a progression through the 20th century is the way to go for the Crawleys…It would be an uphill–and most likely, losing—battle for them to maintain any sort of elegant, extravagant existence going into the more modern eras of English history….With the advent of all the crushing taxes that ate away at most of the “old families” and their palatial properties, very few of these aristocratic lifestyles survived….Many of their grand, ancestral structures fell into disrepair and were sadly demolished, hence only a handful of these examples of stunning architecture remain today. (Like “Highclere Castle!”) Plus, Dame Maggie’s “Violet” wouldn’t survive the times at her age…and perish the thought she not be included in this film!!! (However, I often thought that if Julian Fellowes did go this route, that if she were game she could play an aged “Lady Mary,” since they seemed to share some of their best personality traits!) I know at one point, it was suggested a “prequel” could be introduced, given it would involve younger versions of some of the original main characters and thus, would necessitate an entirely new cast, which would be a far easier—and probably less expensive—task rather than rounding up the current crop of stars. Having said that, I will happily accept any new project that resurrects this fabulous family for even a brief, glorious moment, because we already know it will be done with class, good taste and a great deal of tender, loving care by its creator!

Sorry for the late reply to your post. It was spot on as I didn’t really think through the historical ramifications of the social change in England. By the end of WWII England was broke and those great family estates were gone.

I’m such a knucklehead I’m thinking of lady Mary and 1960s London with the Beatles!

This is why I’m not a writer, I just miss my Downton Abbey so much!

I heard there may be a movie however?

I hope all is well in your life Shay!

Not at all, Patricio! It is very easy for our posts to fall through the cracks…I’m still playing catch-up with my latest round! But, boy do I hear you about “Downton Abbey!” I’ve watched at least 100 different period dramas over the past few years (Both old and newer ones, the latest being Poldark3, which I’ve just completed…not bad, but it had nothing on the Crawley’s saga!) and although some were extremely well done, none captured the imagination as Downton did…I miss it terribly, too! (However, I must admit I did quite like “Mr. Selfridge”…it was very opulent and covered much of the same time period as the Julian Fellowes drama….) Alas, there was simply something so unique and special about this specific series that it does make one yearn for more of its magic!!! (You need only look at the PBS fundraising programs based upon the show…always another retrospective still trying to milk its phenomenal success!) Right now it would seem that the will is most definitely there for commissioning a film—even though the makings of an actual movie have yet to be a reality at this point—but we can always live in hope! I do believe if such an undertaking is humanly possible, then Mr. Fellowes will make it happen! As for being a knucklehead, nooooo….it’s all too easy to get caught up in thinking where the Crawleys could be treading through events in British history during subsequent years…and given that the ’60’s had a number of aristo “It Girls,” yes, I could envisage one of them cavorting with the Stones, Beatles, etc…just not Lady Mary, who would be pushing 70+ by then….perhaps her granddaughter or great-niece though???? In terms of their glorious estate, I’m afraid if it were still standing at that juncture, it would have been turned into a National Trust state-run facility/museum or even private girls’ school like so many were when they managed to escape the great wrecking balls of the ’50’s. Or…sold to a rock star, famous actor or international financier who could afford the exorbitant cost of maintaining such an extravagant property! At the very least, the remaining family would be reduced to holding weddings and other celebrations, along with conducting a tourist business and renting out their venue as a filmsite, to keep their once-fairytale home up and running …just like the real Abbey, aka, “Highclere Castle!” (And wouldn’t that have the irrepressibly old-school Dowager Countess Violet just spinning in her grave? LOL…) As for me, yes, I am very well, thank you for asking!….Looking forward to the rapidly approaching fall, which is always a favorite season for me! Hope you and your spouse are doing equally fine! Take care, Patricio!

Good afternoon Shay-

You are really plugged in with PBS of the quality programming they put out. I wanted to see Mr. Selfridge but it always got away from me. With your recommendation I’ll do a BingeWatch of the series.

Well I really enjoy is “Call the Midwife”. It’s semi–serialized but every episode it’s very compelling, if you haven’t seen it I urge you to try.

I assume by your colloquialisms that you are British, do you live in England here in the United States?

Hello again, Patricio! For the record, I’m pure Yank, but I have an immense appreciation for British culture, architecture, history, etc….yes, I am a true Anglophile, especially where their entertainment products are considered! Just love, love, love their period dramas and mystery series….so I suppose I have picked up a lot of the more formalized English modes of expression along the way! (I also read the UK press offerings each day…not just for news “across the pond” but for coverage of US events….very illuminating!) Quite honestly, even though I do watch PBS, most of the programming I adore is found online…by the time it actually reaches our shore, I’ve most usually already seen it….but in the case of such superb programming as “Downton Abbey,” “Mr. Selfridge,” and many detective shows, I do view them again…and again, whenever they are broadcast here! As for “Call the Midwife?” Yes, I’ve followed it from “Day One!” The always stylish Nurse Trixie and ever-dotty Sister Monica Joan are my favorites, as well as highly-efficient Nurse Crane and the smoky-voiced Patsy Mount! (I still miss crusty old Sister Evangelina, too….) This is such an absorbing drama and quite educational, too, although I could do without some of the more realistic depictions of childbirth! Lol…Anyway, I cannot recommend “Mr. Selfridge” highly enough…it is not nearly as genteel as the “Abbey,” but it does what it does masterfully..captures a certain moment in London’s past when an American businessman created an incredible retail palace that still stands today. The cast is phenomenal…many appealing, endearing characters and even Jeremy Piven as Harry Selfridge is amazing…which caught me off-guard since I would never have described myself as a fan previous to this series. The production values are fabulous and the costumes are every bit as gorgeous as those found on “Downton.” Hence I do believe you will be pleased with the program on the whole. Another series I really cannot praise enough is “Poirot” with David Suchet in the eponymous role….his is the quintessential version of Agatha Christie’s little Belgian sleuth who does his thing in the same 1920’s/30’s period as so many other successful British shows!!! However, watching all of the episodes of this long-running series takes some commitment…there are over 100 of them! I went through them last summer and it was a real kick. Currently, I have been catching up on all the “Midsomer Murders” and I just got up to speed yesterday….though it is a modern-day mystery series set amongst England’s country hamlets, it’s still a great series to follow, but I do find the older shows with John Nettles at the helm superior to the present-day crop starring Neil Dudgeon …they have become more generically cop yarn and less quaint and charming in recent years, but the whodunnits remain jolly good fun to solve! Okay, have I given you enough food for thought yet, Patricio? Oh, I could go on for hours about all the marvelous UK offerings out there for the taking… the more familiar Grantchester, Home Fires (featuring the impossibly elegant Samantha Bond of “Downton” fame!) and the Inspector Morse-prequel, Endeavour, of which a new season is about to commence on PBS in a few weeks. (Yep…already saw that whole season…it’s a fine one, set in 1967!) Honestly, we’ve only scratched the surface of the absolutely astounding array of programming we could discuss, Patricio, but I shan’t bore you any longer. Please let me know how you find the “Mr. Selfridge” series and, of course, feel free to forward your thoughts on any and all shows you happen to fancy…as you can tell, I truly enjoy discussing them with those who share my yen for such things! Since this is such an old thread, I hope that being a bit off-topic won’t be an issue…Happy viewing! P.S. Lest you think that I am only interested in proper English programming, I also tune in to many European-based subtitled series on Mhz…they provide a plethora of perfectly-pleasing series from France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and various Scandinavian countries…but that’s a whole different topic best left to another day! Later….

I tried to watch it but I couldn’t understand what they were saying, it sounded like they had marbles in their mouth.
I had need to use the CC and was less than fun to read it so I just didn’t watch.

It seems it was a good soap.
hope the fans get the movie.

How old is Violet now? LOL

I would absolutely revel in a Downton film…just hope that it’s as good as the television production so as not to ruin this perfect show. I don’t expect to see Maggie Smith, though. She was quite negative and couldn’t wait for her “freedom.” I believe she said she’d do it if it opened with her funeral!

And if I remember right…no corset. But wouldn’t like to see her funeral. I think that’s a bit of her sense of humor speaking.

Not sure, Rose! I’ve read a few interviews with her and it seemed she couldn’t wait for the series to be over! In subsequent interviews she seems negative about reprising her role in a film…others…she gave rather dry wit responses so who knows… I guess we’ll see what she “fancies” when the time comes!

For anyone here who is an Anna Bates, aka, Joanne Froggatt, fan, you should do yourself a favor and check out one of her earlier performances in a British miniseries called “Island At War,” in which she portrayed a local lass who fell in love with a dishy German soldier (played by Lewis’ Laurence Fox!!!) during the WWII occupation of The Channel Islands. The scenery is absolutely lovely and the storylines very human and compelling! Also, for those unaware, Downton creator, Julian Fellowes, himself once appeared on the other side of the camera…he was quite the actor back in the day, having been a regular in the series “Monarch of the Glen” and additionally popping up as the father of the famous Lennox sisters of Britain’s Georgian era in “Aristocrats,” amongst other things.

Wonder if that old sourpuss, O’Brien, will return to the Abbey after her stint in India??? Sort of hope so…she was an absolute hoot, especially when she mixed it up with Thomas! That being said, Siobahn Finneran certainly doesn’t need the work….she’s been busy as can be since she opted to leave Downton…first as an alcoholic divorcee’ in Happy Valley, and at present in the Scottish series, The Loch….(No “Nessie” involved!) She’s playing a tough-as-nails police detective, and doing a fine job of it, although it is admittedly a bit disconcerting to hear the once-prim O’Brien dropping f-bombs in this modern-day mystery yarn!

Michael Fairman, shouldn’t there be a R.I.P next to Downton Abbey?

Downton Abbey

‘Downton Abbey 2’: Big-Screen Sequel Announced & Coming For Christmas

So many of us loved the soap opera that was Downton Abbey when it aired on PBS and ITV for six seasons.  Then, a few years later in 2019, the highly-awaited Downton Abbey movie hit movie theatres near you.

Now comes word from Focus Features that a big-screen sequel is in the works and is slated for release this Christmas in December of 2021.

In a social media announcement, the film company shared: “We’re thrilled to announce that Julian Fellowes and the entire Downton cast are back for #DowntonAbbey2, with Hugh Dancy, Laura Haddock, Nathalie Baye and Dominic West joining! See the film in theaters this Christmas.”

While, of course, no plot has been teased or given away, Fellowes will write the screenplay, with Simon Curtis (My Week with Marilyn) set to direct.

“There’s no place like home for the holidays, and we can’t imagine a better gift than getting to reunite with Julian, (producer) Gareth Neame and the entire Downton family in 2021 to bring the Crawleys back home for their fans,” said Focus Features chairman Peter Kujawsk in a statement.

So, excited to see your favorites and some potential new ones in the all-new Downton Abbey Movie later this year? Comment below.

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Breaking News

DOWNTON ABBEY THE MOVIE: Official Trailer Released

Finally, Downton Abbey fans get a preview of the upcoming motion picture that is set for release in theatres on September 20th.

What we know is that the The film is set in 1927 and the plot revolves around the King and Queen of England coming to the estate for a visit and so … the Crawleys must prepare their arrival.  In fact, they have to bring back Mr. Carson to help!

Featured in the trailer are series stars, who are also back for the film: Hugh Bonneville, Laura Carmichael, Michelle Dockery, Matthew Goode, Joanne Froggatt, Jim Carter and Maggie Smith.

Series creator Julian Fellowes wrote the script and Michael Engler will serve as director. Engler directed the two-hours series finale.

As fans know, Downton Abbey ran on PBS Masterpiece for six seasons here in the U.S.

Check out the trailer, and then let us know if you are excited to see the movie? Comment below.

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Breaking News

‘Downton Abbey’ The Movie Releases Its First Trailer

Now here’s a huge teaser that will get you wanting to see more!  Those of us who loved the British period soap opera, Downton Abbey, which came to a conclusion after its sixth season on PBS here in the United States, will finally get their wish when the film version hits in 2019.

As previously reported, the series executive producer Gareth Naeme said about the film,  “We aim to deliver everything that one would hope for as Downton comes to the big screen.”

Look for the film to land in movie theatres on Friday, September 20th, 2019, with it debuting internationally the week prior on Friday, September 13th.

Most of the cast is intact including: Hugh Bonneville, Laura Carmichael, Jim Carter, Brendan Coyle, Michelle Dockery, Kevin Doyle, Joanne Froggatt, Matthew Goode, Harry Hadden-Paton, David Haig, Geraldine James, Robert James-Collier, Simon Jones, Allen Leech, Phyllis Logan, Elizabeth McGovern, Sophie McShera, Tuppence Middleton, Stephen Campbell Moore, Lesley Nicol, Kate Phillips, Maggie Smith, Imelda Staunton and Penelope Wilton.

Julian Fellowes once again writes the script for the film for the characters he created for the TV series.

Now check out the first trailer below, when just hearing that memorable opening theme song, it brought us back to the drama and the romance of Downton Abbey.

Let us know if you are thrilled to know that the movie is set for release …. and if you are looking forward to seeing what happens to the Crawleys and others in the next chapter of their story when the movie comes your way via the comment section below.

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