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How Do Your Favorite Soaps Ring In The New Year? (Previews)


When the clock strikes on 2020, where will the characters of Salem, Port Charles, Los Angeles and Genoa City be in their lives? Who might they share a New Year’s Eve kiss with? What plans and resolutions do they have to make the new year better and badder than ever before?

On General Hospital, the highly-anticipated wedding of Nina and Valentin takes center stage. Will Nina go through with her plan for revenge now that she is armed with the truth of Valentin’s misdeeds? And… be on the lookout for another major surprise at the nuptials.

On The Young and the Restless, is the beginning of 2020 finally going to bring Adam and Chelsea back together and into each others arms? And, now that Billy is spiraling downward again; will his relationship with Victoria go completely south in favor of one with Amanda?

On Days of our Lives, “Stevano” reveals himself on New Year’s Eve, what will Kayla and Justin do next?  Will anyone find out what has happened to their beloved Steve? Meanwhile, Kristen’s days at the nunnery are over!  Look for her to fight for her man, Brady Black.

On The Bold and the Beautiful, Thomas has lured Zoe into his web, and even his sister, Steffy.  Will 2020 find Steffy and Liam back together again … and if so, will they remain so?  Will Hope fall for Thomas even after all the horrible acts he perpetrated on her in 2019?  And, what will happen to Brooke and Ridge; can they become a united loving couple once again?

Each of the four network soaps have released their New Year’s promo for the action next week.  You can check them out below.

Let us know what you are looking forward to seeing most in 2020 with your favorite soap couple and characters via the comment section below.

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I don’t get Billy. Victoria is doing nothing but loving him. Why throw that and her away? He’s being a self centered jerk for no reason other than he feels like it.

Totally agree Molly. Billy is a man-child and it’s getting very tiring. He screws up and when it hits the fan for the millionth time, he tries to convince everyone that he realizes the error of his ways and expects them to forgive him. Victoria should move on, because he will never change. The character is damaged. Thompson and Heinle have so much chemistry and it’s ashame the writers aren’t doing more with it.

I agree with you Molly. I don’t know what the heck he is doing. And I don’t think he does either. Victoria can run a multi-million dollar company on her own, but she is totally blind when it comes to her home life. I really wish and hope they start showing more of the Baldwins. I am so sick of the same old faces and the same stories. I am sick and tired of listening to Chelsea whine about Connor to anyone who will listen. She will be in bed with Adam in due time, Nick and Phyllis will start rolling around together. And if Theo and Lola get together I am going to SCREAM. HE MAKES MY SKIN CRAWL. We need to see Kevin and Chole with Bella. And we we need to see more of Esther and Gloria bonding with Bella. Well, that’s about it. And don’t even get me started on Bold and Beautiful. Or I should say the show that revolves around Hope. Another time. Happy viewing everybody. And most importantly HAPP NEW YEAR

My wishes for the soap new year:
1. May Y&R writers stop giving 1/3 of each episode to those awful Connor/Adam/Chelsea scenes that are terribly written and just excruciating to watch. They spent half of the xmas episode on a whining 6-year-old and a stray cat in a box. Let’s hope this is rock-bottom.
2. May Y&R writers come up with some storyline ideas that haven’t been done to death already but don’t involve rewriting history to produce new one-note characters (hello Theo). May the show become watchable again in 2020. Hint: More Mariah and Amanda (sans Billy), less brooding Adam and self-pitying Phyllis, Nick & Kyle. And no more Billy narrating his stupid life.
3. May DAYS continue to throw us curveballs with the time jump and keep us on our toes. Hint: resist the urge to be the Chabby show.
4. May GH finally reveal some of the canvas-encompassing secrets. It’s time for the payoff! The reveals threaten to be anti-climactic by now but can still be saved. And may the writers please find better matches for Finn and Anna. The actors are too good to be playing a relationship with no chemistry.
5. May all 4 remaining soaps stay on the air! Life would be less fun without them!

NuAdam creeps me out. Chelsea has zero chemistry with anyone on the show. NuNina is growing on me. I love Valentin. Wish he would off the Parking Lot FLOP.

Billy’s a jerk off. Jason T is a good actor but this story doesn’t make sense and he looks like a horses ass. I hope it’s his alter otherwise he shouldn’t be forgiven. Victoria is a good person who is loving and kind to him too. Shadam have better chemistry than Chadam. And Billy and Amanda are flipping awful and have no chemistry no matter how hard they are trying to shove it down our throats.

Screw Billy. What an ass. Why can’t Billy and Victoria be happy for more than five minutes. This Amanda thing is so gross. All of Y&R is a mess and Josh Griffith is a sucky writer.

I agree, Kelsey. The show is a mess, turning likeable people into contemptible ones (Billy, for example). And don’t get me started on the Theo debacle. Glad Kevin and Chloe are back, but it looks like they’re turning them into dullards as well.

Billy/Amanda is nasty. Jason and Mishael have no chemistry.

I love Mishael Morgan but zero chemistry. They are disgusting and Billy is horrible now to watch with his depression and inner voice.


Happy New Year!!

Why in Hell’s name is GH running an old episode today? When you are running 3 or 4 episodes behind, due to ImOrangement and/or other news interruptions, there should be an immediate decision made to scrap the Helliday rerun episodes, and replace them with a new show.

At this rate, they will be celebrating New Years Evil in Port Charles right around St. Patrick’s Day.

My wish for 2020 is that Gabi on DAYS is thoroughly publicly punished for what she did to Julie, Lani and Eli. I want to see everything taken away from Gabi. I want to see Gabi have to publicly beg Julie and Lani not to have her sent back to prison for years.

Amen, and Happy New Year! My wishes exactly. She’s been getting away with way too much, too often.When does she supposedly see her daughter? If she’s not making trouble, she’s screwing Eli. Oh, I can’t wait for him to find out what she’s done to his grandma.

My take on the soaps as a viewer not that my opinion means anything but here goes!! Bold and the Beautiful the Hope Show. Young and the Restless the Chelsea show. General Hospital back to the insane four Sonny Carly Jason and Sam show. Days of Our Lives no comment I have not watched in years . Here is hoping 2020 makes some constructive changes ! I feel very sad for the vets who helped make it #1 and if you are as frustrated as we are we all out here understand !

Young and the Restless had no where to go but down and I believe Sony wants it gone if not why have they not made changes positive ones to stop the bleeding of viewers

You are right. I am so sick of every SL, especially what they have done to poor Conner. They better not turn the kid into a little psycho. I thought they might have him kill the poor kitten and claim that the voices or whatever told him to do it. That would be the end for me. The whole show is a mess as it is and quickly getting worse, i.e Billy and Amanda, Lola and Theo getting together, Phyllis throwing herself at anything in pants,especially Chance, who is way younger anyway. Sharon supposedly getting very sick. I repeat, can it get any worse?

In 2020 I would like to see a POST COMMENT TOPIC where viewers can provide storylines for their favorite show (i.e. Y and R.) Perhaps the writers might get some inspiration from longtime viewers who have sound suggestions for plots for specific characters. As many fans have voiced here for quite awhile, our must-watch shows are quickly becoming must-miss viewing.

Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Preview: Chad is Stunned When Clyde Says, “Abigail is Alive”

Next week on Days of our Lives, Chad (Billy Flynn) is in for the shock of his life, when while holding Clyde (James Read) at gunpoint, the man responsible for killing Chad’s beloved wife, Abigail says “I didn’t kill her. Abigail is alive!”

What?? Is DAYS about to bring back Marci Miller as Abigail Deveraux DiMera? Is Clyde just saying that so Chad won’t kill him, since he will need vital information of what really happened to Abigail? Meanwhile, what will happen with Harris Michael (Steve Burton)? We know that Burton is wrapping up his run very shortly on the Peacock streaming soap opera, since he last taped there in December of 2023.

In the latest promo for the series not only do we have the “Abigail” stunner, but it looks like Theresa (Emily O’Brien) is now hitting the sheets with Brady (Eric Martsolf), Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) no longer wants Alex (Rob Scott Wilson), and Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) and Konstantin’s  (John Kapeos) wedding is set to blow up. All this, now that DAYS head writer Ron Carlivati and his writing teams episodes have begun to air.  The week of June 3rd will be the first full week of scripts from the regular writing team since the writers strike.

Photo: JPI

Meanwhile, just when you think Rafe (Galen Gering) has got the goods on Melinda Trask (Tina Huang) for her part in the baby Jude baby switch, when he seethes “You will be punished.” She pipes up with  “Even if it’s at your sister’s expense.” Next, she is seen putting out her wrists for Rafe to cuff them. Then, we cut to a mighty pleased Melinda with her feet on her desk.

When the promo shift to Maggie and Konstantin’s wedding, we hear Maggie’s voiceover sharing,  “We have that snake right where we want.” As Bonnie (Judi Evans), Alex and Theresa look on.  What is the trap that Steve says has been set?

Photo: JPI

And as Eric (Greg Vaughan) shows up when Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) is trying to make her escape after her confrontation with Nicole (Arianne Zucker) at the DiMera mansioj, Eric says, “You let me fall in love with a child that doesn’t even belong to me.”  Sloan begins to say, “That’s not the whole story.” But we all know EJ (Dan Feuerriegel) is going to show up and do anything he can to keep Eric from knowing he is the biological son of baby Jude. Stay tuned.

Photo: JPI

Check out the latest Days of our Lives promo below. Now, let us know. Do you want it to turn out the Abigail is truly alive, or do you want the character to be ‘dead dead’ because in Salem we know the town has a history of resurrecting people who have gone to the great beyond or were believed to have gone there. Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Preview: Nicole Gets Her Baby Back; Then Hauls Off and Decks Sloan

This week on Days of our Lives starts, what looks to be the next and final leg of the baby Jude, baby switch saga, and all of its deceptions. As viewers saw on last Friday’s episode of the Peacock streaming soap opera, Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) told Eric (Greg Vaughan) that Jude is actually Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and EJ’s (Dan Feuerriegel) baby. Of course, that’s a half-truth as the bio-dad is Eric.

Trapped and in cahoots now with EJ, Sloan had to confess what she did to Eric. At the cliffhanger, Eric show up at EJ’s door with Jude in tow. In tears, he tells Nicole this is her baby, and hands it to her. What will go down when the show picks back up on Memorial Day with an all-new episode?

Eric doesn’t know he is the father, but EJ does. EJ also saw Nicole kiss Eric. He is going to do everything he can to keep the truth from coming out in an effort to keep his marriage in tact.

Photo: JPI

However, how long can EJ and Sloan keep this major secret? Leo (Greg Rikaart) and Dimitri (Peter Porte) are very much alive. Will one of them blow the final whistle on them? Right, Lady Whistleblower? Will Nicole and Eric learning they are the true parents of Jude, be the impetus for Nicole leaving town perhaps with Eric, since we know Arianne Zucker’s last episode of DAYS is set to air July 29th? Stay tuned.

Photo: JPI

Meanwhile in the latest promo for this week’s DAYS, Nicole and EJ introduce “their” baby to Holly (Ashley Puzemis), while Rafe (Galen Gering) confronts Melinda Trask (Tina Huang) who is playing dumb in all of this. Rafe asks her, “Are you saying you know nothing about the baby switch?” Melinda pretends she is completely shocked, saying, “Did you say baby switch?”

In the moment you’ve been waiting for, harkening back to when Nicole stole Sami’s (Alison Sweeneybaby for months, and the two finally had a showdown which saw Sami delivering bitch-slaps to Nicole, Sloan comes to the DiMera mansion to see Nicole.  Then, Nicole screams that she lost she lost six months with her son because of all of her lies. Next, Nicole hauls off and punches Sloan.  Elsewhere, Eric grabs Leo by his shirt collar, which will be interesting to see how much Leo fesses up on what he knows about the baby switch.

Watch the DAYS preview below.

Now let us know, are you happy to see Nicole get her baby back? Are you frustrated that the story is still going on and now its Eric who is the one in the dark, along with Nicole that he is Jude’s baby daddy? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Preview: EJ is on the Warpath After Finding Out Sloan’s Baby Is Not Hers!

This week on Days of our Lives, storylines look to be heating up, in particular, will we finally get to the root of Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) and Melinda’s (Tina Hunag) baby switch plot, making Nicole (Arianne Zucker) believe her baby died, when all along the little one has been living with Sloan and Eric (Greg Vaughan) as baby Jude?

Looking at the latest promo for the Peacock streaming soap opera, EJ (Dan Feuerriegel) is hot on the trail of Sloan after learning some intel from Leo (Greg Rikaart). However, EJ still is unaware that he is not the true baby-daddy, but Eric is. Meanwhile, Eric and Nicole look to be working together again when she gets a job at the Spectator and he is the photographer.

Elsewhere, Konstantin (John Kapelos) activates the “Pawn”, but what will he have him do for him next? Chanel (Raven Bowens) is sick with radiation poisoning thanks to the exposure from her mother, Paulina (Jackée Harry) and watch out when John and Marlena (Deidre Hall) find out that Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) is going to marry Konstantin!

Photo: JPI

Here are a few teasers to look forward to this week on DAYS:

Monday, April 29

Tripp and Wendy say their goodbyes to family and friends.

Tuesday, April 30

With John under his control, Konstantin orders him to do his bidding.

Wednesday, May 1

EJ decides he will make Paulina pay for disrespecting him.

Photo: JPI

Thursday, May 2

Sloan tells Leo he’s cut off from her money.

Photo: JPI

Friday, May 3

Leo tells EJ a life-changing secret.

Maggie tells a wary Marlena and John that she is engaged to be married.

Check out the latest promo for Days of our Lives below, where an irate EJ goes after Sloan  Then let us know, what do you hope happens next? How will EJ get what he believes is his baby with Nicole, back? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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