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One Life to Live wins GLAAD Media Award for Kish storyline!

As many had expected in ceremonies held tonight in New York City, One Life to Live won the GLAAD Media Award in the Daytime Drama Series category besting Guiding Light, As the World Turns and All My Children.  One Life’s head writer, Ron Carlivati and it’s just axed stars, Brett Claywell (Kyle) and Scott Evans (Oliver) were on hand to accept the award.

GLAAD recognizes each year those who give a fair, accurate and inclusive representation of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and the issues that affect their lives in the media. How sad that this tremendous portrayal of a same-sex relationship will be off our daytime television screens come April.  And, how ironic is tonight’s bittersweet victory?

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What a joke! glaad has once again proven itself to be all about publicity instead of honoring the right people! OLTL just axed Kish and glaad gives the win to OLTL? If anyone should have won, it should have been GL thanks to Chappell’s acting and bec Chappell created Venice to reunite with Leccia and to give their Otalia fans what they want. glaad once again has proven what they’re about, not honoring the best in Daytime, but garnering publicity.

OLTL deserved to win the award and now the shows EP needs to rehire BOTH actor’s ASAP!

Frank gave Kish the axe!

OLTL deserved to win but I would have thought someone would have mentioned that they were fired and honored the actors. But I guess a press release was all that was needed… I’m quite disappointed and Brett’s tweet even mentions his confusion.

I think it is wonderful for Brett and Scott to have won this award – they deserved it. ABC, Frank Valentini and Brian Frons do not after they way they treated Brett and Scott during their firing. When Kish is gone from Llandview, so is this 30 year “mainstream” female fan.

VICTORY!!!!!!! It’s not over……

This is typical. ABC and GLAAD has had this kind of relationship since when Eden Riegel first started portraying Bianca on All My Children. Time and again, GLAAD ends up representing the entertainment industry to the community instead of the community to the entertainment industry. Anyone else remember GLAAD helping to explain away ABC’s sudden firing of Brooke Smith after a same sex relationship was started between two female characters? ABC knows how to play the game to get the awards and recognition because they know GLAAD is too scared to ruin their relationships with the networks to do anything that might have some teeth to it.

That award belongs to Brett and Scott and i’m sure Ron Carlivati knows his story never would have won if it had not been for the brilliant acting of these 2 talented young men who brought Kyle and Oliver to life in such a real and believable way……the chemistry between them was so amazing it made it impossible not to fall in love with them and the love between their characters came across so strongly that their gender was irrelevant……I adore them and
loved their beautiful romantic love story since it started and they will forever be my favourite couple….i will be forever grateful to Brettt and Scott for the joy they gave me in watching their wonderful performances and i will miss them terribly……ABC has made a monumental mistake in ending this story and letting these wonderfu actors go and in such a disrespectful way they deserved better and so did their loyal fans.,, a member of that mainstream audience ABC speaks of i am outraged to be blamed for the ending of this story and when kish leaves i will be leaving with them. and wont return until they do…
shame on you ABC………

Couldn’t have said it any better . You took the words right out of my mouth. I agree totally!!

I’m sorry but the story of Otalia was more compelling. Breese was good in the beginning till ABC writer Pratt assainated Reese’s character and also lied to Eden about giving her a s/l worth love story

I think Gladd should step in before the awards shows and try to help the writers and sponsers of TV shows understand and portray the LGBT community in a better light but they don’t
The fact is they gave the award to them because of the firing and the media surrounding it.
GLADD is a very disappointing award show for the fact is they reconize and honor more GAY characters then they ever do lesbians and if you look back on the awards that where between the Male verses Females the male GAY characters ALWAYS won and this ain’t the first couple to ever be fired because of the same-sex story line
In most EVERY show that has a lesbian character/couple they either have them go back to men or kill them off or just have them disappear from them show completely. There are Gay male couples on TV today but there is only 1 lesbian being portrayed on TV and that is Arizona from Grey’s Anatomy and her girlfriend is BI which means sooner or later they will have Callie go back to men.
Gladd is a disappointment all the way around on how they handle anything

I disagree completely. I have been watching GL over 30 years and OLTL since about 20 years approx. I thought the lesbian story with Olivia was one of the worst and most unbelievable storylines I had ever watched. I would fastforward when they came on because I couldn’t bear to watch. After all the men Olivia has been with, it just seemed too ridiculous. There was absolutely NO love between those two. Fish and Kyle are one of the most beautiful couples I have ever seen on a soap (gay or otherwise) . Scott Evans and Brett Claywell are excellent actors—they looked so much in love. I don’t have anything to do with GLAAD but I know a great storyline when I see one. And I don’t care whether they are men or women. They either have chemistry or they don’t. On Grey’s Anatomy Callie and Dr. Hahn had 0 chemistry ( like Otalia ) , but Callie and Arizona are great together. Grey’s kept Callie as a lesbian but gave her a more likeable girlfriend with whom she has good chemistry.

I hope every time Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati look at that GLAAD award that THEY won, I hope they both choke on it! The two people who WON this award (Scott Evans and Brett Claywell) are no longer part of the show. Ron did some great writing (at least in the beginning …….. as of late, it SUCKS)! But, I’m sure that is intentional.

I highly doubt any other two actors could have brought this storyline to life and done the job that Scott and Brett did with it. They were mezmerizing and “right on” in every single scene they did. What a shame that the show itself receives the GLAAD award and not the actors who bring the storylines to life.

The same will happen with the Emmys. Both Scott and Brett received pre-Emmy nods. However, because of everything that has happened and all the bad publicity for what was otherwise a WONDERFUL storyline with PHENOMINAL actors, these two young men will likely not even get a regular Emmy nod because people will want to avoid the whole situation like the plague. So, if they don’t get an Emmy nod (which both so rightfully deserve and should have), then they obviously can’t win an Emmy award (which they also rightfully deserve and SHOULD have).

These two young men have helped OLTL earn several awards with this storyline. For them to be treated like they have been is a true CRIME on humanity. Now I understand why it was Scott Evans who was given a “Humanitarian” award this past week. He and Brett are BOTH class acts and true gentlemen.

Maybe OLTL and ABC Daytime should receive a “HUMILITY” award for “Stupidest Decision Ever Made by an Executive Producer” of a daytime network soap.

So long OLTL and ABC Disney network! You will no longer be part of my viewing!

I agree that Scott and Brett should get the award—not OLTL. The writing may have been good but it is Brett and Scott that made us fall in love with their characters. I would LOVE to see them get nominated and win an Emmy so they would get the last laugh.

i agree that scott and brett should get the award not oltl the writting but brett ans scott were very good characters and i would like to see they both get nominated and win another emmy award again and bring brett claywell as (kyle leiws) and scott evans as (oliver fish) back on screen with their on going raising seirra rose again and we do need to bring them back to the show again and with their on going storyline.

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‘Santa Barbara’ Episodes May See Light of Day Yet; Will the Beloved Soap Opera Come to Streaming?

For decades, soap opera fans around the world have wanted a chance to see Santa Barbara episodes again. The soap, which first aired on NBC back on July 30, 1984 aired for only 9 seasons until the network pulled the plug after diminishing ratings and multiple changes in writing and producing regimes. The show last aired on January 15th, 1993.

Santa Barbara was co-created and initially produced and co-written by the legendary team of Bridget and Jerome Dobson. At the recent 51st annual Daytime Emmys, Jerome was honored with the Gold Circle medal for his over 50 years of work and accomplishments within the medium. Sadly his wife, Bridget passed away earlier this year in January at the age of 85.

The show featured an all-star soap cast throughout its run which included, at times: Marcy Walker, A Martinez, Dame Judith Anderson, Robin Wright, Justin Deas, Eileen Davidson, Lane Davies, Nancy Lee Grahn, Kim Zimmer, Jack Wagner, Jed Allan, Louise Sorel. Judith McConnell, Roscoe Born, Sydney Penny, Todd McKee, Terry Lester, Justin Gocke, Nicolas Coster and many more.

Photo: NBC

During a livestream conversation on Friday, June 21st, Jerome Dobson and A Martinez visited the Michael Fairman Channel to reminisce about the success and ups and downs of Santa Barbara and much more.

Many people in the live chat and many around the world (Santa Barbara was very popular internationally) have wanted to know with the legal issues it appears had plagued the show for years, if there would be a chance that fans could ever see Santa Barbara episodes again, and if they could become available or streamed?

Photo: JPI

Dobson shared exclusively, “Well, there’s some legal footwork being done right now about that kind of possibility. There’s been so much demand to see Santa Barbara, and so it’s not totally out of the question.” Martinez (ex-Cruz Castillo) reaction to that possibility was that of “Wow!” That was also the same reaction by several viewers watching the live conversation in the chat, because that would be a soap dream come true for many.

Photo: NBC

So, do you hope that the legalities can finally be worked out and you could relive the seasons of ‘Santa Barbara’ all over again? Let us know in the comment section below. You can check out the live chat with A and Jerome below, the moment happens around the 56:18 mark.

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GH and Hallmark fan favorite, Ryan Paevey (ex-Nathan West) wanted to clear the air after numerous reports and rumors had him quitting acting altogether and what that meant for any future projects in Hollywood he may have had planned.

Paevey released an exclusive statement to where he shared what is going on in his life. Back on June 19th, Ryan deactivated his Twitter and Facebook accounts and he may have deactivated his Instagram account on Friday as well, or as of this writing.

For Ryan, the decision to change his current life’s trajectory came after a series of events; chief among them moving closer to home to take care of his ailing mother who is battling lung cancer and social media scammers.

Photo: JPI

Here is what Ryan shared: “Hey everyone…so first and foremost, I am a bit apprehensive that I even have to make a statement like this. I am certainly accustomed to a certain degree of gossip, but the past few weeks in particular have gotten out of control with speculation from third parties that have taken my words and expanded upon them to meet their narrative, or flat out misrepresented my words or misconstrued their meaning. I have always been an open book, and one who speaks his mind truthfully and directly, and it is unfortunate that we live in a world where social media makes it very easy to twist one’s words; I am often unaware it is even happening until someone from my team messages me in a panic, and so I feel it best to make a formal statement through HEAVY.”

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Days of our Lives New Gabi, Cherie Jimenez, Debut Date Revealed; Shares She First Auditioned for Role 15 Years Ago

In a not-then-but-now real-life story, Days of our Lives incoming Gabi Hernandez, actress Cherie Jimenez took to Instagram on Friday after it was revealed by Deadline, that her first airdate as the recast Gabi is next week on June 27th!

Jimenez has replaced longtime DAYS star, Camila Banus in the role. Previously, Banus made the decision to step away from the part after taking on the role in 2010. Camila was with the series on and off through 2023. To facilitate her exit, Gabi was sent to prison for the murder of Li Shin, only she didn’t commit the crime.

Cherie shared her emotions on finally being able to talk about being the new Gabi Hernandez DiMera. She expressed, “WOW ✨🎬 My heart is filled with immense gratitude over the opportunity of a lifetime. I am GABI HERNANDEZ DIMERA on the iconic DAYS OF OUR LIVES ⏳❤️‍🔥 It has been an absolute dream working on DAYS.”

Photo: JPI

As for her time so far at DAYS, Jimenez added,”These past 7 months I have worked harder than I ever have and now I get to share it with the world. Everyday I walk onto set I am in awe that I’ve been given the opportunity to live my dream. I get to work with the most phenomenal & hardworking cast and crew I’ve ever had the honor to work alongside.”

Photo: JPI

Jimenez, thanked among others the series producer, director and writers for trusting in her including: Janet Drucker, Noel Maxam, Ron Carlivati and Ken Corday, and her agents for helping her along the way in her show business journey.

She concluded with the most ironic twist of all, Cherie recalled, “At 22 years old an audition for the role of Gabi on Days of our Lives came into my life. It was not meant for me then. Now 15 years later at 36 years old the universe told me I was now ready to step into this role…Thank you ✨ …I am just beginning ✨”

So, are you looking forward to the debut of Cherie as the new Gabriella Hernandez DiMera? Comment below.

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