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Reaction to OLTL's Kish's sex scene in TV Guide Canada's, Suds!

brett and Scott


What was the reaction from members of the soap  press on One Life to Live’s sex scene between same-sex partners, Kyle and Fish?  Nelson Branco in his latest Suds Report for TV Guide Canada sang the deserved praises of Daytime Emmy winner, Ron Carlivati ‘s beautifully written show, and moment! Here are a few excerpt from Branco’s round-up.

Soap Opera Digest columnist Carolyn Hinsey simply offers, “I like that One Life didn’t make a big deal of Fish and Kyle’s love scene. It was almost identical to Gigi and Schuyler’s, right down to the candles and the post-romp gushiness. Kish are just another couple on the show, as they should be. I also liked that the episode had lots of Stacy in it, which meant I could fast-forward and watch the whole thing in about 25 minutes.”

On Air On Soaps, Michael Fairman reminds us how important this soap moment was. “In my 20 years covering daytime, I felt Kish’s love scene was a huge step forward for the soaps, and for the representation of the LGBT community. And the Pièce de résistance? We got to see two men in bed … together and they even snuggled! Hankies!”

Let us know what you felt about Kish’s breakthrough sex scene!

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I felt the “Kish” scene could not have been handled any better. Kudos to ABC for having the guts to allow this on OLTL. I have always been a CBS fan and now am a loyal follower of OLTL. It’s just two people making love, nothing more. Great Job!!!!!!!!


it was totally repulsive. i am so glad I can fast forward through anything to do with them. i didn’t mind it until they got to the bed scene. It was so unnatural, so gross. I am convinced that is why my favorite soaps ratings have dropped. most of America does not want to see this.


Gross…? A man making out with other man is a gross thing? How & why?


I have been trying to find out who sang the song in that clip. “I need to feel you breathing” Not sure if that is the name of the song but is part of the lyrics. Does anyone know so I can buy it?


I thought the scene was really great. ABC has been handling this storyline very well, and the pairing of Kyle and Fish (Kish) has been mostly accepted well by fans. The song played during Kyle and Fish love scene was My Confession by Rie Sinclair, it’s available to download on iTunes. I congratulate Brett and Scott for everything they have put into the relationship of Kish so far and look forward to their relationship in the future!


I agree with you. They were the reason that I watched OLTL, but since they are gone,,,


I just heard about this storyline….I haven’t watched soaps since I was a preschool kid with my stay at home mom. Years later, OLTL has a new fan in me. How refreshing…a storyline that shows a gay relationship on the same level as a straight relationship. I wish there had been something like this when I was growing up a lonely gay kid in straight middle America thinking that I was the only one like me. Kudos to Ron Carlivati for letting their relationship develop and be the wonderful thing that it can be! ( Scott Evans is a great… Read more »


The Men of Charity Lawson’s Season of ‘The Bachelorette’ Revealed

Bachelor Nation got a preview of the twenty-five men who are searching for love and are hoping to find it with season 20’s ‘Bachelorette’ Charity Lawson.  The new season of the reality-dating competition kicks-off on Monday June 26th (9-11 PM ET) on ABC.

Viewers met Lawson during Zach Shallcross’ season of The Bachelor.  During a recent appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show, Charity said on being the producers choice for the lead role in season 20: “This puts me in the position of being the fourth woman of color to hold this role and the second monoracial African American woman to have the opportunity to find love. I notice and acknowledge that this is so much bigger than myself. It is my journey to love, but it’s bigger than me.”

The men vying for the final rose will include:
Aaron B., 29, a software salesman from San Diego, Calif.
Aaron S., 33, a firefighter from San Diego, Calif.
Adrian, 33, a realtor from Northridge, Calif.
Brayden, 24, a travel nurse from San Diego, Calif.
Caleb A., 29, a resident physician from Ann Arbor, Mich.
Caleb B., 24, a pro wrestler from Orlando, Fla.
Christopher “Chris,” 27, a world record jumper from White Plains, N.Y.
Dotun, 30, an integrative medicine specialist from Brooklyn, N.Y.
James, 28, an attorney from Chicago, Ill.
Joe, 32, a tech operations director from San Francisco, Calif.
Joseph “Joey,” 27, a tennis pro from Lawai, Hawaii.

Photo: ABC

John., 27, a data scientist from New York, N.Y.
John Henry, 30, an underwater welder from Virginia Beach, Va.
Josh, 28, a Harvard grad student from Bethlehem, Pa.
Kaleb K., 26, construction salesman from Norcross, Ga.
Ahmad Khalid “Khalid,” 28, a tech recruiter from Dearborn, Mich.
Michael, 28, a yacht captain from Chicago, Ill.
Nicholas “Nick,” 32, an HR executive from Bayonne, N.J.
Peter, 33, an airline pilot from New York, N.Y.
Sean, 25, a software sales representative from Tampa, Fla.
Spencer, 32, a medical sales director from Moorpark, Calif.
Tanner, 30, a mortgage lender from Pittsburgh, Pa.
Taylor, 32, a loan officer from Springboro, Ohio
Warwick, 27, a construction manager from Nashville, Tenn.
Xavier, 27, a biomedical scientist from Carrboro, N.C.

Over the past weekend, a video teaser for the men of Charity’s season was released by ABC.  You can check it out below.

Then, let us know, any picks on which guy could steal Charity’s heart on the upcoming season of The Bachelorette? Let us know in the comment section.

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Breaking News

Walt Willey Brings All My Children’s Jackson Montgomery to General Hospital

Look for another legal eagle character from a former ABC soap opera to pop up on General Hospital!

News today out of Soap Opera Digest has that none other than Walt Willey set to reprise his role as All My Children’s Jackson Montgomery on upcoming episodes of GH in July.

Willey played Erica Kane’s (Susan Lucci) love interest and the Pine Valley lawyer from 1987 through to till ABC’s cancellation of the series back in 2011.  The actor previously crossed-over to another soap opera in 1996, when he played Jack on ABC’s The City.

Photo: ABC

Taking to his Facebook account, Walt confirmed the news on his appearances on GH: “Hey Folks… Been sitting on this one for a while but now I’ve been given the clearance to announce that “Jackson Montgomery” is visiting Port Charles! I’ll be doing a few episodes of General Hospital, due to air mid July. So excited to reprise my character and see and work with old friends! I’ll keep you posted on any details. “Jackson” in Port Charles…who would have thought it? Let me, and ABC, know what you think about it!”

Could Jack’s sudden arrival in Port Charles have to do with the SEC and the trouble that Carly (Laura Wright) and Drew (Cameron Mathison) find themselves in?   Will AMC fans get to see Cameron Mathison and Willey share scenes together again?  Mathison played Ryan Lavery on the beloved former soap opera.

So, excited to see Walt on General Hospital? What do you think brings Jack to Port Charles? Weigh-in below and stay tuned.

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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Alum Jensen Ackles on ‘The Winchesters’ Inability to Find New Home is a Case of ‘Unfortunate Timing’

Former Supernatural, Big Sky, and Days of our Lives star, Jensen Ackles (ex-Dean, ex-Beau, ex-Eric) took to social media on Saturday when the news broke that his series, The Winchesters, in which he executive produced, has run out of options to find a new home.

The show which aired for one season on the CW was a prequel to Supernatural.   In an update, The Winchesters producing studio, Warner Bros, attempted to find another network or streaming partner to move forward with the series after its cancellation.

Now comes word that all avenues have been exhausted.  All this, even though a #SavetheWinchesters campaign led by Ackles, himself, was attempted to bring some attention and heat on the show.

Photo: NBC

Jensen expressed his ‘thanks’ to the viewers and cited the current WGA writer’s strike as one of the main contributing factors to making the search for a new home for the series extremely daunting.

Ackles shared: “To all of you who watched, followed, and supported this story, THANK YOU. And to all those who brought this show to life…I couldn’t be more proud of what we all did together. But as they say…timing is everything. With a massive Network shift coupled with an industry strike…welp…that’s some unfortunate timing. Sleep well dear  @WinchestersOnCW…until we meet again. Somewhere down the road.”


So, did you watch The Winchesters? Do you hope it can someday return? What did you think about the sentiments shared by Jensen Ackles? Comment below.

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