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ROSEANNE Canceled Amidst Racist Tweet from Roseanne Barr; As Sara Gilbert Shares: “This Is Incredibly Difficult and Sad For All of Us”


In the wake of a racist tweet from the star and co-creator of the ABC hit sitcom Roseanne, comic Roseanne Barr, ABC took swift action Tuesday, just hours after, Barr, posted a tweet about a former top adviser to President Barack Obama, and axed the series from its programming line-up.

Early on Tuesday, Rosanne tweeted remarks on Valerie Jarrett, an African-American woman who was a senior adviser to Obama throughout his presidency and who was considered one of his most influential aides

Barr tweeted if, “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.”

Since then she took down her Twitter account, and apologized for her remarks stating:
“I apologize to Valerie Jarrett and to all Americans. I am truly sorry for making a bad joke about her politics and her looks. I should have known better. Forgive me-my joke was in bad taste.”

The Roseanne revival was a bonafide smash. The two-episode premiere averaged 18.2 million total viewers and a 5.2 demo rating, making it the highest-rated comedy telecast in three-and-a-half years. The show was slated for a fall return with an order of 13 episodes.

ABC’s entertainment president, Channing Dungey, said in a statement, “Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show,”

Robert A. Iger, the chief executive of the Walt Disney Company, ABC’s corporate parent, add to Dungey’s tweet “There was only one thing to do here, and that was the right thing.”


The Talk’s Sara Gilbert, also co-star and the executive producer, who spearheaded the Roseanne revival, took to Twitter upset by Barr’s remarks, and its implications.

Sara’s first tweet related: “Roseanne’s recent comments about Valerie Jarrett, and so much more, are abhorrent and do not reflect the beliefs of our cast and crew or anyone associated with our show. I am disappointed in her actions to say the least.”

Gilbert’s second tweet shared, “This is incredibly sad and difficult for all of us, as we’ve created a show that we believe in, are proud of, and that audiences love — one that is separate and apart from the opinions and words of one cast member.”

Earlier in the morning, Wanda Sykes, who was consulting producer on Roseanne announced via a tweet, that she was quitting the series.

Throughout the day, Barr has already been dumped by her agents, as more fallout continues.

So, what did you think of the swift action ABC took in canning Roseanne? What did you think about the comments made by Barr, and then Gilbert bringing to light how one person’s deplorable actions, mean the end of the line for the rest of the cast, crew and creatives with the show? Comment below.

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ABC did the right thing. Angry, bigoted people need to keep their thoughts to themselves and stay away from social media.

Oh, okay, so if they do not agree with you and share YOUR opinion they should stay away from social media? Wrong country sister!

You do realize what she tweeted right? I’m not sure just what you’re trying to say here. Wow.

Kudos to ABC-TV for making the decision to cancel “Roseanne.” Racism should not be normalized or tolerated: not in a TV star, and not in a U.S. president!

Absolutely, James….I was not surprised. This is Roseanne. She has always crossed the line. She needed to be ‘eliminated’.
However, she has become the sacrificial lamb. Everyone ( especially the View’s most ignorant, moronic women—-stopped watching when they decided to attack the Trump family. Putting shame on a little boy?) should be given the same treatment when racism or intolerance is expressed.
Joy Behat spews the ugliest words against Christianity. She mocks others’ religion/ faith; while Whoopi makes racist remarks about white people. Why the double standard…….also, Karen Johnson ( Whoopie) should be banned from daytime where children do watch with their mothers. No one wants to know about her sex toys. Why is that acceptable?
These old biddies are disgusting!!!!! Double standard!!
And, of course, it was a given that Roseanne’s faux pas would be blamed on President Trump, as everything else; such as caged children in a picture that is four years old.
How does this make sense? Roseanne is responsible for her mouth. No one else.
Yes, she needed to be fired. I agree,….wholeheartedly, but so does anyone else who crosses the line.
Stay well.

Well said.C…cant stand the View…wouldnt let my cat watch it…i think this doesnt have to do anything with Roseanne’s comments-maybe some but its because she is a Trump supporter…i dont agree with what she said but there is far worse people working in Hollywood including a rap Star who beat his girlfriend,,,and the most Vulgar Kathy Griffen who says worse things about others and once said F God…she may have lost some jobs because of her Trump Head photo but yet she is still able to do her stage act!…also the host on a sports channel said terrible remarks about Trump but yet still on the job!!!…if all is thatis free speech why isnt Rosies considered free speech as well???

hi Jimh..
”terrible remarks about Trump ” are not ‘racist’ comments.
Obama had absolutely horrible things said of him many were racists- some of the posters of him with a bone through nose etc.. All presidents are targets of free-speech.

Kathy Griffen is not on primetime… cable goes beyond the norm because that is what cable is and besides I believe Kathy Griffen and the head was on stage/ performance adults pay to see.
that being said, I do not recall her being racist on twitter or tv.

ALL have free-speech.. however, racism is not tolerated- all are free to speak their racist remarks but it’s another thing for it to be acceptable.

It’s not about badmouthing Trump it’s about racism <– nasty stuff ..

it doesnt matter where Kathy Griffen does her show cable or network-wrong is wrong-no different than a school bully and can be as hurtful and offensive as a racist remark…no one said anything far worse than they have said about Trump…racist remarks and all are still hurtful no matter how they are said and who they are aimed at…

True, SuzieQ….but, never like this….never like this, my friend. Perhaps, Andrew Jackson. Why? Much like Trump…brought this country to fruition…..many fruit-bearing trees….laden with the juciest ones.

Oh, SuzieQ, so, calling Trump a white supremacist is not racist?
I guess racism only applies to the other side.
The democrats invented the word racist when this nation was born.
We should all take a trip down “History Lane”.
I don’t want to keep bringing up the same caca—it stinks, su.

Joy Behar is an Italian Catholic. Just want to set the record straight. I think both Kathy Griffin, who is also Catholic and Joye Behar are assumed to be Jewish by many. They’re not.

So whenever one of them has pissed people off I always come across the predictable anti-semitic venom spewed at them. But, of course, there’s not consequences for anti-semitism. That’s just sort of the norm…

I never knew any of that…i get along fine with people of all faiths…and non religious people…old and young…no matter the race as long as they are good law abiding people…and i never intentionally say anything to offend anyone but if i do i will apologize…i have been called all kinds of names…i also been made fun of because im disabled…i even had racial slurs thrown at me because i was friends with people of different races…but i have heard people like Griffen and Joy say things i find offensive and just as bad as any racial slurs but Griffen still gets comic stage work and Joy never looses her job…Rosie was stupid…but we all used to Watch All In The Family…and The Jeffersons who got away with saying stuff no different than Rosie said and people found those shows funny…maybe they were just tv shows then but it should not make a difference…and like i said i had all kinds of stuff thrown at me during my school years(i was bullied horribly) and as an adult i have been made fun of because im disabled…very offensive yes…but i learn not to care what people think of me!!!

Hey, Jimh. I hope you didn’t think I was replying to you. I was making a general statement regarding Joy and Kathy and the fact they’re often mistaken for Jewish which then prompts anti-semitic comments (in many comments news sections, etc that I’ve read.)

As far as All In The Family and The Jeffersions, those are completely different than what Roseann said.

All In The Family was a show mocking/making fun of stereotypes. Archie was the “typical” racist and the audience was supposed to find him laughable in his ignorance. Those who understood what the show was trying to do knew that he was put up as a buffoon, hilarious, yes. At times endearing, yes. But that show was supposed to bring racism out into the open. Not applaud or celebrate it. Unfortunately, when racist watched that show they learned nothing. They just agreed with him, thought he was “one of them.” Sorta like Trump. He relies on people “identifying” with him and if he can pit “us” vs “them” than he garners more support.

I will say though that there is a double or triple, etc, standard. If we are to remove people from TV or boycott his/her products it shouldn’t be just about insults to black people. Racism goes in many directions and anti-semitism for the most part is ignored. That’s what pisses ME off!

Sorry..i had no problem with what you said…just trying to add a little more to my comments…but look what is said in todays rap music…racial slurs, talk of raping women and killing cops ect…just as bad as any racial slurs..jmho!!!

I knew that, Jimmy…Rebecca is right…
Behar is her ex’s name. Her name is Giuseppina Occhiuto.
She should be ashamed of herself. I have heard she uses a few ( speculative; just rumor, but knowing her mouth, you never know) choice words about Jews because she abhors her ex husband. So what does she do? Due to her radical form; she takes it out on his religion….while he is the father of her daughter.
My parents work in Manhattan and know many people…..actually represent some.
One of my brothers-in law is a Sephardic Jew…married to my sister ( we are R. Catholic) . The children are being reared Catholic. I don’t know how much you know, Jimmy, but they are mainly of Spanis ( from Spain) Greek-Turkish descent—very Mediterranean looking. They wandered through southern Europe after the Spanish Inquisition.
He was put through the wringer in school….poked fun, he would go home in tears because he was, not only Jewish, but called a mut due to his darker complexion.
I agree with everything you said.❤️

All in the Family was SATIRE and Archie always had his foil in “Meathead.” And the actor who played Archie, Carroll O’Connor was NOT racist, that is, he did not spew publicly racist venum. Two different things entirely. The actor Roseanne did spew racist venum publically–and has a history of doing so. ABC said it knew it was taking a gamble when it hired Roseanne–and unfortunately that gamble backfired.

Thank you, Jimmy. I appreciate that….

You are most welcome…but some of these topics get out of hand by many fans…i prefer this stay about soaps…i know many people will not have same opinions and im fine with a debate but i just dont want this other stuff get out of hand like it done when i originally came here and people said hurtful things to each other and offend them…its not too bad now but could get there by some that i have read!!!

Thank you, Jimmy.

Thanks a million for your reply, Celia!

And I previously stated that I wouldn’t delve into politics here…

I certainly understand your points, particularly regarding Behar and Goldberg — you’ve made a great case against them. Sure, there are people who cross the line on both sides of the political aisle. From the Left: (1) Kathy Griffin lost her CNN New Year’s Eve gig in addition to other bookings, and she was roundly criticized, just short of tar & feathers; and (2) Reza Aslan lost his own CNN series gig for an unfortunate tweet about Trump.

I agree with you that Barr is solely responsible for her own comments. Those who bring the current president into the discussion, however, are also showing the double standard: one person pays for his/her mistakes (or “faux pas” as you call them), as Barr and Griffin have done; and the current U.S. president never does; instead, he doubles down. As of this writing, the current U.S. president has weighed in on the controversy — and, I’m sorry to say, true to form, he not only refused to condemn Barr’s remarks, he made the story all about him and how he should have received apologies from ABC-TV.

Tempted as I am to go on a rant detailing the current president’s flaws and actions — been there, done that — I will instead suggest that any silver lining in this story is that a discussion of race relations is brought again to the forefront. Even as reasonable people may disagree about politics, policies, and politicians, treating our fellow man with kindness and respect is a worthy aspiration…

Best to you and your loved ones, Celia.

You are right, James,….I was disappointed and put-off when Trump did not ‘reprimand’ Roseanne’s mean, offensive and irrational rematks. Nuts!!
He should have just shut up.
Stay well.

Beautifully done, James.

Thank you, Harry. Best to you and yours!

Absolutely, CeeCeeGirl!!! The View is one of the most utterly revolting examples of hate-laced, vile left-wing propaganda that passes for entertainment there is…the only question that remains up for debate is who is more repulsive: Whoopi or Behar??????? I guess the answer is dependent upon the given day…

Huh? Sounds like some name calling there! Careful! Just reread what you wrote. It’s call “the view” for a reason. Seems you are showing your biases there. Careful?

Some black comics use the N word and blast whites BUT they skate on by with no repercussions!

so true…

It must be Obama’s fault since his pastor is Jeremy Wright. He hates whites. He wants our heads, T. You can google him and the other guy…Farrakhan. “White people must die”…. a direct quote, Timmmy….
And speaking of racism, I got a whole new lesson on the subject when I googled Robert Byrd.

Whoopie can say what ever she wants. Free speech she is the queen lol.

We are discussing Rosanne, not a platform for something else. I really do not like when folks mix apples with oranges.

James…THANK YOU, BROTHER!!!!! Oh…and my thoughts on this one: More and more, Roseanne goes through life WITHOUT THINKING…and she ends up offending and hurting people in the process!!!!! Beyond sad.

Later, Brother.

Thank you, jaybird369! I do get tired of the false-equivalency arguments as well as the blinders that are evidently worn by many supporters of the current U.S. president…

James…as always, VERY, VERY WELL SAID, BROTHER!!!!!


I think what she said was disgusting and deplorable, but I don’t agree with punishing everyone else for her actions.

I hear you Raymond, and am sorry they probably lost their jobs. But I’m sure those responsible knew they had a loose-cannon tweeter when they put this show together. Like Sara Gilbert. Just look at her other tweets over the years. Others have made cheap remarks like Ms. Barrs’s before, and not just racist. Guess I’m not upset she has taken the fall for all despicable comments…at least for today.

I was hoping that Roseanne’s apparent conversion to Cheeto worship was all just an elaborate character performance so she could accurately portray how the Conner family suffered under an idiotic right wing regime’s impact on the country.

Apparently she actually believed this dragonshit. If so, good riddance. Too bad for the rest of the cast, who do not apparently share those fucked up beliefs. I’m really no fan of Valerie Jarret either, but calling her an “ape” was way beyond the pale.

Kind of weir for someone whose name is Satan calls others nemes. Not funny, Satan. I, for one, do not appreciate it, and I’m not even Republican.
I thought you were bigger than that.

It just goes to show that the double standard is alive and well, CeeCee…Roseanne’s comments regarding another’s physical appearance can be roundly denounced, but the constantly unfavorable comparison of our president’s facade to that of a popular cheesy snack food is always considered to be the height of fairness and hilarity.

This is so unfair, since D.Trump became president he has been called more names than any other president yet if someone says anything about the Democrat’s they get the ax.Let’s talk about Kathy G. walking around with a Trump head full of blood or the antic’s of Rosie O’Donnell just to name a couple. It was a joke. Suck it up & let the show go on.Let’s compare it to Saturday night live!

I’m with you there, Frances!!!

I agree. The view is a show that seems to get away with anything these days. Its so anti trump uts rediculous. I guess it depends on wether the joke is about dems its horrible, but about reps then its ok

Mary, what the hell are you talking about?

Mary knows exactly what she’s talking about, Harry.
I know you are not a fan of the View. We’ve discussed a few years ago how you did not take to them, especially Whoopi.
What Mary is saying is what I said. There’s a dounle standard in this country. This is not the US of A any longer.
If one is not a democrat, or has ideals that do not correspond with theirs; if one supports Trump and not the blackberry smasher, then said one is done for.
Integrity, my dear Harry…..somehow so many have lost touch with themselves and what this country stands for—how soon we forget.
Trump is not a saint….what man is? Not even defrocked Griffin.
But, I have seen no scandal since in office from Trump….no sperm deposits on any dress in the oval office, thus far. LOL.
See ya, Sir Harry.

I think the difference here is that The View — like the Sean Hannity show — is considered a “talk/opinion” show and the hosts’ viewpoints ARE the show. People know what they are getting when they tune into The View or Hannity and that is exactly WHY people tune in: to hear someone parroting what they believe/feel.

If you don’t like what a specific show or its hosts have to say, tune out and then use that time to read and form your own decisions/opinions instead of relying on someone else to think for you…

True, Alan….exactly why I do not watch. Yet, the same could be said about Roseanne…..the network knew she had a history and a ‘flsir’ with words.
What I find strange is that my friends, whom some are black, do not think it was a racist remark….only because they know Roseanne to be an extreme liberal. I don’t agree. She shoukd have known better.
Regardless, she needed to rein in her tongue. Words hurt.
It wasn’t long ago when Italians or Irish would be referred to in a derogatory manner. And, let’s not forget how Jews are bombarded with name calling and defacing of property, as we speak.
I love your last paragraph, Alan. Unfortunately, people eat up everything they get from the media….cannot make a personal or profound opinion, thus handicapping their own thought process.

That’s well put, Alan, but the difference is that The View was originally conceived by Barbara Walters to be a discussion show which featured diversity of opinion amongst a range of different females in respect to age, political affiliation and various personal characteristics. However, it has rapidly been reduced to a tag team of vicious liberal viragos attacking a single RINO which they predictably serve up like lamb to the slaughter. As for Hannity, he is exactly as he purports to be…a conservative commentator…what you see is what you get and unapologetically so…these two shows cannot be compared in any way, shape or form.

Yes, Shay, …..more like those disgusting shows where people beat each other up. I can’t think of their names.
No dignity. Could you ever say some of those things? I haven’t watched in two years. Whoopi is gross …..her sex talk made me sick. And, Joy keeps singing her own praises about being an educator. Right….her grammar, for a teacher, is pitiful….not too bright.
If one cannot see the good and bad and use rationale about a subject….well, a closed mind, an idiot bears or bares…both apply in this case, Shaybelle…LOL.

Again, more namecalling. Does not progress the argument in any way.

Again, are you forgetting Meghan McCain–self-professed “PROUD gun owner,” “conservative,” and “Republican”? Facts will out every time. And thank goodness for that.

This is an issue about racism period.

As for scandals, you can’t be serious.


Thank you, Judy and Karen.

Don’t forget they have self-proclaimed Republican” Meghan McCain on “The View.” She seems very angry and outspoken–almost every day she proclaims her “conservative” and “Republican” views.

Me too. All those terrible comments the View said. Really? Why can’t they just get rid of Roseanne you keep the rest of the cast. It’s not fair to them that one person made a terrible statement.

blatant racist comments are never acceptable. Kathy lost her gig on CNN due to her stupid severed head stunt.

Frances, I vowed I would not get into politics here on Michael Fairman’s site, but there is so much wrong with what you just stated. I mean, oh my God, really? Dehumanizing language matters–comparing African Americans to apes is attempting to make them less than human, matters! Given this “joke” is heaped upon the history of slavery in the US in which slaves were considered property, akin to livestock, Roseanne’s statements are beyond the pale. Please know this is not the first time Roseanne compared an African American woman to an ape–she made a similar comment about Susan Rice. She also posed for pictures dressed up as Hilter in which she removed cookies from an oven. These cookies were cut into the shape of children and she called them, “Little Jews.” You say Trump has been the recipient of many insults? Really? This man has hurled horrific insults at women he finds unattractive, war heroes he says are not heroes (despite the fact that Cadet Heel Spurs dodged the draft 5 times) the disabled and of course, at President Obama time and time again. Trump certainly did not introduce racism into our great country, but what he has done is emboldened racists. They no longer hide their racism behind white sheets but rather, they wear their racism proudly on their sleeves.

True, Harry. I don’t think anyone will argue the ugliness of Trump’s mouth with you. Everyone of us has a hint of racism swirling around in our blood. And, he has been on the straight and narrow in choosing his words.what you see is what you get….not Hillary; not Obama, the most racist of all…his wife? Even worse. I suspect they hate whites, as was whispered in my ear.
Trump deserved all the negative feedback he got. But, let’s move on. The problem is, the Democrats and liberals alike can’t get over themselves. Trump is president, for however long. He gets blamed for everything.
Not once do the dems give him credit for anything. Think hostages….the possibility with NOKO’s denuclearization of weapons. No president before him got this far. Rocket man cannot be trusted. Trump knows this…..has always known this. Jong-un needs him mire than Trump needs Jong-un….
Problrm is, Trump is underestimated. A member of my family calls him The Fox. Not in a negative way. Simply wily, in an astute way. Trump knows what he’s doing.
Yet, he is ridiculed because of his diplomacy in dealing with the NK’s despot. The media called his letter to Kim Jong Un a breakup letter….laughed and patted themselves on the back. Wow!!!!! They get their jollies in seeing Trump fail. Don’t they realize that if Trump fsils, the country fsils?
Trump is not a politician, but he is a strong deal maker.
Well, NK came crawling back, sending the highest diplomat to New York.
Can we all agree that Trump loves our country and wants what’s best for it? It certainly isn’t for money of fake foundations.
And when it comes to racism, Robert Byrd was Hillary’s mentor—-he, chief of the KKK. Suddenly these dems are wearing halos. They hide their dirty laundry under the bed.
Then, Pelosi, the millionairess calls the extra monies the average American has been receiving from their job etc., crumbs. Well, not crumbs to them….every extra penny counts. She is no orator parlaying from the pulpit. She, as the Clintons and the Obamas, is an elitist.
Believe me, Harry, as an independent, if I find that a democratic presidential candidate meets my standard compared to a republican, he or she will get my vote.
Bye, again, Harry.

To turn a racist comment by an actress into long praise of Trump and disparaging the former First Lady is way off.

This is about racism, pure and simple.

@CeeCee…..You have courageously dared to speak the truth!!! Kudos, mia amica!

yeah, these threads will invite divide if we let it. I’m not immune to it.. I know my write is not amenable. I , however, ignorant.. have loved and adored.. and admired the Clintons and the Obamas’. was that much hidden under the rug? call it the upper crust who , do not think, about their ways and means… and have not learned the struggle is real. for so much America… NEEDS the help. healthcare, food stamps, programs that assist… education… I can’t get in to this. just that I am aching… praying.. that November can’t get here soon enough… that the democratic party… to bring equal measure to the dominant GOP who’s agenda is “sacrificing” the better part of ; and lining the pocketbook of the wealthy. all tried and true .. yet we can’t seem to whittle down and make ends meet

Well, Patrick….according to History, it has always been the Dems who have filled their coffers—starting with the slaves.
It was the Dems who had slaves, mostly—-they refused to give them any rights.
Obama did not help the regular, hard working guy, my friend. He left the economy in shambles.
It depends what you read. It is a very well known fact that the Obamas and Clintons were in it for the money. They went in broke and came out millionaires. Hmmmmm.
Believe me when I tell you that what you read is not necessarily so. I grew up on MV….I went to University in Boston…..the media only shows us what their liberal minds want you to think. We will never see eye to eye. As I said I voted for Obama…..something which has left a bitter taste in my mouth. So, this does not come from a harsh place; it comes from a place of knowing the facts. It comes from a place of what I took from my studies in government, poli-sci and History…..and, the winds of socio-economic atmosphere.
These people are not well liked. ….especially the Clintons on MV. Everytime they visited, everyone groaned. When the Obama eldest daughter ( Malia or Sasha) usurped a position at “Nancy’s” Restaurant because no one could say no, there was a silent uproar.
MV, in the summer, offers jobs to hundreds and hundreds of students who need the money. Most of these establishments only are in business during the summer months….ideally April-August.
Where do these people get off?? No one liked the situation. They are very entitled.
And, had it not been for Oprah, Barrack Hussain Obama would have never been known to the universe.
As far as food stamps? There are jobs to be had. All our taxes, all our hard work, all our labor, all our freedoms go to illegal immigrants.
Under Obama, this country would have ended up down the drain.
My in-laws are immigrants….legal immigrants……they gave of themselves to this land just to feed illegal immigrants?
We have enough woes in our own back yards. I see it every time I walk into a shelter.
We never see an illegal walk in to get food and shelter. Why? Because our tax money is delivered at their door. They do not have to lift a finger.
Later, Patrick.

Very illuminating, CeeCee….Nothing which you have stated is a surprise to me, because many of us have been aware of these dirty little secrets for years, but the fact that someone who has actually been there, up close and personal, to witness these truths gives a greater sense of authenticity to these facts. When you think about it, it is truly amazing how brainwashed the public has been for all these many years, buying into every meme the mainstream media has spoon-fed them.

Thank you, my Shay….. it is becoming more and more frustrating when I know something to be factual and the media pesists on either ignoring it, or twisting it.
Most presidents and family, proudly and efficiently resume the lives they had led pre-WH–they go back to their homes—the Clintons went as far as Westchester County—not far enough for me. But, at least they left.
The Obamas refuse to believe they no longer live in the WH. Swelled head, if ever I saw one. Aren’t they still living in DC?….
…..which brings me to another issue: when Melania stayed behind in NYC to see her son finish the school yeal, the media asserted, not speculated, trouble in paradise. But, when Obama remained for the same reason ( while his wife and other daughter went gallivanting worldwide), nary a negative word was spoken.
Why is that? I don’t understand it, Shay. I would want any president to succeed for the sake of my country. It makes no sense.

Wow and double wow. Can’t believe what I am reading! Did you just say “had it not been for Oprah, Barrack Hussain Obama would have never been known to the universe”? Wow! What racism is alive and well here on this blog.!
And did you just say: “We never see an illegal walk in to get food and shelter. . .because our tax money is delivered at their door”? Yes, you did! Wow! And did you just say “it was the Democrats who had slaves”? Wow! You just DID! Wow!

whew! these threads are readable.. and if feathers are ruffled… I appreciate the candor, give and take. I wanted to add .. that November can’t get here soon enough… so that .. the house and senate is of equal measure.. and real thought process by both parties, plus independent are allotted equal time to sing… I know I want to dance with my fellow american

And there is the poetry I love….you make your posts sing and dance, my Patrick….

Typical reaction to “food stamps” and helping the poor..if my family of immigrants can do it why can’t yours??? Paleeez.

There are people who cannot work due to illness, taking care of family members, ageism, discrimination, lack of quality education, out of the job market too long. Can some of them possibly get minimum wage jobs? Probably. But try to live on $7 dollars an hour before taxes!

People assume that those who need help refuse help or refuse to help themselves. Not everybody inherits a fortune, is sent to the best schools, “knows” somebody, travels in the “right circles.” Many struggle.

There are families who lose everything just caring for an elderly parent or sick child. Not everyone has “Sonny’s” money (to bring a soap connection here). Even “Sonny” boasted that he had the money to get the help he needs for his father. Do people know that without insurance it can cost about $3000 and up per month to get help in the house if you choose to take care of someone at home?

People need help. The Republican’s answer is “every man for himself.” They choose to not want to help (even though many of them are abundantly wealthy and get all the tax breaks) yet somehow want to get involved when it comes to religion, abortion, how we pray in schools, etc. I guess when it fits their agenda they feel a need to “get involved.”

Harry…Totally agree with you. I’ve tried to lay back on politics, and just enjoy the weather and gardening. But I have some pent up stuff, too.
Donald has set the tone and lowered standards since his campaign. What an example to set for any generation. What a mouth..he might even rival Roseanne. Hope he doesn’t try the National Anthem like she did, and then spat on the ground. Anything seems okay, nothing’s sacred.
And by the way don’t forget what he has said about immigrants from anywhere…especially Mexico and “shitholes.” Also from what I have heard and read about his three generations of family they were not pillars of virtue either. Add to your list, women he probably “does find attractive,” adulatory, lying, and whether you like her or not, his attacks on Hillary which haven’t quit since becoming president.
And really important to me, letting trophy hunting loopholes continue, and doing nothing about gun control, period, and importantly, violence in our schools except to cosy up to the NRA again, and want to arm our teachers. I could add more but I’ll stop here.
I’ll repeat something I’ve said before…I always find it amusingly hypocritical that some who come off holier than thou, and want a safe and better world can even defend, support, or vote for him.

Whew! Rebecca, so refreshing to hear someone speak the truth: You do and well. It’s so very disheartening and sad–and even frightening–to read some many racist remarks and untruths on this blog.

Well said, Harry; thanks so very much. Finally, an informed person who speaks the truth.

They lost their jobs too as they should have so your argument is invalid.

Dont forget that hater Bill Maher! He received NO punishment for his disgusting remarks!

Disgusting remarks, T? What about the ‘hand’ gesture. Any man with a daughter would committ unmentionable acts, if he heard his daughter’s honor being bandied around that way.
To suggest what Maher said was disgusting. He should have been LOCKED UP with the rest of them.
Yet, it seems that the Trump family down to the littlest one, is a free-for-all joke. They are people, innocent babes, for goodness sakes.
Sooner or later the dirt will surface—-the corruption and disonesty will have faces .

Oh, Frances….don’t forget Madonna Ciccone…didn’t she want to burn down the White House with the Trumps in it? Or That cartoonish-looking Snoop Dog? No one said anything about that !! Well Kathy Griffin ( she looks ironed ….so much pladtic surgery), to be fair, was fired from CNN. But, it doesn’t last long. What about Alec Baldwin, or the night-time hosts?
Imagine these people living in Red China, Russia or NOKO. They’d be obliterated from the face of the earth.

This whole situation is about racism— not politics. Thank God we do live in America where we are able to have these discussions.

@CeeCee….We could fill this thread with untold examples of disgusting, inflammatory comments leveled at our president and his family until we’re blue in the face, yet those who justify this behavior will never admit that it’s wrong becuase they agree with the bilge being proffered by these people!!!! And we’re the ones who are called “deplorable?”

Alec Baldwin has a new talk show coming on ABC. He is one of the most disgusting humans walking this planet and he is a terrible father who hates this country. Way to go ABC!

Wow! More name-calling! In what way does that “enlighten” the subject? So very said to see all this racism displayed here so openly and defiantly!

I respect a person’s opinion to think Roseanne was unfairly fired because “she said something about a democrat” but I would ask how many of those same people were out there supporting Roseanne when she sang the national anthem and grabbed her crotch? Are they supporting her now because she supports their candidate or have they always had her back because she is an artist with a viewpoint?

Is this an “either/or” question, Alan? Because I fall into neither category…I have never considered myself a Roseanne fan…I had no use for her tv show when it originally started or since her comeback….I’ve always considered her to be an utter vulgarian. I don’t follow her tweets…in fact, in my personal universe, she really doesn’t even exist….hence I am not personally defending her. But in this day and age, when there is so much truly repulsive, outrageous stuff being slung out into the public arena literally each and every moment, I have to wonder why this woman is being singled out for bad behavior? She didn’t threaten anyone’s life or harm their person…she didn’t break any laws…she was guilty of extremely poor taste and not for the first time, but she apologized for it, which is more than I could say for most on the left who have been blatantly contemptuous of our president in the most unbelievably revolting terms. I just think that to outright dump a show that could still have a lot of public support was a hasty knee-jerk decision on the part of ABC…if there remains a large population of people who still want to watch this actress and her eponymous vehicle, regardless of her controversial views, then they should retain the right of final say on this program. Having said that, I do believe that political bias played a large part in the decision to can Roseanne…if she had been making inflammatory statements against Christians, white men or any other generally accepted conservative group regularly subjected to ridicule, there would have been no brouhaha—-this is the same gal who in the past called Mormons “Nazi Amish,” mind you! No, she simply provided a convenient excuse for ABC to get rid of a show that despite its major success, was a profound embarrassment for this uber liberal network. It was the same situation with Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing.” He had no personal controversies and was still pulling in solid ratings, yet was also cancelled by ABC…coincidence? (At least, he has a happy ending….Fox has picked up the series….)

Roseanne is not the only celebrity to lose her job for something she said: Kathy Griffin lost her CNN New Year’s Eve gig because of the photos she posted on her Twitter and Instagram accounts and Bill Maher was let go by ABC for comments he made after 9/11. Both are liberals.

As for dumping the show, ABC is a Disney owned company and Disney is a company known for its inclusiveness (something this country could use with a whole lot more of). Even if Disney had decided to keep the show they would have to find advertisers willing to buy ad time and risk public boycotts of their brands. I personally watched both the original ROSEANNE and the reboot and think ABC made the right decision.

As for LAST MAN STANDING’s cancellation, I think that had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with business. First of all while the show was popular, it was also 6 years old and the longer a show goes the more costly it becomes — actors, writers, producers all get pay raises to retain their services. Also, the show was produced by an outside company (20th Century Fox) so ABC/Disney had to pay a per episode licensing fee to keep the show on the air. While the network would get to keep the advertising revenue, they would get nothing from the lucrative syndication, streaming, or international sales (20th Century Fox would receive those). Therefore 20th Century Fox had everything to gain from the show continuing and ABC/Disney not as much. So maybe the real question is why FOX didn’t just pick the show up when it was cancelled…

“Extremely poor taste,” you say? Is that all you can say? “She simply provided a convenient excuse for ABC to get rid of a show”? Wow! How may ways is there to twist the truth or avoid the obvious racism????????????????

I am shocked that a person who has been in the public eye for as long as Roseanne Barr would not THINK and use better judgement before making such an inappropriate public statement. It is another sad example of how civility is rapidly leaving our society.

Anyone who has noticed my posts on this site knows that I am not a fan of the alphabet network or the mouse company. In my opinion, appropriate action was taken. I applaud them for cancelling her show. Too bad the rest of the cast and crew have to suffer because of Ms. Barr’s action.

Absolutely agree with you, Llanviewer. I faintly remember her show from twenty yesrs ago….too young, but Roseanne has never disappeared.
I admit I liked the new show…..the only one who supported Trump punlicly, on TV A rarity these days.
I did do a few double-takes, not believing what I was hearing; yet, nothing offensive.
I have very close friends who are black….both here in NY and Martha’s Vineyard. I was hurt for them….not nice. Insensitive and incendiary.
But, the ABC network needs to treat all intolerance the same way. I see a lot of favoratism.

Why? It was doing well in ratings. She’s a comedian she apologized and so many people will be out of work.

Sigh. Because it was not the first time. She has a history of making outrageous, horrible, hateful, and racist statements. ABC should not have re booted Roseanne in the first place. Moreover, she’s a horrible conspiracy theorist. I love John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf–Roseanne should be killed off on the show and those two could take over. Call it Dan. Roseanne Barr is a terrible comedic actress anyway.

I am so glad we can discuss this matter like civilized adults without pulling each other’s hair out. You do have hair, right, Harry?
You know, I wanted to add that none of us is free of ‘sin’, or to an extend have certain ‘thoughts’ about those whom we deem ‘different’….we all try to be charitable with more than a modicum of tolerance. All of us are flawed.
…..which brings me to this point….Jimmy kimmel who is the voice of liberal decency …..the champion of the meek ( tight!!) had a skit in black face—-and the dialogue was even worse. Disgusting!!!! Then, there’s dirty mouthed and hand-gesturing Bill Maher’s condescendence of Ivanka and her father. Sick!! No one hears sbout this….no one SAYS anything about it because the media is biased. We all know that. There is a definite imbalance. ….an imbalance which one finds in countries such as Russia, Venezuela, etc.
you know, Harry, sometimes a little knowledge is lethal….thst’s how I feel. I wish I could shut down my brain and the world!!
How about Farrakhan who called Jews Satanic and said all whites must die…. or, Rev. Wright who announced “damn America”.
Yes, if you’re thinking one wrong does not excuse another wrong, you’re right. My point, Harry, is that the litany with Trump never stops. This was Roseanne’s doing. Her racist mouth….and, for some on this site to completely turn the dial over and over again is just as disgusting as she. Very hypocritical.
I think for myself…..something which is going out of style, it seems. Sigh.❤️

hi Celia 🙂
ahaa that was on
The Man Show; On Cable, not broadcast tv.
on the Comedy Network.
Kimmel’s impression of former Utah Jazz star Karl Malone. Kimmel would appear in a blackface make-up while wearing a bald cap and body suit, filmed at an angle which made it look like Kimmel (who is much shorter in real life than Malone) was very tall..
He was ”Impersonating” Karl= he was being Karl and Karl is a black man.
Bill Maher’s condescendence of Ivanka and her father was not racist.
He is on late-night cable not primetime free broadcast tv.
I’ve never heard/see Maher saying/being racist.

And, Kimmel and the others are not on twitter etc spewing racists remarks nor on their shows.

Roseanne is and always has been extreme.
It all caught up with her.
too sad she took the whole cast and crew down with her ..

I agree Harry, either call it “Dan” or “Jackie'” They are both so talented.

Rosanne would be doing well on cable..
HBO or whichever network that is not free public broadcast as ABC that has limited allowances as to what can and cannot be aired.

broadcast and cable- two different media worlds.

Apology is way too late. She knew what she was saying.

I absolutely agree with you, Lew…..I alwas do. We should all tamp what comes out of our mouths; put a cork in it.
This is close to my heart because not only did I grow up, from the crib to University with a boy who, as he grew older, confided his mixed feeling about his sexuality to me. ….. and as an adult, he is free….no chains. I love him to the death. He is, next to my husband, and siblings, my best friend, ever. Another friend whom, I also love very much, is black. She is the most considerate and loving human being, Lew…..
Thus, these two issues, verbal abuse to homosexuals and racist remarks, truly hurt me.
It has been said that what disgusting Roseanne said is racist and not political. Yup, true. But, somehow, it has been turned political by the same, voraciously vicious networks and media…..all roads lead to Rome, in this case Trump.
ABC did the right thing. I wish and hope that it fires others whose remarks are incendiary and demorilizing to one’s ego and essence. None of us has the right to make another human being feeling less than about himself/herself. And, other networks should follow suit.
There’s that dirty mouthed Samantha Bee ( and so many others—-too long of a list to enumerate). She called Ivanka the “C” word….from another woman, no less!!!! Did she grow up with swine in a sty? What kind of language is that? Abysmal !!!!!! Abusive!!!!!! Nothing happened to her. Nothing.
Everything negative is Trump’s fault. So, if we are to go along with that theme, are we to blame Bill Clinton for all the rapes, sexual abuse and harassment that happened after his tenure? So, Cosby, Weinstein, Lauder, Weiner etc. became pervs because of Bill. Why not??
Sorry for the rant, Lew…..chuck it up to free speech? LOL.
The inner voice, one’s ideals should not be held in when spoken in a clean and rational form of speech. Roseanne’ s speech/ name calling/distorted and archaic way of thinking is not free speech. It’s infamy!!
And, I don’t care how many fans of hers defend her by saying she is not racist, well, her words tell a story….a long one.
Some of the stones flung at her ( and rightly so) should be thrown at other offenders with dirty, fetid and decayed mouths, as well.

Thank you for mentioning that revoltingly crude comment by Bee, CeeCeeGirl…how anyone could look at a beautiful photo of a loving mother with her precious child and come up with such a vile, vitriolic remark is beyond me…Quite frankly, that is one of the nastiest things that can be said in reference to a female, especially by a fellow one…and the fact that many other women have defended and applauded the use of such terminology truly beggars belief. As far as I’m concerned, nasty is nasty…period, no matter what variety of pejorative language is involved….there is no sense of civil discourse anymore… all of this filth needs to stop. I’ve never heard so much non-stop obscenitiy in all my years…I’ve certainly never used such words or even been exposed to them in my personal life, so this daily barrage of bilge is a genuine education for which I never signed up. Still, I’m tired of ranking whose comments rate worse, comparing and contrasting who deserves sanctioning and who does not, particularly when the major criteria for harsh punishment seems to be primarily based upon whose ox is being gored…none of this is good for our country and it really needs to just stop. On the other hand, the public could do much to bring it to an end if they simply ignored a lot of this stuff…forget the Twitter sewer and the paid provocateurs…if these troublemakers don’t have an audience with which to share their depravity, then their words will pack no punch…

And then there’s the not-so-little matter of Joy Reid! (To be continued….)

Yeah…to be continued, indeed. Liars, fabricators and mendacious—-all the same meaning.
Trump set the stage for no one. Roseanne’s mouth has been running afoul since one first heard her name…decades ago.
We should really blame the slave owners —they set the stage.
Roseanne and any other able-minded and bodied is an adult. Independent thinking.
I seem to remember that blonde, Jennifer Lawrence blame Trump for natural disasters. Such profound thinking…..
I want me some of that magical power. Lordy Lord.
Let’s get real!!
As far as Ivanka, Shay. I call it jealousy….especially from women. The same could be said about Melania.
Both genuinely good hearted women..

I think everyone has been shocked by the news, especially with the ratings being so huge for the show’s first season. It is sad for her co-stars and the crew. These people had planned on two years (ABC’s renewal) of steady employment. I believe the work and effort that Sara Gilbert made to make this happen is well documented. Now, the syndication of the show not being shown will have an impact on all of those who negotiated to deal. With all of this said, all it took was one comment to bring down an empire. Roseanne’s comments couldn’t and shouldn’t be tolerated. For anyone who think this is a political issue because Roseanne is a Republican and that the punishment is too harsh, you might to think about how you would feel if her comments were said to someone in your family. To be fair, I think ABC should have suspended Joy Behar for her religious comments in April. The main lesson here is that we have got to stop the bullying, whether it comes from an actor, talk show host or a politician.

Just a quick thought here, Ray……Even though Barr supported Trump for president, it does not necessarily make her a Republican….she is certainly not a conservative, judging by her previous statements and platforms when running for office! Last I heard, she was affiliated with the Green Party…she even sought their presidential nomination on their ticket in 2012, but was defeated by Dr. Jill Stein. Plus, she later did likewise on another lesser known ticket with the Peace and Freedom Party. Neither of these groups and their progressive politics are remotely related to the GOP! If anything, I think “independent” would be the best definition for Roseanne’s constantly evolving political persuasion. Having said that, you are right on about “Joyless” Behar…she has made so many downright hateful and vitriolic comments in the past that the fact she remains in her capacity at. The View just goes to show the immense bias that is alive and well at ABC.

Hi Shay…Thinking about you with the news yesterday that an isis supporter was talking about kidnapping Prince George. Seems the Royals are a target for evil groups. Remember when Harry had to leave, I think Afganistan, when he was serving in the military because he was a potential target?

And in the spirit of detente … agree some “comics,” mainly late night, cross the insulting line too often, and think it’s funny. Not just Roseanne. Like Samantha Bee’s comment about Ivanka. So what’s good for the goose (Roseanne) should be good for the gander (Samantha). Personally I don’t watch late night…too late and not my kind of “humor.”Give me Johnny or Carol Burnett for a laugh, even their infomercials. Or Miranda.

Sometimes I tune into The View when they are going to have an interesting guest. As for Joy Behar. She does have her anti-Trump point of view which, again, I don’t think is funny when she tries to turn it into a joke. And she interrupts way too much. Then there’s Whoopi. But their are two moderate panelists along with Megan McCain.

However, imo, the president has set the stage and bad example for lots of negative vibes since the campaign, and to date, with his own insulting words, tweets, and actions. These continue to provide material and backlash from some “comics.” And unfortunately some “regular people” are getting nasty. It’s like opening Pandora’s Box as to the worse in some of us. Just wish both sides would take a deep breath, and show our better side instead.

Wow, so now you are buying into “media bias”?

nancy dillingham…your reply came under my comment. Hoping you don’t mean me buying into media bias. I would hope just the opposite. :))

Her comments were deplorable and the network took appropriate action. ABC should not have been surprised by what she said as she has a history of making racist and other horrific statements.

The show revival was interesting and frequently funny. However, because she was so ingrained with the character, it couldn’t continue without her (i.e. Valerie Harper).

Good for ABC for taking swift action regarding the cancellation of “Roseanne” due to Ms. Barr’sccomments. I do feel sorry for the other cast members who had nothing to do with what she tweeted, and are now without a job. When is this kind of prejudice and name calling going to stop? As well as other things she has tweeted. And it’s not the first time this kind of thing has been said about someone in the Obama era. In fact the bar is getting way too low by some in the US, especially in the last few years. Too bad they can’t be “cancelled” for their remarks as well.

Well, you know I agree, Rose. You know what’s funny? The same folks who screamed about the Black NFL players peacefully protesting on bended knee are the same folks screaming about Rosanne being canceled. Seems they feel that the First amendment is not applicable to all. Mind, you, Roseanne is infamous for shrieking out the “Star Spangled Banner” in a disgraceful manner and punctuated this disgrace by grabbing her crotch and spitting on the ground.

Harty, the first Amendment does not apply to the NFL’s genuflection. These players work for an institution with policies and rules. If they cannot follow said rules, then they can be fired. ”Tis the law. This is where the confusion takes place, it is different from a student-body doing it…..outside of sn establishment. They do not eork for the school….
it is called respecting the Anthem and the Flag. Protests can be done off the field.
And, my dear Harry, do not bundle all of us in the same faggot of hay. I do not stand by Roseanne. What she said was disgraceful….by the same token, I found what these players did disrespectful and un-American.
Gee, Harry…I can’t seem to let you go! Want to go somewhere for cappuccino?

How is this a permit-able comment with a blatant gay slur in it? Disgusting

Oh gosh, Steve, if your post was addressed to me, I do apologize. I did not mean to make a gay slur at all. I seem to step in it all of the time. I am so sorry.
Celia, we respectfully disagree. I think the NFL players who bow down on bended knee are voicing their protest with reverence, respect and humility, same way Christians do while bowing down at the cross to pray.
To me, bowing on bended knee before the cross it to pray that the nation does better as an entity.

No Harry, your comments were well though out and worded in respect. You did not ‘dis anyone

Granted, Harry, my love….just not on the field. That was my point.

Harry, again, a voice of reason. Whew!

What the heck are you talking about, Steve?????? Gay slur?????? Do you know what a faggot is?????? Look it up, for goodness sakes.
A faggot is a bundle of twigs or hay. The word existed BEFORE it was applied to gays.
You have no clue who I am, and those who know me , are aware that my best friend is gay and I would never make such a remark.
You are way out of line. Stop being on the defensive.
Stop attacking me…..third time now.

Stop playing the victim card. You turned a conversation about race into a misguided discussion about politics.

One would think we call could agree that racism is wrong and speak out about it.

No one uses that term you mentioned anymore in ANY context. Just as no one would say they’re gay when they meant happy.

Well, I do. I wasn’t even thinking of ‘gay’ . I have words stored in my brain and they come to me naturally when applicable. I cannot help it if you feel persecuted. That is your problem, not mine.
And, sir, I turned nothing political……the tone was already set.
I think my assertiveness, as a woman bothers you, somehow.
Sexist much?

You’re accusing a man who follows a soap opera blog, of being sexist? That’s really funny. I’m pointing out the words you use, not making any personal attacks.

Your unfounded comment about Michelle Obama (after you protest comments about Trump’s family), use of an archaic term that has a more recognizable demeaning definition and now the praise of Andrew Jackson in an article that highlights racism are what I object to — not you personally in any way or form.

At great peril, coming out of retirement with my third post since early April to weigh in here. Celia, you went “British on us” with the second “g” in your use of a word that carries another connotation—an all too frequently used pejorative one, which Steve (mistakenly) took umbrage to. I’m sure he was not alone, as I too had to look it up. And while it’s not an expression I’ve ever heard nor one I’d be inclined to use (being intellectually lazy can be quite limiting), nevertheless, I am aware of the personal writing styles that you (my BFF Shay, and even myself at times) are prone to, prose that can get a little syrupy and flowery—a style of which I still prefer to the 280-character Twitterverse and text messages formats that we’ve become enslaved to on our various devices. And while I’m not ready to break out the stationary just yet and return to a simpler time, eschewing contemporary modes of communication—ones that can both enhance as well as destroy public discourse and language as we know it–I will gladly take a coherent, grammatically correct, properly spelled and punctuated thought any day from you and anyone else.

The fallout from Roseanne’s original comment of Tuesday has been stunning, generating great dialogue and debate, including 165+ posts on this thread, of which you’ve been a part of 46 of them. As the conversation morphed, it no longer was about a dumb comment from a loose cannon which forced a public company to act in the best interest of its shareholders and business. Too bad really, as that was fodder aplenty, but we go where the comments take us. Could have been handled better by the both of you, especially coming from two longtime contributors such as yourselves.

@Reed……Yes, we do go where the comments take us, and it seems that every so often, those of us in Fairmanville need the catharsis of a good political ding-dong to liven things up. As long as the discussions don’t get too personal and we can respect each others’ rights to express ourselves in our own unique fashions, then comfortably resume our friendly soap chat when the rollicking threads run their course, then it’s no harm, no foul. However, I honestly felt that the criticism leveled toward CeeCee was a cheap shot! I totally fail to understand how anybody familiar with her status as one of the most avid supporters of gay rights at this website could have truly thought she intended offense by her choice of word….and that’s why I immediately leapt to her defense on the subject, even though it took a second, more abbreviated, effort to make it to post. Thankfully, our gallant gentleman poet-in-residence, Patrick, who also once saved my bacon with a similar action when I was accused of making an ethnic slur with my use of an innocently-chosen foreign word when clearly none was meant, did likewise. As you have stated, whilst we may be guilty of liking our lovely, lilting language a tad too much for either expediency or comfort, in this day and age of political correctness, being accused of something ugly often easily happens to the best of us….and none of us is immune. Not long ago, there was a case of a highly-revered academician who presented/published a paper on behalf of a certain university or think tank, and he made the fatal error of utilizing a well-established, perfectly valid synonym for “stingy”/“miserly.” (And no, I will not repeat it here….) The firestorm which resulted by those completely uninitiated with this properly used term was swift, immense and ultimately ended in the man losing his job, all due to the fact he was falsely fingered for making a racial epithet when nothing of the sort had actually happened. This is the insanity we are living with today! Hence when it occurs this close to home, I endeavor to give everyone the benefit of the doubt…and most especially, when it involves the example of a dear friend for whose broad intellect I harbor the utmost respect and admiration. Just for the record, I would do the same for you, Reed! Later….

Shay, my moment of clarity came too late but I had already posted. Who made me the town apologizer (I thought) and why would I ever reply to a woman (Celia) who clearly doesn’t get me to begin with? Thanks for softening it with your response. Whew, dodged one! I was reluctant to revisit the thread for fear that I had really stepped in it this time. I’m guessing this was Celia taking the highroad by not replying which was probably wise. And right you are about the example you cited, as I originally thought to incorporate that into my dissertation—but that I did think better of…because after all, people are crazy!

I so wanted to take up for Steve because I know him to be one of the better contributors to the site, but he was in error on this one. Sometimes, it’s all about the tone and in this rare instance he didn’t strike the right one, but unlike you, she has never gotten me and I’m not altogether sure that she always reads the room properly (i.e. IMO, IMHO, and finally, in my experience, that has been the case). Thanks for having my back on this one…I may need to re-think coming out of retirement here, I mean really, I’m not sure what compels me to feel that I need to be heard. As the saying goes, “opinions are like [insert expletive], everybody has one.” The friggin internet, making it way too easy to proffer them! Where’s my stationary and how much is a stamp these days?

^ “… do not bundle all of us in the same faggot of hay. ” ??? not sure what that defines?

had to google:

v faggot bind or tie up in or as if in a faggot “faggot up the sticks”
v faggot fasten together rods of iron in order to heat or weld them
v faggot ornament or join (fabric) by faggot stitch “He fagotted the blouse for his wife”
n faggot a bundle of sticks and branches bound together
n faggot offensive term for an openly homosexual man

Yes, Patrick. You got it…….
It is a bundle….some sticks, dome hay, some debris.
What I meant is that some of us are sticks, some hay and some debris……so do not bundle someone up in the same faggot….why? Because we may look alike, but not necessarily think alike.
It was all innocent, my friend, but I think some people just want to pick a fight.
I hold no prejudice against anyone. ❤️

@CeeCee….Just as Patrick pointed out, I too wrote a post outlining the various correct forms of the word you used, which is indeed synonymous with “bundle,” however, it failed to make it online…Additionally, I noted that in the UK, slang for “ciggies” is also an abbreviated form of this word…and although I find it cringeworthy whenever it is mentioned in my beloved British dramas, I’ve never heard anyone suggest that this term be obliterated because it offends. Anyone who knows your good heart could never assume that you meant to be perjorative in any way, shape or form…it’s just noise.

Celia, with love..
I was sent this, just sharing..
you said-
”’it is called respecting the Anthem and the Flag. Protests can be done off the field.”’

starting here–
“Colin has the right to ignore whatever he wants. Anyone who says otherwise does not know anything about freedom.”

“I believe Colin has every right to protest in whatever way he chooses,” said Omar Madrigal, a Marine Corps veteran.

“I cannot pick which constitutional rights to defend, as I took an oath to protect the Constitution as a whole. I personally would not protest in that manner, [and I see it as] no different than those who truly do despicable things like the Westboro Baptist Church protesting veterans’ funerals.”

“But in the words of Evelyn Beatrice Hall, ‘I may not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.’”

“I am more perturbed about the extreme patriotism bordering on nationalism and nativism trending in this country. The so-called patriots are angry at those who don’t agree with their version of America.”

“Ironically, forced patriotism begins where freedom ends. In that version of America, we’re no better than those countries that we are in conflict with.”

“The oath I took was to defend the Constitution, not the [national] anthem,” said Theodore Robinson, a Navy veteran of operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

All true, my friend. What came out wrongly, and I apologize, is that the owners of the NFL have the right to fire the players because it is their policy…..they signed a contract.
This is what the issue is.
I am not disagreeing with the players, … yourself, I quote what I have read. I should have written down the source to show you.
But, according to their contract, the players cannot protest on the field.This is why they are being afforded the choice to stay wherever they stay….the locker room?? LOL.

hi celia 🙂
the players are on a mission, they will continue to protest.
I wonder which way their protest will go.
I think they will take the kneel on field.

Maybe, su…maybe, they will take a knee. But they have been warned. I think that due to the descending ratings, the owners had to come to a decision.
The players were told that if they do not want to ‘observe’ the moment of honoring the country/anthem/flag, to stay wherever they stay.
I do not like Football, Golf, Hockey, or Basketball.
I like Tennis, horse-racing and Baseball. My husband goes to his man-cave….sometimes I watch ( when he begs me, LOL), but I do not rnjoy a bunch of guys doing what they do. I have no clue.

You are right, CeeCee….One situation cannot be compared to the other! Athletes are under contract to their respective team owners and have clauses that detail what behaviors are acceptable and unacceptable during their work hours…..especially when their conduct reflects poorly on their employers and causes them to lose business, i.e. dollars and ratings. In their spare time, these individuals are within their rights to make whatever political statements they desire, yet the public is still the final arbiter of whether they choose to accept such grandstanding…judging by the precipitous dip in NFL support after last season, I’d venture to say that their reaction is not a positive one.

C, a lot of the NFL players have never respected anything in their lives including authority! If these players want to take a knee, do it in Afghanistan in a fox hole!

Yes….they should be grateful for their jobs and bless themselves, the flag and mostly for those heroes responsible for their freedom. The flag and the Anthem enfold what it means to be American……my ancesters fought in the Revolutionary war….I am a patriot and my ideals as an American mean something to me. They are the heart beat of all that is American.❤️

hi Timmm..
Those people in Afghanistan are on their knees underfire giving their lives to give NFL players the right to freedom, to speak and protest however they have the will to.
Taking a knee’: An Army tradition
In the Army, taking a knee is a way of gaining perspective.
Taking a knee” is a sign of “compassion as well as honouring the fallen or injured.” Additionally, when a member of the armed services dies, members of the honour guard fold the flag that had been draped over the casket and one of them gets down on one knee to present it to the next of kin.

Kneeling is a sign of reverence, submissiveness, deference — and sometimes mourning and vulnerability. Kaepernick invested it with a double meaning. He didn’t turn his back as the anthem was played, which would have been a true sign of disrespect.

Su, lots of good stuff from you throughout this thread, very thoughtful. Many thumbs up along the way!

You’re right, SuzieQ….kneeling is a sign of respect, subservience and homage. But, only if it is done to honor and not from defiance.
How do we know the difference, my love? LOL.


“Faggot of hay”?

Think Van Gogh…

theres no way anyone with any decentcy can stand by such ignorant remark ABC/DISNEY had no choice. I feel sorry for everyone involved w/ the show because unfortunately in this case they just can’t replace her, she is for better or worse the show. you have the right to express yourself, but you have to realize theres always consequences and if your going to spew out hatred and bigotry then get ready for the fallout, because no one deserves to be rewarded for racism.

Rosanne had always been a trash-mouthed radicle, nothing new from her..
A couple out of a 100–
she accused dems of child sex trafficking
told Hillary Clinton to commit suicide
and accuse Chelsea Clinton of being part of a Jewish conspiracy
and this one- call George Soros a Nazi
She has always been a Trumpian conspiracy nut.

I believe this is the end for Rosanne– all the news are bringing up her many past racists remarks and there are way way way more than a few.

Add her redition of the National Anthem with a spit on the ground as the finale to what I would generously call an atonal version. Very different than blended knees no matter your stand on this issue.

Su000, I totally agree!

It’s always disappointing when a performer you admire harbors such ugly prejudices. I really enjoyed ROSEANNE and I feel especially saddened for the cast and crew who will lose their jobs as a result. Roseanne Barr is a great comedienne and underrated actress but there’s no “pass” on his one. ABC did well today. I’m just sad that we’re STILL DOING THIS in 2018. Speaks poorly for our country as a whole.

sara gilbert
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Roseanne’s recent comments about Valerie Jarrett, and so much more, are abhorrent and do not reflect the beliefs of our cast and crew or anyone associated with our show. I am disappointed in her actions to say the least.

Are you disappointed in Whoopi Goldberg too? To quote you, “It’s always disappointing when a performer you admire harbors such ugly prejudices”. Rosanne made a comment about a black woman (regardless, of the racial implication) and has been ostracized, Whoopi makes comments and insults a white man on a daily basis, but no one thinks that is wrong, double standards, much? However, the First Amendment guarantees free speech to both these performers; so should both performers be punished or is it okay for one, but not the other?

I am sooooo with you on save Lucifer!

Scott. Rebecca1, and other like minds…I am so with you on saving Lucifer. Have you heard any attempts to keep this show on air, or switch it to another network? Also highly recommend you find the series “Miranda” on PBS to get more of Tom Ellis and great laughs.

Rebecca1…also want to say I absolutely agree with you about the difficulty in connecting comments with replies. I would attach it to one of your comments re: this, but I can’t find it. While I can see MF wanting to expand to include more tv info, especially as it relates to soaps, I’m just finding it harder and not as enjoyable to use. But one thing I do like is that we are allowed to “chat” more on topics not directly related to a soap.

❤️ Scott…❤️Lucifer.

FIRST and FOREMOST : I am so terribly sorry for her onscreen children. PLUS all the CREW. lives will hang in the balance. I wanted for her onscreen children to make a little extra for their nest egg. IE: @DAYS Billy Flynn.. do not fly the coop yet. cause I love you. bank your earnings.

I am not going to post much outside of I stopped watching her reboot after the 1st episode… she should never have made it political.. AND the show was not that funny. it was gimmick , driven with social and political statements that were dispersed between the cast… it plodded along till the writers actually wrote something funny.

I do not appreciate how fame plus money… which IS : the top tiered upper percentile priviledged GOP . who top draw their worth… buy it. how indignant and bothersome. ? Lord have mercy… so we can get any semblance of ; and self-respect. PEACE People. EQUALITY begets walk the walk

I feel terrible for the African American girl who played Roseanne’s granddaughter. How does a parent tell their little girl the reason she won’t be back on tv?

who said the little actress that played her granddaughter wont be back on tv? She will get other acting jobs. You do realize that on The Jeffersons, the word honky and I think cracker, were used, and people laughed and thought it was funny. No one was offended, no one cried foul, no one needed a safe space. What has happened to our country?

I love you, Scott, for your open mind.But, we live in an age where EVERYTHING is measured by what side of the coin you look at life. Politically and socially correct only applies to ‘others’…..still, what Roseanne said was awful….incendiary, insensitive and not funny.
You are right…..if a black person called a white person a honky today? What would happen? Nothing.
What has happened, indeed, my friend.
What is cracker? Never heard of that one.

I don’t know; I’m disgusted by most people regarding racism and anti-semitism. What I resent is that “political correctness” or just common decency only seems to apply to certain groups. Halle Berry was once on a late night talk show and she showed a picture of herself which I guess had her nose looking different than it does now. She said something like, “Oh, that was my “Jewish” cousin.”….. That was supposed to be funny. No matter how you cut it, she made a Jewish stereotypical insinuation. Guess what? Nothing happened. She said she was sorry and “my assistant is Jewish and we’re close” and there was no backlash.

I think what Roseanne said was way out of line. Not sure it was worse than much of the crap that is tweeted every day and written into lyrics that pass as art.

Racism, anti-semitism, hate is alive and well. But one’s not worse than the other and shouldn’t be treated as such. No one deserves a pass but it seems that bashing some groups is more acceptable than others. If you’re going to take swift action when these types of comments are made than take them across the board. Seems to me the ones that are dealt with swiftly are the ones that the network thinks will create the most cries of racism if they don’t.

I’d LOVE to know who gave a thumbs down on this? Which part didn’t you like…the acknowledgment that there’s anti semitism that goes ignored or the fact that ALL bigotry should be dealt with.

argh! thought I lost my prior post… MUST add a few quotes that brought me to tears

“…”I just heard #rosanne is cancelled. My reaction— tears. I am so relieved and grateful. The hate that has been spewing from those in Trump’s orbit has really taken a toll on all of our souls and psyches. I didn’t believe it would happen. I had lost faith. Thank you @abc .” –Debra Messing ”

from: “…”@therealroseanne, you break my heart — You are a sorry excuse for a human being. How odd that you, as a comedienne, have forgotten then meaning of a “joke” and a personal comment. Your meanness is staggering and will earn you a ticket to a sad, lonely and sorry life.” –Rita Moreno “

Roseanne made a terrible mistake and apologized. But she is NO BILL COSBY!!!
If anyone’s tv show should be REMOVED FROM BROADCAST it should be Bill Cosby’s.
I hope Roseanne knows how extensive her mistake was. Dehumanizing a decent person like Valerie J. (in comparison to Cosby) cannot be tolerated.

As for ABC, it’s understandable to make a swift decision regarding Roseanne’s comments. Only time will tell whether or not ABC overreacted by cancelling the show.

Cosby is a rapist! Roseanne is a racist. Both are hurtful but words are nothing compared to drugging someone, taking advantage of them and damaging them FOREVER! Take Cosby off the air and let Roseanne go on ABC primetime and apologize to the lady she attacked and the people she demoralized and lest move on!

thank you for the blunt. whew ! especially about Cosby. just saw on the internet… ABC considering putting her onscreen children in a show… AND per ^^^ posts above… Cosby and Roseanne shows on cable as reruns ARE being pulled… depending on what cable channels run. so it’s a desired snowball affect

It was not right what she said she is a comdeian n apologize after. The veiw n jimmy kimmel says,worse about our president but that’s fine.

Great post, JustSaying. Perfect !!

I think what she said was a very bad thing to say and they probably did had the right to pull the show off but she had apologized to her and to everyone else

Although I don’t agree with what Ms. Barr said I don’t feel the other cast members should be punished by cancelling the show.

I know how you feel, Nancy. But, Roseanne IS the show.
How would they csrry on? I wish and hope they could.
I guess the writers could go on the premise thst Roseanne ‘died’ during surgery?
Those poor, poor people without a job. Not fair.

Get a new Roseanne and let the show go on

They should bring in Rosie O’Donnell to do it. You think the Cheeto cult is whining now? Just wait until that happens. I think the bloated Orange one hates her more than he hates CNN or “crooked Hillary”.

Kimmel pointed out the show could go on, call it ”Dan” with the same cast without Rosanne ..
LOL could work, maybe.

Everybody including ABC has known for years that Roseanne is a complete mess she is a ticking time bomb and ABC knows it. That being said I wonder if they would have cancelled the show if she had made the remark about Condi Rice and and please she is not conservative in her political beliefs

That’s right, Kay. Thank you. Roseanne Barr is the most radical liberal there is. I like the way we can all be civil here. There is power in respect. Well, except for one.
I am not a fan of name calling, no matter who it is!!
Wether we like it or not, Trump is president. Suck it up and respect the ideology if not the man.
We came a long way….

I must apologize for all the typos….

I agree with you Celia. Everyone needs to suck it up and to respect the Office of the President; you don’t have to respect the man, but at least Respect the Title.

Thank you, Scott. ❤️

The “civility” escapes me here in so many remarks.

@k/kay….I think we both know the answer to that question….of course not! I clearly recall that SNL mercilessly mocked Condi Rice’s appearance and made filthy innuendos regarding her relationship with President Bush 43, and nothing was ever said about these outrageous slams. Ditto for certain editorial comic portrayals created by the left…And it was all because this woman was a member of a Republican administration, so she was considered fair game by the media….it was absolutely disgusting, especially for a groundbreaking female of such good taste and style who only ever conducted herself with immense dignity and whose fierce intelligence—-and not the use of identity politics—-landed her that position in the first place. Despite the fact that this former Secretary of State is not, as you say, a true conservative, she is still a real patriot who has always offered her assistance to any president who has sought her opinion, including both the current and most recent past one, so for that alone, I salute her! She’s also a very accomplished person outside of her career field…she was a competitive level ice-skater, and remains a talented concert pianist and avid, highly-knowledgeable professional sports aficionada who became one of the first two women to be admitted as a member of Augusta National Golf Club. Hence in my book, Rice is head and shoulders above any of those disgraceful femmes attached to the previous administration…I’d say she’s actually in a class by herself!

Yesh….dont’t forget sbout Sarah Sanders, Shay…….her looks cut to shreds with her sitting just a few feet away.
But as I said, watching another suffer is manna to an empty shell of a human being….must live a miserable life.
However, to be fair, Shay….I have sooo many friends all over the country. Not all democrats/ liberals are this cruel and unimaginative……they do think for themselves; they do make rational decisions; they do weed out the bad from the good; they do tune out those ignorant comments taken from others’ mouths.
Everyone would be soooo surprised to know that Schumer and Trump actually get along—-privately. They have known each other for decades.

What has been said about Sarah Sanders has Not been racist.
Rosanne spews racist comments.
What’s said about Sarah Sanders was not racist, it’s nasty but not racist.

If Rosanne had said mean nasty stuff she would have her show but she goes racists.

If you are referring to Michelle Wolf’s comments about Sarah Sanders, they weren’t about her looks but instead about her perceived behavior.

Roseanne is said to be an independent.
And. her political views go every which way..
She is a conspiracy theorist usually against the blue ..
And, Rosanne has made rasist remarks about Condi Rice .

There were many racist comments made about Condi Rice and not just by Roseanne! She was regularly referred to and portrayed in left-wing editorial pages /cartoons as “Aunt Jemima!” (Former Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer of California was also quoted addressing her as the same…And by the way, Colin Powell was dubbed “Uncle Ben” by similar individuals during the Bush43 administration…) The difference between then and now is that the cool, classy and composed Secretary of State Rice didn’t dignify such insults with a response….she simply went about her business and did the job she was hired to do, and let all her detractors stew in their own bile. Of course, she also didn’t have the Twitter universe with which to contend at that time, and we were probably all better off for that blessed fact.

People are racist. Blacks and whites. It will never change. I understand in this hashtag world ABC did what was best for business. BUT, why punish the rest of the show? 100’s work on the show and are out of a job. Why not kill off Roseanne and call it “Dan?”

I said just about the same thing, T. ‘Tis the nature of the beast….we, humans!!

I believe ‘ Disney ‘ was the power behind it not ABC..
Disney is mega huge and Disney can not have a show centred around, well around what it was political and Trumpian and would not tolerate Rosanne on twitter trash-mouthing her bigotry and conspiracies as she does..
Disney has an Image it needs to protect.

I loved and looked forward to seeing Roseanne every week! I grew up watching her and different times watching the reruns. Even more so, it was more fun to see them on the reboot since, as anyone who loves television, feels as if the Conner family was a part of their own…differences aside—just like real families! I’m not a comedian, nor do I make such jokes as Roseanne did on Twitter. And, though I don’t, nor would I say something like she did, I also do not believe that ABC should be taking off a show to punish Roseanne. Not only did it punish her and the crew, but I don’t believe that this was the only alternative. I, especially, believe this to be true because ABC is not consistent in its action regarding such comments or behavior. Last Man Standing, along with Roseanne, has now been canceled due to political views. It’s obvious when anyone can see the ratings of such shows and those with lesser ratings are still on…???? As a broadcasting major, I am sure that poor ratings, or at least they used to be, was normally the reason, a show was canceled; not for the reasons claimed in Roseanne’s case. I believe a better way of dealing with the issue was not to cancel and pull all of Roseanne’s sitcoms away, but to use some of that money and/or actions to use as a learning tool for the audience…just as the new reboot’s platform was about! Taking America’s favorite television shows off and pretending it doesn’t exist, or existed, similar to the Dukes of Hazzard, Last Man Standing and now Roseanne isn’t going to resolve the issue. As you’ve already heard before, there are so many other tv shows like “The View,” and “SNL,” and almost all the late-night comedy and talk shows that are more disrespectful and racist than Roseanne’s joke that wasn’t even a part of her sitcom! An article I’d read also made it seem as if they were going out on a limb with the reboot of Roseanne; making us believe that, perhaps ABC really didn’t want the show to be as big of a hit as it was…I almost believe that it was a set-up for them to have an excuse for them to be rid of Roseanne (and her outspoken political views). So much for the First Amendment!

I have never seen/heard late-night shows as Kimmel, Colbert, etc ever make a racist comment..
They have dogged Trumps lies but never went racist on TV or off.
late night has what is a different rating than primetime.
Roseanne is kid-friendly primetime.

truth is– Rosanne has a trash-mouth and is not a role model for any generation.
It would be Disney that rid of Rosanne, not ABC ..
Disney has an image to uphold and will not tolerate backlash from Roseann’s radical conspiracies and racism under its banner.

Su, my love….they need not say a word. Plus, regardless of what you said about Kimmel in nlack face as making a joke….it was racist. I explained that only another black person can make fun of one’s speech….not funny.
Makes no difference which-way you turn it, Kimmel was ridiculing dress, color and speech.
He went even further when he pretended to be a sexually harass women on the street. Had he gotten that close to me or eveven suggested what he did ? He would have been wearing his jewels around his neck.
Colbert is of French descent, yes? Well, there are a few words for him….
Nonetheless, we all come from somewhere. The problem is, nothing is ever retracted—-but, what bothers me the most is when children become the brunt of despicable jokes.

SNL and late night have been a blessing in the era of Trump and the renewed vigor of the alt right. I’m not sure when I laughed so much as Baldwin’s impersonations, Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer, Kimmel’s monologues…all hilarious and a way to help us thru this surreal nightmare. A camaraderie among those of us who are continually shocked and appalled, lightened by the hilarious take of it all.

With that said, SNL and late night have parodied and spoofed EVERY president for decades. It just so happens this “era” has the “richest” material. It’s a “wealth” of raw material just begging for comic relief.

However, there are no religious, racist jabs. Just pure observation of the buffoonery, prejudice, bigotry, anti Semitism and lies that we’ve had to deal with since the calamity began. Nothing like Sean hiding behind a tree while Trump is tweeting the cast of Hamilton for insulting Pence. Guess the disgusting remark about Senator McCain dying doesn’t deserve one…

All religious, racial comments should be disavowed. Not just the select few who roar the loudest. But what does it say when Roseanne’s comment is seen as more abhorrent than mocking a man’s impending death. Humanity seems to be a concept; not a reality.

just testing ,, nothing to see hee lol

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i did fill it out

Remember these jewels from Roseanne ??

Susan E. Rice was a “man with big swinging ape balls.” Like Jarrett, Rice is also black.

In 2016, Barr went on a Twitter rant about Hillary Clinton. One tweet called former Clinton aide Huma Abedin a “jew hater” and a “filty Nazi whore,” according to the Jerusalem Post. Barr responded to outrage about the tweet by making a joke about political correctness.

pulled up tweets promoting the conspiracy theory that Seth Rich, a Democratic National Committee staffer who was shot in Washington, was actually killed by the Clintons. Rich’s parents have sued Fox News for helping to spread this claim in a now-retracted report.

She promoted “Pizzagate/ promoting “Pizzagate,” the anti-Clinton conspiracy theory that prompted a man to drive to Washington and open fire in a local pizza place because he falsely believed that the restaurant was the epicentre of a secret paedophile ring.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but is Barr herself not of Jewish ancestry????? I know she is far-out, but honestly, if she perceives someone to be anti-semitic, why is she not allowed to call them out on it??? Is it simply because they are liberals and are given protected status against criticism? Furthermore, given her own heritage, why is she not allowed self-deprecating humor? Her “cookie” photoshoot was unquestionably in hideously poor taste, but was it really that different from the all the outlandish stuff Mel Brooks has done and said in his films of the past? I honestly would like sincere answers to these questions.

Because finding “humor” in human beings who were slaughtered like cattle and stuffed in ovens to be incinerated isn’t “funny.” And Roseanne’s disgusting humor (which I believe she did in conjunction with a Jewish satirical magazine run by kids who have no business even touching the subject if they don’t have the common sense or humanity to understand how completely repugnant it was) or somehow they thought they were being “cutting edge” …is not the same thing as Mel Brooks whose humor was about reducing Nazis and Hiter by mocking them/him. He NEVER made fun of the victims.

Absolutely disgusting coming from anyone let alone a Jewish person! Somehow I think if her mother or grandmother was gassed in a “shower” and incinerated she wouldn’t find the “humor.” Or maybe she would. Despicable.

I agree with Rebecca here, Shay. It matters not her heritage….. it is about the carnage of the Holocaust which is sacrosanct and should not even be uttered in jest.
I am not too familiar with Mel Brooks. He made fun of those poor souls who were burned and massacred in ovens and then the bones thrown in ditches?
I guess it’s ok to make fun of one’s own culture, but not the Holocaust. The sanctity of all that’s Holy would go up in smoke—–no sarcasm here.
We hear black people making fun of their own….but, never ever talking about slavery in a loosely comedic way.
And, in answer to su0000, kimmel crossed the line when he dressed in black face and all that goes with it. Su, it is ok for another black person to make fun of a fellow-black person, but not okay for a white to do it. That went out with Al Jolson. Not funny. Very degrading. No excuses, su…nary a one.
Oh, sorry….did I use a word no longer used in modern tongue?

I don’t know, CeeCee……I had Jewish friends all through my school years…As I recall, there were quite a few of them who made some very off-color jokes about ovens and other Holocaust-related subjects, not to mention, voiced their outspoken disapproval of a particular faith and its followers for whom they felt particularly uncharitable. Perhaps it was just because we were living in less PC-times and people were not so uptight about expressing such matters, but having not walked in their shoes, I felt I had no right to question them. All I knew was that they were delightful company and we had a lot of fun together, which is what really counted during those hazy, crazy halcyon days of youth.

And, there we go, my Shay…..exactly my point…the nature of the beast, as I said. Humans, we are—flawed—some of us more than others.❤️

Dee Dee, Mel Brooks is a comic genius. He wrote a slew if films including Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, The Producers, High Anxiety, etc. He NEVER made fun of Holocaust victims; he ridiculed Hitler and the nazis.

This is too good not to post !!!

Barr tweeted: “It was 2 in the morning and I was ambien tweeting.”
The drug manufacturer Sanofi has clarified that one of its most popular medications, the sedative Ambien, does not cause racism. Sanofi tweeted: “While all pharmaceutical treatments have side effects, racism is not a known side effect of any Sanofi medication.”

Sanofi US

People of all races, religions and nationalities work at Sanofi every day to improve the lives of people around the world. While all pharmaceutical treatments have side effects, racism is not a known side effect of any Sanofi medication.
8:57 AM – May 30, 2018

BWAAAHAA HAAA! ^^ ‘smack’

((The Guardian)

Proud of ABC! Sad for all the people who will lose their jobs because of Roseann’s behaviour.

Why is her comment so bad? If we all love Muslims, which we are “supposed to” I guess & the Planet of the Apes is a real thing-I mean there ARE people in this world who look like people from the Planet of the Apes-that’s just the way it is-what’s the problem?

And there are people who are fat, ugly, deformed, bald…I guess according to your logic it’s okay to call people any of these things, right? Like, ummmmm…”what’s the problem?” And you’re not joking!!! Makes me sad. There’s no way to get through to someone with your thought process.

“What’s the problem?” People like you are the problem.

LOL….I love the levity, Gloria….made my day, in this soooo profound topic. Again, no sarcasm here.

You are joking, right, Gloria? Please say yes….I thought it was appropriate just to break the seriousness for a minute.
I took it as a joke, and I needed it.
If not, then I am mortified for being the fool that I am? And, I apologize to one and all.

I always liked Rosanne but she has been known to say things that are not nice. It is a shame that everyone has lost there jobs because of her mouth. THen again she has this attitude like she doesnt give a rats behind what people think. Well she should.I know she had some mental illness’s so do I but I dont go around and insulting people, Needless to say I was in shock when I read this .Oh ya I hate Trump.Also heard that some stations won’t be showing reruns of her old show either.My friend and I really liked her new show to,it is a shame that it has come down to this.

You know the saddest thing is nothing is fun anymore ever day you wake up and you hear more hate I am truly sick of the soap opera of Trump a businessman ran for President heck I do not know why he had a great life before for two years every day it’s constant attack it happened ok please deal with it and no he is not a conservative he saw screw ups what he did not realize was it is a club no outsiders are welcome. My husband and i are exhausted from it. We know a guy who had a trump sticker on a expensive nice truck they keyed it and wrote FU enough everybody is unhinged and it is so sad!

We are all exhausted, Kay….there seems to be no end to this insanity. LetTrump do his job and hope thst the next person meets everyone’s requirements….but, as long as it’s a dem, the world be pancakes and syrup.
Maybe Roseanne should run again. Or Hillary.
I don’t know, Kay….I had read somewhere that couples actually divorced due to their political agendas…..out of sync, out of agreement.
Can’t turn on TV…, I mostly catch up with my soaps, at night….or watch old shows…. I don’t even watch late night anymore. Tired of the insanity.

Exacty, k/kay…Even though to my way of thinking, the fun died years ago…the politics of personal destruction have been alive, well and ramping up for years now…the Bush 43 presidency was simply the trial run for the non-stop harassment of our current commander-in-chief! Regardless of what some think of Donald Trump, he has to be one fo the most resilient people to have ever lived….to have survived, and even flourished, as a leader under such a constant barrage of vile hatred would be impossible for most mere mortals. Ditto for his family members…they must be true patriots with the steeliest of constitutions in order to withstand the unmitigated vitriol that has been thrown in their direction, as well. And all because this political neophyte dared to throw his hat in the ring, point out what needed to be drained in a very fetid swamp and actually deliver what others have promised but failed to do for decades on end. Whether certain segments of the electorate like it or not, DJT is “Making America Great Again” with each passing day of his administration,,,,if he weren’t actually succeeding, the negativity wouldn’t be nearly so overwhelming from the opposition. He’s winning, we’re winning and they just can’t handle that fact.

Though the remakes were inappropriate, what about the comments made about Sarah Sanders at the Correspondents Dinner by that female comedian. Never ever heard of her before this event. Or for that matter, what about any comments made by Democrats about conservation women. Don’t understand why the same rules don’t apply to everyone in this country. Isn’t this a democracy any longer?

Hi Kathy..
The comedian Michelle Wolf was hired to do her thing and she did he act. That is the type of comedian she is.. Michelle Wolf has her own show on HBO.
Perhaps the wrong type comedian was hired 😉
And most importantly–
what she said about Sanders Was Not-Racist.
free-speech includes saying nasty not nice things.

And being a Racists, saying racist things is legal however it is not acceptable nor is it tolerated.

What does this have to do with the four remaining soaps??? I have to admit, I do not like the fact that Mr. Fairman believes this is “soap” newsworthy. And I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of how he changed the website. So much more easier with the old format. And the name change to Michael FairmanTV. Guess that means will have coverage of shows ranging from Real Housewives of Salem to the Punky Brewster reboot. But back to soaps, DAYS is on fire right now. Xander is so hilarious, smart move bringing him back! I’m truly loving all the storylines right now. YR/BB is still doing the Victor versus his child drama, Liam/Steffy/Hope AGAIN for the 27th time drama (have no idea how these two shows remain #1 and #2 in the ratings). And poor GH, another two new characters coming on board. Frank is slowly killing this show. I’m surprised he hasn’t changed the name to All My Lives to Live. Long reign Ron and Sherry and Ryan, keep up the fabulous stories!!!!

hi Scott,
you said-
”’What does this have to do with the four remaining soaps??? I have to admit, I do not like the fact that Mr. Fairman believes this is “soap” newsworthy. And I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of how he changed the website. ”

Scott, The thread/subject was Not about a soap it’s about Rosanne being fired.

This new site is (soaps) and TV .
It’s now; Michael Fairman TV.

Soaps will always be #1 imo however it has expanded to other shows and other areas of media.
It’s an upgraded awesome site .

YES!!!!! Scott, I want Xander with Theresa….he’s sooo cool, and hot!!!! He is one, virile specimen of the male persuation—a walking oxymoron….
He is on his way to be redeemed, as is Ben. Best news!!

Unemployment 3.8 percent now I think we might try to look at positives instead of what some Hollywood person says on Twitter! Go America let’s rock and roll and RB ran for the socialist party for President in 2012 so PLEASE stop trying to tie her to anybody who has a brain she is a kook just like most of this country give it a rest

Unemployment plunged for the less educated 🙁
While the jobless rate fell for people of all educational backgrounds, it tumbled more dramatically for those without bachelor’s degrees and for those with less than a high school diploma.
The lower educated/lower income was not on the high-end of those numbers.
The jobs are not going to them they are not qualified 🙁

People make mistakes; I’ve made at least a thousand in my lifetime. I accept Roseanne’s apology, which seemed sincere. Overkill to cancel the show so quickly and also to put so many out of work for a few words. VJ seemed to accept the apology; maybe everyone should follow the target’s example?

Rosanne has been and is a Twitter raving conspiracy theorist with a political history that stretches from the furthest left to the furthest right and terrible racist comments.

She disrespected the singing of the national anthem so awfully (on purpose, sort of) that then-President George H.W. Bush called her performance “disgraceful.” As did a multitude of others.

She has compared black people to apes. That’s because the comparison has a centuries-long racist history. It;s been countless instances, from King Kong imagery being used to attempt to demonstrate the lustful nature of black men, to throwing bananas in front of black sports players. It’s intended to denote black people.

Rosanne said– that Susan Rice, the black National Security Advisor and ambassador to the UN had “big swinging ape balls.”

Roseanne racists comments weren’t making a joke. Jokes have punch lines.
the only way it was a joke9s) is if peoples ideas of joking are “expressing racist beliefs about people.

Rosanne’s apology sounded sincere but it later demolished by rants and excuses.
Somethings are not excusable, her apologies are not accepted by me.
”I’m Sorry” needs to be seen, acceptance needs to be earned.
Give Rosanne a year to prove herself.

(( ABC tried to, hoped to, separate “Roseanne” from Roseanne. It didn’t work.

I feel really bad for the cast and crew because hundreds have lost their livelihood because someone twitted before thinking. I would not be surprised if CMT or some streaming company picks this show up. I’m angry because all the repeats are no longer on TvLand.

And “incredibly difficult for all of us viewers; sad to see racism so prevalent–and out in the open–in these supposedly “enlightened” times. Sigh! Good call by ABC. More coming? Sadly?

If Valerie Jarrett is really black i guess maybe Roseanne and i should have dna tests done for ancestry because maybe we are black too and just dont know it yet


‘Tracker’ Star Justin Hartley Reveals Melissa Roxburgh to Debut as His On-Screen Sister

Justin Hartley took to his Instagram this week, and introduced the latest cast member to his hit freshman drama, Tracker on CBS.

The former Y&R star where he played Adam Newman, now plays Colter Shaw on Tracker and in a few weeks time on the May 5th episode, viewers will be introduced to Colter’s sister, Dory.

Actress Melissa Roxburgh takes on the key role. Roxburgh is most-known for his role in Manifest. She has also appeared on Quantum Leap and Supernatural to name just a few of her other TV credits.

Photo: Gregorio Campos

In the episode entitled, “Beyond the Campus Walls”, the CBS series previews, “When a grad student goes missing after a house party, his friends and family believe he buckled under the pressure of his research grant. But, after consulting with his sister Dr. Dory Shaw (Roxburgh)— a professor at the school — Colter discovers a trail of explicit photos and messages that lead him to uncover a dangerous (and deadly) conspiracy on campus.”

Hartley’s post shared, “Colter finally reunites with his little sister Dory in the coming weeks. Join me in welcoming the lovely and talented @MRoxburgh to the @TrackerCBS family!”

Photo: JPI

The story of Colter Shaw’s family is a throughline throughout Tracker. We know from flashbacks, that Colter, Dory and their brother Russell had a not-conventional upbringing. Their parents Ashton and Mary were professors at Berkeley until something happened to Ashton. When his paranoia gets the best of him he leaves his family, but Russell went after him, and then later on Ashton is found dead, where all indications look like Russell pushed him.  Now in 2024, Russell contacted Colter telling him there is something he “needs to know.” However, Colter’s mom, Mary did not want her son engaging with Russell in any conversation and that was back earlier in the season after the second episode.

Intrigued to see Melissa Roxburgh plays Justin Hartley’s sister on ‘Tracker’? Comment below.

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B&B’s Sean Kanan, Heather Tom and Lawrence Saint-Victor All Had Creative Hand in Sheila’s ‘Ten Toe’ Reveal

Bringing it from the page to the stage is the actor’s job on any theatre, television or motion picture project. In the case of The Bold and the Beautiful, longtime soap MVP, Sean Kanan, has been delivering some powerful performances as Deacon has become increasingly freaked out and obsessed with the fact, that in the crematorium, he saw that “Sheila’s” (Kimberlin Brown) body had ten toes, not nine.

Deacon now believes Sheila might be alive somewhere (given she only has 9 toes), and especially after seeing the communications between Sugar and Sheila on her laptop.

Then, on Monday’s April 15th episode of the CBS daytime drama series, Deacon says to himself (as he pours himself a drink), “Maybe Finn’s right. Maybe I’m losing it.” He flashes back to the crematorium, saying “Sheila had nine toes, but I saw ten on those feet.” He then utters, “Why Sheila? Why did you go to Steffy’s that night? And who the hell is sugar?”

Photo: JPI

While Kanan has played the only guy in town who thinks something is off here, he was ably assisted by two of his castmates. First, six-time Daytime Emmy-winner, Heather Tom (Katie) directed the episode where it was revealed that the woman’s body in the crematorium had ten toes.

Second, Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter), wrote that ‘ten toe’ reveal episode, and he took to Kanan’s instagram and expressed, “I had a lot of fun writing this episode. (Sean Kanan) killed it!!!!”

Photo: JPI

Coming up later this week, Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren) is back from Genoa City and The Young and the Restless and gets into a heated conversation about Sheila with Deacon. Stay tuned.

So, what do you think of Sean, Heather and Lawrence all using their creative talents to make the ‘ten toe’ reveal come to life? Comment below.

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Breaking News

CBS Orders Michele Van Jean Soap Opera ‘The Gates’ to Series; Set to Debut January 2025

Great news! Soap fans are getting the first new daytime drama in 25 years with the news today that CBS has moved Michele Van Jean’s The Gates to a series order.

In addition, the show is set to bow in January 0f 2025, which means that it appears that the new soap will replace The Talk, which was just canceled and will end after its upcoming 15th season in December of 2024.  No specific time period, or exact premiere date has been set as of yet.

In the premise of the The Gates it follows lives of a wealthy Black family who live in a luxurious gated community.

Photo: CBS

The Gates has Val Jean as its writer, showrunner and one of its executive producers. Soap fans know Val Jean’s work best for her work on the writing teams of General Hospital and The Bold and the Beautiful.  Taking to X, Michele shared: “It’s go time” citing the news on the show coming to CBS in 2025 via Deadline.

Sheila Ducksworth, Leon Russell, Derrick Johnson and Kimberly Doebereiner will serve as executive producers on The Gates production team. The soap has been in development through a the joint venture between CBS Studios and the NAACP, which was established to help elevate a diverse range of voices and increase the visibility of Black artists.

The series will be produced by the CBS Studios/NAACP venture in partnership with P&G Studios, which is a division of Procter & Gamble, who used to be very big in the soap opera game.

Are you excited to know that we are truly getting the first new soap opera in over two and a half decades added to a network TV line-up? Comment below.

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