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ABC Officially Picks Up ‘Roseanne’ Spinoff, ‘The Conners’ With No Roseanne Barr Participation


Word on late Thursday afternoon is that ABC has now officially moved forward and gave a pick-up to the Roseanne spinoff series, The Conners.   

As viewers know, there had been speculation that the series would revolve around Sara Gilbert’s character of Darlene, but now the other concept with the entire family in the title is the direction the new series will go (although it is said to be the “working title” of the series.)

The Conners received a ten episode order and will make the fall TV schedule, and will reside on Tuesday night’s on ABC at 8PM.

Roseanne Barr’s controversial tweets led to the network’s swift decision to cancel her series.

In the new deal, Barr will have no financial or creative involvement in The Conners after reaching a settlement with series producer, Tom Werner.

The Conners will feature the rest of the Roseanne core cast including: John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Sara Gilbert, Lecy Goranson, and Michael Fishman.

According to Deadline:  It is unclear how exactly Barr’s character will be written off but ABC describes it as “a sudden turn of events.”  On the new show, after a sudden turn of events, the Conners are forced to face the daily struggles of life in Lanford in a way they never have before. This iconic family – Dan, Jackie, Darlene, Becky and D.J. – grapples with parenthood, dating, an unexpected pregnancy, financial pressures, aging and in-laws in working-class America. Through it all, the fights, the coupon cutting, the hand-me-downs, the breakdowns – with love, humor and perseverance, the family prevails.

In a statement ABC commented: “The Conners’ stories demonstrate that families can always find common ground through conversation, laughter and love. The spinoff will continue to portray contemporary issues that are as relevant today as they were 30 years ago.”

A major turning point to greenlight the series came when the fact that the new series does not feature Barr’s character Roseanne Conner, which rights to which she is said to maintain, paved the way for an agreement with no Barr.

So, glad to hear The Conners will continue sans Roseanne? Comment below.

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Sounds like this will be a very boring show with mostly mediocre actors.

John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf mediocre? I think not.


She said mostly…that doesnt mean she included John and Laurie…

Laurie Metcalf would not have a career if it was not for Roseanne..John Goodman was the only known actor on the show. No loyalty to Roseanne, I see

Roseanne is not a victim here. The loyalty is rightfully towards the cast and crew who maintain their jobs.


Will not watch. None of the kids are strong enough to carry a show! John Goodman is nothing without Roseanne. Ths only one who could carry a spin off is Jackie. Give her a show as a life coach…..that in itself is preposterous and sitcom gold!!!!

You dont know talent!

At first i read her comment wrong but mostly doesnt mean she included everbody on the show!!!!

Katie…there is nothing mediocre about John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf!!!!! Remember that.

She only said mostly…that doesnt mean those two…

Rosanne was mediocre

I will pass

Me to

Wanda Sykes called Trump an orangutan but still worked on the reboot and wasnt fired but left on her own after RB tweet…what both said was stupid but i hate double standards…no i wont watch!!!

I think it was Bill Maher who told Trump that he needed to prove that he’s not the product of two orangutans mating He said this at the height of Trump’s birther movement in which he insisted over and over that Obama prove he was born in America, even after Obama provided his birth certificate which yes, proved he was born in the sate of Hawaii. Trump was relentless, cruel and yes, racist in his attacks.
Jim, I like you–you’re smart, funny, compassionate and educated. But you must understand that given the history of slavery and the dehumanization of African Americans which our US history has shamefully yielded, that there is a huge difference between calling an old white man (who colors his skin and hair orange) an orangutan and referring to African Americans as apes, gorillas and monkeys. I really do not want to get political in here but it’s hard not to react to posts such as these.

Im not on either side…just wish all people would watch what they say and do…i have been called every name in the book since i was a child including when i first started on this site…Roseanne has mental issues and people who struggle with depression can say the wrong things-im one of them and it doesnt mean i really think that way and i feel the same goes for Roseanne…i agree with you that African Americans have been treated horribly…they have made great contributions to our society and should be treated no differently than any other race…they are the only minority to have made the most progress in our society and im happy for that and hopefully all minorities of every race will all be treated equal…i treat every person no matter the color, religious beliefs ect the same as long as they treat me the same-thats the way it should be!!! …even Maher whom im not a fan need to watch what he says…Trump was wrong about Obama…im not for or against either of these men…too much time wasted criticizing each other when all should be working together and thats the only way to make America Great Again!!!!

I actually believe that Roseanne didn’t know the woman was black. I wouldn’t have known if I wasn’t told. She’s actually 50% percent European. I think what Roseanne said was cruel in and of itself in that she insulted the woman’s looks, but I just have a feeling she’s telling the truth when she said she honestly didn’t know.

I have no doubt many if the people appalled by her comment have made bigoted statements about other races and religions but have said so in private or have gotten a pass.

hi Jimh..
Noticing that a person looks like an orangutan and saying so, that is not a Racist remark, just an

They could say the same about what Roseanne said…sometimes people with mental problems can say the wrong thing!!!!

Exactly, Jimh! This is a woman who clearly has mental issues and the compassion she has been shown for her condition is absolutely nil. As I’ve said before, I was never a fan of hers, but it seems that to strip her of her own show and then bring it back without its leading character is simply unnecessarily punitive, public shaming of someone with a demonstrably fragile grasp on reality. If ABC didn’t want to help this woman regain her health and rehabilitate her image like Hollywood has allowed so many others with far worse past transgressions, then they should have just allowed sleeping dogs to lie and let the cancellation stand as it was. To do this is just more petty piling-on to prove a point with typical virtue-signalling.

I love your response, well said and spot on.

Thank you, Dr. Ruth!

This is true, su! And in Roseanne’s particular case, I have no doubt her original beef against Jarrett was more politically and policy-inspired than a prejudiced personal slam about her appearance, unfortunate and ill-chosen as it was. But that’s the problem with our current environment and its fixation on “identity politics.” Instead of considering people as just people and individuals as distinct individuals, for far too many, everything is viewed through the singular prism of race, religion, sexual orientation and/or gender instead of looking at the unique qualities—-both good and bad—-of each and every person, which is what I have always done. Yet, whether here on this website, or society in general, it’s nearly impossible to state an honest observation about anybody without having some “ism” attached to it in an ugly, sinister fashion. For example, the fact that I find a certain American woman who has recently achieved worldwide fame wanting and ill-suited in terms of her new position totally comes down to the proposition that I regard her as completely disingenuous, extremely calculating, deeply uncouth and possessing a highly-disreputable past that has been all but glossed over in the US media…although internationally, the coverage of her has been much more fair and balanced, which is where I have gleaned my information and formed my negative opinion of her which is strongly shared by those in the country of question. However, because the “race card” has been played to shield this femme from criticism, particularly in the States, my less than favorable comments regarding her have been attributed to only one thing….her heritage. Same goes for my critiques of certain soap characters. For me, the most important aspects of any fictional soap dweller is that, first and foremost, the actor portraying them is up to the task at hand, and that they are handed a role that is well-defined and has at least a semblance of a backstory. In the case of Val Spencer, there was much lacking in the introduction and continued presence of this character, to wit, other than the tenuous connection she purportedly had to the iconic Spencer clan, nothing of any import was ever established about her own personal history…was she really Patricia’s bio-daughter? Who was her father? What about all the missing years of her mother’s existence in reference to her family…..what did she do with her life and what led to her motherhood? None of these crucial details was discussed or even expressed as a point of curiosity….not with Luke, Bobbie, Lulu, not even as some pillowtalk with Dante when Val was conducting her adulterous affair with her cousin’s husband. It was such an oversight and disservice to both the character and audience that her sole purpose seemed to be one as plopped onto the GH canvas as a potential homewrecker of a beloved couple, after which all she did was awkwardly languish around Port Charles seeking a place for herself which never ultimately materialized. So why is pointing out these gross inconsistencies considered taboo? Is one not permitted to ask such questions simply because the character in question does not share certain physical traits similar to other family members? That’s patently absurd and I utterly reject the assertion that making those inquiries has anything to do with bigotry, as has been scurriously suggested by those who maintain otherwise and insist upon focusing on the superficial rather than the substance of the matter. Perhaps that says more about them and their own biased perceptions rather than those of us who they choose to criticize according to their own preconceived notions.

This-”series would revolve around Sara Gilbert’s character of Darlene”
That ^^ is a fail..
Gilbert’s acting skills are subpar and her character Darline is nothing exciting, quite mundane.

Sara Gilbert, Lecy Goranson, and Michael Fishman and their characters are nothing much to bring the show-up without Roseanne.

John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf will have the need to hold the show, and neither is a Rosanne.
Goodman is the one and only one with the persona and skill to carry the show.

The ”Connors” will fail.
people will expect them all to be as the way they were when with Rossane, and they will not be.
Fact is– that family was Rossane and without Rosanne, it will fail.


I won’t be watching either. Roseanne was one of only two shows last season I looked forward to every week (the other being Young Sheldon), but I’m not interested in this without Roseanne.

“Goodman is the one and only one with the persona and skill to carry the show.”

I’d have to disagree — and so would the Emmy judges — since Laurie Metcalf won 3 consecutive Emmys for her role as Jackie in 1992, 1993, and 1994…

Looking forward to it.


Give it a chance!

Not going to be the same I love Rosanne and I’m
Behind her 100% on what she did !

You’re 100% behind racism??

Best way they could write off the character is to use what was already written into the scripts of the previous season.

Last thing we saw was Roseanne (the character) preparing to have knee surgery. It’s certainly rare for somebody to die from that sort of surgery, but if you also add references from previous episodes of that season, we also know she was abusing prescription opiates to manage the pain of the knee injury.

If she failed to disclose her level of drug use to her doctors, they might have not prepared for a drug interaction between the opiates in her system and the anesthesia given to her during surgery. End result – accidental “overdose” that she did not wake up from. She could be dead, or she could be a vegetable (NOT a reference to her political beliefs) but it’s probably best to make a clean break from the character and move on.

And then the show can get back to the working class comedy it used to be… instead of mutating into some Cheeto propaganda vehicle like its former star was trying to do.

John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf were the real talents of the show anyway. Politics aside, I ever thought Roseanne Barr was particularly very funny–she’s a poor comedic actress with lousy timing and pacing.
If Goodman and Metcalf are the heart of show, I just might watch. However. why would those talented actors who always have enough work want to be part of what might be a sinking ship?

Harry…you have a very, very valid point…about BOTH John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf. To me, John Goodman has ALWAYS BEEN a truly wonderful and versatile actor. And…Laurie Metcalf’s character of Jackie ALWAYS made me LOL…ALWAYS!!!!!

Have a good one, Harry.

I am pleased to learn of this development. I think this ensemble cast has the ability to carry on without their former star. I am certainly rooting for them!

Me, too, Brother!!!!! I am already INTRIGUED AND EXCITED by this idea!!!!! Oh…and BTW, I’ll be setting my DVR to Tuesday nights this upcoming Fall. YEAH!!!!!

Later, Brother.

Disappointed ABC loss could have been a huge gain for another network

ABC already made its bed when they hastily performed the knee-jerk decision to cancel “Roseanne”..instead, they could have put the show on indefinite hiatus until the brouhaha calmed down and then moved forward with whatever plans they deemed necessary. Given how badly they initially handled this situation, and the fact that there truly is no logical basis for this sitcom to continue without its leading lady to provide her alternative opinions to the rest of the otherwise sycophantic cast who offer nothing different from any other comedy on the air today, it would seem that the only reason the network is pushing this reconstituted version is to spite both its former star and the huge audience that SHE drew to her eponymous program. I hope it fails….BIG TIME!


Personally I hope this completely tanks. The double standard has to stop. I HATE that some actors will lose their job, but,little Miss Sara should have stood up for Roseanne. So,,what goes around comes around. The Talk can go bye bye also

You expected someone to stand up for racism?

She DID however apologize for her unkind comments – and, I never cared for her and do not watch the show, old or new – so it would be difficult for me to say if the show could continue on without it’s core character, I would think that it would be unlikely but one never knows.

I will be tuning in because the other characters are just as good as Roseanne to me. We really won’t know how the show will take off until we see the first episodes but I am sure the whole crew behind the series is going to give it their best.

Don’t think it’ll ever work–t00 much lingering aftertaste.

Unfortunately, I think this sounds very boring. I wasn’t a fan of the original series, but I thought the reboot was very funny. Sara Gilbert seemed awkward/uncomfortable in the reboot, so I’m not interested in seeing this reboot revolve around her character or family. Many times, the reboot of a reboot doesn’t work.

I’m glad. The cast is so talented and for me, I didnt even really care for the Roseanne character, I like Dan and Jackie.

I’m sorry…but, as far as I’m concerned, Roseanne started all of this (real-life and all) with that BIG MOUTH of hers…and with that racist tweet. So…you know what: TV future-wise…LONG LIVE THE CONNERS!!!!!!!!!!

Hey…just saying.


Won’t be the same without Roseanne and her wisecracks. I was a fan, but not interested in this.

I am so disappointed in the cast. Roseanne made these people famous. We knew none of them, expect John Goodman, existed before her show. Where is the loyalty?? It makes me sick, I was the #1 fan of ROSEANNE’s show. Won’t be watching these bottom feeders.

never liked this show, didnt like revival, never thought Roseanne B. was anything that special in entertainment world and found her to usually be tasteless in her actions over the years. Wouldn’t have watched, and not watching in Fall.

Aww everybody so concerned about Roseanne ! But not one peep about a has been actor Peter Fonda wishing the Presidents son would be attacked by pedophiles??! You might want to check your obscene hatred at the door it is sickening he should be arrested and throw his ass in jail!!’ Had enough of your hatred he won deal with it !

Peter Fonda did Not Wish Trumps son would be ”attacked by paedophiles”

he strongly and Wrongly said-
“We should rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with paedophiles,”
no wishing for attacks said, even tho it was emotionally angerly wrong to make such a statement.
And, nobody, nobody should ever be arrested in the USA for using an expression of free speech no matter how horribly wrong the comment was.

If Peter Fonda has a TV show on the air, feel free to lobby for its cancellation. I can’t even remember the last time he made a movie.

Not that I really agree with what he said either, but let’s remember a couple of things about your Orange Messiah:

1) He IS imprisoning and torturing children.

2) He has made MULTIPLE statements about having sex with his own daughter.

Now THAT is “obscene”. On BOTH counts.

Glad the crew isn’t losing their jobs. If they kill off Rosanne’s character, I won’t watch. Send the character to rehab for drug addiction for a season. I’m hoping Roseanne will return the following season. Wouldn’t one season “fired” be enough? (I thought the firing was overkill.) Plenty of Hollyweird types have said similar or worse with little or no punishment.

Let’s look at this seriously.
The front-runners;
Dan, Jackie, Darlene, Becky and D.J.
Darlene, Becky and D.J. are minus a strong persona. In other words, they are ehhh stale and simply weak characters of little interest.

As for Dan he is not much of anything without Rosanne.
Same goes for Jackie.
It was Rosane that carried the family she was the light they were the shadows.
It will fail.

I can not wait because I love Laurie, John,Sarah & the rest of the cast! I think it may work. So glad all those people are not out of a job because of one woman’s ignorance.

Can’t imagine how it will survive without Roseann.

This is a BUNCH of BULL, bc of 1 mistake NOW Roseanne is out of a JOB. But I was told that someone else that is also on Comedy/Talkshow did a racist comment but did they discontinued that show?….. Um I think NOT.
I won’t be watching that so called show without Roseanne.
Sorry it’s the truth.

I’m going to give it a chance. If I don’t like it, I can always change the channel.

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