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Days Of Our Lives

SNEAK PEEK: Historic Wedding Of DAYS Will & Sonny!

Courtesy/NBC Photo: JPI Studios/Howard Wise

Next week on Days of our Lives is a historic one for daytime dramas!  That is when for the first time two gay male characters will tie the knot in a heartfelt and important story point for the viewing audience of the longest running scripted television show in NBC history!  The first gay wedding in daytime soaps belongs to All My Children’s lesbian couple of Bianca (Eden Riegel) and Reese (Tamara Braun) back in 2009, and later in 2009 One Life to Live aired its same-sex wedding-athon episode.

Coming up on DAYS, starting on the Tuesday April 1st airshow, and airing over three consecutive episodes, the fan-favorite couple Will Horton (Guy Wilson) and Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith) are set to get married in a beautiful ceremony presided by a surprise officiant.

In 2012, Will came to terms with his sexuality in powerful episodes that had audiences around the world captivated and rooting for the character to find love. The slow building romance of the beloved couple has captured the hearts and minds of viewers far and wide culminating in their engagement earlier this year. With great surprises in store and excitement building around this momentous occasion, audiences will be blown away by the powerful performances to come.

Now, after the jump watch a sneak peek of the ceremony as Sami (Alison Sweeney) walks her son Will down the aisle, and Adrienne  (Judi Evans) walks her son Sonny down the aisle.  Then, let us know what did you think of the preview clip?  Will you be tuning into watch the wedding of WilSon?

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Days is so wonderful I just love it!!

Maybe not the first daytime gay wedding but Days actually had the first gay character…well, she was married but Sharon told Julie she was in love with her…Julie was straight and politely turned Sharon down…this was back in the 1970s!!! Meanwhile, will Nick interupt the wedding of Will and Sonny…or will there be a twist and this time a wedding on Days will actually happen without the predictable interuption?

I cannot wait! This has been such a special love story. I’m sure I’ll need lots of tissues.

Okay you realize the line about the officiant being a surprise is hilarious considering right below there is a picture of Marlena officiating over the wedding? Not to mentioned the show has already aired the fact Marlena would be the one to marry them. Unless there is a twist we don’t about– then I apologize, but honestly if you mean Marlena — the surprise is already out there. LOL.

As for the wedding– looking forward to it. DAYS always has the most entertaining weddings where one never knows what will happen. In this case I hope all the drama will be at the reception and that they will let these two guys have a beautiful service in peace.

So excited! This has been a wonderful love story and DAYS deserves so much credit for committing to telling it and, with a few minor bumps along the way, telling it so very, very well. It would not have come off half as well if Freddie Smith, Chandler Massey and Guy Wilson were lesser actors. In a few short months, Guy and Freddie have raised the bar to new heights.

This is both an old-fashioned romance – the kind that soaps have always told the best – and a modern story of a new kind of celebration of love. I never thought I’d see the day when a soap had the backbone to tell a real gay love story. Bravo, DAYS, bravo. Keep going!!

I think there’s will be truly historic since this is the first gay marriage that will be recognized by the state and the federal government. I wish I can have the wedding permanently on my phone or Ipod, to keep as a beautiful reminder of this special occasion.

The youtube clips will live on for eternity….

I stopped watching Days, ever since the show is without Chandler Massey.

You messed up!

Guy Wilson has done a phenomenal job as Will, DAYS found a more than suitable replacement for Chandler Massey, who was also great in the role. And Freddie Smith is amazing too. This story has been one of DAYS greatest in a long time.

Sooooo excited! Interesting how this wedding is about true love. Refreshing, particularly when on other soaps (ahem… B&B) there is a wedding-go-around with no regard for the tradition, commitment, and solemnity those moments have… not to mention the turn of plot. Weddings (and babies) should not be just because or done haphazardly.

Beautiful. It demonstrates why we must save our soaps. They have “tackled” some many social issues and need to keep doing so.

Well done Days! Bravo !

Wow, everyone looks so great!!!! Dresses, hair! Fantastic!

So proud of DAYS for so many reasons, just add this to the list. While it’s true other soaps have done gay weddings, if you watched what transpired on both, you’d know both were made into farces. THIS is the first REAL and TRUE gay wedding on a soap.

If I’m being perfectly honest though, I wish DAYS would have waited with the wedding. Give people more of a chance to fall for Guy Wilson, and for his Will with Sonny. Plus, Adrienne isn’t wrong- they really are young (characters) and their relationship is still pretty new.

But, since they are going there at this time and I have no say in changing it, I’ll just sit back and enjoy.

This is the best part of days right now! Sonny (FS) has been consistently terrific, and Guy is doing a good job stepping in at a difficult time. This is the only storyline that has been solid. All the other storylines go up and down. Kudos to Days for taking this step. Look forward to the wedding.

Bravo! DOOL for not being afraid of scripting and airing a beautiful gay love story. I love GW as WH and FS as SK so much. All the other actors are also so good. They all look super amazing. How I wish Luke and Reid (or Luke and Noah) had this; but the EP and writers of ATWT never had the guts and ruined both stories badly. Kyle and Fish had a similar moment on OLTL although it was not their actual wedding; and then they were written off the show. So, Heartiest Congratulations! and Total Salutations to DOOL for this amazing event; perhaps one in a lifetime as far as soaps or daytime drama is concerned.

A wonderful story, but missing the previous Will. This story has been honestly told with two very good actors. Their story and the actors telling it make some of the other stories in the show laughable. I hope their story continues without a big bunch of melodrama.

DAYS is doing a great job with the Will and Sonny storyline, but I object to anyone’s comments that blast other storylines on DAYS as a way to keep Will and Sonny strong. There are several great storylines in addition to Will and Sonny. All the storylines enhance each other. Don’t make is sound as if only one story is worth watching, because that is not true. For Will and Sonny to stay strong, we need to be united in our love for DAYS! Be careful with your statements about DAYS. We don’t need others thinking that there is only one story worth anything. New potential viewers will stay away from DAYS if they take those comments seriously. Days of our Lives is loaded with great characters and storylines, including Will and Sonny!!!

I’ll be watching as I watch Days. Don’t understand the rush to the altar for these two. It’s like they announced they were engaged, then they start planning and all of sudden, it’s tomorrow is the wedding. How was Marlena supposed to have time to get her license to wed or whatever?

That was awesome!! Gotta love Days!!

Let’s just hope Nick doesn’t come bursting in and some sex tape of Sonny and T gets played and Sami and Adriana have a fist fight over face time in the wedding pictures and Lucas and Justin try to outdo each other in the “Good evening Ladies and Germs” department and everyone starts barfing at the reception over bad oysters.

Let’s hope that none of that happens and we can enjoy a perfect wedding!

Is it OK if Marlena’s eyes turn yellow?

I think it’s great and groundbreaking and wonderful that they are marrying…. but Will and Sonny are very boring to me. I just can’t get excited about them because I find them so dull. But again, it’s great that DAYS is going there. I just wish they’d write them a compelling storyline.

I love Will and Sonny. How I wish the EP and HW of ATWT had the guts to have a Luke & Noah Or Luke & Reid wedding (or at least a commitment ceremony) instead of the horrible endings the two SLs were given.

The only ATWT pairing who deserved to be married is/was Luke & Noah. They were the groundbreaking couple who were a part of the show over parts of 4 years and dealt with a lot of (ridiculous) crap and not someone who was on the show for 5 minutes and propped up at the expense of Noah (no surprise since he was never treated fairly). Without Nuke there would not have been Kyle & Fish nor Will & Sonny. Even Van Hansis said Luke & Noah should’ve been together when ATWT ended…married or not…and not have it inferred they would reunite in the future. I don’t watch DAYS but I am glad they are pushing the envelope with Will/Sonny…ATWT (and CBS) certainly wasn’t going to.

THIS – wedding – “IS” going to be… nothing short of “momentous”

a gala affair – a premiere – historic – to be envied


SIDEBAR: Kayla ! Kayla ? Hello Kayla : she met Aiden and gushed some? LOL

I would be beside myself and then some… if Kayla was to stir, awaken… with spirit…

She is the quintessential LOVELY in all of daytime… she is just radiant…. lights up my screen.

I thought perhaps… hummm??? is this a possible tryst and trio for:

Aiden, Hope, and Kayla

let it be, let it be

I cannot believe how these lovelies are left without…. I LOVE THEM.

Daniel Cosgrove is doing just fine… with Hope… and it was love at first sight for me… when he finally met Kayla… on Fridays eppi

this is potential for SO, TOO good story


Soapbox: My “Will” is getting married…. I can get married… it’s momentous….


I would have liked to have seen the entire ceremony. Lots of luck and love guys. Be happy

I am farclempt!! So glad Days is doing this! Kudos to Days! Beautiful! Love Sonny and Will. This storyline is one of the best Days has ever done.

Horrible! On April’s fools day, ha! I won’t watch. This should have been with Chandler and Freddie. Total mockery without Chandler.

Chandler ended his own contract.

They can handle gay lovers, but can’t stomach interracial lovers. Phony & hypocritical comes to mind whenever DOOL is mentioned.

Is that really true?

Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Longtime Lovebirds, Arianne Zucker and Shawn Christian, Set Wedding Date

In the words of Shawn Christian (ex-Daniel, DAYS) himself, “Just remember ya’ll….there is great value in long courtships,” it appears that he and his longtime love. Arianne Zucker (Nicole, DAYS), have finally picked their wedding date, and the destination for their nuptials.

Back in August of 2023, the couple shared that they plan to tie the knot in 2024, and with their latest IG post it looks like the wedding day is becoming closer and closer.

As Days of our Lives fans know, Zucker is suing the soap opera’s producers and production entity, and her last episode should air on July 29th, since the show tapes so far in advance. One can assume, her character, Nicole Walker may get a happy ending and get her baby back before exiting Salem? However, that’s yet to be seen.

Photo: JPI

In the meantime, the couple who live in Nevada, continue to make plans for their big day. In their newest update, Zucker shared, “We discovered a wedding DESTINATION and DATE DATE! So grateful to everyone who has helped us make this exploration an eye-opening awe-inspiring adventure!”

While Christian chimed in, “I already hear many of you saying ‘finally Shawn!’ Just remember ya’ll….there is great value in long courtships.” #justsaying #loveispatient #loveiscrazy”

Shawn’s journey as Daniel Jonas on DAYS lasted from 2008 to 2017, while Zucker has portrayed Nicole Walker since 1998. The couple have been engaged since 2021.

The duo made no clear mention of the exact wedding date or location in their post, only that they have got things locked in and all systems are a-go!

So, happy to hear that Ari and Shawn are finally about to become husband and wife? Comment below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Ari Zucker (@ari8675)

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Days Of Our Lives

NATAS Reveals 2024 Gold and Silver Circle Honorees Recognizing Admired Individuals and Their Enduring Contributions to Daytime Television

Ahead of the upcoming 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards on June 7th, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) announced on Thursday, the recipients of the 2024 Gold and Silver Circle honors.

Those chosen as honorees were chosen for this recognition, as NATAS explained, “As admired individuals who have made enduring contributions to daytime television. Inductees are exceptional professionals who have performed distinguished service within the television industry, setting standards for achievement, mentoring, leadership and professional accolades for 50 or 25 years, respectively. They represent the best and brightest in the industry.”

Some daytime favorites in front of the camera and behind the scenes made this year’s honor roll.

The 2024 Gold Circle Inductees are:

Jerome Dobson, Writer: Guiding Light, As the World Turns, General Hospital, Santa Barbara 

A Martinez, Actor: Santa Barbara, General Hospital, Days of our Lives and The Bay.

Suzanne Rogers, Actress: Days of Our Lives

The 2024 Silver Circle Inductees are:

Patricia Denney, Former Hair and Makeup Department Head: The Young and The Restless

Kathleen Finch, Chairman and CEO, US Networks, Warner Brothers Discovery

Linda Grand, Set Master Props: The Bold & The Beautiful

Janet Spellman-Drucker, Co-Executive Producer: Days of Our Lives

Mark Teschner, Casting Director: General Hospital

Rolonda Watts, Talk Show Host, Actress & Voiceover Talent: Sherri, Curious George, Divorce Court

What do you think of the selections for this year’s Gold and Silver Circle Honorees? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

TODAY: Days of our Lives Icon Deidre Hall Guest Stars on ‘Hacks’

As we previously reported, Days of our Lives star Deidre Hall (Marlena) is playing a version of herself on the hit Max comedy series, Hacks. The episode dropped today on May 23rd and is already available for streaming.

In it, Deidre plays Jimmy’s mother (Paul W. Downs). For those in the know, Downs is not only one of co-creators and stars of Hacks, but as it turns out is a fan of Days of our Lives.

Speaking on her guest star appearance, Hall told TV Insider, “I was told by Paul and Lucia Aniello (co-creator) that Paul’s mom was a longtime fan of DAYS and of Marlena, and then she introduced him to the show when he was a toddler.“

Photo: JPI

Deidre added, “So when they were looking for a person to play Paul’s mother, they said, ‘Wait a minute, are we crazy? Why don’t we see if we can get Deidre.’”

As to her guest star turn, Hall previewed,“The script was written that the part is ‘legendary Deidre Hall,’ so I didn’t have to reach too far for what she looks like, what she sounds like, how she moved.”

In story, Deidre got the opportunity to work with Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd, whom she shared, “Working with Christopher Lloyd was probably the most daunting thing that’s happened to me for a while.” Hall added, “He was just the loveliest.”


According to Hall, her Days of our Lives co-stars will be tuning-in at some point today or this evening to catch her appearance, which she is very excited about.

Hacks stars Jean Smart as everyone’s favorite comedian Deborah Vance. In season 3, the critically acclaimed and Emmy-wining comedy series explores the dark mentorship between a legendary stand-up comedian and young, entitled comedy writer.

Will you be checking out Deidre Hall, playing soap legend “Deidre Hall” on Hacks? Let us know in the comment section below.

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