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THE TALK: Julie Chen States, "For The Record, I Have Never Had A Nose Job!" Sharon Osbourne On Her DWTS Ballroom Breakdown!



On Tuesday’s episode of The Talk, Julie Chen addressed rumors that she had more plastic surgery than just on her eyes!  It came about after Chen admitted on last week’s season four premiere week of the afternoon talker, that in order to help her in her broadcasting career, she did have her eyes fixed to look less Asian.

However, even fans at On-Air On-Soaps wrote to us that Chen definitely must have had a nose job too!  Well, looks like everyone is wrong!  Chen stated publicly today,  “For the record I’ve never had a nose job… Nothing else has been done ever.”   To show how her face gets camera ready from when she walks into the studio sans make-up, to when she hits the The Talk soundstage, the show showed a time lapse video and if you watch it, you can see how contours are made to Julie’s face.

On the same episode, co-host Sharon Osbourne opened up as to why she was so overcome and moved to tears last night during her son  Jack Osbourne’s debut on Dancing with the Stars!  As Sharon explained, she had received a call from Jack prior to the season 17 premiere of DWTS after seeing all the competitors rehearse.  Jack felt he did the wrong thing by deciding to enter the ballroom dance elimination series!  But as you will see, it was just a mother wanting the best for her child and for him not to feel badly.

Watch the two clips of Julie and Sharon after the jump! Now, do you believe that Julie never had plastic surgery on any other part of her face?  And, what did you think about Sharon’s show of emotion for his son, Jack on Monday night’s Dancing with the Stars? Weigh-in!


Sharon’s Ballroom Breakdown:


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Sorry, I can not tolerate the Hen House Cluckers of the View..
yac yac yac yac yac yac they talk a lot and say nothing of any importance.. lol
How people can stand to listen to them day after day, I haven’t a clue LOL ..
Why would anyone even bother with commotion over Chen’s nose is stupid, really think about it goes to show how stupid it can get, not a fan LOL 🙂
It should be called;
The Hen House .. ol’ cluckers clucken.. haaaa!


I said the View, to be The Talk… ))little difference lol


Maybe when her eyes were done it changed the way her nose looks. Who knows? Don’t really care.


Typical racism towards Asian americans. Plastic surgery revelation of julie chen has to be diminished w/ this bec it’s abt racism towards Asian americans and pressures she felt as an Asian american woman trying to climb the corporate ladder of “liberal/progressive” mainstream media. No one diminshed aisha’s revelation abt her fertility struggles. No one diminshed sara’s revelation abt her orientation bec mainistream media and hollywood love to talk abt gay issues and promote tolerance towards gays only. But of course julie chen’s revelation has to be diminished bec it’s abt racism towards Asian americans and media doesn’t like to discuss that topic. Of course that has to be diminished bec hollywood and media openly bash Asian americans thru fictional portrayals and lack of representation and now thru diminishing julie chen’s revelation abt the blatant racism from “liberal/progressive” mainstream media towards Asian american journalists and Asian american audience.


who really cares? It’s a nose ..
Why people throw themselves into other peoples lives is boggling.. lol


It’s more than nose contouring thru makeup. Julie chen’s plastic surgery was abt a discussion on racism towards Asian americans particularly from mainstream media. It’s a relevant topic bec a lot of recent racism is being hurled at Asian americans. Newest miss america winner is Asian american. People that don’t approve of her win are attacking her by calling her miss 7 11 bec she’s Indian american. That’s the mildest attack among all of the hatred hurled at her. She is Indian american and born on american land. Yet people being racist towards her don’t consider her american and representative of america. Those racists prefer pageant loser miss kansas who is deemed american bec she’s blonde haired and hunts and is white. Racism towards Asian americans is deemed acceptable by mainstream and entertainment media. Fox’s newest “edgy comedy” called dads is racist towards Latin american female char who is a maid and towards Asian american chars portrayed by Asian american actresses vanessa lachey and brenda song. It’s racist towards chinese people. One of chars even uses an antiquated term w/c is offensive towards Asian americans! Would that sitcom char ever use n word towards an African american char? Of course not bec that would be racist. Would that sitcom char ever use a homophobic slur? Nope bec that would be considered homophobic and there would be screams of homophobia from glaad and entertainment press and hollywood actors who campaign against gay bullying only. Fox was asked by Asian american group manaa founder guy aoki to re shoot pilot of dad bec it’s offensive towards Asian americans. Fox declined to re shoot it. Racist tv show 2 broke girls is very racist towards Asian americans even if its showrunner would never depict homophobic jokes bec he’s openly gay. 2 broke girls has paved the way for show like dads w/c is even worse w/ its racism towards Asian americans. Shows like these speak of hollywood’s climate and how it’s acceptable to be racist towards Asian americans. It’s not only abt julie chen’s plastic surgery to change shape of her eyes. That need for Asian american like julie chen to get plastic surgery is more abt broader topic of racism from hollywood and mainstream media. Racism towards Asian americans should be discussed more often bec Asian americans are 1 minority group w/c hollywood and media are openly racist towards thru tv shows. A show like dads would not be racist towards African americans on the same level it’s racist towards Asian americans. And a show like dads would definitely not bash gays and lesbians the way Asian americans are bashed.


Give me a break …. She totally had a nose job … Does she think we are stupid??? LMAO I could care less for that stupid show. I don’t watch it, but the before/after pictures are so obvious! 🙂

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