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Y&R's 11K Episode: A Son Learns The Truth, A Treacherous Move, And An Explosion!



The Young and the Restless aired its 11,000 episode on Thursday, and it was the phenomenal performance by long-running cast member Kristoff St. John (Neil) that gave the episode its hankie-filled moments.

In scenes opposite Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols (Lucinda), St. John showed a very human turn as Neil visits the mother who abandoned him when he was just a child. His mother is now dying, and Neil begrudging comes to visit her in the hospital.  When Neil begins to unleash on her his frustration, sadnes,s and anger that he walked on how his father and him and never contacted them, except through letters, Lucinda asks Neil to hear her out as to why she did what she did.   Neil soon learns the truth, just like he is, his mother is alcholic. She wanted him to be safe, and if she was around her battle with the bottle it would have affected his entire life and she may have even harmed him.  When Neil admits that he too is alcholic, the walls come down and mother and son come to terms.  Neil tells Lucinda he will be back next week to visit her, but she pleads with him to stay with her now …  she doesn’t have long to live.

While we have seen stunt castings on Y&R as well-known actors have come into play parents of legacy characters and the same on other soaps, the immediate reaction would be to wince and just think this is the same old, same old story.   But what set this apart was the heart and emotional pull brought by St. John, who may have locked up an Emmy next year with this performance.


The major story of the episode revolved around the sad plight of Adam Newman (Justin Hartley), as he and his wife Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) and their son Connor are desperately trying to leave Genoa City and starts new lives elsewhere before Adam is caught and thrown back into prison.

Once Dylan (Steve Burton) decides he must be a cop first and starts the ball-rolling with his findings of the plates on the car Chelsea was driving things take a dramatic turn.  Since Connor is sick and needs anti-biotics, Chelsea leaves Adam behind, and heads into town to get some medication.  But not before, Adam played to perfection by Justin Hartley tells Chelsea how much he loves her, as if this could be their final goodbye.

Chelsea phones Nick (Joshua Morrow) for help once she sees their is an Amber Alert put out for her and Connor.   Meanwhile alone at the cabin, the audience sees a pair of distinct woman’s boots walking towards it.  Next thing you know Adam is shot with a paralyzing dart.  The culprit is Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson)! She plans to make Adam suffer and die.  As he becomes sedated, Chloe admits setting him up to take the fall in prison, and that she was working with Victor (Eric Braeden) and lied to his face about wanting to make amends.  She continues to want revenge for the hit and run accident caused by Adam that took the life of her young daughter, Delia.

Nick arrives on the scene to help Chelsea and Connor out of the motel room they are in, as he pledged to look after Connor to Adam if anything should happen to him.  Chelsea calls Adam to let him know they are on their way, but he does not answer the phone.  When they arrive at the cabin, Chelsea gets out to go get Adam and an explosion blows the place to smithereens!

And in the “nice touch” category in the episode comes the emotional moment when Y&R co-creator Lee Phillip Bell makes an appearance at the GCAC dining room as a patron, who pays for the dinner of Paul (Doug Davidson) and Christine (Lauralee Bell).  The patron tells Lily to tell the lovebirds that they remind of her relationship with her late husband.   A beautiful nod to the legacy of the iconic Bill Bell.

So, what did you think of Y&R’s 11,000th episode? What was you favorite moments in it? Comment below!

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I found it hard to believe that Chloe was able to find Adam and she had a dart gun handy.

The scene with Lee Philip Bell was nice.

Can’t wait to see what happens today.

So Mo, do you think she bought the tranquilizer dart at the same store she bought the explosives? Like a Walmart for Whack Jobs? I am so disappointed that my
Kevin is setting himself up for another heartbreak from this terrorist-in-training. And after all the enemies Victor has squashed over the decades, he gets outwitted by a pint-sized fashion wannabe who doesn’t know that stripes, plaids, and patterns don’t all get worn at the same time!

Forgot about the explosives. I guess every fashionista has those in her closet.

I guess Natalie is gone.

I thought Kevin would realize Chloe was gone when he went upstairs to get Bella. Nope.

Adam has survived fire before. Whose face will he have this time? 😉

Lol, Soaphound. I can tell you; and I know it does not seem feasible, that stripes and plaids ( as long as the colors are the same; and carefully put together) , can be worn together. It’s the new trend.
I am sure wardrobe assists these actors/actresses, albeit, I am not into Elizabeth’s style. Melissa/Chelsea is more of what I have in my closet….LOL.
I am still a little in denial…..did Chloe really blow up the cabin? Are we purposely being steered in the wrong direction?

I did like having Neil’s mother on the scene, but it’s disappointing that she’s apparently going to die soon so an extended story is not possible.

I agree. I always felt that Kristoff St. John’s talents were always underrated. I too was hoping that this story would go a different way without death being involved. Even if they kept her in the nursing home so he could take Charlie and Maddy on visits on occasion. It would have been nice to have an uplifting story for a change. But I did love what I did see of their scenes together. Like I said, I am hoping now, with all the 11,000th’s episode hype, they go back to their roots and bring the “vets” they had in hiding back to the forefront more.

Adam was not in the explosion. He, somehow, managed to get out. Adam will be back. The downside? Same old, same old.

Although, Kristoff/Neil acted and cried his heart out ( the man has been through a big tragedy: the loss of his so. I wouldn’t doubt he gathered that pain from that loss. Sad), I am not really interested in his story. He proved, once again, his acting skill.

Say it ain’t so Celia: yet another “presumed” dead story? What did we do to deserve this? And we can now add Chloe to the list of characters (such as Billy, Victor, Luca) who, for me, are now beyond redemption. But I agree that Kristoff St. John’s work with the legendary Nichelle Nichols was superb. I’ve always felt he was an actor who had it in him but who held back. Apparently not anymore, so BRAVO!

It’s sad to see a once-great soap like “Y & R” fall from grace…it is now nothing but cloying, plot-driven and ridiculous!

Chloe with a tranquilizer dart – REALLY??

The silly secret passage from A PENTHOUSE??

A mother/son reunion that really has nothing to do with nothing – how can one muster up feelings for a never-before-seen character that appears out of the blue??

Overall, it was pretty bad.

Oh, Bart, don’t you love It? Not only do they often rewrite history, now they’re changing geography as well. As I recall, Nick & Sage’s apartment was across and down the hall from Chelsea & Adam, not next door. How does this passage WORK? Does it go across and then over or under the hallway? If so, Chelsea should add wall climbing to her list of talents (and all the while presumably carrying Conner and a bag). Oy.

Exactly what I’ve been saying about ALL soaps….it’s the latest theme, don’t you know?!
An insult to our intelligence. ‘They’ assume, my dear, Soaphound, that we either forget details, the sequence of events , or, ‘they’ just don’t care what we think or want, or feel.
It seems that the writers don’t really put any valuable thought into any of the writing, as long as ‘something’ is put out.
We cannot blame the actors…..they ‘put out’ their best.

How right you are, Soaphound. I remember, when I was still teaching full time, coming home…..waiting for blessed bedtime to catch up with my soaps…..hungrily taking MM in!!!!! I loved him. He was SO Adam ….what Adam should be.
Oh my gosh….you just revived all those memories…his shirts; his eyes; that smile which seldomly reached those piercing eyes.
As far as Chloe…..she has me baffled. Such an enigma. Adam is alive; but out-of-reach from any semblance of reality . Keeping a human being imprisoned within his own self is more cruel than death. So, is Chloe that demented enough to leave him in absolute darkness? Yeah. Torture is not far from Chloe’s twisted brain; and, has its own merits for this nut-job.
Oh, yes. I agree. Elizabeth H can really give us one heck of a performance.

I know, jeez. The tranquilizer gun…I was like Huh?
I didnt know at first what the heck she was doing.
Such a wacko.

Chloe is the worst, blood-thirsty criminal. There’s a killer; and then there’s a killer. No heart or soul within this woman. Got to hand it to Elizabeth. Supreme acting.
She wanted Adam to be awake; aware of his surroundings as he slowly saw his life flash before him, and then POW!!! But, Adam snaked himself out of the cabin after Chloe left. I will be positive. Adam is alive!!

the writing is not good

Michael,I think Chloe has Adam stashed some place.

Hmmmm. Great assumption, SiteAdvocate. ….didn’t think of that!! I don’t think even Chloe is capable of murder; then again, she’s nuts.
Good call, indeed!! Perhaps she’s holding him prisoner just to make him suffer as she does without her child.
In no way did Victor do this. But, he is to blame 100%. He tried to be The Almighty, and HE, did not LIKE it. You just don’t mess with God. It backfires. LOL.
You know that age-old Biblical adage pertaining ‘unto the sons’…..”The sins of the father…..” . So, is Adam paying for Victor’s sins?
How long before we see Adam with another face change?

Hopefully not too long

I can’t believe that you killed Adam what is wrong with this show. He can’t be gone

Not to worry, Mary. I honestly do not believe Adam is dead. He has nine lives. He will resurface.

Adam Newman is to Y&R like James Stenbeck was to ATWT. It has become ridiculous, and that’s being kind.

Oh yes, Celia, I will NOT allow for the death of Adam either. There’s simply too much drama yet to be mined between he and the remaining Newman clan. I sure miss Michael Muhney’s megawatt smile, gorgeous hair, those great pink and purple shirts that really highlighted those beautiful eyes and, mostly, his exceptional talent. I know it’s too much to hope for him to rejoin, but a person can dream. My other hope is for the brilliant Tom Pelphrey to take the part. Hang in there…and no, I don’t think even Chloe is demented enough to kill Adam that way. Stay tuned…

Wise words, Betty. It has, indeed, become a joke. A vicious circle.

Neil did a good Job. Miss StarTrek did very well to. He is the only Winters member who can act!

I was shocked Adam blew up! I guess this will be a running joke now every time they do a recast? NuAdam rises from the ashes! Whatever!

What a smile to see Mrs.Bell buy Paul and Cricket dinner!

Oh, my gosh, Timmmy. I am so dumb!!!!! I just realized who is playing Neil’s mother. I completely forgot and , I did not recognize her.

Ironically, CBS ran a special 50th anniversary story on Star Trek and they showed the black actress who kissed Kirk on the original Star Trek and then I just saw her on Y&R>. I cannot believe its the same women! Beautiful but it is amazing how time flies and what father time does to all of us!

I am only hoping they played it this way to give Justin Hartley an opportunity to see how his new show pans out. I really hope we don’t have to sit through another recast. Now I am waiting for Chelsea and Nick to go at so Adam can come back in the peak of things. I really did like the scenes with Neil and his mother. I wish her role wasn’t temporary. They played off each other wonderfully. I wonder how long it’s going to take for Chole to completely crack. I guess her and Victor are both above the law. I am also wondering if and when the truth is going to come out about Sully. This way when Sharon cracks after Dylan leaves her, she ride shotgun with Chole to the mental ward.

Oh soap Queen forever, I so agree that this particular recast will be painful. And since you mentioned the hospital, do the Newmans get a group discount rate at Fairview? They ought to have their own reserved wing by now, complete with a revolving door and unfettered access to any and all lab results, especially paternity and blood tests.

The scene with Neil and his mom was so touching!

Yep, Chloe is still nuts. Had thought and hoped she was heading
toward normalcy -Ha! And as the saying goes, with friends like
this, who needs enemies?? Run, Chelsea!

I thought Nick looked and behaved like a caveman charging
into Victor’s home throwing accusations that Victor would actually
blow up his own son. Victor is far from thar kind of revenge or
cruelty…jeez! Nick acted like a moron.

Loved seeing Mrs. Bell! Very sweet and she looks great.

Hi, Nanci,
I never, for one second, believed Chloe was rehabilitated. And, I said so. Her reappearance meant one thing. Trouble!! I kept saying she’s nuts.
I think that Nick is driven by the fact that he KNOWS Victor is responsible for everything. We really cannot blame him for suspecting and believing his father was responsible for the explosion. So, that’s his hurt and anger we see. Good job, Joshua!!
Yes, one would think that a father would never kill his own son….would never frame his own child. But, this is Victor of which we speak.
When we think about it, death, at times, is a blessed welcome compared to imprisonment, for some.
The weight of sin and culpability rest resoundingly and wholly on Victor’s immense shoulders. Will he be able to sleep at night?
There’s a story to tell right there. Have Victor’s nights be white, troubled sleep…..filled with turmoil and demons chasing him, biting his heels with saw-like teeth….fulminated by a barrage of lightening, finally ending within the same burning inferno he created……searing and swallowing him within its hungry tongues of fire.
Too graphic and dramatic, Nanci? LOL. Forgive me.
I think Victor deserves that and more. Imagine the meeting: “Satan, meet thy brother”!!

Hi Celia,
Yes! You really nailed it with Chloe. You and I had an exchange
awhile back in which you knew her true colors were still dark, but
I was all Mary Poppin-ish, thinking that Bella was making Chloe more
sane and even…nice! Ha!

Hilarious comments about Victor! He has been truly bad of course,
but this accusation still goes a bit far, but I guess what compounded my
annoyance with Nick was his sudden lovey dovey tightness with Adam against
all. I know it is contrived to forge a new closeness with Chelsea, but blah, still
seems over the top. And what the heck will happen when Nick finds out that
Christian is alive and well, and is Adam’s, which hopefully happens in November..
hmmm, big fireworks! Lots to look forward to!

Anyhoo, happy Sunday, Celia!

Celia…EXACTLY!!!!! As far as I’m concerned, personality-wise, that Chloe chick is SEVERAL french fries short of a HAPPY MEAL…LOL!!!!! Bottom Line Here: Chloe is NUTS…PERIOD!!!!!

Take care, friend.

Thank you, Nanci. You are sweet.
Yes, I get your point about Nick’s sudden concern for Adam and family. It is quite extreme. But, in defense of the writers and Nick, something had to be written for the continuity of Chelsea and her son. What should/would happen to her? Enter Nick.
I think that, if Adam’s story were to go the way it did, then the writers should have started the ‘brotherly/uncle love’ a few moths ago, in order to establish a more believable relationship.
And, of course, you are so on the money about Christian. Are TPTB ready to tackle that hurricane, right now?
It would be great if it did happen soon.
Enjoy your cook-out, Nanci.

When Dylan aka ‘Dullan’ opened the door to that so-called secret silver-looking passageway (or whatever), he could have AT LEAST given us all a ‘Grand Tour’ (or whatever)…LOL!!!!!

Just saying……….

Chloe has lost it

Since my mother just recently passed away I could not bear to watch the Neil Lucinda death bed scenes– still to close too home for me, but just based on what I heard it sounds like a very superficial story line– something that might have taken months to unfold under the Bell’s style of soap telling, is resolved in a few scenes and then done– it seems like a big waste of time to even bother– but this is nothing new– it was like Phyllis and Avery death bed scenes with their father– a lifetime of history gets resolved in a handful of scenes. Plus although soaps aren’t real life, I can tell you from experience if you have issues with your parents resolve them while they are alive, not when they are dying– trust me making peace and then not having time to enjoy that peace is not the way to go.

As for the Adam situation– this all happened because of JH new show. It made no sense that Victor went through all the trouble of framing his son, just to have a change of heart and suddenly want him to go off and live happily ever after with his son. If JH didn’t get that series this story would unfolded differently. And because it was a last minute change in direction, the story is filled with holes and silly contrivances that are blame because it was a patch job to figure out a way to explain JH off canvas for a while. We all know — if JH series flops, Adam will be alive and well. If the series is hit and JH has to walk off the show– Adam will be recast, with yet another new face, explained by explosion burning him. Yes, it has been done before, so it is hard for me to invest any emotion in Adam’s so called death– even the actors seemed to be having a hard time giving yet another convincing performance that a character has died when they know he will be back. I lost count the number time Victor has died on that show, and I think this is Adam’s third death– one in the explosion at the Club, the car explosion and now this house explosion–

I did like LPB being in the 11,000 show. Not many people realized she has more writing credits for the show than her husband. He may produced and been the idea man as Head Writer, but she wrote more episodes than he ever did. I know it will never happen but if the show ever does get cancel and she is still around I hope they will let her consult on how the show should end.

My condolences, sweet lady. May your Mommy rest in eternal, peaceful sleep.

General Hospital

Cameron Mathison Takes You Behind the Scenes of Photo Shoot as Host of New Game Show ‘Beat the Bridge’

General Hospital’s Cameron Mathison (Drew Cain) will soon step into his new role as game show host when Beat the Bridge bows on June 10th and will be seen weeknights at 6 pm on the Game Show Network. As previously reported, Cameron is also staying put in Port Charles.

Ahead of the summer series premiere, Mathison took part in a photo shoot for the game show and as the face of the game. Looks like Cam is about to become a 2024-version of classic game show host, Wink Martindale!

Taking to his Instagram, Cameron shared some moments and images from the photo shoot and how they came to be. Many will be used as publicity photos for the show as it ramps-up its tune-in over the next several weeks.


Along with the behind the scenes images and video, Mathison wrote, “Making me look good🙃 Take a look behind the scenes at a photoshoot we did for Beat The Bridge📸 (Especially the massive hangtime I get at the end lol) It’s all coming your way very soon! Beat The Bridge premieres June 10 at 6p only on Game Show Network👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼”

Several of Cameron’s friends, and former or current co-stars, also commented on the photos and the BTS view, such as soap icon Susan Lucci (ex-Erica, All My Children) with whom Cameron worked closely with as his Pine Valley alter-ego, Ryan Lavery.  In fact, as AMC fans know, at one point Ryan and Erica were an item. Lucci wrote, “SOooo handsome, talented, charming, and kind—that’s Cameron🥰👏👏👏”

Photo: JPI

Meanwhile, Cameron’s current castmate, Kate Mansi (Kristina, GH) commented on his athletic moves in the shoot, sharing, “Woooaaa Gene Kelly over there 🔥”

While in the middle of his busy work schedule at GH and for Beat the Bride, Cameron took time to appear in last week’s Daytime Stands Up – A Benefit for Stand Up For Cancer – We All Have a Story.  During his segment, Mathison appeared with Y&R’s Colleen Zenk (Jordan) and both spoke on their battles with cancer. For Cameron, surviving kidney cancer, plus the star spoke on the loss of their mothers, both to cancer.

If you missed the daytime star-studded event for a good cause, which featured Cameron, you can watch in full below.

Now let us know, will you be checking out Cameron beginning June 10th on Beat the Bridge? Share your thoughts in the comment section, but first check out how Cameron fares with GSN game show trivia in a promotional segment below.


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Although former ‘Golden Bachelor’ contestant Joan Vassos was the ultimate pick by ABC and the producers of The Golden Bachelorette, Lucci told PEOPLE that the show reached out to her people.

Photo: ABC

Susan shared, “I believe that they contacted my publicist and it wasn’t for me.” She added, “I watched The Golden Bachelor, and I really enjoyed watching The Golden Bachelor. This is a new addiction for me.”

And a few years back. her assistant got Lucci hooked on The Bachelor, as she expressed on the dating series, “I was immediately engaged. I cared. I wanted to know more about these people.”

Photo: JPI

The outlet shared that they did reach out to ABC and Warner Bros. about potential interest in Susan. However, they did not respond. A source then told the publication that Lucci was not offered a role.

For Susan, finding a second chance at love is an interesting proposition; given that she had the most incredible and enduring 53-year marriage to her late husband and manager, Helmet Huber, who passed away at 84-years-old back in March of 2022.

So, what do you think of Susan being contacted to see if she was interested in becoming ABC’s ‘Golden Bachelorette’ for the senior dating-reality series? Comment below.

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Cody, having kicked open the door, stops Montague from hurting Sasha. Dante arrives with Mac and other cops. Montague is placed under arrest and charged with attempted murder. Cody and Sasha leave Ferncliff together.


Sonny confronts Gladys for her lies as Sam witnesses. Sonny accuses Gladys of using Mike, then Brando, then Sasha. After Sam goes, Sonny tells Gladys she’s leaving town and returning to Bridgeport. Sonny implies Gladys will die if she ever leaves Bridgeport. Sonny has Frank escort Gladys away without a single bag.


Charlotte listens from a hiding spot as Val explains to Anna he bought this house after Anna’s place burned down so he, Charlotte, and Anna could live in it. Val kept it from Anna because he didn’t want to get her hopes up. Val explains Charlotte needs his attention, so Anna can’t move in yet. Charlotte thinks back to reading Victor’s letter that says she must defeat Anna.

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