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B&B's Thorsten Kaye's First Moment with Katherine Kelly Lang as New Ridge … That Kiss!



On yesterday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, it certainly seems that the new Ridge Forrester is quite the romantic, and seems like a genuinely very likeable guy, sincere in telling his father he wants to win Brooke back, after realizing what he may have lost!

And after days of us just looking at the new Ridge Forrester, Thorsten Kaye, and a bit of dialog, it was time for Ridge to meet up with Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) again on-screen!

With that, the show reunited the long-suffering duo of Ridge and Brooke with something s out of  a romance novel, as after the flower petals descend one by one on the fountain, Brooke looks up and sees Ridge standing at the top of the steps.  As Brooke goes up the steps, and Ridge comes down the steps, the two meet and lock eyes and then comes … that major kiss!

So, with only a few days of seeing Thorsten Kaye on-air as the new Ridge Forrester, what are your impressions? And although there will be more to the scene between Brooke and Ridge on today’s episode of the CBS soap opera, what did you think of that kiss?  Will you buy into Thorsten and Katherine’s portrayal of star-crossed lovers Ridge and Brooke, after being so use to seeing Katherine with the former Ridge, Ronn Moss? Let us know!

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The scene was great and Thorsten is fitting in beautifully. He’s perfect! It’s already apparent TK and KKL have chemistry to burn and the kiss was hot but that’s not going to stop me from wanting a Ridge/Katie romance. The thought of Thorsten & Heather Thom together on screen is positively swoonworthy. Plus quite frankly, Bridge has been done to death. New blood, new love story is in order.

Ditto! I love the new Ridge he’s sexy and has a rugged edge. I love the way he looks at Katie. I would love to see them together!

I’m just not feelin him yet as Ridge. Part is his accent. I’m willing to give him time to woo me as I know it will take time for him and viewers to get comfortable with him as Ridge.

Can’t wait for Ridge to find out about Brooke and Bill. Although, considering that is seems like it would be big news, I’m surprised Ridge doesn’t already know.

I agree mo…I love TK, but it’s obvious he’s not totally comfortable in the role of Ridge yet. It will take time, but because TK is such a good actor, he will make the role his own. 😉

I’m NOT feeling him with Brooke and I can’t wait until he finds out about Bill. 🙁

I think he will be great with Katie, if that’s the way the story goes (and I’ve read that’s how it WILL go.) 🙂

It was absolutely EPIC! Being a Zen fan it has been hard to let go of my favorite couple – but I have to say that kiss & that gorgeous, romantic scene stole my heart & I’m totally hooked! 100%!

I wouldn’t get too hooked, not with the musical couples on this show.

Not getting hooked on a specific couple again! Just an observation of how utterly EPIC that whole kiss scene was & how much I’m hooked on the show/Ridge. I’m loving Thorsten as Ridge! I watched B-B for 20+yrs & I’m well acquainted with musical couples.

No sparks….plus how on earth are we to believe that NO ONE told Ridge Brooke blew up her sisters marriage????

Hope he brings a new element to Ridge…. this kiss had nothing as opposed to with Bill….please don’t shove these two together because of the past…it’s clear as in real life people move on….things change…

I came to the TV I watched and I left never to watch again. He said that word Logan!

I thought he was awesome and will be amazing in the role.

Here we go……Another Triangle. Instead of Ridge being in the middle of Taylor and Brook…It will now be Brooke in the middle of Ridge and Bill….so sick of bold and beautiful. I use to watch everyday. stopped then heard ridge was back. Love thorsten kay. This show use to be about fashion and competitors in the fashion industry Remember Sally Spectra. cbs soaps are going way down. yand r and band b.

I agree – I used to watch, but, how many times can the back and forth go with Brooke and whomever – there are just too many other characters that are more interesting the writers give no air time to – boring!

I saw the new Ridge – and all I could think was, “Please wash your nasty hair!” Good actor, and I know it’s a tall order to take over a character, but, just not feelin’ it – tho it doesn’t really matter as I am not a regular watcher anyway – and won’t be!

I have never watched B&B..
Thorsten Kaye is a very sexy man and a great actor, he will do well..

Thorsten needs a haircut and needs to shave his face. he looks dirty and needs to take a shower. lol. thorsten is not ridge forrester, i want a new ridge. he is not right, for this role. grant alexander ex phillip guiding would have been a better ridge. sorry but that’s my opinion.

Spot on! Grant Alexander was a powerhouse on GL, they blew this.
More clean cut, very well spoken classy actor.
TK should have been a new character!
Seasons Greetings!

Here we go same old same old.. triangle again…first ridge in the middle of taylor and brooke. now brooke will be in the middle of bill and ridge. what has happened to the writers of this show. Remember when Forrester use to sew designes and had competitors like sally spectra…Love thorsten kay.

all I could say is this sux… Ridge, THorston Kaye at least shave your face.. THis thing is ugly sorry B&B. Im no longer a viewer.. THe storylines are AWFUL!!! GOODLUCK!!!

I think he looks typical of a man returning from a year in France.

Ooh, he is drop DEAD GORGEOUS!! and I am sassy happy to see him, I used to watch him on OLTL. I DONT CARE IF HE IS RIDGE OR,RICK OR WHOEVER….HE IS ON B&B and looks too good!!

TK is and B&B are not a good combination.

I have higher hopes for Mark Collier playing a new character on Days of our Lives.

DAYS delivers daring daytime drama!

B&B is a cartoon.

I love Thorsten. He always brings strength and character to his roles. I hope he can give this character some backbone because Ridge has always been rich-kid punk.

I wish the real ridge would have come back, why he did?

The actor chose to leave the role Madgalene. I don’t know if I ever really heard why.

Katherine Kelly Lang is now officially the luckiest woman in soaps!

Love Thorsten, But I have never been able to get into B&B. Trying because of him but so far I’m FF to get to his scenes…

I love Thorsten Kaye as an actor, but I didn’t think the kiss was all that.

You are right. The kiss felt just arranged. I never watched Thorsten Kaye before and I’m trying to get into him as the “Ridge/Brooke” thing, but it is not happening. His accent is beautiful and he is very handsome and sexy, but this personality does not belong to Ridge…TK seems like he just stepped out of an Itanlian romance novel…just seems really weird… If he chooses to be with Katie then he is having an affair with Brooke’s sister…wasn’t he mad at Brooke for having an affair with Katie’s husband? He’s too self richteouss to begain a role as Ridge…..I hold out hopes that the original Ridge will be back….guess right now since I have not “bonded” with the new Ridge I could care less if he is with Brooke….right now she is much more compatible with Bill Spencer. For the first time since 1987 I am beginning to lose interest in B&B…oh, by the way, that Quinn lady is absolitely discusting! The writers could have written her in as a very classy, protective and sassy designer of jewelry, but instead she is coming across as an obsessed Mommy Dearest!!!!!

Love TK ! I have never watched B&B , but look forward to watching TK as Ridge. Since I am not familiar with the former Ridge – TK will be Ridge for me. TK brings his rugged good looks, talent, and charm to the character.

That’s good, as the original Ridge cannot be replaced. There is no chemistry between Brooke and TK…however, as you said, he is handsome with rugged looks…no question that he isn’t appealing to the audience. He is trying his best. Let’s hope he is able to fit into the role eventually.

I loved it to be honest. It was fresh, romantic without being too mushy and Ridge acctually looked pained and full of regrets. It wasn´t all about Brooke-worship-at-the-altar-that-is-Ridge like in the past, I feel those days are over. They feel like a real couple now. Thorsten Kaye is very good in romantic storylines and once again Kelly Lang got to showoff her acting chops. For once the tears felt genuine, it was not just for effect. I agree, TK brings something new and fresh to the role, a man that has done some soul searching and did´t like what he saw but will do better. I like that new quality about him.

Me too. But it will take a while for me to get used to a new Ridge with an accent…is a bit weird…

That kiss was classic Brooke and Ridge. Loved it. Well played by TK and KKL. I’m happy to hear Ridge talking about being an artist and designer. I’d like to see him take up figure painting and hiring a model and becoming obsessed with her. But I wish Thorsten would shave.

Me too. His beard is a bit to shaggy!

I dont even watch but I SAW THAT KISS!!! I may start!!!!

i dont watch either but i did yesterday just to see the nu ridge and i must admit that kiss was on fire but i still wont be watching because i am sick of these triangles

I love him as Ridge, but he’s not even trying to hide his accent, it’s a little weird.

That is what is stopping me accepting him as Ridge…the accent is much too weird for me to believe he is a Forrester…maybe an imposter

I think TK is wonderful as Ridge. Never watched B&B before, but because TK is there . . . now so am I!!

I think Eric and Ridge look the same age, not like father and son, and they appear to seem uncomfortable to me.

Me too. Eric is doing his best but it is a weird situation. You know what bothers me now is that all of Eric’s grandchildren are now calling him “Eric” instead of “granddad like they used to…..very weird…whenever I hear that from Hope the story really loses something for me….I hope Rick doesn’t start calling him Eric…ha ha…!!!!!

They need to recast Ridge. This Thorsten Kaye guy is terrible. He’s empty and his timing is off. He’s depressing and lacks the charm that Ronn Moss had. Thorsten can probably play a funeral director or monk with no problem, but not a self assured millionaire with confidence. He’s just creepy. Lol, he couldn’t even say “Logan” right!

Leah, agree with your observations about TK, not even sure if he could play a funeral director. Not much talent there…yes creepy, very fake. The accent does nothing to impress me. Damn YR has lost me I guess BB is headed in the same direction.

Ha Haaaa!!! When he first said “Logan” I had to rewind and hear it again…it was so pitiful!! I think that the other people who are trying to accept him are desperate for another Ridge (like I am), but he is not the right character…KKL is doing a good job in accepting him but he is very creepy!!!! I agree.

I have been so into the show since 1987 that when Ridge strayed from Brooke it really ruined my day….or week…I felt really bad when they were not together…but now…TK can be with Stephanie’s sister…the “Lemon Bar Girl” for all I care!!! Ha Ha!!!!

Eric and Ridge look to much the same age for this to work. I am sure TK is a great actor, but not this part. They do not seem comfortable together, no sparks !!!!!

Like TK, but really don’t like him as a Ridge replacement. The accent is really offputting (how exactly did our privileged California boy develop it?), TK lacks polish, and he just doesn’t have that certain “je ne sais quoi” that made Ron Moss perfect for the role.

Yes, I agre with you. Ron Moss was a perfect Ridge….although I do think he can be replaced in time it is certainly not with the unshaven face and the very weird and offputting accent of TK….this is the first time since 1987 that I don’t care if I miss watching a day of B&B…so sad.

I agree, agree, agree! This is just sad. He is not right for this part, and I can’t believe he was cast and brought in with such great flourish.

Actor seems more like a thug than a clothing designer. The hugging of Eric seems forced. It seemed also that he would have heard about Brooke’s affair with Bill through the corporate gossip chain or TAylor or his daughter-who is not pals with Brooke. As he himself stated , he was not away on the moon,,

Yes, it seems as if they forced him into the script. He needs a good shave and english lessons!!!!! and about 3-4 inches in height!

This Ridge is all wrong for the role he is playing….and that accent sounds like he has food in his mouth…and he does look just as old as Eric..come on now B&B you could have cast better!!

Yes, I agree. They should have waited for the perfect Ridge….I do think Ron Moss could be replaced with care….right now, Brooke and Bill seem so much better suited than Brooke and…..who was that again that replace Ridge??? Ha Ha!!!

Hate the new Ridge. Ron Moss was handsome and elegant. New guy is so scruffy ann looks like a thug. Since when does a guy who is supposed to be a Los Angeles native have that accent?! Bad choice of casting!

I agree Thorsten Kaye is scruffy and old looking. Yet I see that he’s younger than Katherine Kelly Lang in real-life. Actually Ron Moss looked better and he was older. It’s because Ron Moss kept himself clean shaven, fit and had an arrogance that really fit the part. I don’t see Thorsten Kaye fitting in here for the long haul. I realize Ron won’t be back but there must be better choices out there.
Really now, even pairing Ridge with Katie seems wrong. However, those characters fit better as they are far to judgmental on people as a whole. Not that I think what Brooke did was right, but give that storyline a rest already.

Disastrous: Kaye will be gone within a year or two. Doesn’t Bradley Bell have any sense?

I think he is just desperate to replace Ridge. I don’t know why Ron Moss would have left a role where he was pretty much idolized as Ridge….that is such a coveted spot…now this weird, hairy and scruffy character has replaced him. For “TK” to entertain Katie as a love interest is very weird. Maybe it is a good thing for me as I have been so transfixed on this show since 1987 that I did’nt want to miss an episode. Now I really don’t care…I hope Brooke and Bill run away together….

Maybe another TK–Ted King–would have been better.

Do not like him as Ridge at all. He’s swarmy and don’t like the accent. He doesn’t even fit well with Brooke. He’s no Ron Ross. I predict he’s short term.

I hope so too.

No way!! No comparison to the former Ridge. There’s no chemistry, not to mention the fact that yes, he needs a shave and a haircut. Certainly not a fashion icon!!! No offense, but please recast!

Yes, I agree. I think he is a ruggedly handsome man, but no Ridge Forrester!!

I love him as Ridge! I didn’t like the old Ridge very well! And I really like the accent. He’s been out of the country for a year or two, he could’ve developed a slight accent, haha! But he does look a lot like Massimo (his real father) can’t wait to see more scenes with him and Katie! Brooke needs to be with Bill, Ridge had forgiven her for way too much.

I DO NOT like the new Ridge – untidy, rough, no chemistry. Bad choice.

Never liked Ridge, the show has gone downhill and I’m tired of the same story lines over and over. Try a little reality on the show, it might work.

love – love – love the new Ridge – – Thorsten looks just like a man should
do not cut his hair or shave him . . . if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
I would like him with Katie – – let Brooke keep Bill they suit each other.
His accent is wonderful. This man is handsome – who needs another pretty boy and it seems good to see someone in the part who can pass a mirror without looking in it.

Horrible choice!!!

I absolutely love the new Ridge whether he returns to Brooke or falls for Katie. Perfect choice for the part and great actor for the part.

This nu Ridge has some chops. He can really act!! You would think after 25 years Ronn Moss would develope acting skills. I watched the show from day 1 and sometimes you can’t tell if Ronn was trying to cry or laugh he could not act. This nu Ridge is on that. This dude can really really act. Good choice Baby Bell!!

Finally, someone who gets it! Ronn couldn’t act his way out of a paperbag. Thorsten is awesome! Now if they would only replace KKL. Uuugghh! She has the exact same squinty eyed expression for every emotion. There’s no depth. Soaps are a medium that need to be elevated. They can do so much more than they currently do. Maybe if we as fans expect and demand more they will raise their level by providing better scripts and acting and production values.

Blah, hate this man as Ridge. Nothing personal against him, but just after having the original character on for 25 years with the same actor being one style- then going to this, it’s a train wreck!

The new ridge is awful! I cannot even hardly watch the show. He is too short, he looks like he needs to be scrubbed, his hair is greasy, he has some sort of accent in hiding. I’m sorry, he’s just NOT sexy and DOES NOT fit the part. Who chose this guy? They should be fired. Y’all are going to lose a lot of loyal viewers!

I agree with Sherry! I’ve watched B&B since inception and the new Ridge is a very bad casting error! Make him go away…SOON!

Good choice with the nu Ridge . It gets So Old seeing Brooke gets all the men . Let Katie now get her chance to act . Ron Moss couldn’t kiss Katie he looks too old compare to Katie . So Thorsten Kaye fits that part perfect .

I really have enjoyed TK and the new spin he puts on the character of Ridge. I wasn’t familiar with his acting before, so had no comparisons, but have thoroughly enjoyed him on BB from the start. I was never fond of Ron Moss, thought he was a bit of a joke, but BB was actually the only soap I watched so when Ron left it wasn’t much of a loss for me. I was getting very tired of the love triangles though, but this new Ridge with TK has been a real breath of fresh air, please do not drop him, that would not be a good thing at this point for the show. He will fit in great and people just need to get used to him just like any actor.

I like the new Ridge much much better!!! Hope he stays!!

This new character maybe a really good actor and i wish him the best but he can not and never be a Ridge Forrester! He is just not as sexy or a confident as Ron Moss

Ronn Moss was Bill Bell’s creation and he fit the part to a tee this show was never about great actors it was glitz and glamour and it worked. Brad Bell was upset because Ronn Moss did not jump thru his hoops. I just can’t accept TK in the part he should have been brought on as a French designer to work at Forrester. KKL does not have any chemistry with TK it seems forced.

terrible casting…..Thorsten is just not believable as the new Ridge ….you all di so great replacing Heather Tom as Victoria and even Abby is ok but this new Ridge is turning me off to the show..Kelly Lang does a great job but even she can’t make this work… chemistry…too grubby and that accent….please get rid of him….great show otherwise!!

I too have been a faithful follower of the Bold and the Beautiful for 25 years. The cast used to have class, the scripts done well the chemistry between Brooke and Ridge undeniable. Now the show seems cheap and immature the audacity of bringing in a short garbage looking guy with no eloquence of speech makes me totally turn off the program. I was trying but it is too much for me to stomach watching him period. I would not care if he went for Katie but he is just has no class at all. He is not believable as a Ridge Forester. Get him off soon and find someone who fits the bill. He does not. No offence TK but you need to play a different part somewhere.

I SO AGREE WITH YOU…..RON Moss needs to come back or someone who is just as good as him to play the part of Ridge.

I’m not really feeling this new Ridge……it just doesn’t seem right. Really wishing Ron Moss will come back!

I like Thorsten as Ridge and I want him with Brooke but could accept him with Katie but for god sakes please shave your face and cut your hair Thorsten you look a hot mess!

I think TK should have been brought in as a new character.
That way the door would always be open for Ronn Moss. Pretty hard to accept a replacement after so long.
It also would have created more potential – his friends & family, backstory. Look how much mileage they’re getting from Quinn & son.
I won’t criticise T Kaye, he’s doing his best.
Don’t care for Ridge with Katie or Brooke, neither do much for me.
I think Quinn is the spitfire this show needs, now she would be great with Bill, Ridge, Thorne.
This Ridge needs a new love interest, a new character. If its going to be Katie, hire a more dynamic actress, she’s too dull. Sorry, not a popular opinion but it is mine. They need an actress who is physically gorgeous, and a powerful actress. There are lots out there. Nothing personal, just think the show is heating up, and H Tom is lacking in the hotness category.
Please don’t get too upset, just me thoughts.

IA with every word. TK is doing a good job but he isn’t Ridge to me. He should have been a new character. I dislike Ridge and Katie and Ridge and Brooke. They need new characters from new families on this show. HT is a good actress but I don’t see her as a hottie. There are too many blah characters on the show and not enough excitement. JMO.

Crazy, he has a French accent! Ridiculous.

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