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On-Air On-Soaps Worst Soap Moments of 2009 announced!

Nicholas Galbraith, Melinda Sullivan

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

It’s that time of the year where we take hold and look back at the year in daytime soaps.  2009 certainly was the most seismic-shifting in the genre’s history. On-Air On-Soaps has chosen its Top 20 Worst Soap Moments of the Year.

The choices not only include soap plots, but characters, performers, and creators. But certainly the list is what it is intended to be, the Worst Moments! Take a look at our special  photo gallery and view our Top 20 counting down from 20 to 1.   To view final four hit the “Next ” button, +  symbol ( one symbol to the right) of the top 15 images. See if you agree with our choices,  or let us know what you would choose as 2009’s worst moment.

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Photo Images: JPI and ABC

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Anything with Adam(Y&R) torturing Ashley, including covering up her miscarriage,etc. makes me want to barf…. the stealing of Sharon’s baby after he delivered it is the ugliest moment I have seen in a long time. Oh, yes ,there are many more..UGH…

That’s some list. Although I feel you could have used AMC’s entire year for that list, lol. Pratt’s writing definitely should have been higher, maybe even #1.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that 2010’s list is harder to write meaning 1) that soaps are much better next year and 2) that Agnes Nixon and co. can get AMC back on track.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Ethan turning out to be Luke’s son (instead of Robert’s) was definitely the worst for GH. It spit on two supercouples (Luke & Laura and Robert & Holly) and a great friendship (Luke & Robert). No wonder GH is doing so poorly in the ratings. GH has no respect for history.

ITA Ethan being Luke’s son instead of Robert and Holly as he should had been was the absolute worst use of history.Whoever dumb idea it was to make him Luke’s by spitting all over the king and queen of all daytime couples history Luke and Laura,and GH most romantic couple and love story Robert/Holly Scorpio shouldn’t be allow to give anymore idea better yet keep that person away from any storylines idea that person is lclearly lacking in the creativity dept.

And to think the #1 worst got me back into soap land this year after being away since ’96. The twins sl on ATWT sounded intriguing since they’d be interacting with my fave characters (Luke and Noah). It wasn’t that bad but oh, well, I still must thank them for getting me hooked on ATWT, not to mention other soaps (Y&R, AMC, OLTL). Gosh, I’d missed soaps!

Ethan being Luke’s son was the worst moment on GH this year. It was completely unbelievable and a mess of a story. Luke cheated on Laura with Holly? and the time line was so fuzzy it’s impossible to even figure out when it was supposed to happen because it didn’t fit with GH’s history. It trampled over Luke and Laura and Robert and Holly and there was no payoff. Ethan as a Spencer is boring. As a Scorpio- there was so much more potential. No wonder cancelled soaps have higher ratings than GH.

Anything concerning the Jason & Sam reunion. Totally unbelievable and contrived…they’re chemistry-free birth control for the soul…

Couldn’t agree MORE. THAT was the absolute WORST Story line of the year and unbelievable that the crap is still going on. Nasty is what that is.

Leaving Jeffrey out chasing Edmund while grieving widow Reva turns to Josh at the Lighthouse, with Jeffrey’s little boy in tow, has Ellen Wheelers messy fingerprints all over it. What a totally disappointing and contrived ending to one of the gems in daytime, Guiding Light. I’m not surprised that Ellen nor Jeffrey’s fate made the worst list because THEY DESERVED TO BE THERE! Talk about out of touch with the fans.

My problem is with Ashley Jones on B&B. She is a no-talent wannabe actress that brings down every other character she is paired with. Just how many “Worst” categories can she be elected to before DumbBell gets it into his head to be rid of her? A totally unsavory character in every way.

While I like AJ, I find Bridget to be the most useless character on the BB. The Madame X line had to be the dumbest of last year. And to make it worse, in doing that SL to reunite the WORSE couple of 2005, 2006 and 2008, Nick and Bridget, they dumbed down the character of Nick to do it. I wish Bell would take Nick out of the kiddie pool and put him back with the grown-ups and put Bridget with a more age appropriate man like Owen, so they would not have to do these dumb SL’s in order to try and “put them across”.

James has Brooke and Taylor MUDWRESTLE, give each other massages–while he seemed to leer watching them. This was supposed to make them friends to make Ridge’s life easier. It was like some guy’s sick fantasy.

I whole-heartedly agree on all Bold misses of last year.I think you were too kind to Bells mess of a (once) good show.The biggest fiasco is that Nick Marone is still with Bridget Forrester.Jack Wagner is so underused and stuck in the kiddie pool with Ashley Jones,an actress who´s character Bridget belongs with the younger set,and at Forrester Creations,not Jackie M “designing”, it´s not even funny.Other embarassing “storylines” were the Donna&Pam frienship complete with having them make a fool of themselves on a game show and Jack Wagner was further humilitated at same game show in a “special” episode with a less than skilled actress at his side.My hopes for B&B in 2010 is that Nick Marone once again is front-and-center and in an adult storyline,prefrebly with powerhouse actress Sarah Brown and her Sandy character.Any adult character in Nicks storyline would be perfered acctually,so he no longer have to share screen with his former (immature)step daguhter,Bridget Forrester.Ever.

Ethan as Luke’s son was just a horrible, horrible decision. He was meant to be Robert and Holly’s and that would’ve been brilliant and it would’ve fit perfectly into the show’s already established history. Had they gone with Robert and Holly as the parents I have no doubt this would’ve been one of the best plot points of 2009. Instead they made the totally wrong choice and every magazine and website has voted it amongst the worst things of 2009. Guess what, GH—it’s never too late to fix your mistake ! Change Ethan’s paternity and make things right.

I actually loved the Zac and Zoe storyline! I don’t watch anything besides ATWT so I can’t really say anything about the other moments, but thw twins couldn’t have been the worse! I thought their interaction was great, also with Luke and Noah..Adam suddenly disappearing was much worse if you’re asking me..

All My Children

Susan Lucci Reveals She Was Contacted to Gauge Interest in Becoming ‘The Golden Bachelorette’

All My Children icon and Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement honoree, Susan Lucci (ex-Erica Kane), apparently was being considered for the lead in the first-ever season of The Golden Bachelorette.

Making this all the more intriguing is Lucci admitted she really enjoyed The Golden Bachelor’s season and has become a fan and thus a part of ‘Bachelor Nation.’

Although former ‘Golden Bachelor’ contestant Joan Vassos was the ultimate pick by ABC and the producers of The Golden Bachelorette, Lucci told PEOPLE that the show reached out to her people.

Photo: ABC

Susan shared, “I believe that they contacted my publicist and it wasn’t for me.” She added, “I watched The Golden Bachelor, and I really enjoyed watching The Golden Bachelor. This is a new addiction for me.”

And a few years back. her assistant got Lucci hooked on The Bachelor, as she expressed on the dating series, “I was immediately engaged. I cared. I wanted to know more about these people.”

Photo: JPI

The outlet shared that they did reach out to ABC and Warner Bros. about potential interest in Susan. However, they did not respond. A source then told the publication that Lucci was not offered a role.

For Susan, finding a second chance at love is an interesting proposition; given that she had the most incredible and enduring 53-year marriage to her late husband and manager, Helmet Huber, who passed away at 84-years-old back in March of 2022.

So, what do you think of Susan being contacted to see if she was interested in becoming ABC’s ‘Golden Bachelorette’ for the senior dating-reality series? Comment below.

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All My Children

51st Daytime Emmys: Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa Receive Talk Show Host Nominations

On Thursday, nominations were announced in the Outstanding Talk Show category for the upcoming 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards. 

Mark Consuelos (ex-Mateo, All My Children) coming off his first-year as co-host of ‘Live” with real-life wife, Kelly Ripa scored his first Talk Show Host nomination along with Ripa who has been nominated previous times.

Joining Mark and Kelly in the race are: Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Alyssa Farah Griffin, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro, The View
Kelly Clarkson, The Kelly Clarkson Show, Akbar Gbajabiamila, Amanda Kloots, Natalie Morales, Jerry O’Connell, Sheryl Underwood, The Talk and
Tamron Hall, Tamron Hall.

Photo: CBS

As previously reported, The Talk is coming to its end when its upcoming 15th and final season ends in December of 2024.

The 51st annual Daytime Emmys are slated to be broadcast and stream live on CBS and Paramount+ on Friday night, June 7th

Look for the full list of nominations to drop on Friday morning at 12 noon ET/9 am PT.

So, are you rooting for Kelly and Mark to win their first Talk Show host award together? Comment below.

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All My Children

Mark Consuelos Celebrates One-Year Anniversary as Co-Host of ‘Live’ Alongside Kelly Ripa

Today, April 17th marks a full-year since Mark Consuelos (ex-Mateo, All My Children) took over the co-hosting duties of ‘Live” alongside his wife, and longtime co-host, Kelly Ripa (ex-Hayley, All My Children).

Consuelos replaced Ryan Seacrest who are six seasons decided to be back on the west coast full-time. For Consuelos, now having the opportunity to work off of Ripa as co-hosts has been something of adjustment for him, but viewers have been eating it up.

Live with Kelly and Mark has remained the No. 1 entertainment talk show on television over the past year, growing 3% in average total viewers to 2.23M per episode.  It is also the most-watched daytime talk show in the last year in key demos of women 18-49 and women 25-54. All of this, since the real-life marrieds teamed-up.

Photo: ABC

Speaking with Deadline, Kelly Ripa shared why the two are gelling on-screen, “I do think that there is something very possibly relatable about our relationship. We have disagreements like a normal couple, and we’re not afraid to let them unfold on the air and in front of America, and I think people find a lot of themselves in that.”

Mark weighed in how he has progressed as a host, and what he could improve at, sharing, “I’d like to get better at my interviewing skills. I’d like to get better at reading a teleprompter…I think I’m getting better at throwing to commercial. The other day in the middle of the show as we go to commercial, my sign off was ‘See you guys around.’ I mean, the show wasn’t over. The most obvious thing to say would be, ‘We’ll be back right after this.’ But I just said, ‘See you around.’ So we went to commercial and one of the producers (goes) ‘What was that?’ I don’t know… So for the next few sign offs, as a joke, I’d say ‘See you around.’ We got a kick out of it.”

Photo: ABC

Meanwhile, Kelly has given huge props to Mark, “I find Mark utterly compelling, really interesting, super funny, and he’s bold in a way like nobody else. He says what’s on his mind. If he’s thinking it, he says it.  I’ve done this a long time and oftentimes people will adjust their natural personalities to pander to what they think the audience wants to hear, and Mark will tell people what he thinks, and he doesn’t care if it’s not a popular opinion. It gives him an edginess that I think is really missing in the landscape today. Everybody’s so afraid to say anything, and Mark is unafraid to say exactly what he’s thinking.”

In a statement, Debra O’Connell, President News Group and Networks, Disney Entertainment shared, We could not be more thrilled with how Mark has seamlessly joined the show family as permanent co-host. His undeniable charisma and his and Kelly’s natural chemistry are evident as they deliver the laughs and smiles to our viewers each morning. We are incredibly proud of how Live has continued to evolve and that the audience is responding so enthusiastically.”

So, do you think Mark Consuelos is the best co-host his wife Kelly Ripa has ever had on ‘Live’? How would you say he is doing as co-host after one full year on the job? Comment below.

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